Synonym of unhackneyed


Radically new or different
revolutionary new novel innovative different avant-garde advanced creative fresh imaginative innovatory modern original unconventional unfamiliar unorthodox unusual experimental groundbreaking ingenious innovational inventive disruptive futuristic pioneering singular trailblazing uncommon unique unprecedented exotic fundamental newfangled progressive radical rare strange surprising unknown untested untried contemporary drastic neoteric latest state-of-the-art ground-breaking off-centre cutting edge left-field ultra-modern new-fashioned forward-looking game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming just out out of the ordinary neat inspired modernist out-of-the-box hip trendy clever in unheard-of unexampled unaccustomed fashionable groovy unexplored pathbreaking happening nontraditional hot visionary with-it way out far out cool artistic stylish modish cutting-edge leading-edge originative Promethean modernistic brand-new fertile offbeat atypical front-line seminal eccentric breaking new ground formative deviceful fantastic freakish brand new odd bizarre alternative trendsetting refreshing avant garde recent unparalleled demiurgic resourceful productive special exceptional expressive distinctive extraordinary inspiring underground abnormal unmatched unequalled remarkable unrivalled outstanding prodigious incomparable unrivaled anomalous unequaled matchless unexcelled striking artful record untypical amazing freak peerless far-out outré phenomenal momentous marvellous blue-sky outre marvelous aberrant signal idiosyncratic miraculous preternatural outlandish first-time beyond compare sui generis unheard of one of a kind in a league of its own without equal out-of-the-way without parallel mould-breaking never-before-seen subversive innovating spearheading transformational funky peculiar variational unwonted far cry causative teeming forgetive gifted constructive fruitful adroit poetical up to date out of the common way-out avant bohemian go-ahead up-to-date this season's new-fangled liberal ahead of the times lead beat head vanguard individual elaborate individualistic strategic sophisticated intricate mistakenly trendy new wave germinal well-thought-out high-tech complex multifaceted forward-thinking well-designed highly developed involved well-planned well-built nifty fanciful fabulous romantic unreal fantastical extravagant dreamy mythical fancy quirky whimsical dreamlike poetic flighty absurd illusory brilliant genius imaginary freaky curious keen wild chimerical head in the clouds ridiculous out of touch with reality far-fetched chimeric vivid phantasmal quixotic crackpot phantasmic astute all-time

Antonym of unhackneyed

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