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wholly unharmed


Not hurt or damaged in any way
safe unhurt unscathed uninjured fine intact sound undamaged untouched whole all right OK unscarred okay protected unscratched alive and well in one piece not hurt safe and sound free from danger out of danger without a scratch out of harm's way secure well alright in good shape shielded sheltered guarded out of the wood out of the woods healthy defended unassailable hale unimpaired protected from harm protected from danger unbroken unwounded unblemished unmarked unthreatened safeguarded O.K. scatheless as new like new as good as new impregnable sure confident reassured invulnerable immune unworried assured certain good fit snug riskless safe as houses in safe hands in a safe place up to snuff as fit as a fiddle in the pink as right as a trivet hunky-dory in good health in fine fettle as fit as a flea hearty able-bodied strong fresh vigorous robust fighting fit fit as a fiddle normal restored hardy blooming thriving full of life physically fit well-conditioned hale and hearty in good physical shape in good condition in good trim in tip-top condition alive and kicking wholesome active lively sturdy bouncing in shape chipper strong as an ox in good physical condition sound in body and limb in excellent shape solid as a rock in good kilter fit as a flea in fine feather in good form husky trim bushy-tailed bright-eyed up to par in rude health right as rain bursting with health rested healthful strengthened together glowing able luxuriantly untroubled aerobicized flourishing relieved soothed comfortable muscular potent firm lusty tough athletic virile rosy-cheeked stout in top form the picture of health better healthier right recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok healed cured mended invigorated fitter fine and dandy


Not harmed
undamaged intact perfect sound unbroken unimpaired unmarked unmarred unmutilated unspoilt unsullied pristine unblemished unflawed untouched unscathed whole uninjured pure unaffected unhurt unspoiled virgin undefiled immaculate entire flawless unstained unpolluted unchanged spotless faultless solid clean undisturbed preserved untarnished untainted uncontaminated safe unsevered complete stainless good clear fresh without a scratch unmoved inviolate unaltered uninfluenced together unstirred in one piece as good as new natural impeccable uncorrupted unruffled unscarred sturdy mint stable unsoiled squeaky-clean scatheless unscratched uninterrupted undented total firm regular untroubled incorrupt unremitting steady unagitated as new ship-shape like new in good order unimpressed secure virginal in perfect condition in good condition operational working unhindered ongoing ceaseless secured continuous undiminished sacred unprofaned glowing unpunished undivided unshaken thorough unceasing constant unimpeachable unspotted as good as before unadulterated endless free fair spic-and-span spick-and-span chaste antiseptic bright burnished shining polished unblackened shiny wholesome innocent artless impervious immune well-preserved not liable to not influenced not subject to scot-free unassuming unprocessed recent crisp just out sparkling unstudied latest new young original refreshing indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed unviolated untried sanitary shipshape integral plenary compleat full grand comprehensive imperforate uncut indiscrete out of danger all in one piece safe and sound neat gleaming snowy taintless hygienic speckless tidy purified washed undebased in mint condition sterile laundered sterilized trim sterilised unused spick and span straight refined fine simple plain in tiptop condition brand-spanking new cleansed unmixed unmodified undiluted unalloyed dirtless squeaky unsmudged cleaned ultra-clean salubrious white snowy-white spic and span spruce orderly well-kept squeaky clean neat as a pin neat as a button dirt-free whiter than white neat and tidy clean as a new pin as clean as a whistle brand-new brand new mint condition cleaned up exemplary rustproof native uncultivated scrubbed snow-white impregnant perfectly clean sanitized unopened modest freshly laundered decent indigenous sponged laved showered sanitised unworn raw crude wilding agrestal very clean clean and tidy excellent unseasoned untrodden spanking-new firsthand brand spanking new spanking spanking new earthy aseptic healthy absolute apple-pie order wild organic germ-free lily-white sweet invigorating primal restorative luscious envigorating uninfected disinfected germfree unfermented not rotten not sour errorless exquisite unexceptionable cleanly vanilla delicate elegant graceful healthful sanative prophylactic neat as a new pin


Without harm or damage

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