Synonym of uninclined


indisposed disinclined loath reluctant unwilling hesitant averse afraid antipathetic unprepared cagey cagy dubious loth resistant reticent slow not ready opposed antagonistic backward hostile inimical not disposed not keen not minded uncaring uneager nervous about unenthusiastic about not in the mood not in favour of hesitating ill-disposed against unenthusiastic hesitant about chary of unsympathetic recalcitrant wary chary remiss scared allergic discouraged disheartened opposed to shy of diffident about resisting counter embarrassed timid balking afraid of nervous frightened reserved diffident ashamed sticking objecting shying protesting shy doubtful baulking wavering dead set against set against dismayed suspicious averse to unconfident circumspect about cautious with queasy about unfavourable anti unfriendly disliking nasty perverse unfavorable contrary opposing agin fromward down on resistant to hostile to antipathetic to ill-disposed to antagonistic to unfavourably disposed to having no use for squeamish queasy cautious calculating mind afraid to bashful about shy about coy about baulk at recoil from sweer demur at not about jib at shrink from flinch from hanging back ashamed to vacillate about have scruples about waver about stick at have qualms about shy away from have misgivings about boggle at think twice about disrelish something have reservations about not have the heart to be cagey about negative adversarial inhospitable adversary jaundiced mortal uncooperative disobliging aggressive at odds at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath adverse contra unwelcoming in opposition cool cold incompatible confrontational combative belligerent opposite contentious at variance quarrelsome oppugnant acting in opposition grudging involuntary forced laggard enforced demurring refractory unwishful unaccommodating unobliging begrudging indocile

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