Synonym of unobtrusive

Alternative for unobtrusive


not obtrusive or undesirably noticeable


Not conspicuous or attracting attention
modest retiring unassuming quiet humble meek self-effacing demure unpretentious bashful diffident inconspicuous shrinking shy timid timorous unconfident insecure introvert introverted low-key reserved restrained reticent subdued unaggressive unforthcoming unpresuming withdrawn low-profile mousy unassertive unnoticeable unostentatious keeping a low profile simple plain lowly down-to-earth unaffected unpretending unimposing discreet fearful unambitious mild backward ordinary homely sheepish hesitant self-conscious deferential unboastful folksy unpresumptuous uncomplex unbeautified laid-back unembellished natural gentle polite submissive genuine artless ingenuous coy courteous soft yielding docile lamblike compliant recessive apprehensive acquiescent cowed resigned embarrassed mim unassured temperate manageable inelaborate blushing considerate kind patient respectful conservative understated peaceful ineffectual long-suffering prim forbearing silent reverent peaceable scary fearsome skittish tremulous fainthearted withdrawing proper free from vanity hiding your light under a bushel soft-spoken self-deprecating honest seemly chaste unextravagant nice colourless indeterminate pale colorless straightforward moderate prudent poor sincere wishy-washy pabulum Milquetoast serene tolerant zero lenient nothing orderly longanimous passive small unadorned reluctant guileless unembroidered unexcessive economical unornamented token unsure doubtful innocent frank naive open real true unspoiled without airs honest-to-goodness constrained uncertain inhibited self-doubting wary down homey easy-going free-spirited prosaic abashed ashamed nervous shamefaced up front down home obsequious servile rabbity chary distrustful dubious suspicious blenching flinching unpoised aw-shucks obedient unresisting tame unprotesting spineless spiritless obliging reverential subservient ill at ease biddable resistless supplicatory tractable sycophantic tentative uptight uneasy anxious lacking confidence doubting coquettish kittenish prudish uncomfortable overmodest tense edgy affected undemonstrative hung up lacking self-confidence not self-assured media-shy arch flirtatious declining simpering costive repressed faltering stammering stuttering stumbling frustrated guarded verecund recoiling blushful evasive faint-hearted apologetic easily embarrassed tongue-tied irresolute feeble mousey passionless cold unresponsive awkward unnatural reclusive bottled up weak wimpy strained gauche unsociable seclusive private secret secretive eremitic stiff mannered artificial stilted ill-at-ease discomfited lacking assurance approval-seeking not confident lacking in confidence hermitic anchoritic eremitical decorous unaffable unexpansive nongregarious prissy sober respectable strait-laced ladylike sedate staid decent out of countenance not forward virginal pure maidenly virtuous priggish unsure of yourself old-maidish straight puritanical goody-goody starchy worried retired niminy-piminy square close earnest serious solemn like a fish out of water prim and proper afraid jumpy jittery hinky unquiet goosey dithery perturbed antsy atwitter upset queasy queazy aflutter nervy troubled vague Delphic questioning touchy het up choked touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice up in the air


Not clearly visible or attracting attention
inconspicuous unnoticeable discreet low-key quiet restrained subdued understated unostentatious circumspect invisible muted relaxed subtle unshowy downbeat bland played down soft-pedaled tasteful toned down unremarkable in the background out of sight toned-down soft modest unpretentious repressed conservative unassuming sober low-keyed unflashy neutral low-profile pale dim softened plain dull lacklustre lackluster mellow flat simple lowered ordinary shaded minimalist lustreless lusterless pastel faint indistinct drab dark dreary faded reserved sombre somber unlustrous unimposing unspectacular inobtrusive hidden insignificant retiring concealed unfussy camouflaged behind the scenes unemphatic soft-pedalled tenuous secretive shy delicate out of the limelight out of the spotlight muffled out of the public eye conventional straight square demure dusty soft-hued unglamorous having unconspicuous obscure easygoing modulated loose laid-back soft-sell self-effacing played-down easy-going vague gentle imperceptible tempered slight light moderated unsubstantial stifled indefinite mild negligible tame nondescript insinuated indirect suggestive feeble enervated washed out delicately complex hardly noticeable hardly detectable unexceptional undistinguished characterless run-of-the-mill forgettable unmemorable unnoticed unseen backstage light-coloured light-colored washy dulled washed-out light-toned easy whitish bleached hushed dirty darkish greyish casual informal fair moderate blonde insouciant nonchalant equable grayish wishy-washy peaches-and-cream toned weak blond together cool at ease unflappable light-hued pale-coloured pale-colored pastel-coloured unclouded pastel-colored clear clean free and easy downhome whispered not steep gradual quietened murmured insipid dulcet inaudible not loud low soothing


Not perceptible, not detectable, too small in magnitude to be observed
imperceptible impalpable indistinguishable minute slight small subtle undetectable faint fine inappreciable invisible microscopic shadowy tiny inaudible infinitesimal insensible unnoticeable gradual indiscernible unapparent inconsequential negligible teeny-weeny indistinct minuscule nanoscopic obscure teensy-weensy unclear vague ephemeral evanescent imperceivable imponderable inconsiderable inconspicuous indefinite insignificant light momentary trivial undistinguishable unperceivable impossible to detect barely visible hard to make out hidden concealed unobserved obscured unnoticed shrouded veiled camouflaged unseen undetected unrevealed covered masked imaginary out of sight not visible not in sight undiscernible barely perceptible unfathomable lurking unperceived imagined impenetrable occult dark unsuspected curtained undiscovered pale misty undefined blear bleary undetermined gauzy dim blurry murky hazy fuzzy nebulous foggy opaque bleached faded unseeable cloaked clouded surreptitious unexposed discreet disguised undercover secret nonexistent eclipsed intangible unobservable ghostly latent perdu unviewable screened gaseous undisclosed covert ethereal vaporous ill-defined hardly noticeable hardly detectable not in view in the dark under wraps out of view untraceable elusive tenuous immaterial thin odorless indetectable unintelligible buried incomprehensible unimportant trifling minor petty paltry odourless withheld not obvious sheltered piffling exiguous piddling snug underground tect soft low inarticulate not on view not worth mentioning not worth bothering about of no account hard to understand illusive implied sheer inferred attenuate attenuated teeny wee atomic insubstantial indefinable incorporeal itsy-bitsy itty-bitty discarnate undescribable unbodied weensy microscopical teensy miniature eensy-weensy bitsy microminiature bitty weeny extremely small titchy little-bitty very small tiddly delicate imperceptible to the touch hard to define airy imprecise unsubstantial mysterious hard to describe disembodied indescribable unable to be touched diminutive little bitty little invisible to the naked eye


Of, relating to, or happening in a backroom


Showing good aesthetic judgement or appropriate behaviour
tasteful refined elegant cultured discriminating graceful handsome stylish beautiful charming cultivated fastidious harmonious smart artistic exquisite pleasing restrained attractive becoming chic delicate fit fitting polished sensitive classy courtly fine majestic pretty stately aesthetic urbane chaste classical discerning esthetic gratifying in good taste nice plush posh precise pure quiet rich snazzy sophisticated spiffy splendiferous subdued swank unaffected uptown aesthetically pleasing swanky fashionable grand genteel high-class luxurious civilized distinguished lovely civilised suave gracious fancy couth dignified ritzy gallant opulent sumptuous well-bred comely polite dashing sublime modish upmarket upscale superior courteous formal plushy swish civil exclusive dicty tony high-toned gentlemanly decorous moving expressive aristocratic debonair creative flattering accomplished dainty ladylike imaginative advanced chivalrous august select well bred well mannered glitzy highbrow intelligent educated experienced with good taste a la mode splashy lavish on fleek deluxe flashy yuppie glamorous swankish fancy-pants poised appealing comfortable well-off discriminative tasty particular critical ceremonious decorative ornamental ceremonial royal honourable affable obliging honorable trim streamlined emotional highbred gentle prim proper preux adulatory complimentary lofty high-bred imposing studied conventional fetching subtle neat enhancing presentable trendy mod in cool sharp expensive symbolic elevated figurative flowery aerodynamic flowing smooth dramatic musical pictorial picturesque ideal rhythmical stimulating agreeable accurate evolved pinpoint airy spot-on close developed late higher progressive improved forward mathematical high rigorous cute pleasant punctilious well-mannered in vogue classic perceptive profound deep insightful poetic high-brow high-minded sleek scholarly intellectual enlightened knowledgeable erudite well-chosen choice noble ornate rare ostentatious ornamented affected well-informed full of feeling schmick recherche overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed artistically aware learned well-read appreciative understanding arty well informed liberal tolerant well read versed up-to-date well educated lettered savant blue-stocking mannerly intellectually aware literary informed able distingue well-educated literate traveled travelled au courant lush palatial luxury splendid extravagant elaborate luxuriant grandiose magnificent showy costly Lucullan palatian luxe lavishly appointed pretentious gorgeous luscious upper-class silken affluent Babylonian Lucullian high-end flash de luxe prestigious lux high-quality elite chichi indulgent well appointed fit for a queen fit for a king well-appointed quality respectable resplendent special elitist first-class regal palace up-market immoderate snappy flamboyant prestige snobbish snobby princely impressive superb cosmopolitan embellished top-drawer champagne prodigal pompous respectful exuberant aesthete seemly frilly highbrowed upper-crust esthete peacocky with-it glittering high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty persnickety snooty five-star coffee-table notable esteemed prominent important stuffy hedonistic high fashion heavenly leafy pricey loaded renowned reputable eminent famous super sybaritic pampered glossy well produced sensuous abundant voluptuous comfy profusive velvet upholstered riotous epicurean self-indulgent overindulgent intemperate hedonic profligate salubrious premier valuable precious in the lap of luxury correct well-behaved impeccable de rigueur befitting pleasure-seeking limited beyond price private cliquish swell cliquey monumental swagger sprauncy plummy larney clannish voguish high class clever la-di-da upper crust chi-chi worldly glorious worldly-wise striking awe-inspiring A-grade handy ingenious imperial large heroic heroical magnific epic massive proud baronial Homeric svelte intricate jet-set citified blasé mondaine knowing mature unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable theatrical overwhelming fustian lordly bombastic purple vast egotistic high-falutin' high-flying decorated well-made worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary rococo gaudy baroque adorned busy fussy towering extreme devilish prime fanciful jazzy froufrou florid fancible custom beautifying unusual cushy highfalutin over the top OTT

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