Synonym of unoriginal

Alternative for unoriginal


not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual


So often used that it has become repetitive and tiresome
old banal hackneyed hack trite overused overworked tired stale stereotyped clichéd platitudinous derivative unimaginative commonplace common pedestrian prosaic stock conventional out of date outdated old-fashioned outmoded archaic obsolete defunct extinct antiquated antediluvian superannuated hoary passé arid boring cliché-ridden colourless colorless drab dreary drudging dry dull dusty flat heavy ho-hum humdrum insipid jading jejune leaden mind-numbing monochromatic monotonous numbing ponderous repetitious slow stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious timeworn tiresome tiring uninteresting wearisome weary wearying corny antwacky hacky cut and dried fuddy-duddy old hat out of the ark played out run-of-the-mill time-worn worn out uninspired routine threadbare ordinary well-worn shopworn vapid worn-out musty bromidic moth-eaten stereotypical predictable cornball set warmed-over hackney cliche obligatory worn cobwebby mundane cliché hokey unexciting vanilla familiar tune cliched bathetic ready-made truistic lifeless everyday exhausted chain drained mildewed used-up stereotypic platitudinal uninventive plain vanilla uninspiring overdone uncreative workaday well worn bland dime-store unremarkable formulaic lacklustre lackluster quotidian uneventful standard unexceptional usual average warmed-up derived bog-standard ornery a dime a dozen no great shakes not up to much undistinguished indifferent mediocre matter-of-fact rehashed plodding second-hand so-so spiritless unartistic unadventurous unvaried imitative formal normal characterless familiar sterile half-pie ho hum blah dull as dishwater not so hot nothing to write home about secondary copied plagiaristic plagiarized middle-of-the-road mainstream noninnovative non-innovative forgettable unmemorable repetitive turgid unvarying passionless traditional customary featureless cribbed barren inane garden variety dim banausic bush-league old-hat tripe out-of-date prevalent garden-variety lacking variation lacking variety nothing to get excited about pabulum zero run of the mill common or garden square past their sell-by date not much cop plagiarised naff passé orthodox cliché unchanging second-rate menial standardized indirect rehearsed silly old-chestnut old-saw played-out anaemic conventionalized vieux jeu ineffective OK formalistic unspontaneous mass-produced typecast unsophisticated heavy-going wishy-washy monotone pedantic laboured wooden staid unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn artificial stiff unenjoyable unstimulating soulless unentertaining lame staple deadly dull verbose unspirited yawnsome fatiguing irksome phoned in anemic weighty labored stilted worn thin standardised vicarious samey facile cornfed trivial nowhere nothing noplace dumb heavy going deadening deadly lacking excitement dry as dust lacking interest ancient hard to digest dull as ditchwater soporific draggy dreich big yawn dullsville prolix foetid past dead mawkish zestless gone off fetid yesterday's out bent effete like a dinosaur prevailing going current popular regular basic lined aged dated decrepit readily available widely available typical established ragged weathered broken-down rundown dog-eared shabby wrinkled outworn the worse for wear battered tattered frayed used widespread cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue dime-a-dozen obvious unnoteworthy middling matter-of-course starch natural boiler plate plebeian garden ten a penny lowly unromantic echoic secondhand copycat evolved obtained procured borrowed acquired ancestral coming from inferential subordinate cognate connate caused inferred not original hereditary plain nondescript weak feeble bloodless limp prosy vacuous apathetic torpid neutral flavourless flavorless quiet listless expressionless deadpan sluggish as dry as dust vacant serious tasteless unemotional toneless inactive soul-destroying laborious unpalatable unanimated innocuous watery no-nonsense sober milk-and-water emotionless monochrome lusterless pallid mechanical gray grey inoffensive muted antiseptic unimpassioned static uncomic cold unadorned subdued impassive down-to-earth passive humourless pointless factual weariful languid unsentimental humorless lustreless inexpressive empty unamusing day-to-day uniform uninterested distasteful somber unappetizing unappealing depressing literal simple sedate sombre indistinctive unsavoury unfeeling inert unrelieved stolid blank unembellished mild namby-pamby solemn straightforward practical straight enervating exhausting unresponsive phlegmatic interminable unsavory dragging treadmill conservative dismal hollow unpretentious stagnant desiccated grave unobjectionable uninviting dulled lethargic disagreeable unpleasant inedible unvarnished sleepy undemonstrative unattractive beige level-headed hard-headed uneatable unexceptionable unenthusiastic noncommittal numb faceless driveling drivelling realistic pragmatic insensitive businesslike anodyne safe soft pathetic sapless downcast half-hearted hardheaded pragmatical indecisive one-horse calm difficult stern earthy flat tire gross grim unfunny severe slack enervated long-winded unidealistic droning cold-blooded slow-moving uncomedic unwitty matte clean unproductive clear mindless mat unsmiling terrestrial nitty-gritty off-putting earnest non-stimulating harmless forced overlong disgusting serious-minded constant restrained repeated undistinctive ineffectual stoical nauseating glassy savourless rational sensible yucky unobtrusive white-bread loathsome revolting faithful stoic institutional tepid peaceful desolate frigid long-drawn-out slothful nasty foul commonsensical backwoods iterative benumbed placid lackadaisical unexcitable unseasoned ceaseless reiterative insistent continual languorous understated dispassionate spineless impassible wimpy savorless lacking in vitality sick-making unostentatious affectless watered-down dead-and-alive depressed irresolute unembroidered undistorted unaffected exact lukewarm intense sullen straight-thinking repressed lazy droopy humble unflashy low-keyed languishing mournful elementary dour sour unconcerned hard-boiled cowardly down behind the times homely dowdy austere low-key with both feet on the ground toned-down folksy miserable long steady slow but sure literal-minded unidentified unspecified prosing usual thing pompous dry-as-dust clumsy unnatural awkward indistinct unmodulated unlively unpassioned earthbound shiftless annoying irritating bummer bomb drag cloying drear sickening clinical wordy unfulfilling disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing crude meagre simplistic meager vexatious boresome glassy-eyed cardboard not fun unpoetic least Milquetoast repugnant over-serious trying frustrating workday unspecial logical unprogressive lacking vitality useless duplicative backward vile poor inadequate general futile two-dimensional comatose unfateful noneventful inconclusive cautious in the doldrums generic without variety bleak raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive sorrowful damp windy mortal poky snooze profitless vain unambitious noisome circumspect fatuous tenuous nebbish slight unexpressive unexcited spent monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song reiterated samely unchanged fishy endless reserved prudent demoralising unrewarding uninflected puerile chary whitebread blind devoid of feeling devoid of emotion waterish nerdy fruitless worthless lacking personality lacking charisma attentive flat as pancake thin accustomed valueless unprofitable purposeless aimless actual practicable diddly prose puts one to sleep timid diluted halfhearted unmotivated catatonic glazed subtle incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent run-of-the mill gingerly wary considerate careful heedful calculating lead balloon unavailing bootless otiose unsuccessful inefficacious abortive neither one thing nor the other light discreet backwater boiled down without punch wet limp-wristed weak-kneed sobersided bovine unflavoured drawly regimented dense unreadable unfruitful unfilled unprolific unenterprising matter-of- fact unsympathetic inconspicuous puritanical douce strict supine wimpish weakened nerveless frail invertebrate weakling unnoticeable unkind indolent coldhearted not amounting to much anaesthetic insensible anesthetic unflappable unpleasurable leery badly written governmental utilitarian rudimentary corporate functional ugly innocent twangy twanging callous numbed stony asleep inhuman po-faced unhumorous repulsive desensitized groggy disinterested tranquil uninvolved uncompassionate lymphatic uncharismatic senseless anesthetized yucko along for the ride desensitised detached without spice big zero peaceable unoffending vacillating wavering retiring drawling brackish detestable yukky abhorrent anaesthetized paralysed paralyzed still frequentative standard issue unrefined robust rough grody unenticing stinky icky innoxious nonprovocative meek direct uninhibited slavish inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented rustic your basic modest unelaborate uncomplicated undecorated submissive melancholic dispirited despondent mopy low dejected melancholy white non-aggressive non-violent benign non-combative hurtless stark nameless blue disconsolate gutless dopey broken sad drippy inanimate downhearted withdrawn tempered pensive fogeyish backward-looking crusty gentle friendly pleasant frank chastened creaky mouldy old-fogeyish controlled home folk homey funky lowbred easygoing lusty down home outdoorsy antique fusty moldy past it old-time inobtrusive down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down lacking originality naked accurate impersonal feasible truthful


Made in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud
imitated artificial bogus copied counterfeit derivative derived fake forged imitation imitative mock phoney phony plagiaristic sham aped burlesqued caricatured counterfeited duplicated mimicked mocked parodied parroted plagiarised plagiarized reproduced borrowed derivational false pretend reproduction copy pirated simulated duplicate synthetic quasi ersatz faked spurious replica fabricated dummy copycat pseudo fraudulent falsified invalid queer inauthentic unauthentic snide ungenuine crooked dud specious supposititious feigned pretended deceptive substitute factitious affected put-on assumed faux fictitious plastic unnatural make-believe so-called man-made contrived manufactured cod mimic misleading untrue not genuine fishy forced unreal mechanical insincere wrong pirate delusory delusive bent facsimile strained made-up pretentious framed worthless imaginary pseud deceitful invented trick Hollywood plant brummagem crock fallacious suppositious deceiving concocted dishonest won't fly soft shell not kosher ostensible apocryphal quasi- incorrect two-faced inaccurate model toy knock-off erroneous untruthful inexact unfounded bad unsound distorted faulty flawed purported beguiling deluding mistaken imprecise trumped-up fanciful double-dealing supposed nonnatural alleged hokey counterfactual truthless improper hoax casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored cheating coloured illegal fakey cooked-up quack doctored phoney-baloney phony-baloney bootlegged pinchbeck mannered meretricious adulterine bum apish unqualified non-natural falsie pseudonymous adopted improvised low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade professed made makeshift constructed actorly dissembling pseudo- illusive off unsatisfactory substandard adulterated hyped up put on made up gingerbread off the mark trumped up contrary to fact imagined hypocritical apparent seeming knock off avowed mythical fantasy bluffing shammed masked lying impostrous in name only charlatan covered concealed dissimulated imposturous fancied fantasized dreamed-up dream nominal ostensive virtual semi- null fictive near reported nonbinding inoperative null and void not binding uncollectible nugatory void nonvalid chimerical fantasied visionary fabulous chimeric phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal ideal fictional notional phantasmic fantastic play-play would-be fantasised not what it is cracked up to be swindling duplicitous criminal shifty shady corrupt sharp illicit dishonourable treacherous unlawful unscrupulous Janus-faced tricky underhanded dirty defrauding fast unfair unjust guileful crafty underhand unprincipled unethical rogue dodgy shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable devious against the law


Tending to favor the status quo and averse to change
orthodox traditional accepted established received approved conventional common popular conformist conservative correct mainstream normal proper recognised recognized regular authoritative customary official usual authorised authorized canonical doctrinal prevailing prevalent standard traditionalist acknowledged archconservative brassbound button-down buttoned-down die-hard familiar hidebound mossbacked old-fashioned old-line old-school ordinary paleoconservative reactionary standpat traditionalistic ultraconservative unheretical unprogressive derivative kosher routine well established well-established admitted legitimate pious punctilious religious right rightful sanctioned sound square straight bien pensant in line straight arrow by the numbers according to the book general stock habitual typical expected average classical everyday accustomed characteristic commonplace classic universal set widespread representative current natural archetypal archetypical wonted unexceptional fitting suitable quintessential model bourgeois standardized inflexible ideal Tory fixed fogyish typic formal illiberal prototypical respectable fuddy-duddy emblematic indicative standardised befitting prescriptive fit exemplary matter-of-course middle-of-the-road ubiquitous prototypal time-honoured true stable predominant settled acceptable rightist firm confirmed unimaginative illustrative run-of-the-mill symbolic appropriate paradigmatic constant bog-standard strait-laced apt essential going comme il faut steady in keeping in character old hat suggestive archetypic long-established dyed-in-the-wool regulation patterned prototypic seemly de rigueur timid unchanging in a rut overall majority shared quiet sober guarded time-honored decent decorous fashionable redneck undaring obstinate uncreative controlled unchangeable fearful legal public right-wing becoming rife household vanilla stuffy genteel done unadventurous well-known standard-issue proverbial old guard holding to old line white bread not extreme hard hat chronic conforming right of center widely held lawful rigid diehard ruling polite stereotypical old proven refined uncompromising just prudent understood prosaic valid daily unremarkable predictable plain legit garden-variety warranted frequent allowed moral cut-and-dried cut-and-dry garden variety in circulation in vogue statutory blimpish historic due wide intolerant collective intransigent generic endorsed obscurantist nice fair fundamentalist pervasive broad reliable ritual retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary widely used good boring dogmatic staple basic ultra-conservative individualistic mannerly old-style sensible quotidian careful parochial applicable licensed narrow-minded judicious safe prescribed workaday accredited stereotyped vulgar precise simple documented meet well-mannered de règle civilized OK virtuous stipulated common or garden comely permitted outdated ceremonious day-to-day honest agreed upon puritanical civilised well worn okay licenced Pooterish tried and true tried and tested stick-in-the-mud out-of-date on the level par for the course across the board by the book in force on the up and up lamestream favoured extensive central definitive convinced immovable philistine extremist unreconstructed undoubted uncontested undisputed unquestioned canonic core cautious textbook moderate agreed ethnocentric purist unenterprising imitable temperate dominant primary circumspect discerning net protocol in order plastic white-bread so-so grind favored great alt-right signature touted boilerplate presentational socially acceptable counter-revolutionary Birchite couth courtly unopposed passed okayed preferred stick in the mud discreet abiding favourite comfortable favorite done thing one-size-fits-all set in one's ways backward-looking medieval prehistoric mediaeval unreasonable unreceptive bigoted standard operating procedure playing it safe sop same old wont in the groove according to Hoyle acquired honored enduring immortal ageless mutual diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy tralatitious apposite staid hackneyed derived suburban lasting timeless traditionary stodgy known inveterate inherent symptomatic consistent fogeyish tasteful dignified right stuff honoured congruous adopted intermutual embraced united commutual like renowned believed immemorial strict Biedermeier straight-laced small-town ceremonial of the old school historical anticipated foreseeable foreseen arrived at mass pukka presentable dependable in established usage entrenched formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing declared recognizable identified perceived serious highbrow former ancestral right-leaning authentic memorable unforgettable ritualistic undying deathless dated native clichéd cliched realized remembered past certified national blanket communal overarching global joint outright out of the ark behind the times out of date heavy symphonic concert heavyweight authenticated realised recognisable professed deserved comprehensive rampant folk prior ancient true to form to be expected validated obedient to the right trustworthy right wing unquestioning astute merited only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type total sweeping epidemic nationwide societal wholesale verified familial family bygone widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted deep-rooted ingrained compulsory signed sealed ratified wise sagacious intelligent lineal officially recognized bona fide rooted secure unshakable vested permanent signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared decisive cathedral positive real decided conclusive ex cathedra definite and delivered ex officio narrow oral unwritten obligatory mandatory necessary required condign competent justified earned broad-spectrum across-the-board broad-brush all-round all-around prejudiced percipient perceptive shrewd licit permissible allowable legalized admissible biased reasonable constitutional handed-down upright from the past outmoded old-world of yore socially obligatory a must called for au fait holding water requisite fly moralistic faithful tried-and-true ethical principled noble reputable twenty-four carat significant well deserved card-carrying in principle equitable well earned right-minded fanatical puritan jaundiced legalised intractable within the law conforming to accepted standards above board going by the rules small-minded accurate exact petty-minded close-minded hard-line set in your ways gentlemanly set in one's opinions fixed in one's views qualified felicitous pretty desired suited ladylike demure modest honourable sedate honorable courteous prim prudish priggish prissy dull humdrum mundane undistinguished pedestrian uneventful mediocre characterless a dime a dozen uninteresting plain vanilla unmemorable uninspired unexciting monotonous colourless banal indifferent nothing to write home about colorless persistent nondescript garden middling no great shakes uninspiring ornery trite recurring perennial long-lived lackluster lacklustre dreary tedious stale bland age-old continual repeated unnoteworthy recurrent continuing second-rate tame inbred long-standing tolerable passable not up to much homespun deep-seated drab medium ineradicable unmitigated inborn incurable nothing special repetitious stubborn lifelong unpretentious tired unvaried repetitive hacky forgettable unabating domestic lowly terrestrial jejune endemic ceaseless periodic inferior mean run-of-the-mine run-of-mine half-pie persisting tenacious continuous ever-present unyielding dime-a-dozen bog standard methodical certain insipid wearisome not much cop vintage protracted platitudinous unimpressive mechanical inconspicuous tiresome adequate ho-hum insignificant unvarying blah overused obvious corny homely humble slow nitty-gritty automatic nowhere long-lasting banausic determined existing fair-to-middling second-class intermediate ten a penny fairish not so hot scheduled present periodical straightforward nothing to get excited about defined ongoing taken for granted old-time perfect chosen absolute iterated cyclic reiterative numerous overworked median consummate nothing in style systematic prolonged seasoned preponderant regnant practical casual informal habituated in fashion fundamental incessant perpetual plebeian prosy ponderous worn out catholic all-embracing worldwide ecumenical numbing worn-out innate well known inconsequential arid leaden jading flat amateurish amateur satisfactory lingering dragging dusty monochromatic stupid dry mind-numbing run of the mill two a penny bush-league not bad O.K. timeworn fair to middling sustained middle of the road all right diurnal explicit pervading respected orderly diagnostic contemporary latest extant modern venerable seasonal long-drawn-out OB express gut default unspectacular what one would expect in-between usual thing long-winded dead ho hum big yawn time-worn overdone well-worn annoying irritating in use acquainted next trivial domiciliary famous notorious legendary famed given used mimetic samey unsophisticated reigning arranged specified cornball dime-store vexatious boresome mimic predetermined remaining serviceable profuse reiterated played out starch homey home lacking variety lacking variation imitative appointed no-frills anonymous workday local unimportant prearranged apish supported affirmed backed OK'd superabundant inevitable familiar tune boiler plate severe whitebread jake drawn-out spun-out haunting axiomatic self-evident useless circulating irrelevant paltry inconsiderable ultimate unmistakable hard-core deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set intrenched unavoidable inescapable slavish unending acute dangerous anaemic pointless immaterial piddling worthless random cyclical continued individual planned of choice in the habit of common variety matter-of-fact practised long-term addicting disciplined perfunctory practiced iterative supreme whatever meaningless reputed infamous not very good epigonous epigonic empty gray grey congenital irredeemable anemic recommended assigned cheap and commonplace superior assured commonest reoccurring dire alarming extreme grave peculiar canned out-and-out complete utter afoot predominating wearying drudging tiring weary at his best at its best at her best made official vouched for sworn radicated adamant non-specific indurated emulative ready-made of little importance of no consequence of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account businesslike rolling repeating successive blending into the background unpreventable ineluctable principal influential operative main preponderating special respective particular personal own distinct about never-ending thoroughgoing royal arrant thorough bromidic toneless lifeless treadmill dim monotone plodding methodic considerable in the air bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use on everyone's lips going around talked of prime copybook oft repeated midway middle full specific generous tidy abundant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish medial mid dinki-di lusterless actual practicable yawn clean pabulum diddly zero irksome prose halfway intermediary readily available widely available unmistaken neutral midsized midmost midsize mediate identifying robot-like par unlimited pandemic celestial all all-over unrestricted stellar cosmic multinational planetary cosmopolitan diffuse all-inclusive empyrean worldly omnipresent whole astronomical medium-sized middle-sized matter-of- fact unnoticeable discriminating identifiable ample sufficient goodish intensive no big deal up to standard good enough pretty good most common most typical most usual most frequent


From or relating to a previous era
olden aged historic old aboriginal age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique archaic bygone cast-off crumbling dated decayed demode done early erstwhile former hackneyed hoary immemorial late moth-eaten of old of yore old as Methuselah old as the hills oldfangled old-fashioned old-time once onetime original outmoded out-of-date passé past primaeval primeval primitive primordial pristine quondam relic remote rusty sometime stale superannuated timeworn time-worn traditional unfashionable venerable worn-out prehistoric obsolete outdated extinct defunct vintage forgotten out of date outworn dead medieval obsolescent long-ago earlier mediaeval previous demoded behind the times foregone old hat out of the ark fossilized earliest anachronistic démodé old-fangled neolithic mossy moldy gone by mouldy fossilised Stone Age out one-time departed superseded dateless out of style quaint old-hat unstylish out-of-style not with it musty prehistorical Noachian moribund kaputt kaput very old antiquarian classical corny odd square long-standing hoar lost finished long-gone gone old-world time-honoured expired vanished completed fusty unhip distant ancestral historical bypast ex- primigenial of olden days out of it neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school dinosaur out of fashion retrograde old-school retro old-timey atavistic way back way back when latter-day long ago creaky olde worlde down memory lane horse-and-buggy clunky long gone done to death faded cobwebby well-established classic collectable redundant discarded discontinued unremembered unrecalled frumpish frumpy long past long departed past its prime conservative old-fogeyish primal removed backward-looking crusted feudal lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion old fashioned having seen better days rinky-dink deprecated square-toed antwacky fossil vieux jeu past it over passe had it done for past its sell-by date of long ago dead and gone past one's sell-by date old as Adam fixed rooted deep folk heritage old-style ended long-lived timeless nonextant forever long-established time-honored veteran old style belated forepassed spent past recall centuries old no more accomplished elapsed prior rooted in the past in oblivion sunk in oblivion recent dead and buried ago over and done with over and done whilom other preceding foregoing older water over the dam water under the bridge anterior precedent antecedent retired gone-by as was in the olden days behind one back when in the good old days ancient history ages ago disused tired exhausted abandoned has-been bent unusable out of commission out of use horse and buggy drab parachronistic decrepit behindhand shabby as old as the hills elderly plain dull threadbare picturesque tacky cheesy backward styleless crusty unpopular fogyish worn out worn homely fogeyish last year's unkempt passé senescent anachronous overused tasteless trashy unprogressive dusty inelegant backwards holey tattered ragged charming back-number fallen into disuse gothic frayed nostalgic period stodgy scruffy tatty mumsy enduring ageless established ticky-tack ticky-tacky retrogressive boring poky oldie long in the tooth over the hill on its last legs anachronistical barbaric geriatric yesterday overfamiliar inflexible out-of-fashion no longer in use obscure archaistic back number torn broken-down yesterday's patched hacky antediluvial gentlemanly courteous stuck in time yellowed dry as dust clapped out courtly chivalrous ceremonious gallant craft old school no longer fashionable no longer used not fashionable at an end no longer in fashion not in unattractive lasting hand-me-down evocative waning declining ritual first tried and true ritualistic tried and tested physical of yesteryear senior doddering grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly dying out in period style old world doddery getting on longevous unglamorous unsophisticated becoming obsolete ageing disappearing of an advanced age advanced in years lot of mileage on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline aging dreary dingy not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken ingrained deep-seated hard-and-fast going out of use going out of fashion growing old toytown sweet cunning twee attractive daggy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy badly dressed poorly dressed colonial artful Gothic appealing captivating affected pretty Victorian arty-crafty cute brick and mortar ossified baroque ingenious enchanting olde pleasing pleasantly old-fashioned dilapidated mangy seedy grungy ratty scrubby dumpy sleazy bombed-out tumbledown beat-up dog-eared miserable tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels scuzzy down-at-heel run-down mean well worn raggedy worse for wear

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