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Antonym: preventable,


Certain to happen
inevitable certain inescapable unavoidable ineluctable necessary sure assured inexorable fated imminent preordained decreed destined expected fixed foreseeable impending ineludible ordained predestined predetermined predictable settled compulsory guaranteed obligatory reliable fateful impreventable prescribed required unalterable undeniable unescapable decided doomed effective foreordained irrevocable mandatory natural unfailing binding dependable determined ineliminable inevasible irresistible sure to happen all locked up in the bag to be anticipated to be expected without recourse bound to happen for certain for sure no ifs ands or buts in the cards open and shut certain to happen obvious manifest automatic patent set infallible inerrant clear returnless locked up definite undoubted routine out of one's hands repeated robot-like usual regular all sewn up overpowering compelling overwhelming uncontrollable potent compulsive urgent irrepressible forceful driving besetting ungovernable imperative obsessive oppressive overmastering inextricable impossible to escape from peremptory requisite forced incumbent nonelective essential involuntary demanded compulsatory de rigueur enforced statutory necessitous imperious needed critical stipulated prerequisite coercive indispensable instant meant intended needful integral called for must-have determinist deterministic vital contractual enforceable prophesied prophesized pivotal recommended doubtless predicted crucial important meant to be nailed-on mapped out in advance prejudged pre-elected undodgeable pressing commanding irremissible decided by fate in the stars importunate crying dire emergent exigent clamant acute burning called-for overriding bound foredoomed designed threatening that is to be near to come que sera sera in the air predesigned compelled condemned closed menacing nailed on sealed in prospect very likely way the ball bounces directed at hand hanging over in the wind stated written in the cards in store overhanging that will be looming forthcoming brewing coming OB the law

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