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very generous


Given without restraint
lavish bountiful generous liberal abundant profuse ample magnanimous open-handed plentiful beneficent benevolent full kind munificent ready ungrudging unselfish unsparing bounteous plenteous prodigal unstinting willingly given free-handed free big-hearted charitable philanthropic openhanded bighearted freehanded freehearted fulsome open handsome big loose princely kind-hearted high-minded tolerant reasonable willing hospitable fair good considerate greathearted honest helpful altruistic moderate excellent easy lofty kindly noble soft-touch honourable kindhearted equitable just thoughtful honorable rich giving selfless humane great-hearted compassionate humanitarian benignant eleemosynary philanthropical caring gracious indulgent large-hearted self-sacrificing public-spirited sympathetic decent chivalrous benign merciful obliging goodhearted warm-hearted copious extravagant gentle superabundant good-hearted understanding neighbourly large substantial great do-good galore teeming loving neighborly tender-hearted prolific generous to a fault good-natured luxuriant tender openhearted well-disposed all heart upright immoderate warm soft-hearted affable flush overflowing considerable soft lenient inexhaustible aplenty cornucopian plenty abounding exuberant comfortable gallant friendly nice tenderhearted softhearted warmhearted opulent over the top forgiving almsgiving no end knightly well meaning moralistic open-hearted thriftless profligate wasteful unrestrained solicitous unstinging wild acceptable excessive overabundant rife affectionate boundless sizeable huge supportive elevated high lordly infinite voluminous bumper commodious clement heavy mild feeling amiable congenial accommodating lank angelic benefic maternal motherly fatherly cordial amicable a gogo bleeding-heart thick on the ground a dime a dozen sweet well intentioned well-mannered disinterested immaculate unreasonable effusive self-denying unprejudiced social-minded respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable devoted self-forgetting useful beneficient valuable eager unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted very kind unkind unrelenting cruel inexorable procrustean awash filled redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable replete thick fraught flowing responsive donating socially concerned prosocial patriotic contributing respectable upstanding righteous conscientious valiant goodish moral virtuous ethical principled heroic sublime natural swarming thronging overgenerous worthy fond extensive lousy intemperate improvident spacious innumerable broad roomy unrestricted expansive capacious countless Santa Claus myriad courteous flourishing public- spirited casual free-and-easy enough and to spare sumptuous moneyed abundant in abounding in riotous lush luxurious comforting wholesome lovable easygoing agreeable soft touch cooperative polite pitying brotherly calm genial tactful propitious cheerful likeable unoffensive likable mellow sociable dutiful delightful attentive good-tempered regardful good-humoured fatherlike respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place good-humored pleasant pleasing engaging patient deferential forbearing well-provided well-supplied has heart in right place well-meaning in abundance wealthy in plenty affluent stinking with no end in sight more than enough


Given without restraint
unconstrained unrestrained total complete thorough downright outright thoroughgoing comprehensive categorical unqualified exhaustive categoric full-scale plumb consummate definite determined full flat unmitigated clean maximum utter simple rank supreme resolute pure stark sheer regular arrant stone unconditional absolute very out-and-out perfect unremitting deadly dreadful profound unadulterated unalloyed dead unlimited optimum crashing fair concentrated extreme all-out bodacious blank blooming flat-out straight-out cotton-picking full-blown full-on unequivocal positive unreserved entire ultimate deep-dyed unrestricted veritable real whole plain unambiguous right utmost infernal dyed-in-the-wool proper direct all out undiluted explicit straight out clear blasted undivided unquestionable certain right-down through and through wholesale blessed confounded gross wholehearted plenary final surpassing undiminished uttermost emphatic unbounded unmistakable genuine conclusive top no holds barred indubitable unmodified solid limitless full-bore in every respect no catch undeniable maximal all-fired blatant assured decisive last sure unmixed overt unrelieved inveterate max nth prize no ifs ands or buts clear-cut resounding uncontrolled uninhibited infinite greatest topmost intense most uncompromising paramount highest patent firm express unabridged point-blank naked without reservations flagrant glaring determinate wide matchless unbroken no kicker no strings no fine print open bloody boundless unconditioned definitive undisguised unstinting unvarnished chronic biggest straight mere obvious superlative brazen peerless unsurpassed terminal palpable peremptory endless abundant perpetual preeminent true-blue unalleviated barefaced extraordinary without limit actual out and out eternal unquestioning true committed concerted candid frank honest grand sincere incessant constant pronounced overwhelming faultless continuous serious transparent all unrelenting bald capital strict sovereign quite single altogether overall egregious quintessential rightly so called stone-cold with no strings open-ended decided no joke nothing other than without qualification predominant blunt overarching undisputed huge adamant assertive insistent fixed through-and-through shameless systematic unimpaired monstrous atrocious infamous unregenerate notorious vile unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful in-depth totalitarian uninterrupted sweeping inclusive uncorrupted wholesome unadorned point blank omnipotent relentless austere horrible greatest amount of enormous major greatest possible forthright unembellished enduring steadfast abiding never-failing steady unfaltering rigid unabated everlasting double-dyed untarnished untouched authentic unaltered habitual undying confirmed unblemished full-frontal severe untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable conspicuous finished without reservation apodictic specific no strings attached one hundred per cent persistent unsoftened in every way oppressive harsh grim unhampered without restrictions ceaseless no-holds-barred unchecked unshackled unhindered no-limit uncontestable ungoverned unimpeded uncurbed unbridled untrammeled brutal untrammelled unsuppressed uncontrollable unrepressed undisputable wild farthest largest farthermost workmanlike outermost furthermost outside furthest remotest irrefutable convincing clinching outmost incontrovertible best mostest endmost aftermost unarguable indisputable incontestable unanswerable demonstrative unassailable beyond question deciding last straw ultra out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away beyond doubt watertight airtight beyond dispute uncontroversial irrefragable litmus test determinative irrevocable determinant what you see is what you get revealing settling resolving beyond a shadow of a doubt irrefrangible precise most extreme most distant


Not able to be tired
untiring indefatigable tireless unflagging energetic industrious vigorous constant determined dogged dynamic enthusiastic forceful Herculean incessant keen persevering persistent spirited staunch steady unfaltering unremitting unwearied zealous intense stout dedicated devoted inexhaustible patient pertinacious resolute strong tenacious unceasing unfailing unshakeable unswerving unwavering weariless continued continuing fireball firm go-go grind hyper indomitable jumping perky plodding plugging undeterred unflinching unrelenting eager beaver steadfast relentless assiduous diligent unwearying undeviating single-minded active sedulous unyielding enduring sustained hard-working stubborn eager purposeful resolved driven unending fixed insistent obstinate continuous unshakable continual perpetual conscientious endless strenuous laborious committed ceaseless eternal never-ending nonstop interminable studious inexorable uninterrupted immovable unbroken unflappable everlasting unabating non-stop intent abiding running unrelieved ball of fire obdurate persisting dead set on decided unfluctuating unhesitating bound and determined painstaking unvacillating busy unabated unshaken sure set unqualified lasting perseverant unvarying rigorous regular on the go unchanging bustling never-tiring never-failing operose importunate round-the-clock intransigent dead set undaunted careful attentive focused earnest thorough pigheaded punctilious even uniform consistent uncompromising meticulous hardworking exacting invariant headstrong solid pat particular perennial engaged swotty permanent bound employed working ongoing brick-wall stiff-necked day-and-night focussed hard-nosed hanging tough recurrent timeless monotonous stop at nothing interminate set in stone round the clock uncomplaining long-suffering unstinting loyal unretiring stalwart involved mulish unquestioning wholehearted valiant steely bullheaded gritty mettlesome unbending bent on meaning business willful wilful diehard game heedful remorseless hell-bent ironclad unsinkable ultra-careful demanding unwaning frequent strong-minded self-willed strong-willed full of determination with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone habitual repeated undying recurring prolonged ageless faithful accurate tied-up close hopping correct searching elaborate occupied minute iron-willed grim chronic slogging sticky unstoppable perseverative pedantic strict religious fussy scrupulous grinding whiz going all the way staying repetitive nose to grindstone implacable imperishable unappeasable never-ceasing long-lasting in for long haul like bad penny around-the-clock oft-repeated stout-hearted tough nut never give up world-without-end amaranthine day and night on a treadmill immortal infinite dateless boundless without end deathless limitless unfading unlimited consecutive unbounded indestructible immeasurable perdurable illimitable sempiternal indefinite measureless incalculable great untold immutable vast immense no end to no end of stable bottomless undivided inestimable without limit fathomless immensurable unfathomable horizonless without respite always-on forever connected aeonian changeless never-changing overlong termless undisturbed protracted long 24-hour successive untroubled fast direct inextinguishable lifelong neverending undiminished without interruption abundant abounding long-lived durable extensive without stopping cosmic predictable periodical periodic countless dependable reliable indeterminate numberless old longstanding invariable immemorial always unchanged unchangeable no strings steady-going no holds barred ever-abiding unsparing cursive unalleviated hard harsh stern irrepressible lengthy unquenchable lingering without ceasing inevitable inescapable irrevocable unavoidable maintained nagging never-dying ever-enduring 24/7 all day long extended closed undestroyed pushy unintermitted unsuppressible sound unconfined unended straight smooth stationary unsurpassable self-perpetuating multitudinous regularized standardised regularised long-winded agelong atemporal unruffled profound deep progressive drawn out drawn-out at all times all day and all night unbottomed tremendous inveterate beyond measure long-drawn-out wearisome stretched out standardized total annual returning yearlong yearly seasonal same rigid equable inflexible static stabile boring dragging rhythmic through straightforward in succession with no let-up sustainable unrestricted renewable tedious seemingly endless wide open no strings attached no catch long-term for ever and ever nonrandom rambling ponderous meandering undefined deep-rooted remaining long-standing indelible surviving without a break without surcease ingrained secure established huge uncalculable unbound looped dull all-year-round irreversible innumerable myriad incomprehensible wide-open strung out spun out dragged out inexpungible indissoluble not stopping having no end till the cows come home in for the long haul

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