Synonym of up to par


At the usual or expected level
acceptable adequate good enough satisfactory all right OK passable up to scratch up to snuff up to the mark competent up to standard sufficient reasonable fair okay decent tolerable average alright sufficiently good fair-to-middling agreeable palatable fairish moderate middling not bad so-so suitable fine sound respectable serviceable in order solid good valid hunky-dory sufficing fitting presentable copacetic copasetic convenient jake quite good comfortable unexceptional unobjectionable A-OK appropriate correct commensurate proper standard unexceptionable tickety-boo swell assuasive appeasing pleasant pleasing ample kosher assuaging goodish just right O.K. right on on the beam on the ball plain vanilla vanilla up to code admissible unremarkable fit fairly good snug run-of-the-mill bog-standard pretty good completely understandable totally fine common middle-of-the-road on the mark spot on on the money ducky groovy delighting cogent gratifying satisfying enough peachy fulfilling right apt befitting seemly becoming suited meet mediocre applicable fitted ordinary apposite indifferent qualified decorous medium modest comme il faut expedient useful helpful conventional congruous fair to middling worthy apropos allowable undistinguished timely cool felicitous nice worthwhile just usual moderately good usable no great shakes relevant opportune rightful pertinent fit for purpose happy nothing to write home about desirable advantageous wholesome effective workaday favorable in keeping tidy beneficial half-pie accepted able functional inoffensive not too bad deserved preferable orthodox due favourable conformable certain polite not much cop prepared exact unimpeachable employable sensible equitable de rigueur considerable conforming handy bearable productive substantial small limited abundant perfect commonplace delightful goodly sizable sizeable appreciable mean livable plenty second-rate minimal accommodating accurate condign intermediate civilized capable approved honest precise germane safe not up to much customary feasible prudent faultless reliable formal advisable harmless adapted deserving ready well-suited likely traditional requisite regular pretty genteel to the point necessary civilised innocuous commodious useable correspondent available compatible definitive done done thing legitimate seasonable equal infallible unquestionable efficacious welcome effectual righteous well-timed right stuff cooking with gas reasonably good can't complain amateur amateurish viewable ideal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class noticeable generous biggish significant marked attractive conducive as it should be flourishing fine and dandy better than nothing related justified fairy-tale okey-dokey permissible permitted favourite promising favorite hopeful fair enough lucky well fortunate bright commensurable not to be sneezed at pat harmonious cromulent well timed established proportionate well-chosen providential prosperous congenial consonant consistent preferred scanty median honourable big large peachy keen honorable trendy in the swim hep hip plentiful plenteous bounteous the done thing in good taste couth moral courtly refined mannerly well-mannered trained eligible nothing to shout about merited to the purpose rational wise pragmatic reasoned practical judicious well suited well qualified habitable aplenty copious bountiful official ceremonious punctilious legit politic midsize midsized meagre skimpy light right up your street user friendly in character cut out for in keeping with diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy creditable reputable apple-pie logical strategic supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable careful sparse middle desired equal to up to capable of enow as much as you need as much as is necessary everyday normal unimpressive pedestrian constructive profitable gainful best recommended in the running in line for sustainable cozy tenantable homey enjoyable lodgeable de règle savoury savory stock meager healthy fruitful utilizable sagacious suggested best suited tactical clear idiomatic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried unpretentious prosaic garden-variety standard-issue routine typical insignificant cosy sure unfailing characterless uneventful uninspired unexciting dull nondescript unnoteworthy anonymous plain unmemorable inconspicuous fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving edible compelling dependable common or garden nothing special protocol worth living non-provocative peaceable non-controversial healthful propitious commendatory salubrious hygienic auspicious salutary benefic favoring commending needed protean benignant toward irreproachable trustworthy bog standard mild foolproof sure-fire grammatical well formed tame par for the course fit for human habitation favouring utilisable true fail-safe surefire guaranteed unbeatable can't-miss beyond reproach innocent unprovocative uncontroversial veracious risk-free innoxious riskless tried and true watertight always effective positive apodictic incontrovertible inerrable tried and tested authoritative inerrant steady undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing strict flawless neutral faithful irrefutable undeniable unambiguous conclusive undisputed unrefuted errorless error-free unerring word-perfect dead-on on-target meticulous scrupulous spot-on so equipped exploitable bang on operable practicable veridical unmistaken rigorous amen truthful impeccable actual stone undistorted factual on the button right as rain on the nail on the right track dead on for sure on track on the right lines on target free of error on the nose along the right lines according to Hoyle -worthy most correct


In good health
right well healthy normal fit good okay proper able fine sound whole wholesome hale fighting fit in the pink in trim up to scratch in good health in good shape in good trim in shape very well strong robust hearty able-bodied vigorous as fit as a fiddle in good condition thriving blooming all right up to snuff fit as a fiddle alive and kicking in fine fettle as fit as a flea OK physically fit bushy-tailed healthful in good physical shape chipper full of life hale and hearty bright-eyed solid as a rock husky strong as an ox well-conditioned hardy luxuriantly in rude health trim right as rain sound in body and limb bouncing in excellent shape in tip-top condition in fine feather bursting with health together in good form glowing fresh sturdy lively active athletic tough lusty restored unimpaired virile flourishing muscular energetic in good kilter stout firm potent aerobicized in good physical condition fit as a flea hunky-dory buff shredded sprightly in top form strapping flush perky powerful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans young better rested healthier recovered refreshed strengthened jacked beefy brawny burly rehabilitated ok healed untroubled cured mended invigorated A1 relieved uninjured unharmed safe fitter soothed fine and dandy comfortable abled stalwart rugged as right as a trivet as strong as an ox toned up slim muscled as right as rain toned ripped dynamic vital spirited safe and sound rosy-cheeked animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious peppy the picture of health effervescent red-blooded zippy jaunty spry playful rosy vibrant forceful strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse intense zestful tireless ruddy go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking gingery feisty forcible wick spunky florid persuasive take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective rubicund raring to go full of vim red sanguine ball of fire full of energy radiant bright full-blooded healthy-looking

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