Synonym of up to standard


Of a necessary standard of quality for its intended use
acceptable fit for purpose suitable appropriate fitting apt proper befitting fit applicable suited condign right up someone's street reasonable rightful happy expedient handy good cut out for up to snuff presentable politic sufficient legit opportune satisfactory to the point okay felicitous relevant commodious convenient pertinent user friendly deserved merited useful advisable in keeping apposite worthy swell kosher copacetic good enough well-timed just righteous in character germane requisite fitted nice in keeping with meet timely right advantageous becoming correct propitious favorable favourable apropos beneficial helpful auspicious adequate fair due seemly sensible seasonable desirable effective profitable serviceable ideal worthwhile related judicious material competent warranted justified decent gainful perfect fortunate practical usable qualified congruous lucky pretty providential appurtenant promising prudent valid sound on the button equitable to the purpose wise best benign connected functional compatible constructive preferable adapted linked well timed ad rem feasible valuable pat on the nose prosperous recommended comfortable choice of use suggested well-suited comme il faut ample tolerable likely tactical heaven-sent right on significant relative fruitful necessary tailor-made benefic ripe benignant of benefit useable well-matched practicable admissible friendly beneficent conformable enough needed expected golden prepared productive well-chosen passable earned agreeable fortuitous pointed salutary toward strategic applicatory legitimate belonging just right justifiable hopeful like-minded complementary ready behooveful commonsensical decorous of service workable equipped desired logical capable encouraging employable pragmatic anticipated recommendable correspondent required preferred wholesome accommodating timeous welcome carefully selected kindly all right authorized pleasant spot on correlated salient congruent exact matched well deserved well earned consistent allowable sympathetic able made to order optimal respectable precise authorised on target operable well of assistance realistic conducive deserving efficacious achievable having direct bearing on having to do with neat doable satisfying relating available chosen utilitarian equal pertaining commendable specified intended brave healthful viable flattering commensurate commensurable proportionate indicated abundant sustainable sanctioned unobjectionable favoring lawful sufficing selected true cognate approved within reason real legal sagacious rewarding bounteous important licensed authentic benevolent favouring obligatory rational applicative conforming recognized telling well suited plentiful plenteous towardly gratifying average positive lucrative that's the ticket efficient permitted bountiful very model operative furthersome aplenty quintessential licenced recognised called for of value official canonical orthodox pertaining to supreme effectual bona fide on the money decisive full of promise conclusive for the best successful in one's interests just the job made well provident destined favourite favorite rehearsed done workaday conformed reconciled accommodated allied awaited slated richly-deserved peculiar unique ordinary everyday comely well-deserved well disposed inspired complimentary laudatory kind relatable bright cut out utility permissible wearable good for designed rosy behooving beseeming akin well chosen cheering pleasureful pleasurable reassuring pleasing bounden in order counselable associated with reasoned essential prerequisite particular optimistic working actionable well qualified joyous well put well expressed convincing well-earned just what was ordered of a kind analogous right and proper to one's advantage in one's interest supportive instrumental accurate express heartening sane flukey fluky kindred on-topic usual OK prompt roseate upbeat rose-colored weighty harmonious consonant accordant concerning pointful referring conformant trained eligible remunerative meritorious punctual looked-for predictable seasonal compelling definitive best suited clear according to Hoyle solid real-world O.K. healthy utilizable what the doctor ordered great archetypal consummate absolute ultimate prototypical of interest uplifting win-win inspiring worth it in point dexter in readiness potent active of help forceful determinative powerful forcible attainable operational realizable fairly good attractive moderately good not bad called-for serendipitous casual incidental enviable accidental immediate speedy quantified listed just the thing in one's best interests coming rhadamanthine scheduled fit to be eaten equal to consumable up to comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common capable of edible plenty possible manageable associable sought after set disposed appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year in the running in line for accomplishable matching commendatory salubrious hygienic commending protean not too bad apropos of to your advantage crying out copious minimal tenable within reach just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful indulgent accommodative obliging utilisable in good time at the right time level-headed easy in the nick of time up-to-date up-to-the-minute enow as much as you need as much as is necessary bearable habitable endorsed accredited formal wealthy luxurious honest moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled noble card-carrying right-minded certified authoritative well grounded realisable well advised of choice authenticated opulent liberal elegant substantial supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable exploitable validated within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility within possibility well thought out holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle optimum documented accepted verified generous licit signed sealed ratified cozy tenantable snug homey enjoyable civilized lodgeable affluent gracious prime peak top genuine constitutional statutory acknowledged -worthy allowed signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra definite established and delivered ex officio idyllic foremost cornucopian livable civilised cosy finest choicest well off well-fixed well-situated fit for human habitation worth living best possible self-serving free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do to one's own advantage in one's own interests pre-eminent best-case de jure most correct


Up to the required standard
up to the mark acceptable adequate competent good enough passable satisfactory sufficient up to par up to scratch all right OK up to snuff reasonable fair okay decent tolerable alright fairish average respectable agreeable palatable fine suitable sound fair-to-middling solid serviceable in order comfortable middling good so-so moderate valid sufficing sufficiently good hunky-dory not bad fitting ample goodish quite good copacetic unexceptional copasetic assuasive presentable appeasing convenient assuaging jake unobjectionable A-OK correct commensurate common appropriate proper unexceptionable tickety-boo run-of-the-mill swell O.K. standard pleasant pretty good pleasing kosher just right on the mark spot on on the money right on on the beam on the ball plain vanilla vanilla up to code admissible unremarkable considerable groovy ducky delighting cool cogent gratifying satisfying enough peachy fulfilling goodly abundant substantial sizable sizeable noticeable appreciable biggish marked significant generous tidy worthwhile mediocre ordinary medium usual intermediate fair to middling mean fit fairly good snug bog-standard completely understandable totally fine middle-of-the-road indifferent commonplace undistinguished no great shakes second-rate workaday everyday modest half-pie run-of-the-mine second-class nothing to write home about run-of-mine uninspired not up to much pedestrian prosaic inferior conventional normal unexciting not so hot amateur forgettable amateurish lacklustre lackluster large moderately good characterless dull median common or garden middle insignificant routine limited garden-variety midsize midsized not to be sneezed at humdrum typical not very good uninspiring delightful handsome colourless small quotidian unmemorable plain nondescript midway ornery uneventful mainstream not too bad cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue colorless not much cop big serious neutral plentiful plenteous bountiful allowable in-between mundane healthy substandard unpretentious bad meh lousy halfway uninteresting boring wretched mid banal paltry imperfect unimpressive shabby substantive sorry intermediary junk plenty bland homespun tawdry minimal sad base medial major déclassé lemon vast great poorer hack hefty unnoteworthy profuse lavish humble worse hep hip mediate central midmost low-quality low-grade low-rent good-for-nothing two-bit superabundant generic garden copious nothing special extensive bounteous a dime a dozen garden variety peachy keen in the swim cooking with gas reasonably good can't complain scanty nothing out of the ordinary meagre skimpy light certain bearable unimportant immaterial sparse traditional honest poor sensible livable unimpeachable stock able cromulent meager of no consequence fair enough tame anonymous inconspicuous familiar household better than nothing nothing to shout about inconsequential inconsiderable ubiquitous frequent largish of poor quality customary basic no-frills regular massive voluminous becoming attractive prepared par for the course bog standard trendy welcome inoffensive innocuous harmless nothing to get excited about middle of the road commensurable as it should be flourishing fine and dandy decent-sized bonny requisite proportionate par popular formulaic habitual congruous useful lucky well fortunate happy bright stale intervening simple apposite apropos suited transitional interposed homely medium-sized middle-sized aplenty necessary fitted providential prosperous much huge outclassed hackneyed stereotyped suburban well-suited enow as much as you need as much as is necessary prodigious tremendous corny hacky enormous immense dime-a-dozen intermedial commodious pretty boundless astronomical predictable plastic dreary drab white-bread monotonous trite at the halfway point equidistant between two points equidistant between two stages in the middle compromising center between centre large-scale worth taking into account okey-dokey

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