Synonym of uplifted

Alternative for uplifted

uplifts, uplifted, uplifting

Synonym: elevate, erect, hoist, improve, lift, raise,


In a state of extreme happiness
exalted elated joyful joyous jubilant ecstatic exultant transported animated blissful elevated excited exhilarated inspired rapturous stimulated delighted exuberant gleeful happy rhapsodic triumphant cock-a-hoop high inspirited stoked up in high spirits on cloud nine over the moon in seventh heaven euphoric rapt overjoyed enraptured thrilled cheerful enrapt giddy entranced rhapsodical heady intoxicated roused aroused enchanted blissed out heavenly sublime glorious energized merry cheered sent beatific glad delightful puffed up in raptures lighthearted energised beside oneself with happiness blessed ebullient zestful exhilarative divine paradisical celestial holy serene proud bouncy psyched light-hearted pumped seraphic floating frenzied hysterical delirious possessed pleased mirthful beaming corybantic turned-on flying stirred enthused activated on cloud seven carried away walking on air jumping for joy saintly radiant gratified jolly jovial gay set up looking good in a frenzy of delight fired up in transports of delight wigged out wild with excitement in heaven delirious with happiness on a high hopped up flying high galvanized motivated influenced amused chirpy blithesome jocund high-spirited laughing sunny jocular jocose festive blithe encouraged started moved hilarious gloating smug frolicsome boon galvanised ravished enthusiastic stirred up in transports wrapped beside oneself with joy floating on air on top of the world cheery buoyant upbeat peppy sparkling jaunty bright gladsome chipper bubbly tickled pink sparky vivacious effervescent lively carefree breezy content sprightly airy tickled peart full of beans chuffed contented zingy smiley zippy grinning happy-go-lucky genial smiling as pleased as Punch untroubled satisfied perky of good cheer in good spirits unworried optimistic hopeful as happy as a clam made up as happy as Larry captivated wild spirited rejoicing crank positive good-humoured good-humored pleasant like a child with a new toy without a care in the world thankful beside oneself bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as happy as a sandboy orgasmic energetic full of hope charmed full of the joys of spring treading on air fervent lightsome winsome eager electrified ardent playful vigorous crazy full of vim and vigour full of life pleasurable enjoyable convivial wonderful eupeptic canty irrepressible zappy exulting crowing glorying prideful pleased as punch interested keen glowing passionate gladdened like a dog with two tails peaceful absorbed flipping atingle sportive frolic gamesome brash cheering alert bouncing can't complain frisky snappy enlivened fun-loving desirous bright and breezy great tickled to death as merry as a grig avid hungry agog thirsty athirst impatient solicitous triumphal swaggering geeked hopped-up greedy fascinated piqued boastful overexcited engaged enthralled gung ho flushed spellbound amusing alive hepped up vibrant dynamic bewitched emotional hung up triumphalist agitated impassioned pleasing cool blest light gone mad dreamy uproarious active beguiled touched vital aglow fantastic heartwarming overwhelmed in a frenzy turned on hearty ludic enamoured boisterous deliriously happy larking debonair entertained rollicking fulfilled enlivening cheerly brisk grateful rosy sanguine insouciant enamored extremely happy pizazzy mettlesome springy kinetic animate jazzy pert racy spanking pizzazzy very happy doing handsprings enchanté gruntled at ease alive and kicking well pleased worked up revelling funny overpowered thrilled to bits filled with joy in paradise in rhapsodies celebratory laughable victorious reveling wowed poised composed pacific commodious providential sober measured collected frantic effusive bubbling heartening bonny frothy gushing easy-going scintillating blissfully happy distraught distrait hysteric distracted laughter-filled chucklesome blown away quick dizzy turnt felicitous celebrating fun-filled Corybantic vivid complacent easygoing unthinking amiable only too happy satisfying fiery forceful heated feeling one's oats explosive fervid emotive entertaining appreciative infatuated athrill in exaltation out easy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled prizewinning lucky champion dominant welcome drunk overwrought hot juiced voracious raring nuts antsy anxious zealous go-go gratifying in transports of joy in transports of pleasure extravagant lyrical eulogistic zesty flattered privileged harmonious idyllic spaced-out perfect concerned affected quickened humorous jumping riotous grooving vitalized bucked happy as a lark happy as a clam in ecstasies paradisiacal well paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic saturnalian paradisiac rousing rocking good over-the-top comfortable magical in ecstasy diverted roseate beside yourself honoured honored Panglossian good-natured frivolous devil-may-care pleasure-seeking unconcerned slaphappy rakish in a good mood at peace self-possessed in the twilight zone waggish def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it hip confident forward pushy self-assertive presuming sunny side up glass half full full of pep rip-roaring very pleased feel-good starry-eyed rose-colored excitable willing pleasantly surprised gripped inclined craving chomping at the bit champing at the bit amenable bursting ambitious appetent restive disposed awakened longing pining hankering covetous tumultuous au courant mesmerized engrossed held riveted preoccupied intent aflame absent dreaming mesmerised absent-minded abstracted daydreaming employed hypnotised busy occupied inattentive taken involved hypnotized unconscious oblivious wrapped up caught up in popping


To have triggered enthusiasm or eagerness
excited thrilled exhilarated roused stirred animated enlivened enthused stimulated delighted inspired inspirited invigorated moved elated lifted vitalized buoyed charged electrified enraptured galvanized gladdened gripped heartened intoxicated pumped up tickled bucked up energised energized envigorated galvanised gingered up jazzed up livened up pepped up perked up picked up stirred up evoked fired gave someone a buzz lit a fire under put zip into quickened lift cheered elevated transported cheered up brightened rejoiced exalted buoyed up tickled pink gratified pleased boosted satisfied contented raised pleasured revitalized warmed enthralled sent gladded suited fulfilled given a buzz brought joy to revitalised made someone feel good turned on gave someone a kick gave a buzz agreed with hit the spot given someone a kick made happy brightened up fired the imagination of encouraged charmed enchanted refreshed amused diverted aroused heightened fascinated captivated delectated indulged entranced humored enamored bewitched entertained humoured titillated allured wowed commoved ravished regaled arrided juiced gave someone pleasure got someone going gave a lift given someone pleasure lifted up attracted bowled over made a hit with someone gave someone a charge given a lift pleased greatly gassed filled with joy made very happy knocked dead made content fired the enthusiasm of turned someone on given someone a charge grooved snapped up feasted tickle to death warmed the cockles of the heart tickled to death given pleasure to appealed to went over big gotten one's kicks got one's kicks gone over big gave pleasure to pepped given someone great pleasure given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill gave someone great pleasure provoked inflamed incited piqued kindled fired up awakened sparked spurred instigated motivated prodded grabbed impassioned rallied worked up called forth activated prompted triggered amazed enkindled impelled fomented urged astonished agitated touched astounded waked whetted irritated kick-started informed revved up slayed fired with enthusiasm vivified awed tantalized jolted interested revived dazzled spellbound impressed teased engendered raptured wakened overjoyed goaded braced fueled fuelled actuated filliped spiked rapped dynamized intensified jump-started bestirred whipped up instilled brought out zipped up carried away juiced up put a bomb under set off cut a figure keyed up breathed life into blew away knocked out amped up tantalised switched on put life into spurred on blown away set going egged on woke woken slain slew affected influenced startled shocked struck beguiled overcome overwhelmed overawed induced mesmerized tempted seduced swayed generated fostered overpowered impacted reached promoted palpated hooked grappled fanned riled emboldened stoked incentivized frenzied flushed lit up sharpened grandstanded gave joy to brushed registered made an impression on caressed introduced led on made alive made somebody laugh touched off told on fazed knocked one's socks off revivified patted made wild called to mind primed psyched brought into being brought to life scratched showed felt admiration left a mark on made a hit got stunned brought back made an impression made waves vellicated innervated mesmerised sparked off knocked someone's socks off frightened breathed new life into itched called into being fed the fire summoned up killed kittled drew forth made splash spooked jarred called stirred embers raced one's motor magnetised made a splash geed up had an impact on made your head spin heated up pushed around tranced magnetized prickled given joy to convulsed felt respect produced alerted built a fire under enticed abetted buffaloed initiated bulldozed challenged livened carried enforced tingled scored showed off drawn forth zapped stricken overcame driven drove gave life to given life to added fuel to fire gotten going got going gone to your head went to your head gave new life to given new life to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm given great pleasure to gave great pleasure to took your breath away took one's breath away taken one's breath away taken your breath away gotten taken someone aback took someone aback shown off burnt up gotten smoking got smoking burned up got started shown gotten started


To have advanced or promoted the growth of
developed elevated improved advanced bettered boosted progressed upgraded enhanced expanded lifted perfected raised augmented fostered improved on refined ameliorated built increased polished stepped up beefed up brushed up built on built up fast-tracked fine-tuned fortified furthered grew heightened intensified magnified promoted prospered reenforced reinforced scaled up shaped up smartened smartened up straightened out strengthened supplemented touched up updated worked up amplified compounded cultivated enriched extended made headway made progress made strides moved forward forged ahead worked out lift consolidated boosted up made better honed forwarded inflated aggrandized multiplied meliorated worked on appreciated put up helped grown enlarged escalated bolstered sharpened got better swelled thrived picked up hiked rectified mended pushed advertized upped supersized advertised redoubled soared accelerated revitalized stoked deepened accentuated shot up reformed changed for the better corrected fixed up excelled revamped amended transcended buttressed hyped optimised redressed tightened up elaborated on smoothed envigorated revitalised jacked up rallied amped up hiked up mitigated come around propelled burnished cranked up vitalized illumed stimulated polished up shored up pushed up made perfect bumped up fixed assuaged invigorated optimized jumped gained ground looked up tempered bucked up come on topped up endowed remediated moved up pumped up turned the corner swollen added to driven drove went up gone up thriven throve gotten better gotten higher got higher came on rose came around risen developt pressed on pushed on matured pressed forward flourished proceeded pushed ahead got ahead spread one's wings evolved blossomed moved ahead went forward gone forward succeeded moved onward become better covered ground made inroads moved on got on moved forward in leaps and bounds hit it big bloomed boomed shined shone burgeoned bourgeoned marched continued fared well pushed forward come of age come along went went places gone places moved spread emerged arrived modernised modernized revolutionized transformed worked one's way continued ahead flowered became better paced leveled up moved along pulled ahead gotten on cracked on made it marched on levelled up turned out well gotten somewhere developed well got somewhere revolutionised scored run riot gone took the next step taken the next step came along done well gotten places been successful did well flew high got places came of age gone on were successful was successful flown high went on went ahead gone ahead climbed unfolded starred trained stood out hastened figured triumphed launched profited unrolled changed elaborated led leaded prevailed performed brought forward forged ahead with made headway with altered metamorphosed featured polished up on adapted differentiated headed transmogrified passed come taken it to the next level took it to the next level gotten going stood out in a crowd cranked it up pressed ahead stepped it up made your way worked hard at devoted yourself to made good speed went to town picked up the pace fared trucked adapted yourself got better at gotten on well got on well brushed up on bore fruit reigned supreme gone great guns become rich wended kept moving skyrocketed got there made one's way got ran riot kept on gone to town made a go drove forward driven forward journeyed went great guns took steps forward gone off waxed gone well went off shot borne fruit devoted oneself to went well derived educed carried on rolled on forged on glowed worked one's way up turned it up travelled propelled forward yielded kept going had a gift boosted one's game hied climbed the ladder continued on made good opened out got along speeded stepped forward kicked it up a notch battened taken steps forward bettered oneself increased one's intensity sped made the big time got going stepped up one's game ripened moved out produced caught on had a gift for had legs elevated one's game mushroomed raised one's game traveled clumb clomb drave druv stolen the show wore the crown stole the show worn the crown went forth gone forth shotten got with it gotten with it taken it to the limit took it to the limit taken it up a notch took it up a notch rose to the next level risen to the next level got ahead of gotten ahead of comen came grew vigorously grown well did wonders grown rich done wonders became rich yolden grown vigorously yold grew rich grew well gotten went along fore gat gone along faren gone up in the world went up in the world


Past tense for to encourage or raise the spirits of
inspired edified improved bettered encouraged enlivened gladdened lightened refined ameliorated aroused civilised civilized cultivated restored revived stimulated advanced brightened brightened up cheered cheered up elated enriched excited exhilarated gingered up heartened moved stirred bucked up gave a lift to given a lift to raised spirits lift animated invigorated buoyed up pepped up envigorated rallied inspirited boosted perked up roused energized vitalized energised galvanized buoyed lifted revitalized refreshed spurred revitalised galvanised strengthened incited motivated emboldened fired up sparked filliped steeled fortified activated livened up stirred up spurred on whipped up jazzed up quickened triggered instigated fired rejuvenated sustained waked up comforted geed up amped up picked up put new life in empowered raised kindled assured consoled goaded revivified vivified provoked braced built up supported pumped up chirked up spiked boosted up revved up cheered on looked up jump-started lit a fire under juiced up zipped up raised someone's spirits reassured pushed piqued built incentified impassioned swayed enheartened incentivized elevated nudged enhanced livened pricked fanned impelled promoted raised your spirits psyched up electrified woken up woke up intensified renewed zapped fueled fuelled made happier worked up set up put pep into let sunshine in driven drove turned on put new heart into put new strength in snapped out of it keyed up put new heart in borne up bore up applauded disinhibited enforced jumpstarted egged gave a lift given a lift ignited reenforced praised stiffened the resolve of lifted the spirits of raised the morale of propped up bielded stimulated spiritually boosted someone's morale spirited someone up caused inflamed urged induced bolstered accelerated compelled prodded sweetened made lively coaxed disposed fed feed coerced wakened up influenced persuaded speeded sped fostered given a shot in the arm to gave shot in arm given shot in arm gave a shot in the arm to leavened led occasioned propelled inclined leaded convinced pressed made elicited pressured impressed cajoled kept someone going vivificated recreated spiced diverted entertained nerved increased dynamized forced evoked exacerbated nurtured brought actuated exhorted hardened reinforced freshened relaxed commoved got better impacted powered got converted advised inveigled tempted nourished made more lively braced up made more exciting took a turn for the better taken a turn for the better made happy gained strength made brighter pressurised necessitated helped pressurized struck prompted boosted moral snapped up charged up made more cheerful speeded up given a new lease of life to become optimistic loosened up become hopeful soared gave a new lease of life to become cheerful hinted to lightened up steamed up acted as a incentive to cleared up acted as a stimulus to stoked up won over sped up acted as a fillip to acted as a spur to acted as a impetus to prevailed on built a fire under suggested to talked into egged on given a boost to gave a boost to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to given hope to gave life to given life to gotten given strength to saw someone through seen someone through gave strength to stung stricken gotten going took off taken off got going gotten better grown buoyant grew buoyant took heart taken heart took a load off taken a load off got one going gotten one started gotten one going got one started became cheerful became hopeful risen rose became optimistic


Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
regenerated renewed revived restored rejuvenated revivified revitalised revitalized reconstructed renovated resuscitated kick-started reanimated reawakened rekindled changed recharged reproduced amended freshened improved envigorated invigorated recreated re-established refreshed refreshened reinvigorated repaired resurrected rewoke rewaked rewoken rewakened inspirited overhauled reorganised reorganized changed radically exhilarated produced redeveloped reestablished reinforced restarted stimulated breathed new life into raised from the dead gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gave a shot in the arm to given a shot in the arm to put some spark into put new life into pepped up bucked up fortified strengthened braced bolstered enlivened helped reconditioned built up updated modernized recovered propped up modernised got going again put new heart into energized enkindled reactivated aroused saved animated rallied boosted vivified given new strength to gave new strength to awakened roused given a boost to gave a boost to revamped restituted rehabbed refurbished reclaimed retreaded spruced replenished encouraged energised regained relieved brightened prompted prodded quickened added some zest to spruced up made younger restored vitality to made young again brought back to life bounced back waked up made someone feel young again made whole touched up did done did up done up gave face lift to given face lift to woken up given a new lease on life gave a new lease on life woke up gave new life to given new life to rehabilitated remade remodeled remodelled reinstated rebuilt resumed reformed put back reinvented reopened brought back brought up to date redevised redesigned redeemed brought around restated reaffirmed mended returned to refitted reinstituted reincarnated created again revolutionized made over developed stirred up come again resurged relaunched transformed reintroduced upgraded habilitated established again technologized recalled rescued revolutionised brought to retouched healed vamped up fixed up cured replaced continued repeated salvageed salvaged recycled recommenced streamlined contemporized cheered refashioned redecorated reconstituted reindustrialized stirred activated patched doctored fixed re-created innovated rediscovered face-lifted proceeded with come to life tarted up picked up started again serviced furbished tuned redone redid livened up carried on given a new lease of life to rose again gave a new lease of life to summoned up set right set to rights risen again reused came again went over gone over reprocessed converted copied begun again began again bettered absolved vindicated reeducated reinstalled relighted relit cooled reenergized unwound reexperienced refurnished proceeded comforted extended vitalized prolonged revised perked up relived triggered repurposed reconnected re-formed gentrified recollected recaptured revisited rewrought reworked overcome gladdened brought round solaced pleased recuperated consoled titivated galvanized recapitulated confirmed remembered rationalized rectified topped up performed CPR tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened replayed refound excited galvanised remastered awaked wakened waked made healthy cooled down made good brushed up came to life freshened up rebranded continued with picked up again come back to given the kiss of life to gave the kiss of life to brought something up to code breathed life into blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs carried over brought into the twenty-first century dug up summoned back found again given a new look to freed from blame gave a new look to snapped out of it restored to favour carried on with cleaned up lived through again gotten into shape straightened out brought to mind restored to life rationalised started over removed guilt from got into shape marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century saved from blame conjured up discovered again aired out experienced again leaded into the twenty-first century called up overcame sprung up sprang up given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation woke woken awoken awoke given something a facelift gave something a facelift taken up again took up again came back to done over did over went through again gone back to gone through again went back to gone on with began over taken up begun where one left off went on with began where one left off begun over took up


Past tense for to instruct or teach, especially morally or intellectually
edified enlightened educated instructed taught schooled trained coached indoctrinated tutored informed improved guided illuminated inculcated developed cultivated nurtured bettered illumed elevated illumined inspired disciplined fostered drilled prepared primed civilized civilised reared put through the grind refined humanized sophisticated polished acculturated socialized tamed reclaimed moulded shaped advanced promoted enriched acquainted spiritualized ennobled idealized ethicized groomed directed versed idealised socialised humanised upskilled lessoned exercised matured formed bred molded briefed explained homeschooled brainwashed helped forward drummed into taught information brought up shope showed the ropes shown the ropes given character gave character put someone through their paces told initiated updated let in on grounded ground advised lectured familiarized clarified familiarised catechized instilled apprised cleared sharpened hipped led leaded piloted oriented fit readied dinned something into gave lessons to given lessons to clued in caught up filled in put through the mill put in the picture about put in the picture wised up broke in broken in explained to softened introduced imbued imparted mellowed implanted communicated seasoned accustomed tempered engineered levelled leveled revealed counseled steered counselled disclosed orientated mentored fitted equipped pounded into equipped with polished up opened eyes practised honed conditioned qualified rehearsed clued presented gave lessons given lessons practiced hardened inured taught school kept posted improved mind taught about clued in on schooled in kept up to speed with brought up to date on rubbed the rough edges off told about made something clear to instructed in tutored in notified of grounded in kept someone posted informed of filled in on trained in genned up demonstrated something to made fit acquainted with primed in clued up about updated on apprised of advised of licked into shape genned up on coached in laid it out for tipped off drilled in whipped into shape cared for made conversant with made aware of made ready familiarized with equipt broke it to broken it to gave lessons in given lessons in broken someone in broke someone in gave the facts given the facts given a grounding in gave a grounding in given the lowdown gave information about gave the gen given information about given the gen given instructions gave instructions given a rundown given the rundown on shown the lay of the land given rundown gave rundown gave the gen on gave a rundown gave the lowdown gave the rundown on showed the lay of the land given the gen on

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