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Synonym: greater, higher, superior,

Antonym: lower,


Friendly and cheerful
genial friendly cordial warm affable amiable cheerful congenial cheery good-natured companionable comradely hearty hospitable sociable approachable chummy convivial easy-going hail-fellow-well-met kind matey sympathetic agreeable bluff buddy-buddy good-humored good-humoured jolly kindly neighbourly pleasant amicable bonhomous collegial company-loving extrovert extroverted gracious gregarious hail-fellow jovial neighborly outgoing pally palsy palsy-walsy warmhearted well disposed clubby merry regular warm-hearted blithe cheering chipper chirpy easygoing enlivening favourable favorable glad high jocund joyous perky sunny up upbeat welcoming easy to get along with sunny side up obliging social nice likable likeable easy mellow gentle helpful benevolent tender conversable considerate generous affectionate happy mild compassionate well-disposed benign open good-tempered clubbable engaging polite understanding caring kind-hearted complaisant kindhearted pleasing civil thoughtful accommodating unselfish decent tolerant indulgent charitable tender-hearted loving couthy sweet lenient charming intimate courteous good personable extraverted accessible cooperative peaceable unreserved soft-hearted soft magnanimous merciful big-hearted liberal goodhearted softhearted peaceful delightful good-hearted lovable harmonious humane winning lively calm cozy cosy close uninhibited winsome tenderhearted altruistic forbearing placid clubable responsive pacific appealing easy to get on with mild-mannered brotherly familiar amenable benignant beneficent communicative fond receptive conciliatory large-hearted all heart unassuming empathetic moderate even-tempered supportive fatherly humanitarian sensitive maternal bighearted motherly sweet-tempered empathic patient like-minded clement amical lovely informal meek fraternal simpatico sweet-natured tight selfless comforting feeling forgiving compatible attractive modest civilized hilarious entertaining non-hostile kindred pitying talkative harmless respectful civilised human philanthropic bleeding-heart well meaning demonstrative vivacious confiding heartfelt enthusiastic earnest wholehearted sincere relaxed attentive casual unconstrained unrestrained confidential eager expansive taking serene solicitous bountiful communal quiet boon thick buoyant smiling backslapping open-handed conflict-free lavish available paternal tranquil unpresumptuous prepossessing breezy fun unstuffy temperate dovelike compliant chilled swell moral commiserative humble all right giving righteous noble fatherlike regardful deferential buddy buddy angelic open-minded unoffensive well intentioned great-hearted willing to please good company well-mannered bubbly avuncular festive confident assent loyal amusing faithful jocose attached vibrant funny happy-go-lucky comical jocular on good terms festal fun-loving conversible gay mirthful charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable guestfriendly facile elevated diverting wonderful expressive socializing exuberant people-oriented glowing dear affectious vulnerable good-looking colonial glad-handering presentable personal acquiescent natural broad-minded sentimental unceremonious docile near softie marshmallow ingratiating self-effacing loquacious effusive garrulous socialising handsome bombastic concordant agreeing accordant bosom in favour red-carpet understandable attention-seeking fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable forthcoming free copacetic favourably disposed boisterous captivating enchanting canny nice-looking pretty bonny nonmalignant laid back well-suited well suited sympathique genuine door's always open free and easy laid-back eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful big public-spirited openhearted wholesome unstinting benefic chivalrous greathearted tactful princely bounteous philanthropical gallant heart in right place openhanded munificent freehanded chatty voluble conversational square shooting right nice lovey-dovey fresh officious snug inseparable kissy-huggy very friendly mushy as nice as pie reasonable nonthreatening witty inviting measured congruous consonant consistent peace-loving equable easy-oasy sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat free-and-easy deep amorous concerned discursive talky in accord in favor in agreement spirited waggish sprightly shy non-confrontational lamblike demure reverent dove-like submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sensible unwarlike thick as thieves consoling downright neighborly regular fellow right neighborly bland retiring cool pacifist effervescent gushy encouraging sympathizing condoling fabulous gassy barley-sugar commiserating doting piteous ruthful soft-spoken sisterly non-aggressive non-violent non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive dovish non-malignant sympathising sparing having heart in right place good egg pacifistic open-hearted loving and giving old softie bleeding heart do-good well-intentioned honest ethical respectable upright irenic anti-war still honourable virtuous trustworthy honorable worthy incorrupt dependable restful nonbelligerent undisturbed balmy diplomatic ordered pacificatory complacent just principled upstanding mannerly right straight true clean-living well mannered stand-up on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded


Great happiness and exhilaration
elation ecstasy euphoria exhilaration rapture bliss delight excitement joy glee jubilation exultation joyousness transport animation happiness heaven paradise rhapsody thrill cloud nine elatedness exaltation high intoxication joyfulness rhapsodies swoon transports buoyancy buzz charge enthusiasm high spirits jollies kick kicks seventh heaven triumph up extreme happiness stars in one's eyes top of the world gladness cheer merriment cheerfulness gaiety pleasure mirth exuberance joviality festivity hilarity jollity cheeriness merriness liveliness blitheness gleefulness vivacity enjoyment jocundity satisfaction mirthfulness rejoicing jolliness revelry fun delirium reveling brightness delectation good humor effervescence jocularity revelling sprightliness felicity frolic geniality lightheartedness merrymaking entertainment sparkle contentment conviviality sport gayety gayness grins joie de vivre whoopee radiance blithesomeness good cheer passion ebullience revel shindig colorfulness wingding beatitude jubilance brilliance glitter showiness color pleasantness gratification colour zest celebration good spirits light-heartedness jocoseness relish enchantment content high-spiritedness blissfulness laughter jocosity amusement blessedness zing transports of delight exultance playfulness contentedness optimism inspiration hopefulness glory pep well-being verve chirpiness fervour warm fuzzies jouissance anticipation nirvana eagerness fervor stimulation prosperity zeal ravishment calmness jauntiness carefreeness ardour peace of mind action fulfillment exultancy ardor fulfilment fever sunniness confidence levity vitality frenzy uplift warmth vivaciousness brio comfort flurry bounce fire ferment perkiness vim zip raptures paroxysms of delight easiness sureness trust expectation encouragement assurance certainty idealism positivism sanguinity sanguineness great happiness diversion activity breeziness elevation jubilee rose-colored glasses pride looking on bright side crowing gloating bounciness sanctity energy feasting fieriness jollification agitation vigour sportiveness spirit intensity excitation gladsomeness appetite flutter life gusto dynamism zestfulness fizz spiritedness love cool wellbeing indulgence interest humor vigor bullishness laughs feeling humour oomph get-up-and-go pizzazz peppiness great pleasure fruition appreciation adventure perfect contentment titillation pzazz Eden Utopia Arcadia a buzz a charge a kick inebriation trance drunkenness boasting keenness jamboree glorying spell facetiousness health relaxation madness dreamland bragging roguishness avidity hope positiveness good humour waggishness jokefulness irrepressibility bubbliness effusiveness bonhomie infatuation communion at-oneness Elysium show invigoration fit stupor state frolicsomeness convulsions frivolity hysterics frolics hysteria empyrean joyance colourfulness gaudiness serenity tranquillity tranquility exuberancy boozing alcoholism intemperance expectancy heartiness buffoonery tomfoolery picnic brawl recreation self-indulgence hoopla celestial throne revitalization larking about positive attitude positivity paroxysm vehemence twilight zone heaven of heavens throne of God galvanization enlivenment quickening envigoration electrification firing vivification vitalization great joy heaven on earth vibrancy moxie guts heavy drinking wildness fortunateness timeliness luck bubble halcyon days utopia cloud number nine over the moon walking on air head rush a rush Arcady idyll dream wild emotion strong emotion intense feeling peace peacefulness repose inner peace soothingness clear conscience quiet mind composure mental freedom wonder Shangri-La supreme happiness supreme joy briskness dash treasure luxury prize regalement charm solace alleviation exulting treat gem elan welly riskiness peril perilousness danger hazardousness risk hazard dangerousness pearl jewel refreshment fluster forcefulness lustiness robustness jazziness vigorousness vibrance pride and joy airiness élan go flap tumult uncertainty discomposure exciting experience commotion precariousness zap esprit perturbation festiveness panic liking taste fondness confusion fancy heat feverishness instigation emotion state of anxiety spice penchant stomach trace motive motivation piquancy smack predilection partiality spark ado impulse propensity enjoying loving prejudice heart leaning bias flair movement stimulus hurry urge smugness schadenfreude ease restfulness casualness amiability leisure calm relief nonchalance self-content cordiality insouciance friendliness rest affability security idleness affluence equanimity repletion quietude ataraxia complacency kindliness warm-heartedness vividness bed of roses poise passivity inertia inertness informality inactivity quietness relaxedness living it up congeniality joking requiescence supinity unrestraint placidity placidness sweetness and light fun and games flippancy kindness unceremoniousness sociability good nature glow reward good-naturedness hospitality frivolousness silliness frolicking carousing junketing hospitableness revelment funniness foolishness comedy play nonsense foolery distraction romping gamboling volatility gambolling gambol spryness pertness sunshine and lollipops psychological wellbeing sunshine boisterousness carefreedom offhandedness tranquilness sereneness safeness secureness gloominess scintillation molliness sunshine and rainbows love of life moroseness lightsomeness partying respite enjoyment of living zest for life quiet joys of spring peartness light-mindedness drive mental wellness punch sufficiency excitedness debauchery celebrating balm slaking appeasement assuagement satiation quenching being full of the joys of spring saintliness freedom wealth beguilement rec roistering lightness of heart juice comfortableness hedonism sensuality savor savour snap prosperousness plenty cosiness easefulness jeu d'esprit grace benediction triviality hardihood festival sap recompense hit enjoying oneself ginger amenability affection opulence coziness decompression starch party wit giddiness gas blast beans beer and skittles beatification sainthood achievement push vinegar ball drollery flightiness wittiness conciliation satiety vindication consummation merry-making sure shock carousal tenderness feistiness mischief jesting naturalness spontaneity freedom from hardship freedom from troubles free time resolution agreement approval lightness fickleness irreverence light-headedness skittishness frothiness rave-up games wantonness friskiness knavery clowning waggery riot good time humorousness mischievousness rascality self-satisfaction bound bob bash beano childishness indifference unconcern holy joy heavenly joy divine rapture sense of achievement sense of well-being larks understanding sympathy rave revels shindy celebrations thrash skylarking folly jokiness repartee pleasantry trifling absurdity good fortune heedlessness goodwill benevolence charitableness charity benignity welcomingness care liberality bunfight beanfeast jolly knees-up festive occasion hooley festive event horseplay capering jest rollicking dalliance game disinterestedness incuriousness torpor incuriosity coolness disregard apathy complacence do blowout clambake event festive proceedings agreeableness passionateness amity ardency violence wholeheartedness fervency fervidness intenseness romp gaming pastime promised land approachability teasing me-time a good time disport sports frisk gambling lark caper prank match carelessness feelings emotions amorousness Cockaigne obliviousness Zion enlightenment Shangri-la lotusland fantasyland forgetfulness Sion Camelot oblivion amenity niceness neighbourliness good-temperedness bluffness graciousness agreeability personableness companionableness sweetness amiableness compassion white heat empressement earnestness easy-going attitude lack of concern palliness pleasance sympathetic nature warmheartedness chumminess easy-going nature congenialness mateyness gregariousness gratefulness enjoyableness New Jerusalem awakening eden spiritual enlightenment state of grace never-never land neighborliness


A substance taken for its narcotic or stimulant effects, often illegally

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