Synonym of upreared


Past tense for to elevate or extend in an upward direction or motion
arose arisen ascended aspired rose risen soared climbed clomb clumb lifted lift mounted thrust thrusted upped uprose uprisen upthrusted levitated upturned shot up scaled towered rocketed moved up spiralled spiraled floated shot climbed up come up moved upward went up gone up flown flew sailed moved upwards escalated sprouted clambered up got up made its way up lifted off shotten took off taken off came up flew up flown up extended jutted reached winged stretched straught conquered upsprung stabbed darted heightened stood loomed come upwards circled topped shinned up floated up scrambled up escaladed reappeared jumped winged its way skyrocketed glided glid gotten up made one's way up swept upward gained altitude took to the air stretched out gone sky-high become erect straightened up sloped upwards taken to the air bobbed up jumped up reached up flown upwards pushed up leaped up turned out blasted off went sky-high made your way up flew upwards shifted up popped up piled out upsprang took flight taken flight reached out sprang up became erect sprung up went upwards gone upwards came upwards risen up rose up soared up shinnied launched left the ground shinned clambered drifted surmounted surfaced become airborne drifted up crested arcked arced appeared emerged reemerged resurfaced shinnied up swarmed up inclined broken the surface broke the surface became airborne slanted upwards wafted cleared piggybacked roofed climbed over zoomed broached walked up flown off vaulted up reached the top of spiraled upwards come to the surface rose into the air stood up gotten off the ground flew off climbed to the top of defied gravity scrabbled up come out risen into the air reached the summit of come to the top whizzed catapulted got off the ground spiralled upwards gone uphill gotten higher went uphill got higher got steeper gotten steeper went over gone over broke broken brake taken wing took wing came out came to the top came to the surface gone through the ceiling grown went through the roof rose rapidly gone through the roof went through the ceiling risen rapidly grew


Past tense for to praise someone or something, especially in an eloquent speech or in writing
panegyrized acclaimed celebrated commemorated commended praised aggrandized appreciated exalted glorified lionised lionized revered venerated worshipped worshiped admired adored distinguished esteemed hailed hallowed sanctified complimented decorated dignified eulogised eulogized lauded magnified valued ennobled erected observed prized sublimed extolled kept looked up to rolled out red carpet gave glad hand given glad hand gave key to city given key to city lived up to sang someone's praises sung someone's praises reverenced applauded honored honoured emblazoned paid tribute to paid homage to respected recognized saluted toasted feted recognised lift set on pedestal put on a pedestal sung the praises of sang the praises of blessed blest idolized hero-worshipped resounded carolled caroled hymned deified apotheosized shown appreciation of big upped bigged up intensified setted on a pedestal held in high esteem took your hat off to given accolades to sang paeans to held in high regard lifted sung paeans to built up showed appreciation of gave credit to cracked up idolised gave accolades to haloed transfigured held in awe taken your hat off to given credit to thought highly of elevated enshrined immortalized adulated regarded cried up canonized memorialized immortalised favoured favored considered cherished sounded the praises of canonised loved put up credited regarded highly memorialised approved sang sungen sung enhanced augmented boosted promoted increased glamorized proclaimed romanticized idealized liked added dignity to glamourized lifted up adorned glamoured up raised mobbed treasured added distinction to heroized glamorised hiked noticed added lustre to romanticised idealised enskyed enthroned enskied made much of bestowed honour on monumentalized publicized solemnized rewarded thought of approved of rated highly expressed admiration for held in regard held in respect expressed approval for thought the world of dedicated publicised signalised looked on with favour signalized held in esteem made into a saint setted much store by thought much of held dear regarded as sacred made a fuss over rolled out the red carpet consecrated had appreciation for besainted apprised had a high opinion of sainted idolatrized solemnised rated made a fuss of spoke highly of spoken highly of took off your hat to taken off your hat to shown respect showed respect given recognition to shown gratitude to taken one's hat off to attached importance to took one's hat off to showed gratitude to gave recognition to


Past tense for to make (something) seem worthy and impressive
dignified elevated aggrandized distinguished ennobled exalted glorified graced honoured magnified advanced promoted raised adorned canonised canonized deified enhanced enshrined enskied enskyed enthroned erected honored preferred sublimed upgraded venerated added distinction to added dignity to added lustre to bestowed honour on made lofty worshipped worshiped revered adored blessed blest praised reverenced extolled lauded sanctified thanked immortalized immortalised haloed transfigured mythified illuminated beatified paid tribute to paid homage to gave praise to given praise to gave thanks to given thanks to hallowed put on a pedestal put up celebrated consecrated set apart hymned emblazoned caroled resounded carolled dedicated anointed sacralized lionized boosted augmented lionised increased eulogized idolized apotheosized respected ordained panegyrized lift lifted up idolised eulogised commended hoist built up improved the status of made holy made sacred dedicated to God glamorized acclaimed hailed applauded romanticized idealized lorded glamourized glamoured up cried up heroized big upped bigged up glamorised sounded the praises of hiked romanticised idealised cracked up adulated esteemed lifted furthered sublimated sung the praises of sang the praises of devoted improved appointed hoisted loved improved the standing of prayed to invoked happiness gave a higher rank signed invoked benefits invoked happiness on crossed given a higher rank confirmed offered offered prayers to moved up the ladder offerred benediction absolved baptised sprinkled stepped up kicked upstairs raised high prayed for baptized pronounced holy improved the position of sacrificed devoted to God moved up bowed down to sungen sung sang given promotion gave promotion went into raptures over gone into raptures over sang praises to sung praises to given advancement to gave advancement given advancement gave advancement to

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