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come into existence; take on form or shapeascend as a soundrise up as in fearrise to one's feetcome up, of celestial bodiesmove upwardreturn from the deadget up and out of bed


Past participle for to elevate or extend in an upward direction or motion
ascended climbed clumb arisen soared lifted lift mounted aspired upthrusted thrust thrusted upped upturned upreared scaled upsprung moved up risen gone up rocketed flown towered flown up come up levitated risen up spiralled spiraled taken off shot up taken to the air moved upward turned out shot shotten gone upwards moved upwards made its way up lifted off become greater stretched straught rolled out escalated skyrocketed floated come upwards climbed up become larger clambered up launched flown off gotten up become erect left the ground gotten off the ground flown upwards become airborne got up blasted off heightened extended jutted reached escaladed vaulted up catapulted winged stabbed darted gained altitude made your way up stretched out circled taken flight sailed topped taken wing winged its way stood gone sky-high reappeared jumped conquered loomed straightened up jumped up leaped up sprung up popped up piled out shinned up floated up sprouted scrambled up sloped upwards improved grown surged built magnified expanded bourgeoned burgeoned gone uphill gotten higher appreciated doubled waked up woken up accelerated accumulated pushed up flourished peaked rolled up gotten bigger mounted up puffed up got larger ballooned crescendoed crested mushroomed bulked piled up accrued scaled up continued bulked up filled out averaged up prolongated increased clomb rose arose came up uprose came upwards went upwards flew went up rose up took off flew up took to the air soared up shinnied shinned clambered drifted surmounted surfaced drifted up glided glid arcked arced appeared emerged reemerged resurfaced shinnied up swarmed up inclined broken the surface broke the surface became airborne went sky-high slanted upwards wafted cleared flew upwards piggybacked roofed climbed over zoomed broached walked up made one's way up swept upward sprang up reached the top of bobbed up spiraled upwards come to the surface reached up rose into the air stood up flew off climbed to the top of defied gravity scrabbled up come out risen into the air reached the summit of come to the top whizzed shifted up got off the ground spiralled upwards upsprang took flight reached out went uphill got higher got steeper gotten steeper became erect went over gone over broke broken brake took wing came out came to the top came to the surface gone through the ceiling went through the roof rose rapidly gone through the roof went through the ceiling risen rapidly grew

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