Synonym of valedictory

Alternative for valedictory



a farewell oration (especially one delivered during graduation exercises by an outstanding member of a graduating class)


of or relating to an occasion or expression of farewellof a speech expressing leave-taking


Of or relating to a funeral


A public lecture or reading, especially delivered at a college or university
prelection address lecture oration discourse harangue sermon talk disquisition declamation dissertation spiel homily recitation allocution exhortation diatribe tirade commentary eulogy oratory keynote parlance pitch bombast opus panegyric rhetoric salutation appeal invocation stump debate paper parley chalk talk pep talk speech peroration monologue rant salutatory predication whaikorero monolog soapbox proclamation deliverance presentation outpouring effusion soliloquy philippic screed broadside invective fulmination berating censure tongue-lashing condemnation descant delivery jeremiad treatise aside essay polemic denunciation utterance epilog statement criticism study monograph article admonition vituperation reproval lesson recital exposition revilement malediction dispute anger ranting admonishment report thesis verbal onslaught obloquy tract speaking interior monologue epilogue dramatic monologue announcement declaration pronouncement lamentation moan lament keen groan complaint drone running commentary solo prolog stand-up instruction stump speech symposium webinar wail plaint seminar song and dance apostrophe monology pamphlet leaflet expatiation stand-up bit work booklet brochure piece of writing prologue critique railing decrying abuse attack brickbats flak reviling reprimand upbraiding reproof rebuke narration vilification castigation stricture battering denouncement outburst tractate verbalization memoir expression petition huddle gabfest verbal attack relation telling performance slating blast knocking scolding reading out hassle spouting chewing out stream of abuse rendering saying aloud rendition reading reading aloud

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