Synonym of venerated

Alternative for venerated

venerates, venerated, venerating

Synonym: fear, revere, reverence,


Accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character
revered esteemed respected venerable honored honoured hallowed sacred reverend golden holy admired reputable estimable respectable acclaimed recognized prestigious reputed distinguished celebrated renowned illustrious well-regarded recognised noted name eminent lauded famed lionized valued well thought of important famous pre-eminent lionised highly regarded prominent notable noble of repute highly rated vaunted acknowledged well-thought-of well-known of note august of high standing much touted highly esteemed much vaunted highly thought of worthy glorious legendary elevated appreciated great prized dignified applauded imposing honourable established honorable professional extolled well known well received of good repute much-admired major league highly praised praised well-beloved decorated prizewinning of good standing meritorious well-liked with a good reputation big time well respected big name influential preeminent foremost notorious top noteworthy major exalted significant peerless chief big leading exceptional feted star storied outstanding powerful infamous laureate conspicuous signal visible considerable superior memorable big-name popular redoubted superstar celeb widely known of distinction world-class big-league high-profile worthy of mention much-publicized stand-out major-league worthy of note reverenced big-time big-shot big league high-powered up there having made a name for oneself VIP worshipped sage decent exemplary wise patriarchal worshipful stately philosophical serious admirable matriarchal worshiped experienced grave grand sedate proud remarkable splendid magnificent brilliant lofty bright resplendent sublime regal majestic excellent superb heroic impressive gallant immortal redoubtable shining marvelous upright aristocratic imperial paramount heroical luminous monumental dominant good fine unforgettable marvellous astral high-ranking triumphant beautiful time-honored gorgeous gratifying decorous kingly solemn proper refined gracious portly royal magnific epic massive grandiose baronial Homeric large dazzling effulgent radiant wonderful heavenly pleasurable uplifting extraordinary number one talked about staid lordly high predominant key courtly central highfalutin' main splendorous highbrow composed principal genteel supreme couth awe-inspiring capital valiant highest virtuous pompous high-minded first self-respecting pivotal essential arresting momentous consequential striking numero uno divine top-drawer splendiferous meaningful material far-famed much publicized in limelight splendrous delightful enjoyable glittering remembered beloved authoritative reliable heavy commended hailed cheered flaunted familiar widely knowbn leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner big-gun principled seminal adored intellectual formal known in spotlight touted common senior instrumental valuable mannerly marked everyday reserved ceremonious public paraded energetic puissant dynamic heavyweight singular self-important overblown immodest top-ranking exaggerated highest-ranking excessive classy magnanimous landmark fateful in the limelight in the public eye on the map great-hearted especial special promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped deserving palmary praisable meritable sterling meretorious appreciable eventful historic nonpareil salient imperious publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off cheering groundbreaking satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing far-reaching fulfilling sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty well-bred well mannered well-mannered cultivated moral beneficent generous talked of exulted in crowed about prated about independent self-sufficient scrupulous made a display of just so ostentatious spectacular commanding dramatic staggering master chivalrous large-hearted dynamite weighty super-duper super something unreal mondo fab fat doozie prime lead solid gold to the max something else sensational stunning opulent swanky stirring awesome palatine sumptuous exquisite queenly statuesque extravagant elegant stupendous celestial palatial prodigious eye-catching fabulous towering amazing formidable lavish princely ominous terrific colossal tremendous sightly wondrous luxurious greathearted primary premier patrician premium greatest moving ennobled apex transcendent arch cardinal head elite focal honest glorified posh primal biggest sovereign core largest overbearing highborn upmarket overmastering highbred gentle huge sovran overriding wellborn number-one trustworthy clean-living seemly correct polite befitting nice presentable blue-blooded upper-class neat above board tidy smart spruce accepted widely praised well born silk-stocking upper-crust high-born appropriate comely conforming suitable ordinary creditable well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur modest done comme il faut


Being gratified by something
proud fulfilled gratified honored content contented delighted glad pleased satisfied appreciative spirited dignified esteemed flattered grateful happy honoured joyful overjoyed prideful thrilled revered well-pleased ecstatic joyous jubilant elated euphoric enchanted enraptured in seventh heaven blissful chuffed rapt triumphant captivated stoked wrapped thankful gleeful entertained entranced tickled over the moon blissed out on top of the world as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam walking on air cock-a-hoop tickled pink on a high as happy as Larry on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails charmed amused sent gladdened diverted excited enchanté pleasantly surprised on cloud seven in transports of delight made up very pleased beside oneself with happiness like a child with a new toy merry effervescent welcome wonderful enjoyable high cheerful pleasing pleasurable heartwarming delightful fantastic cheery jocund vivacious jovial hilarious upbeat lively amusing gladsome exhilarated optimistic buoyant exuberant carefree glowing riotous grinning humorous uproarious pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous festive grooving lighthearted zippy orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome paradisiacal rosy paradisal rhapsodical untroubled fun hopeful beatific paradisaical frolicsome sanguine zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac rousing well paradisaic chirpy perky sportive chipper convivial light comfortable peppy sparkling playful blest laughing mirthful up sunny jolly smiling gay blessed blithe exultant magical wild intoxicated tickled to death can't complain beside oneself with joy looking good full of beans feel-good starry-eyed in high spirits at ease as happy as a sandboy light-hearted rose-colored rip-roaring in good spirits floating on air fun-loving flying high Panglossian in a good mood


Past tense for to treat with great respect and deference
adored revered reverenced worshipped worshiped honoured deified esteemed respected adulated aggrandized exalted extolled glorified hallowed idolised idolized lionised lionized praised valued admired apotheosized appreciated cherished held in awe held sacred honored lauded looked up to loved magnified regarded treasured marveled at marvelled at marvel at paid homage to paid tribute to thought highly of put on a pedestal stood in awe of prized held in high regard celebrated sanctified acclaimed hero-worshipped commended had a high opinion of held in high esteem blessed blest eulogized commemorated applauded hailed eulogised set store by complimented held dear regarded highly distinguished canonized ennobled dignified emblazoned elevated observed erected canonised setted great store by idealized recognized embraced held in esteem upreared panegyrized sublimed idealised recognised saluted thought much of valued highly thought the world of rated highly immortalized big upped bigged up prayed to caroled hymned resounded carolled enshrined beatified kept decorated liked toasted immortalised doted on relished had a high regard for approved of flattered rolled out red carpet enthroned favoured favored rated consecrated sang the praises of sung the praises of feted bowed down to offered prayers to heroized cared for marked cracked up memorialized made much of deferred to held in admiration approved solemnized built up valued greatly appreciated greatly solemnised memorialised felt great affection for cared very much for placed great value on enskyed enskied glamorized thanked raised touted dedicated doted upon extolled the virtues of romanticized adorned stroked sacralized glamourized anointed haloed transfigured raved over devoted held in the highest regard rhapsodized fetishized considered remembered held in respect raved about overemphasized bowed down before lift spread it on monumentalized sang paeans to sung paeans to cried up bestowed honour on glamorised overemphasised rhapsodised romanticised set apart bigged something up cried someone up expressed admiration for loved dearly cried something up set on pedestal painted a rosy picture of glamoured up viewed through rose-tinted glasses thought very highly of handed it to held in great respect sang praises to sung praises to regarded with awe gave thanks to given thanks to spoke highly of spoken highly of held high gave key to city given glad hand gave glad hand given key to city took your hat off to taken your hat off to divinized performed dreaded endorsed graced enjoyed ordained inveigled wondered at thought a lot of formalized cheered illuminated mythified recommended mobbed promoted fawned over bootlicked sweet-talked advanced cajoled gushed over attached importance to feared welcomed paid homage lifted up supported romanced nurtured accredited ballyhooed enhanced felicitated congratulated brown-nosed kissed feet bowed down worked over sucked up to buttered up brownnosed played up to thought of rhapsodized about rhapsodized over exaggerated dreamt dreamed held in regard apprised preferred upgraded worshipped to excess heaped praise on boosted lifted intensified frocked made holy complimented excessively soft-soaped worked on laid it on thick given credit to given accolades to showed appreciation of gave accolades to shown appreciation of gave credit to sentimentalized wanted formalised embosomed acknowledged fancied apprized lived up to credited spoken well of added distinction to spoke well of made sacred behallowed paid respects said nice things about waxed lyrical about sentimentalised sounded the praises of made a fuss over made a fuss of waxed lyrical encouraged setted on a pedestal looked at something through rose-tinted spectacles added dignity to praised to the skies expressed approval for made lofty cracked someone up laid hands on participated in cracked something up made official added lustre to dedicated to God thought romantically looked on with favour held had a proclivity for perpetuated setted much store by rolled out the red carpet looked at through rose-colored glasses kept alive the memory of had a predilection for officiated at had a penchant for made glamorous gave praise to given praise to fell all over fallen all over sang sung went into raptures over gone into raptures over sang someone's praises sung someone's praises shown respect showed respect took off your hat to taken off your hat to taken pleasure in took pleasure in threw bouquets at thrown bouquets at taken one's hat off to took one's hat off to sang praises of given bouquet sung praises of taken off hat to took off hat to gave bouquet took part in taken part in partook in partaken in proclaimed expressed approval of clapped heard it for raved rooted puffed up praised enthusiastically enthused over gushed about enthused about went into raptures about gone into raptures about expressed delight over paid respects to gushed hurrahed hurrayed publicized vaunted pushed plugged publicised effused signalized fussed put up slobbered enthused sanctioned drooled signalised effervesced rooted for put your hands together patted on back given recognition to gave recognition to went wild about went on about gone on about gone wild about augmented gave a posy given a posy expressed admiration of increased heralded trumpeted published belauded eternalized whistled hiked advocated shouted yelled upheld affirmed hooted bragged about celebritized eternized cited hugged brought the house down preserved shouted for expressed respect for bubbled cheered on hollered for offered absolved signed crossed baptised sacrificed confirmed sprinkled baptized gave a bouquet given a bouquet gave a big hand given a big hand countenanced mentioned built bubbled over sounded off for given it up for gave it up for devoted to God rejoiced with made famous offerred benediction pronounced holy wished one well made a to-do carried on about prayed for handed it to one invoked happiness invoked benefits invoked happiness on wished joy to got all worked up wished happy returns talked excitedly made immortal upholden shown appreciation for showed appreciation for sang praises sung praises showed gratitude to shown gratitude to rose to risen to given a boost to gave a boost to given kudos gave kudos gave approval given approval given ovation gave ovation gave a hand showed your appreciation given a hand shown your appreciation given a standing ovation gave a standing ovation given a big cigar gave regards given regards gave a big cigar given a round of applause gave a round of applause gone crazy went into raptures gone wild went wild gone mad went mad went crazy gone into raptures shown enthusiasm went over the top gone over the top showed enthusiasm


(delight in) Past tense for to take great pleasure in
delighted adored fancied luxuriated relished revelled reveled enjoyed favored favoured loved appreciated exulted savored savoured wallowed indulged joyed jubilated rejoiced adulated cherished chose chosen dug embraced exuberated gloried revered treasured valued kvelled triumphed basked in crowed about enjoyed greatly went for gone for really enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed cared for drank in drunk in found enjoyable got off on gotten off on had a thing about liked to indulge in really liked took great delight taken great delight took great pleasure taken great pleasure took pleasure in taken pleasure in took to taken to derived great pleasure from found appealing found great pleasure found joy in found pleasure in got a bang out of gotten a bang out of got pleasure from gotten pleasure from had a fondness for had a great liking for had a liking for had regard for liked very much reveled in revelled in took a fancy to taken a fancy to found agreeable found satisfaction in got a buzz from got a buzz out of got a charge out of gotten a charge out of got a kick out of gotten a kick out of got a thrill from got a thrill out of gotten a thrill out of went in for gone in for had an affection for had a penchant for had a predilection for had a preference for had a proclivity for had a taste for had a thing for immersed yourself in took an interest in taken an interest in took satisfaction in taken satisfaction in derived satisfaction from felt satisfaction with got a charge from of hankered for had a passion for had a soft spot for had a weakness for lapped up partook of partaken of rated highly regarded highly took a thrill to taken a thrill to amused oneself with took joy in taken joy in drooled over had fun with enjoyed to the full took great pleasure in taken great pleasure in

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