Synonym of venturous

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disposed to venture or take risks


Willing to undertake activities involving risk
bold daring brave courageous intrepid audacious adventurous gutsy venturesome dashing adventuresome enterprising nervy daredevil hardy reckless nerved emboldened foolhardy rash temerarious risky headstrong dangerous hazardous free-swinging fearless dauntless plucky valiant undaunted valorous unafraid heroic gallant ballsy spunky game spirited doughty gutty stalwart gritty lionhearted stout manful mettlesome unflinching stouthearted heroical greathearted undauntable unshrinking lion-hearted confident stout-hearted have-a-go resolute indomitable unabashed rock-ribbed unblenching noble chivalrous feisty fire-eating brash devil-may-care spartan death-or-glory brazen brassy tough unfearful madcap heedless dynamic peppy manly pushy risk-taking aweless tenacious assured determined frightless impavid strong unalarmed go-ahead as game as Ned Kelly macho swashbuckling overconfident cool impulsive overbold smart exciting exploratory carefree thrill-seeking redoubtable assertive urbane dareful cocky puissant worthy powerful forward unfearing herolike resilient positive aggressive sturdy resourceful undismayed decisive icy sassy honourable great-spirited orped assuming bantam staunch forceful wild nerveless quixotic hairy suave dignified honorable firm defiant chin-up imprudent fortitudinous superhuman death-defying Herculean shameless restless presumptuous seeking stylish classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant ungoverned uncurbed dogged elevated high-flown inflated grandiose jaunty sporty dazzling debonair mythological champion flamboyant exuberant sporting bigger than life stand tall on the go salty impudent smart-alecky cheeky obtrusive crusty gung ho lively breezy fire eating hot shot attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant energetic go for broke out on a limb swish elegant dapper showy exclusive swank alert gay rousing striking vivacious keen vigorous steely steadfast masculine unwavering male unfaltering virile red-blooded butch unyielding calm muscular robust strapping steady unswerving unbending unconcerned stubborn insolent rugged laddish fiery persevering potent rude unblinking unshakeable resolved sprightly gingery peppery eager high-spirited strong-willed bravehearted imperturbed impassive swaggering Ramboesque well-built unworried unapprehensive unabashed by unshakable undaunted by unemotional emotionless full of determination impervious undisturbed unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened rakish zealous wise fresh hot-headed not scared active not afraid ostentatious roisterous hasty saucy arch bold-faced cocksure impertinent brazen-faced brassbound all-male two-fisted brisk ardent zippy desperate impetuous precipitous hell-for-leather ill-advised irresponsible kamikaze incautious harum-scarum hare-brained manlike snappy bouncy mettled frisky rumbustious cavalier chauvinist he-man enthusiastic invincible unbeatable tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop having nerves of steel muscly brawny crude crass pert inconsiderate unconquerable hotheaded zesty solid husky burly substantial hefty aggressively male ultramasculine unpleasantly masculine persistent chirpy single-minded committed constant decided man-size mannish studly powerfully built fecund beefy ripped well built man-sized lusty well made fertile shredded hunky unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable indefatigable set intransigent full of life full of spirit unrelenting implacable immoveable untiring relentless immovable unflagging unappeasable grim reproductive buff driving sexually potent vibrant vital jacked sound procreative generative inflexible adamant bulletproof unassailable insuperable unstoppable untameable insurmountable unintimidated unshaken uncompromising willful undefeatable ruthless obstinate impassable pertinacious unembarrassed unblushing strong-minded blatant unashamed unrepentant unawed immodest barefaced flagrant depraved brass-necked dissolute unchaste hardened poised composed incorrigible brazenfaced lewd immoral forthright abashless reprobate high-handed outrageous unaffected abandoned profligate wanton unshamed unprincipled improper unrestrained bald-faced arrant bold as brass


Having no regard for danger or consequences
reckless daredevil foolhardy careless hasty irresponsible precipitate rash madcap wild headlong heedless inattentive thoughtless impetuous incautious mindless audacious imprudent impulsive negligent overconfident indiscreet overbold overhasty temerarious unheeding daring precipitous injudicious misguided regardless tearaway venturesome brash kamikaze unconsidered unthinking unwise adventuresome adventurous harebrained overventuresome breakneck carefree hotheaded inconsiderate uncareful uncontrolled unsmart ill-advised death-or-glory harum-scarum hot-headed out of control over-adventurous over-venturesome playing with fire fast and loose hare-brained bull-in-a-china-shop devil-may-care hell-for-leather helter-skelter ill-considered ill-conceived headstrong unguarded bold unwary improvident slapdash precipitant jumping to conclusions foolish irrational fiery furious insuppressible determined passionate immature frenzied premature suicidal self-destructive risky reactive desperate ill-judged stupid unsafe mad silly knee-jerk wide open misjudged unthought-out out on limb off deep end not thought through badly thought out impolitic short-sighted tactless undiplomatic inadvisable wrong-headed indelicate inexpedient inappropriate graceless spur-of-the-moment impractical hurried undesirable myopic ill-thought-out blind imperceptive inadvertent unreasoning sudden senseless spontaneous unsuitable unsagacious astigmatic wrong unpremeditated rushed half-baked unplanned unmindful unadvisable instinctive near-sighted ill-timed asinine untimely improper absent-minded neglectful remiss automatic short-term inopportune involuntary intuitive insensitive cursory gadarene naive pell-mell flying drive-by crazy crackpot cock-eyed impromptu flighty abrupt swift unexpected irreflective jumping the gun nearsighted uncaring unreflective ad hoc offhand mistaken shortsighted dumb inane infelicitous unsubtle garrulous nosy disadvantageous detrimental childish unsound unfortunate unintelligent misconceived short-range restricted limited spur of the moment unduly quick unsensible pointless inconvenient unadvised unrecommended damaging prejudicial harmful unseemly previous cavalier too soon futile unsympathetic not recommended half-cocked lacking foresight uncreative unimaginative badly planned daft crackbrained confused giddy disregardful asleep at the switch out to lunch without regard careless of sloppy blithe scatty extemporaneous capricious snap unconcerned deaf unobservant apathetic ditsy slipshod listless undiscerning unreasonable indifferent erratic frivolous violent whimsical uninhibited ardent eager fierce mechanical haphazard emotional unpredictable unmeditated freakish ad-lib winging it hectic superficial abandoned perfunctory unprompted unrepressed quick speedy impassioned vehement unbridled unreasoned unrestrained leaving self wide open off the deep end unconscious dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy unreflecting off the top of one's head fervid subitaneous restive romping light-minded disorderly unintended undeveloped poorly planned unrealistic ridiculous unworkable unformed sophomoric not fully developed underdeveloped going off deep end reflex unintentional unwitting oblivious witless feckless brutish outrageous napping vacant unmeant blunt untactful


Dangerous or perilous
jeopardous hazardous perilous risky unsafe chancy precarious speculative insecure threatening hairy menacing unhealthy serious delicate treacherous venturesome parlous bad thorny ticklish exposed nasty touchy deadly critical adventurous dangersome fatal viperous alarming breakneck dynamite formidable heavy hot impending impregnable loaded malignant mortal portentous pressing queasy serpentine shaky terrible ugly unstable urgent vulnerable wicked touch-and-go on collision course dangerous dicey uncertain dodgy grievous grave jeopardizing jeopardising tricky unsound fraught with danger unpredictable gnarly high-risk iffy sticky problematic rocky difficult unsure unsteady touch and go on thin ice unreliable problematical dubious erratic playing with fire slippery desperate hanging by a thread terrifying unchancy awkward unsettled at risk in danger Russian roulette shonky in jeopardy wobbly doubtful death-defying capricious harmful sensitive destructive defenceless explosive undependable rickety defenseless out on a limb exigent taxing lethal haphazard prickly tricksy tough catchy knotty spiny rugged extreme tight unclear fluctuant unsecured endangered suspenseful cliffhanging incalculable scary on a slippery slope built on sand hanging in the balance life-threatening unknown in the balance threatened toxic injurious wide-open long shot on slippery ground not secure not stable unprotected tottering untrustworthy fearsome reckless on a limb open to attack daredevil turbulent eruptive inflammatory volatile full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil

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