Synonym of vexing

Alternative for vexing

vexes, vexed, vexing

Synonym: aggravate, annoy, disturb, irk, irritate, provoke, trouble,

Antonym: please,


Causing annoyance, frustration, or worry
aggravating annoying bothersome vexatious exasperating galling irritating irksome maddening rankling troublesome worrisome worrying abrasive pesky puzzling riling carking chafing difficult disturbing frustrating nettlesome nettling peeving pestiferous pestilent pestilential plaguy pesty plaguey rebarbative trying infuriating provoking tiresome upsetting distressing wearisome infernal troubling displeasing disagreeable burdensome unpleasant harassing inconvenient tedious grating confounded taxing nagging awkward niggling cussed wearing traumatic perturbing unsettling demanding excruciating agonizing antagonizing harrowing unwelcome challenging painful hard antagonising tricky tormenting agitating tough irking agonising harsh discomforting harrying thorny heavy stressful enraging jarring arduous severe grim discomposing oppressive rough grievous offensive exacting enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall nasty nerve-racking cruel mean sticky disconcerting disquieting teasing problematic ugly wicked troublous alarming exhausting onerous pressured objectionable fraught brutal gruelling testing rugged laborious grueling tiring wretched repugnant hellish strenuous punishing torturous discouraging forbidding knotty provocative weighty instigative goading insulting stimulating incommodious disappointing inflammatory incendiary affronting inflaming charged exciting instigating inciting piquing agitational edgy festering antipathetic concerning agitative boring controversial in-your-face unsatisfying unattractive impossible tense racking torturing lamentable discommoding bedevilling anxious raging wrenching afflicting unnerving unamusing unpleasing draining bitter enervating heartbreaking punchable uncongenial unfortunate grave plaguing dismaying heart-rending hectic sapping toilsome bedeviling dangerous crushing rigorous dreadful back-breaking anxiety-ridden accursed deplorable humiliating nauseating distasteful unpalatable acid afflictive daunting fatiguing prickly scary hairy anxious-making murderous stiff hardhanded inhuman searing apprehensive arousing outrageous rousing tormentous anguishing incensing tight exigent importunate a stinker of a stimulant influential aggressive pushing confrontational inspirational rabble-rousing intoxicating heady spurring tragic intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder damaging repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive disorderly frightening chilling terrifying unkind discordant sad gut-wrenching grotesque inharmonious unaesthetic unsuitable inappropriate regrettable woeful dismal dire distressful obstructive unforgiving tearing soaring hurtful heartrending insensitive stridulous stridulent ill suited out of place dry harsh-sounding


Causing inconvenience to someone
troublous upsetting distressing disturbing troublesome disquieting perturbing unsettling troubling worrisome discomforting discomposing nagging worrying bothersome nasty trying annoying irksome irritating aggravating unpleasant provoking harassing difficult dismaying discouraging wearisome alarming tiresome inconvenient painful distressful burdensome disconcerting disagreeable frightening startling discommoding severe agitating ominous depressing foreboding gloomy onerous sinister perplexing creepy hard laborious pessimistic toilsome consequential disruptive impeding intrusive threatening embarrassing prophetic uncertain nerve-racking awkward unnerving inopportune inexpedient untimely anxious hairy fraught restless nail-biting tense nerve-wracking nervous uneasy unsuitable harrowing unseasonable inappropriate unfavorable unfavourable incommoding discommodious incommodious ill-timed tormenting confronting displeasing hurtful shocking disappointing disadvantageous problematic unhandy unfortunate vexatious unmanageable unwieldy pestiferous detrimental cumbersome disobliging concerning stressful scary exciting daunting tricky anxious-making charged taxing niggling traumatic uncomfortable antsy jittery thorny grave uptight prickly harrying sticky apprehensive off-putting edgy insecure bothering nervy dithery stressed fretful discomfiting worried overwrought devastating twitchy strained panicky agitated taut barro intimidating distracting demoralizing rigid unrelaxed troubled excited unquiet spooky knife-edge queasy concerned queazy demoralising emotionally charged on edge gut-wrenching cliffhanging dramatic volatile anxiety-inducing explosive white-knuckle anxiety provoking


Causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed
offensive insulting rude objectionable abusive annoying irritating displeasing disrespectful derogatory discourteous exasperating hurtful wounding affronting degrading embarrassing exceptionable galling humiliating impertinent impudent insolent personal provocative provoking slighting uncivil unmannerly censurable coarse contemptuous crude disparaging impolite obnoxious outrageous reprehensible scandalous scurrilous shocking unacceptable vulgar detestable improper indecent upsetting distasteful unpleasant deplorable abhorrent contemptible disgusting repugnant insufferable disagreeable unwelcome undesirable inappropriate insupportable intolerable beyond the pale out of line out of order contumelious denigratory defamatory pejorative vituperative uncomplimentary belittling disdainful slanderous deprecatory libellous libelous derisive scornful opprobrious ill-mannered ungracious critical cheeky inconsiderate vitriolic bad-mannered scathing censorious maligning depreciative damaging spiteful audacious derogative vilifying vituperatory calumniatory reproachful injurious tactless detractive catty brash demeaning malicious depreciatory sharp ill-bred fresh presumptuous invective derisory denigrative nasty reviling deprecating unmannered scurril truculent scurrile thoughtless sarcastic curt uncalled-for unhandsome malapert mannerless churlish unkind blunt boorish offhand traducing brazen short ungentlemanly unladylike ungallant uncouth negative foul intrusive cocky flip acerbic lippy brusque arrogant obloquious calumnious insensitive calumniating decrying forward disapproving rough bold abrupt crass gruff surly pert unrefined indelicate sassy ribald obscene ignorant lewd brassy oafish underbred smart-alecky undiplomatic disgracious discrediting blasphemous unflattering violent berating bitter cutting unfavourable scolding distressing venomous dishonouring cruel barbed mean biting detracting dismissive snide castigating unfriendly uncharitable prying fault-finding unfavorable saucy graceless harsh upbraiding offending loutish dishonoring despiteful malevolent defaming indecorous minimizing malign denigrating mordacious unwanted vicious minimising unchivalrous nosy insubordinate shameless mud-slinging sharp-tongued nervy sullen brazen-faced ungenteel overbearing out-of-line inaffable cavalier peremptory arch wise bold-faced cocksure brassbound smart alecky procacious smart mortifying depreciating familiar repulsive ridiculing supercilious unsympathetic prejudicial dysphemistic epithetical detractory virulent withering judgmental sneering mischievous unsatisfactory diminishing deflating sardonic irritable moody disgustful loathly unbearable painful unceremonious uncourteous maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting ranting denunciatory rustic inurbane crusty gauche sarky maledictive slurring discreditable terse hostile snarky acidulous brass-necked unsubtle exclusive prejudiced unaware groundless low infamous salacious gross scabrous aspersing inhospitable unfortunate loud-mouthed meddling meddlesome inquisitive off base incongruous unsuitable interfering raunchy dirty vituperous smutty filthy stinging self-assertive self-confident loud vivacious untactful Rabelaisian snoopy snooping nosy-parker lacking civility bad mannered un-PC barefaced imperative off-base breezy magisterial dictatorial destructive harmful grievous savage hateful foul-mouthed aspersive caustic pernicious put down libeling debasing injuring excoriating despicable hurting abasing libelling vile shaming malignant reproaching disgracing damning pointed maleficent acid trenchant politically incorrect reproving castigatory mouthy crabbed yokelish bounderish


Highly disturbing in nature
horrible disturbing appalling disconcerting disquieting distressing dreadful forbidding troubling upsetting awful daunting discouraging disheartening dismaying horrid horrific horrifying unnerving bothersome demoralising demoralizing depressing dire disagreeable discomforting foreboding frightening frightful ghastly grim gruesome harrowing horrendous irksome macabre perturbing terrible unpleasant unsettling worrying abominable alarming atrocious discommoding disgusting displeasing grisly grotesque monstrous shocking sickening terrifying troublesome unpalatable unsightly unspeakable vile direful discomposing distasteful foul hideous loathsome lurid nauseating objectionable startling ugly nauseous onerous gut-wrenching hateful dispiriting disappointing difficult unfortunate testing unwelcome unhappy parlous melancholic regrettable dismal unfavorable austere sad unfavourable unlucky bad glum mephitical gloomy agonising off-putting aggravating ominous perplexing hellish uncongenial irritable irritating annoying unpleasing unpropitious unkind abhorrent distressed bleak tragic sombre dreary sullen repellant galling repellent woeful melancholy bewildering sinister morose repugnant depressive agonizing distressful revulsive bitter frustrating somber troubled painful unamusing poignant inauspicious hopeless cheerless nightmarish harsh severe rotten nasty revolting grave grewsome terrific traumatic lousy offensive worrisome unsavory icky sober solemn yukky yucky godawful sour miserable torturous stressful unlovely wicked poor execrable uncomfortable doleful agitating humourless humorless troublous fraught hairy tormenting sedate concerning nightmare wretched tragical cruel hellacious mean crummy unbearable excruciating hurtful hostile grievous deplorable grotty lamentable unsavoury beastly serious critical gory morbid unattractive dislikable oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark hard brutal merciless ruthless savage poverty-stricken insufferable deathly extreme great God-awful very bad lewd calamitous wrong sick unwell ill poorly peaky queasy odious detestable mortifying repulsive rough off nauseated unsatisfactory stinking unendurable vexatious unacceptable abysmal obnoxious heartbreaking gross undesirable diabolical pathetic unappealing uncool awkward afflicting saddening uninviting grody afflictive affecting washed out crook ropy wabbit peely-wally anguished sorrowful heartrending seedy queer off colour peaked peakish heart-rending green about the gills nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking heart-breaking extremely bad under the weather


(of a person) Deliberately unreasonable or uncooperative
awkward difficult uncooperative unreasonable belligerent annoying disobliging exasperating perverse stubborn trying unhelpful obstinate obstructive unpredictable intractable prickly troublesome unaccommodating contrary irritable pesky refractory thrawn tiresome touchy chippy contumacious froward pervicacious renitent vexatious balky bolshie bulky complex cramped cussed disagreeable discommodious incommodious obdurate stroppy unmanageable bloody-minded hard to handle difficult to handle recalcitrant wilful unruly disobedient headstrong wayward obstreperous ungovernable willful insubordinate uncontrollable defiant rebellious restive untoward pigheaded self-willed undisciplined mulish rebel recusant incompliant inflexible bull-headed fractious unyielding unbending cantankerous disorderly disruptive mutinous naughty truculent unadaptable uncompromising intransigent badly behaved contrarious immovable stiff-necked rock-ribbed mischievous indomitable errant wild delinquent cross-grained incontrollable tough unbiddable impish noncompliant determined rascally roguish unsupportive capricious opinionated unmalleable unwilling resolute pertinacious turbulent ornery tenacious non-compliant insoluble rowdy uncompliant persistent strong-willed attention-seeking pig-headed not helpful irrational peevish morose biased illogical unamenable shrewish crabby ill-natured inconsiderate unresponsive blinkered arbitrary flyaway nonobservant prejudiced intolerant sticky violent troublemaking resistive insurgent seditious riotous limit not giving an inch blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying not cooperative obstinately disobedient unconstructive hindering burdensome demanding treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical hostile argumentative resistant resisting opposing insubmissive undisciplinable withstanding radical antipathetic converse negative inimical wrongheaded dissentient frustrating making difficulties adamant dogged indurate maleficent resolved malicious malign malevolent spiteful firm inexorable relentless out of control stalwart steadfast hardheaded impossible to cope with out of hand rigid fixed persevering ossified steely adamantine unpersuadable implacable unshakable unflinching inconvincible hardened unshakeable unrelenting hard bullheaded hard-nosed iron-willed self-opinionated strong-minded single-minded bad set in one's ways stubborn as a mule misbehaving misbehaved playful incorrigible rude impolite wicked tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish sinful teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless rough wrong evil bad-mannered ill-disciplined full of mischief incurable hard-line pat thorny unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile hang tough locked in tough nut unwavering staunch indefatigable unfaltering set unswerving purposeful unflagging insistent spirited dedicated stiff settled committed intent steady constant untiring vigorous earnest decided strict strong unhesitating driven tireless enduring solid rooted bound undaunted valiant inveterate deep-rooted deep-seated assiduous undeviating gritty mettlesome dead set forceful serious ingrained plucky dead set on decisive unbendable abiding sure doughty diehard brave bold courageous devoted unshaken entrenched ardent perseverant true stout bent on gutsy ineradicable hardline importunate bent set in stone stout-hearted lionhearted bound and determined unmovable dyed-in-the-wool full of determination deaf to reason confirmed diligent enthusiastic persisting harsh established iron grim rigorous definite spunky hard and fast sedulous purposive ruthless patient inbred hard-core perennial manful lifelong stringent deliberate unsparing obsessed stable faithful bent upon unchanging zealous remorseless wrong-headed assertive fanatical rugged chronic dogmatic cynical long-standing devout die-hard continuing severe cast-iron bulldog ironclad stern long-lived usual strenuous do-or-die unswayable avid hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited loyal unalterable immutable keen unappeasable focused obsessive unflappable unchangeable hidebound unabating pitiless set on continual eager narrow-minded hanging tough compulsive ceaseless pushy certain wholehearted lasting habitual four-square passionate feisty hardy fervent meaning business out dour focussed hard-bitten unmitigated routine recurrent recurring inborn continuous ever-present hell-bent sustained self-assertive hard as nails intrepid protracted unfailing unremitting invariable true-blue merciless emphatic illiberal closed-minded extreme heroic ambitious unrepentant deep motivated aggressive determinate intrenched case-hardened immobile enterprising fierce active long-lasting indurated unswervable doctrinaire domineering seasoned sturdy bred-in-the-bone energetic monomaniacal positive explicit unqualified intense self-confident never-failing hard-and-fast go-getting fearless stanch picky fervid pious resilient brassbound draconian uptight oppressive fussy hard-edged impassioned sworn tried-and-true gung ho fast frozen as stubborn as a mule stony cruel exacting overbearing reliable prolonged unbreakable concrete unvacillating good mean hooked critical hungry possessive trusty changeless unstoppable fixated querulous industrious vehement perfectionist tyrannical hard to please hard-headed thirsty desirous brick-wall inspired opinionative standing pat iron-fisted unforgiving dictatorial independent high-powered lingering permanent inured aspiring dug in irredeemable standing one's ground possessed inexpugnable militant unquestioning stand pat deep-set fiery assured hypercritical unabated toughened long-established accustomed habituated confident deep-dyed impulsive stupid self-starting hard-driving goal-oriented stop at nothing over-particular self-driven well-set two-fisted mean business hard-shell as tough as old boots hell bent on hard to satisfy shortsighted blind deaf unbudgeable unconverted unreformed self-disciplined haughty direct unreceptive boneheaded firmly-based implanted mullish stiffened aloof proud petrified long-drawn-out unfluctuating durable immalleable formidable dependable never-tiring hardboiled buckled down unfading impassive unimpressible gallant unbeatable invincible straight fossilized bony rigidified impertinent hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional unregenerate cohesive stony-hearted unimpressionable authoritarian unconquerable valorous unmoved heady responsible tried forbidding disciplinary unvarying coherent incessant unmodifiable quiescent close-minded cold fish proof against persuasion convinced down-the-line hellbent dauntless dragging slow great game robust unforgetful categorical cocksure fossilised jelled final flat gut instinctive intrinsic pounding mortal undefeated unflexible crisp tough nut to crack in for long haul obscene pornographic X-rated locked-in puritanical unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable set-on one-sided congenital iron-jawed single-minded about firm about remaining undiscouraged undeterred powerful fit thick-skinned unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable unending acute dangerous stick to guns set in concrete agreed in the bag arranged planned stated prearranged telelogical playing hard ball calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone sagacious allegiant self-centered liege going all the way trustworthy solid as a rock like bad penny stuffy unpermissive clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out radicated customary old innate undismayed with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in untameable insurmountable bulletproof unassailable insuperable unwaivering irrepressible set in your ways do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hold the line manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical drawn-out spun-out haunting ineluctable whole-hearted dire alarming grave driven in heavy-handed no-nonsense with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tough as old boots red-blooded not put off not discouraged sticking to one's guns obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about intent on undefeatable impassable competitive consumed compelled dominant in earnest perceptive take charge like death and taxes no going back necessary compulsory tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of lion-hearted prevailing dynamic striving consistent going hopeful cutthroat ferocious firm in spirit keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful never-ending clamorous judgmental disapproving progressive bloodthirsty pioneering galvanized impelled preconceived triumphant fastidious boorish finicky nonmoving through-and-through warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy induced obsessional overexacting exigent imperious cavilling nagging unbudging self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving high-reaching self-possessed oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied pushed steered guided besetting galvanised nonmotile unsentimental hard-boiled quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous immotile testy choosy snappy temperamental quarrelsome grumbly irritating shrewd practical realistic urged on demeaning carping censorious thorough matter-of-fact down-to-earth unbowed sour indelible proved complete irremovable callous world-weary over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious high-maintenance frenzied torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed unreformable longtime compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky impenetrable concentrated consolidated compressed overcritical piggish self-centred vexed captious disputative huffy delicate particular ungracious finical invidious sensitive crotchety uppity disputatious staid immoderate infatuated lacking sentiment sicker as hard as nails toughened by experience burning mad over-enthusiastic secure well established red-hot through and through all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established dotty frenetic crazy potty visionary nuts gung-ho anchored nailed quiet hitched situated unmoving attached stationary still located tight rabid perfervid bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo passional made fast nuts for erratic partial bugged raving feverish high on credulous fanatic turned on addicted


Hard to comprehend mentally
difficult complex complicated hard confusing puzzling tricky baffling bewildering confounding convoluted incomprehensible intricate mystifying perplexing abstract elaborate impenetrable involved obscure unclear unfathomable unintelligible deep detailed inexplicable knotty labyrinthine mind-bending mind-boggling problematical profound recondite sophisticated troublesome undecipherable abstruse entangled esoteric fancy fathomless inscrutable mysterious mystical paradoxical rambling tangled thorny thought-provoking beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp full of twists and turns hard to explain hard to solve opaque above one's head enigmatic fiddly gnarly involute involuted over one's head enigmatical advanced byzantine cryptic difficult to understand unsolvable ambiguous hazy tortuous arcane Byzantine labyrinthian challenging hidden dark unaccountable baroque daedal problematic confused awkward occult tough complicate Gordian insoluble wildering mystic Delphic heavy secret insolvable concealed serious serpentine ticklish murky jumbled impossible Daedalian cabalistic unknowable dense sibylline beyond one messy hermetic hermetical cabbalistic weighty rarefied unanswerable uncanny unexplainable mazy little known interlaced equivocal elliptical taxing strange elliptic double-edged chaotic mixed up devious oracular weird oblique hard to understand disconcerting peculiar odd worrying funny formidable spiny demanding vague orphic acroamatic ramified inextricable befuddling nebulous unexplained winding misleading muddled fuliginous arduous cumbersome circuitous long-drawn-out drawn-out high-tech knotted mixed recherché maze-like ravelled as clear as mud indecipherable clear as mud impossible to understand unsolved raveled bamboozling surprising Daedalean sphinxlike hard to follow inaccessible hi-tech finicky metaphysical private frustrating bemusing perplexed inner daunting strenuous trying fiendish intense plotty long-winded hypermetric hairy magical curious subtle operose untold scrambled secretive cerebral intellectual ungraspable bizarre elite problem beyond understanding undiscoverable indiscernible contradictory inconsistent beyond you full of surprises insuperable unattainable hopeless unrealizable undoable mixed-up Greek to me kittle incognizable queer mysterial ineffable reticular effortful uphill terrible unresolvable muddling unnatural clear as dishwater devilish intertwined interwoven veiled high-level higher-level stealthy unknown blurring unsettling disorienting irreducible uncertain cagey subjective indirect roundabout unexcogitable muddlesome mistakable irresolvable extensive without a solution unresolved unable to be solved unconcluded radical indeterminate confronting top-level devil of a sinuous twisted indefinite indistinct foggy ornate very devil of a dubious doubtful multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced obfuscated unstraightforward little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way amphibological nubilous tenebrous purblind imperceptive drastic overlong verbose deceptive lengthy hard-hitting reflective can of worms cunning perverse difficult to follow sweeping thorough extreme revolutionary complete provocative thoughtful confrontational major insightful intensive unusual extraordinary abnormal uncommon irregular anomalous atypical unexpected questionable out of the ordinary suspicious unfamiliar quaint different freakish unique rare aberrant deviant freak eccentric quirky outlandish offbeat oddball incongruous remarkable singular supernatural fishy unorthodox untypical unconventional kooky kookie uncustomary shadowy debatable clandestine rum off the wall unaccustomed way-out erratic inconceivable suspect whacky crazy queerish bizarro exceptional preternatural wild outré unwonted shady far-out off-kilter dodgy wacky unco screwy elusive funky weirdo foreign freaky kinky shifty eerie paranormal spaced-out indescribable off-the-wall out of the way covert inexplicit spooky imprecise off-centre zany cranky unexplored unrevealed wacko unreal clouded unsettled disreputable aberrated idiosyncratic fantastic undetermined novel undefined undisclosed creepy uncharacteristic inconclusive inexplainable dishonest exotic coded transcendental corrupt open to question fraudulent spiritual incalculable inexact indistinguishable intriguing other-worldly phenomenal extrasensory unimaginable intangible ludicrous ridiculous dubitable disputable psychic doubtable disparate riddling original shaky unrepresentative undecided shonky telepathic supernormal exceeding especial extraordinaire unsounded unworldly unthinkable droll clairvoyant ill-defined daggy not quite right unheard of unplumbed indefinable underhand shrouded unscrupulous left-field astonishing illegible out there cloaked up in the air transcendent fanciful bent criminal undefinable dishonorable two-edged stupefying otherworldly black dishonourable distinct unparalleled illogical unpredictable deceitful irrational unestablished Greek sneaky anagogic surreal unsure unascertained subliminal duplicitous beats me astounding ambivalent arguable speculative vacillating cloak-and-dagger sly prodigious monstrous unlike contrary jarring divergent newsworthy isolated uncomprehensible out of place iffy gnomic magic unrecognized indecisive psychical outre out of line under suspicion supersensory equivocating insubstantial not kosher open to debate open to argument dilly in doubt unapprehended weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised unordinary immaterial with a sixth sense imponderable in the balance new unidentified tenuous alien unreadable classified encoded enciphered ulterior amazing stunning eye-popping staggering unbelievable rummy cryptical polysemous polysemic polysemantic offhand fluky out of the common multivocal secreted out-there unheard-of off-key whimsical religious unsavoury blurred shrouded in mystery seedy grotesque dissimilar nonrational non-rational unfathomed dim unconfirmed inexpressible nameless comical disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent avant-garde loner cool unearthly slippery scandalous sketchy furtive unethical inglorious disquieting too deep distinctive borderline numinous potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory distinguished flakey unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced flaky breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular miraculous absurd fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang preposterous nefarious crafty unprincipled periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory random guileful untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive uninterpretable gray grey interesting untried newfangled unforeseeable blurry signal undiscovered off unreliable phony apocryphal blear technical incredible farfetched outstanding unprecedented hesitant muffled way out off-beat off the rails bugged out unexplicit muzzy open fuzzy unlawful illegal dicey wavering irresolute weak phoney improbable unlikely implausible far-fetched superhuman marvellous wonderful wondrous undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt not easily understood unanalyzable limited spiritualistic necromantic transmundane telekinetic unspecified unfixed double-dealing ghostly deviative supermundane marvelous superior macabre really hard very hard pending all Greek to someone all Greek to you double Dutch beyond your grasp above your head too hard to understand too difficult to understand supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible unnoted noteless yet to be decided special personalised specialised customised evasive unbeknownst unnamed anonymous in limbo surreptitious undercover incorporeal elusory illusory quiet undescribable discarnate unbodied hugger-mugger hush-hush unspecific fallacious psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth


(usually used in third person form "gets") Annoying or irritating (someone)
getting annoying irritating exasperating angering irking inflaming putting out nettling needling provoking incensing infuriating maddening rubbing up the wrong way aggravating peeving miffing riling getting to hacking off giving someone the hump driving mad driving crazy driving nuts making someone see red winding up agitating bothering bugging narking getting across teeing off perturbing ticking off displeasing eating grating ruffling burning up chafing disturbing frustrating enraging galling firing up upsetting getting in someone's hair getting on one's nerves getting on someone's nerves getting on someone's tits getting someone's back up getting someone's dander up getting someone's goat getting someone's hackles up getting someone's wick getting under someone's skin getting up someone's nose gnawing harrying making someone's blood boil making someone's hackles rise rattling someone's cage ruffling someone's feathers trying someone's patience troubling piquing harassing worrying distressing plaguing persecuting hassling pestering tormenting offending rankling rasping afflicting discomposing riding spiting fretting bedevilling bedeviling disquieting antagonizing griping rattling frosting graveling gravelling nagging disconcerting affronting driving up the wall paining itching antagonising besetting hurting dismaying outraging goading badgering perplexing flustering teasing torturing bumming out unsettling roiling discomfiting concerning agonizing exacerbating oppressing ailing burdening fazing unnerving wounding harrowing giving a hard time mortifying disgruntling depressing grieving getting at humping hounding flurrying alarming fussing racking agonising trying discomforting hacking you off getting on your nerves beleaguering giving someone grief unhinging frazzling distempering stressing appalling straining distracting aggrieving saddening embarrassing making angry confusing insulting stinging molesting gnawing at weirding out freaking out disheartening derailing hagriding exercising baiting driving round the bend cursing discountenancing confounding rubbing the wrong way niggling driving to distraction alaruming chagrining undoing discommoding dogging haunting discombobulating driving round the twist giving someone the pip anguishing stirring up besieging excruciating disgusting making cross making uneasy getting your back up getting in your hair making waves weighing down rankling with incommoding making anxious discouraging madding iring abashing dispiriting getting your goat grating on putting your back up steaming up inconveniencing frightening dissatisfying enflaming shocking bullying embittering disobliging abrading making your blood boil hectoring taxing pursuing picking on taunting burning lying heavy on cutting to the quick crushing blighting affecting eating away at throwing disappointing scaring getting under your skin getting someone mithering getting on your wick sending into a rage pothering getting on someone's wick eating at dejecting daunting injuring slighting nonplussing shaking chivvying horrifying devilling deviling exciting intimidating cheesing off bewildering turning off egging on putting off puzzling heckling getting one's goat getting under one's skin putting someone's nose out of joint causing suffering to putting someone's back up causing offense assailing pricking nudging demoralizing breaking dashing jarring wringing smiting rousing tiring getting your dander up working on jarring on making uncomfortable dissing crucifying shaking up casting down spooking hitting where one lives making miserable making wretched throwing off balance driving bananas put somebody's nose out of joint weighing heavily on giving a bad time breathing down someone's neck working up getting on somebody's nerves wearing on demoralising causing anguish to obsessing henpecking humiliating prodding souring disillusioning startling unmanning stirring pressing scandalizing getting up your nose confronting chilling chillin panicking grinding taking aback preoccupying getting across someone searing crazing possessing empurpling keeping on at martyring sickening crossing tearing tantalizing interrupting causing anxiety to rattling one's cage hurting someone's feelings putting someone off their stroke raising your hackles scandalising weighing on getting on nerves giving offence to nagging at hurting somebody's feelings tantalising trying the patience of acerbating rubbing you up the wrong way putting down wearing out causing trouble to getting under skin shaming eating up facing testing disaffecting deranging moving victimizing heating up cowing disrupting disenchanting wearying asking for it despairing deterring striking cramping disrespecting cutting disgracing repelling crabbing criticizing grizzling terrorizing making despondent muddling keeping after chivying terrifying stewing attacking bringing down dumbfounding nauseating boring zinging grilling getting down carping at going on at making fretful imposing on browbeating importuning bumming indisposing browning off breaking one's heart mystifying biting preying on umbraging making your hackles rise flipping out flooring getting your hackles up hanging over sticking in one's craw getting in one's hair lousing up hacking setting one's teeth on edge interfering making unhappy arousing criticising making you see red infesting psyching out causing discomfort to trying your patience raising hell cutting up making blood boil wronging wearing terrorising causing concern to bending someone's ear making discontented putting on the spot flummoxing hanging up intruding trying one's patience getting a rise out of putting a damper on victimising setting someone back on their heels causing anxiety making a scene letting down consuming festering aching occupying bedogging excoriating disordering disarranging causing disquiet to chiding wigging getting on someone ruffling one's feathers recurring making one see red arousing hostility in compressing squeezing pinching putting your nose out of joint imposing upon making someone scratch their head surprising throwing off causing to panic causing annoyance to causing resentment to touching bristling resenting sapping stretching draining exhausting bruising messing with pushing someon's buttons messing pushing one's buttons tangling spurring steaming dazing fearing sweating ribbing chaffing scorning staying with coming back to rattling someone's chain sweating out scourging dunning devastating pushing desolating making it tough for strapping doing a number on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons nit-picking stressing out lying heavily on preying on your mind thrilling rousting disorientating suffering from complicating astounding getting in the way amazing unquieting making restless blowing up losing one's temper boiling making sore discontenting jangling setting someone's teeth on edge fraying tattering eroding paralysing macerating foraying noodging bullyragging despoiling jerking around hazing jarring upon setting your teeth on edge grating upon wearing upon inciting piercing repulsing riling up rubbing one the wrong way harming palling whipping up boiling over causing offense to making indignant causing offence to keying up incapacitating rocking the boat laying up turning on turning flipping debilitating affrighting accosting mistreating obtruding encroaching breaking in putting off his or her stride taking the wind out of someone's sails winding somebody up making self-conscious driving you up the wall worsting capping mispleasing revolting curdling cooling winging sounding setting on putting someone out taking a rise out of starting setting one off working into lather becoming bored grating at having had enough making fed up losing patience foiling thwarting bringing one down dampening spirits envenoming pressurizing ragging tweaking running up the wrong way questioning examining quizzing pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow lambasting mourning screwing up bringing pressure to bear on filling with consternation knocking sideways paralyzing leaning on giving someone a turn fouling up putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy putting pressure on knocking for six messing up snafuing pressurising mucking up making blue putting into a funk chastening breaking the heart of dragging down wearing down scouring rending making it hot for someone beating sticking the knife into making things hot for someone singling out hunting exiling expelling dragooning getting the knife into tyrannizing tyrannising disadvantaging fouling muddying playing dirty overawing niggling at punishing boning leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer rubbing salt in wound slapping giving the business quickening motivating awaking absorbing igniting grabbing attracting interesting tiring out getting up somebody's nose making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on getting on the wrong side of alienating poisoning begrudging getting even grudging upsetting the apple cart cramping style driving you crazy petting tiffing huffing sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out overcharging getting someone down making downhearted putting making livid driving you out of your mind shattering driving you off your head driving you round the twist driving out of mind driving you to distraction making somebody's blood boil driving you round the bend driving somebody up the wall gutting raging wearing away biting into gnawing away at scraping away wearing to shreds causing agony to slandering dispraising abusing dumping on giving the cold shoulder giving a zinger prostrating repressing disparaging beating down weighing dampening awing causing to lose heart deprecating aweing drooping overwhelming deflating humbling entangling hampering making it tough meddling putting in a spot discommodating giving trouble putting to trouble putting someone to trouble giving someone bother causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way aggressing shattering the illusions of dampening the spirits of dashing the hopes of dashing hopes jumping on one's case giving the needle falling on giving one the business putting the squeeze on falling upon starting in on making gloomy lying abasing snubbing making turbid slurring turning one off giving offence treading on someone's toes mixing up making desolate taking the heart out of hindering impeding intruding upon making nervous putting someone to shame making someone eat humble pie ridiculing taking down demeaning degrading taking the wind out getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg belittling putting to shame making resentful jaundicing empoisoning making bitter blustering putting into a flap causing someone to lose their composure fuddling throwing into a tizz furbelowing frilling stumping throwing into tizzy worsening scolding making rancorous acidulating venoming estranging bittering upbraiding berating croaking repining yammering pecking at bellyaching moaning bleating yawping yauping wailing maundering muttering hollering screaming complaining kicking grumbling beefing squealing grumping squawking grousing growling grouching inveighing whimpering whining murmuring carping kvetching caterwauling whingeing keening yowling gripping finding fault harping on at finding fault with moaning on at taking it out on urging grumbling at picking at keeping complaining to moaning at egging taking visiting buffeting buffetting


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling piquing pumping up revving up setting off vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire prompting spurring initiating producing generating driving creating moving sparking urging giving rise to setting in motion occasioning engendering beginning impelling precipitating putting in motion pushing making prodding fostering effectuating promoting instituting launching bringing on effecting establishing originating introducing leading to inspiriting developing begetting influencing resulting in spurring on actuating bringing breeding affecting catalyzing inaugurating catalysing pressing propelling persuading commencing quickening raising evoking abetting setting up pricking compelling hatching contributing to swaying founding innovating bringing to pass getting going spawning pioneering fermenting invoking whetting nudging kicking off leading starting off translating into firing constituting brewing yielding kick-starting invigorating calling forth opening coercing putting up to organizing incentivizing inclining instilling installing bringing into being wakening organising emboldening envigorating cultivating pressuring exhorting exhilarating planting advancing picking forcing embarking on heartening lighting a fire under starting the ball rolling putting in place vitalizing steeling enticing enacting stinging forging working furthering contriving setting on ushering in actualizing forming siccing fueling fuelling keying up building igniting hounding buoying inventing dragooning reviving filliping conceiving impressing engineering making for pressurizing getting buoying up fanning starting up setting making happen making possible dreaming up strengthening tempting turning on getting under way firing the imagination of entering into setting going pressurising boosting devising designing culminating in helping ending in cheering refreshing uplifting increasing assembling procuring constructing necessitating thrilling spearheading revivifying touching putting together bestirring coming out with challenging whipping cooking up doing winning over authoring opening up inducting coming up with machinating sowing the seeds of cheering up composing jumping into bucking up talking into getting things rolling prevailing on bringing forth entering upon giving birth to fanning the flames of getting going on fortifying involving determining badgering drumming up revitalizing empowering contributing obliging rendering disposing inviting convincing gladdening directing forwarding building up discovering blazing a trail breaking new ground concocting planning amounting to predisposing boosting up cheering on harassing summoning up entailing chirking up bearing up bullying crafting coaxing leading off masterminding waking fashioning tearing into thinking up giving mobilizing launching into finishing in taking up having a part in titillating jump-starting realising realizing fabricating geeing up psyching up drawing prevailing upon exalting setting about elating making a start on knocking up bringing into existence knocking together conducing to conducing falling to striking into getting off the ground drawing on getting down to getting off setting the ball rolling getting the show on the road getting cracking on firing with enthusiasm getting to revitalising firing the enthusiasm of laying the foundations of rooting on leading the way bearing ringing in adding up to mobilising drawing forth embarking upon making waves sounding corrupting paying off improving stoking up undertaking incentifying revolutionizing having nurturing reassuring brightening evolving bribing jumpstarting enheartening egging disturbing trailblazing bolstering pushing forward formulating controlling restoring materializing assuring nursing conditioning adding to regulating giving incentive biasing biassing constraining playing a part in suborning awaking floating spiking bracing converting running going about conceiving of manoeuvring maneuvering livening up securing asking achieving driving on having a hand in meaning turning out throwing together playing a role in inveigling hassling fathering drawing up starting on soliciting issuing mustering giving shot in arm scheming spiriting someone up prevailing getting at seducing acting upon spelling striking heightening endowing gingering up exercising making up knocking off throwing up starting out putting up getting underway countenancing redounding to terminating in informing being responsible for making the first move agitating for revolutionising bringing off getting stuck into breaking the ice crazing causing to happen laying the first stone of materialising innervating shaping zipping up embarking approaching blazing leaning on causing to be juicing up setting afoot setting a trend moulding rigging amping up adding fuel commencing on sending acting as a stimulus to drawing out bringing back jazzing up rowelling bringing around steaming up getting going with taking the lead in molding roweling getting the ball rolling starting ball rolling livening innerving causing to occur getting show on road refining honing whomping up coining cajoling reawakening hooking intriguing executing incorporating imagining presenting exacerbating expediting grabbing resulting startling setting in implanting lodging bringing up getting someone going advising impacting cranking up setting down having as a consequence having as a result imbuing infusing lashing rousting chivvying improvising posing satisfying gaining suggesting to hinting to imposing on orienting acting as an incentive to giving incentive to setting astir predetermining setting an example lighting the way setting out putting into action reigniting rekindling accomplishing being a factor in giving life to lighting up casting piecing erecting germinating recalling calling into being hammering out kicking something off enduing infecting giving one an idea carrying giving impetus beghasting suscitating juicing fanning the fire patenting parenting procreating inculcating ordaining settling up structuring running up opening the door for attaining giving new life to breathing new life into giving a buzz making alive bringing to life breathing life into attempting crowding jogging memory reminding putting a bomb under applauding assisting extending expanding adding fuel to the flames enhancing asking for it mounting bugging redoubling magnifying intensating deepening agitating against steering educing summoning aiding carrying off being partly responsible for having the effect of carrying through oiling the wheels of pulling off enforcing disinhibiting sowing warming stirring embers adding fuel to fire switching on spooking calling to mind initiating things breaking ground spiriting up causing to become riding herd on comforting pleasing teasing bringing in setting on foot conjuring up causing to appear resurrecting calling up bowing getting something off the ground convening raising the curtain irritating calling down resuscitating intoxicating tickling tantalizing mustering up getting up working on giving a boost to reenforcing impressing on making willing bringing round nourishing entering on digging building a fire under reactivating reanimating calling alerting tantalising making wild heating up instating laying the foundation dictating coming into being getting cracking getting one's feet wet going ahead getting weaving on ringing up the curtain on getting weaving scratching the surface getting down to business hitting the ground running coming into existence risking reinvigorating getting to grips with beginning work on addressing oneself to considering starting the ball rolling on reinforcing favouring favoring debuting fixing up entering bringing forward knocking down admitting phasing in setting forth unveiling paving the way acting as a incentive to giving the incentive to consoling praising vivificating springing dispatching growing guiding deciding bursting into sowing the seeds breaking the seal fanning the flames breaking into rolling out serving succouring costing getting ball rolling breaking the ice on getting feet wet laying the cornerstone of setting the ball rolling on introing putting in taking action on bielding propping up raising your spirits boosting someone's morale raising the morale of giving a shot in the arm to stimulating spiritually giving confidence to giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of taking the first step preparing the way taking the initiative making a start laying the first stone enriching modernizing managing approving tackling administering conducting framing arranging begging paving the way for modernising succoring giving a leg up orchestrating superintending supervising stage-managing coordinating brainstorming pleading enjoining finessing finagling negotiating manipulating wangling breaking through beseeching admonishing imploring entreating adjuring presiding over requesting appealing insisting working out squaring overseeing having the bright idea of thinking of channeling channelling nagging sanctioning bringing to bear arguing into impacting on carrying weight having an effect on training ruling pulling strings wheedling proposing starting to using pressure on twisting someone's arm putting the screws on railroading into trying to persuade bulldozing into pushing for putting pressure on insisting on rationalizing calling on appealing to putting the heat on rationalising conjuring commending preparing proceeding with crystallizing getting on with going ahead with setting upon preparing the way for colonising taking the lead taking the initiative in leading the way for showing the way on colonizing laying the groundwork on pushing the envelope going out in front exploring mapping out laying the groundwork for taking the lead on showing the way buying off rewarding fixing luring buying transpiring nobbling keeping someone sweet making a deal soaping sugaring perverting influencing by gifts tampering buying back giving someone a backhander giving someone a sweetener intimidating oiling the palm of sweetening the pot tipping taking care of doing business lubricating greasing palm giving an inducement to propagating crystallising lifting plotting hinting rabble-rousing insinuating suggesting elevating


Present participle for to confound or perplex someone
baffling confounding confusing bewildering perplexing puzzling mystifying bemusing flummoxing bamboozling befuddling addling discombobulating beating fuddling muddling foxing buffaloing befogging disorienting gravelling graveling mazing getting posing muddying nonplussing stumping throwing stupefying fazing disconcerting fogging flooring wildering dumbfounding mixing up dazing obfuscating stunning making someone scratch their head distracting flustering flabbergasting rattling blowing one's mind going to one's head amazing causing to be at a stand astounding setting someone thinking disorientating astonishing staggering throwing off frustrating surprising shaking stymieing taking aback disturbing throwing off balance clouding obscuring overwhelming upsetting eluding discomposing ruffling bringing up short bothering intoxicating setting thinking inebriating making punchy snowing complicating stumbling striking dumb catching off balance balling up messing with one's head getting to boggling the mind of blurring deranging beclouding bedeviling bedevilling dulling confusticating making unclear startling sticking embarrassing defeating daydreaming mooning paralyzing paralysing stirring mulling wondering profundicating foiling confuscating setting one thinking throwing for loop getting at unnerving psyching out putting off dismaying gathering wool shaking up leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed worrying exercising bowling over knocking sideways blowing away taking by surprise knocking out tangling involving besetting thickening knocking for six jumbling encumbering entangling stopping someone in their tracks boggling the mind thwarting ravelling mucking baulking raveling perturbing balking screwing up knocking the stuffing out of someone mixing you up snarling up muddying the waters shocking rocking thunderstriking surprizing dumfounding overcoming boggling knocking the stuffing out of dazzling overpowering rendering speechless distorting benumbing convoluting shattering devastating knocking for a loop taking someone's breath away jolting numbing awing aweing petrifying setting hurdles hitting like a ton of bricks defying garbling moving affecting embroiling impressing striking touching discomfiting alarming making difficulties electrifying prostrating unsettling consternating twisting making difficult oppressing whelming overmastering swamping knocking over making complex making more difficult crushing putting one away miring disordering taking your breath away throwing a curve knocking over with feather distracting from snowing under sticking it to escaping snookering conquering outwitting dizzying besotting stopping dislocating springing on hitting gobsmacking filling with wonder filling with amazement jarring abashing throwing into a tizzy putting at a loss bringing around knocking senseless bedazzling causing wonder boggling someone's mind traumatizing distressing causing to lose your bearings bringing someone up short taking one's breath away taking the wind out of your sails springing something on striking with awe putting away making speechless putting out of action taking someone aback knocking one's socks off blowing one away throwing for a loop greatly upsetting grinding down traumatising giving a shock taking breath away challenging surpassing misinforming misleading making a mess of obnubilating rendering uncertain exceeding repelling withstanding repressing spellbinding leading astray darkening muddying up misrepresenting concealing making emotional complexing sophisticating complexifying hiding beggaring killing running circles around sweeping someone off their feet leaving speechless destroying demoralising steamrollering doing in hitting for six subordinating downgrading demoralizing grinding wrecking colouring tainting coloring equivocating tarnishing fuzzing falsifying disarranging handicapping opening can of worms combining impeding interrelating multiplying interweaving interfusing messing up folding snagging rendering unintelligible snafuing infolding elaborating making waves making complicated making intricate fouling up clogging adding fuel to fire mucking up fuzzing up throwing up smoke screen clouding the issue throwing a veil over muddying the waters of


ribbing teasing badgering badinage banter bothering chaff disturbing exasperating harassing irritating joking kidding mocking plaguing provoking raillery taunt taunting tickling tormenting joshing repartee persiflage mockery derision jesting ridicule ragging chaffing kidology jeering wordplay ripostes crosstalk sallies quips sport pleasantry give-and-take backchat witticisms drollery razzing witty conversation witty remarks bons mots scorn contempt scoffing satire disdain sarcasm irony sneering parody disparagement wisecracks jibing jeer swordplay josh jocularity witticism chiacking gibe wit goofing play fun leg-pulling asteism winding up taking the mickey bantering wisecracking joke disrespect japing gibes contumely borak fool insult good-humoured mockery roasting lampoonery cut and thrust aggravation botheration vexation bugging importunity disturbance pestering annoyance harassment bedevilment harrying quipping bants gossip exchange dissing chitchat small talk playful jab playfulness caricature burlesque sneer travesty dig lampoon rib laughter farce jab comeback slam razz swipe mimicry sneers taunts roast jibes twitting rally needling foolery mordancy buffoonery put down leer sardonicism put-on parting shot pulling someone's chain catcall brickbat Bronx cheer hiss boo hoot abuse raspberry obloquy scoff bird scornfulness snort shout lampooning horseplay crack slap dump ridiculing backhanded compliment wittiness fooling around whistle frivolity frolic merriment jest mirth contemptuousness despite escapade jollification mummery tomfoolery trifling nonsense jollity wolf whistle heckle shout of derision jeers denigration insults vilification backhander pilgarlic barb provocation patter sally riposte pooh-poohing despisement slight misprision despitefulness derisiveness skylarking clowning about antics jokes mischief clowning around rejoinder humour answer quip reply humor pleasant conversation bon mot response jibe cut goading practical joke disapproval hissing heckling catcalling hectoring booing shouting interruption sledge disregard despisal reproach affront criticism outrage censure barracking aspersion knocking slap in the face dirty dig verbal abuse snappy comeback larking about high jinks playing the fool clowning larking around

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