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'vɜrdʒɪnl /'vɜːd-


a legless rectangular harpsichord; played (usually by women) in the 16th and 17th centuries


characteristic of a virgin or virginityuntouched or undefiledin a state of sexual virginity


Immaculately clean or pure
virgin chaste pure celibate decent maiden maidenly undefiled unwed vestal abstinent immaculate innocent self-denying self-restrained unblemished uncorrupted unmarried unsullied virtuous clean G-rated incorrupt modest moral demure sinless austere continent controlled decorous elegant impotent inexperienced intemerate monogamous neat nice platonic proper prudish quiet refined restrained simple spotless stainless subdued unaffected uncontaminated unstained wholesome pure as the driven snow intact flawless good untarnished upright impeccable guiltless unspoilt unpolluted squeaky-clean squeaky clean pristine perfect fresh nunlike righteous seemly untainted clear honest blameless irreproachable angelic exemplary unspotted holy unmoved white free of sin unscathed inculpable undamaged unmarred unchanged unharmed uninfluenced unaltered untouched untried unmarked unimpressed unstirred uninjured unbroken in perfect condition sound secure in good condition reserved gentle girlish faithful unagitated single retiring undisturbed whole respectable polite unsoiled clean-living husbandless spouseless wifeless free from sin unwemmed chase nunnish monklike monkish ascetic impeccant faultless in good taste monastic uncorrupt cleanhanded unoffending sackless lily-white free of not guilty whiter than white as pure as the driven snow ethical saintly reputable honourable upstanding true pious honorable noble worthy guileless unblighted inviolate unprofaned wide-eyed lily white above reproach anti-corruption first wet behind ears natural babe in woods pure as driven snow initial inaugural indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed unhurt entire out of danger sanitary safe and sound shipshape without a scratch initiatory introductory pioneer premier leadoff original foremost headmost earliest proving prime untapped unused primary new beginning unbroached


Having a naive or unsuspecting nature
naive innocent simple unsophisticated unworldly green unsuspicious childlike credulous inexperienced callow impressionable fond insensible ignorant unwise youthful dewy easy fresh immature raw simpleminded uninformed confiding jejune natural silly unacquainted unfamiliar cute naif naïf nescient plain primitive quaint shallow uncorrupted uncritical uneducated unjaded unschooled unstudied untaught virgin countrified Panglossian wide-eyed dewy-eyed simple-minded starry-eyed like a babe in the woods born yesterday wet behind the ears as green as grass aw-shucks ingenuous unsuspecting unknowing unwary artless guileless gullible unaffected untrained unfledged trusting young untutored uninitiated unseasoned oblivious unaware unmindful unpretentious juvenile unwitting untried unenlightened incognizant undeveloped unconversant unlearned new benighted trustful unripe tenderfoot clueless unguarded unconscious adolescent uninstructed naïve open unformed unversed unripened illiterate easily taken in unsceptical rookie unread over-trusting accepting unlettered easily deceived thick unpracticed exploitable kid unassuming moronic rude puerile amateur unskilled spontaneous nonliterate unqualified witless uncultivated unknowledgeable childish verdant easily led sophomoric undisciplined dense stupid unpretending susceptible in the dark modest birdbrained unpractised inexpert unintellectual heedless uncultured inept mindless unaccustomed obtuse genuine imbecilic pure dupable deceivable cretinous without airs dumb analphabetic wet behind ears lacking experience foolish crude down-to-earth underdeveloped believing unintelligent misinformed over-trustful childly prentice humble folksy homely unused untested apprenticed real true spring chicken unfamiliar with slow infant uncomplicated honest-to-goodness fleeceable unskeptical blind to biting honest rustic unproven gullable unartificial clean idealistic frank unquestioning dim dopey homey dark babyish frivolous unscholarly unimposing unostentatious uninitiate sincere dozy unpresumptuous tender backward blind airheaded unweaned unbaked sophomore jellybean not aware easy-going laid-back self-effacing slow on the uptake not dry behind ears idiotic brainless feeble-minded unrehearsed developing junior fledgling budding uninhibited indiscriminating fresh-faced unstudious undeceitful incompetent vulnerable girlish boyish country uncool corn-fed ordinary vernal green as grass impractical dull damp wet moist tenderfooted newly arrived lamblike overtrusting kidstuff wholesome half-witted ill-informed babe in woods vacuous slow-witted thickheaded thick-witted unrefined quiet straightforward lowly imprudent amateurish unskillful dew-covered unpolished gauche uncivilized savage heavy with dew softheaded unsmart nonprofessional unprofessional provincial parochial candid barbarian barbaric simplistic jackleg bush-league corny unadulterated cornball authentic soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike unwarned uncivilised untamed animal brutish austere atavistic fierce undomesticated vestigial wild barbarous uncontrived undesigning unspoiled unobtrusive readily swallowing whole easy mark readily taken in readily falling for swallowing undoubting cracker-barrel inelaborate unambitious down uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic unembellished taken in off guard up front down home on the up and up brash reckless superstitious inattentive deaf insensitive unobservant unperceptive unresponsive prone to superstition caught napping unconcerned out of it inconversant not all there mooning spacey out to lunch not cognizant not in the loop doped in a daze daydreaming forgetful negligent careless deaf to out cold superficial daft uncomprehending dotish divvy chowderheaded dof hebete glaikit empty-headed pig-ignorant thick as two short planks not the full shilling as thick as two short planks a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic dead from the neck up


Empty or not occupied
blank bare empty clean clear vacant plain void stark unfilled vacuous devoid free unmarked barren toom unused virgin spotless uncompleted untouched white fresh new unwritten on emptied without contents unoccupied uninhabited desolate tenantless vacated containing nothing abandoned deserted drained untenanted forsaken derelict destitute hollow unfurnished not filled pristine brand-new stripped spartan cleared bereft not solid hollowed out bankrupt godforsaken depleted evacuated exhausted dead deflated despoiled wanting waste lacking desert available unengaged forgotten disengaged rejected to let disused unemployed idle untaken for sale unlived in up for grabs not in use on the market unpeopled lonely isolated neglected unfrequented solitary depopulated discarded spare unpopulated remote unvisited secluded wild open lorn cast off unhampered unimpeded unsettled unobstructed consumed unlimited spent ruined unreserved lonesome forlorn jilted unblocked sapped shunned dropped used up left in the lurch alone uncultivated rough inhospitable trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged bleak relinquished ownerless uncivilized dreary unallocated accessible destroyed uncivilised castoff unhired handy discontinued passable unrestricted unstopped unclosed unencumbered unhindered unclogged dormant defunct obsolete moribund superannuated usable stagnant lifeless fallen into disuse unchartered unbooked finished no longer in use dissipated exploitable at hand on hand not occupied employable disregarded refused returned spurned rebuffed scorned disdained denied expended gone impoverished squandered sterile dry for the taking uncommitted smooth ditched stranded without life ignored unfriended left uncouth disowned renounced betrayed outcast marooned without living things all gone at an end turned down friendless dumped at ease left stranded used kaput thrown over left at the altar left behind out rid at leisure not busy without freed from free from sans unaffected by no longer affected by relieved far-gone


Unmarried or not involved in a romantic relationship
single unmarried unattached unwed free solo spouseless partnerless uncommitted uninvolved alone available husbandless lone lonely sole solitary unwedded wifeless bachelor celibate chaste companionless eligible independent maidenly spinster unbetrothed uncoupled unengaged unhitched divorced footloose maiden marriageable separated unaccompanied unescorted unfettered unloved virgin widowed monastic monkish monklike nunlike nunnish a bachelor a spinster by oneself by yourself on one's own on your own without a husband without a partner without a wife fancy-free living alone not married not spoken for not tied down all alone on the shelf with no ties footloose and fancy-free not going out with anyone young, free and single left on the shelf on your tod footloose and fancy free going one's own way having missed the boat without a spouse neglected desirable nonmarried loner continent a free agent pure abstinent unpledged unpromised intact self-restrained self-denying ascetic virtuous loverless matchless unbound unconfined loose unrestrained unrestricted easygoing free and easy go-as-you-please modest innocent decent undefiled sinless vestal unsullied moral immaculate uncorrupted wholesome pure as the driven snow clean G-rated decorous demure unblemished incorrupt good austere upright proper spotless restrained guiltless unaffected squeaky clean righteous uncontaminated honest honourable honorable noble refined quiet elegant simple ethical exemplary upstanding impeccable inexperienced neat prudish impotent intemerate controlled subdued monogamous irreproachable blameless seemly reputable angelic stainless unstained clean-living platonic nice untainted flawless sober abstemious abstentious temperate self-abnegating free from sin saintly true pious worthy guileless unspoilt wet behind ears wide-eyed above reproach pure as driven snow lily white babe in woods unblighted inculpable inviolate white unprofaned squeaky-clean anti-corruption unspotted inhibited bridled curbed respectable principled dignified just unimpeachable estimable moralistic redoubtable incorruptible irreprehensible unobjectionable morally correct high-principled high-minded whiter than white right-minded faithful free of sin


Kind in behavior or actions
good altruistic bighearted charitable compassionate friendly generous giving good-hearted humane humanitarian kind kindhearted kind-hearted magnanimous munificent philanthropic philanthropical selfless sympathetic unstinting beneficent benevolent considerate immaculate kindly merciful obliging self-sacrificing unselfish angelical approving benign bounteous bountiful creditable do-good eleemosynary esteemed free freehanded goody-goody greathearted holy inoffensive liberal moralistic openhanded openhearted pharisaical respected social-minded spotless unerring unsparing chaste gentle goodhearted graceful gracious great-hearted pietistic pietistical pristine tolerant unflawed unmarred well-disposed large-hearted prayerful redeemable redeeming unblamable untouched helpful big-hearted caring benignant thoughtful big tender understanding lavish decent open-handed warm-hearted public-spirited warm ungrudging noble amiable hospitable amicable good-natured indulgent softhearted warmhearted tenderhearted all heart high-minded honourable honest just fair honorable soft-hearted lenient neighbourly neighborly accommodating tender-hearted nice lofty excellent easy mild free-handed loving chivalrous mellow well meaning almsgiving acceptable moderate reasonable loose soft-touch cordial affable equitable congenial responsive genial patient soft princely well-meaning civilized fulsome open freehearted profuse prodigal pleasant willing civilised agreeable likeable likable approachable human clement forbearing feeling socially concerned lovable righteous pitying respectful easygoing cheerful sociable delightful engaging fatherly well intentioned bleeding-heart motherly good-tempered good-humoured good-humored gallant sweet idealistic self-denying abundant ample unprejudiced ready solicitous plentiful full useful beneficient valuable donating prosocial patriotic contributing wonderful personable lovely loving and giving welfare nonprofit plenteous unstinted willingly given handsome gratuitous bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making forgiving unassuming generous to a fault public- spirited humble unpresumptuous modest mild-mannered swell ingratiating even-tempered self-effacing jovial doing good works affectionate empathic commiserative empathetic respectable elevated upstanding conscientious upright valiant goodish moral virtuous ethical great high principled heroic lordly accessible courteous sweet-natured prepossessing winsome harmless open-minded sentimental sensitive wholesome polite well-mannered deferential broad-minded comforting angelic soft touch cooperative benefic maternal brotherly calm tactful propitious unoffensive dutiful attentive regardful fatherlike sweet-tempered heart in right place pleasing supportive kin concerned commiserating fond open-hearted consoling condoling doting sympathizing sympathising hearty piteous permissive encouraging touchy-feely easy-going mushy sparing comprehending receptive ruthful companionable accepting having heart in right place condoning paternal avuncular full of pity moved pardoning pitiful very kind appreciative perceptive reassuring mindful well disposed old softie well-intentioned consolatory sorry heedful civil observant interested charming diplomatic thoughty social appealing welcoming well-bred appreciating vicarious winning taking enchanting captivating quiet placid comradely enthusiastic meek reverent soft-spoken temperate shy peaceful bland retiring non-confrontational cool pacific peaceable laid back dove-like lamblike demure sisterly dovelike simpatico barley-sugar as nice as pie heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine inviting eager palsy convivial matey amorous deep chummy palsy-walsy bonhomous buddy-buddy long-suffering emotional catholic lax unbigoted complaisant unbiased stoical uncomplaining stoic latitudinarian easy-oasy sophisticated easy on wide progressive advanced easy with broad excusing free and easy radical

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