Synonym of virtual

Alternative for virtual


In effect or essence, if not in fact or reality


Existing as fact without formal acknowledgment
effective implicit tacit implied essential unacknowledged de facto literal verifiable certifiable genuine palpable true objective absolute attested bona fide certain certified concrete confirmed demonstrated established existent factual final hard incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable positive proven realistic real-life real-world substantial substantiated tangible undeniable unmistakable unquestionable validated verified authentic authenticated believable inescapable real actual sure-enough very veritable dinkum definite honest legitimate valid precise existing accurate substantive truthful veridical kosher clear good fundamental categorical right material firm corporeal exact correct sensible physical echt pukka unimaginary clear-cut pucka intrinsic faithful pure evident historical non-fictional legit undoubted perceptible authoritative honest-to-goodness corroborated documented considerable significant sheer express especial unqualified plain manifest non-fictitious current unimagined living bodily for real honest to God sure enough real live solid live corporal embodied rightful sound incarnate present proper veracious natural explicit conclusive characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous regular archetypical representative unequivocal near practical strict artless unaffected simple indirect unambiguous unpretending dead-on appropriate average dinky-di standard real McCoy normal unpretentious direct undesigning fitting sure fixed definitive decided lifelike unadorned fair detailed credible verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated documentary unvarnished veristic verisimilar unexaggerated near enough in effect unbiased unprejudiced scientific true-to-life word for word true-life matter-of-fact telling it like it is card-carrying fact-based straight from horse's mouth as it really happened on the level set in stone constructive pragmatic potential basic in conduct for all practical purposes in all but name in practice to all intents and purposes unerring undistorted unembellished true to life reliable spot-on so straightforward scrupulous spot on bang on rigorous on the button on the nose on the money close unembroidered on-target on the nail methodical distinct meticulous demonstrable just well-founded unelaborated convincing out-and-out thorough perfect on the mark nonfiction careful on target right on punctilious rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic sharp discriminative skilful defined skillful punctual particular specific dependable ultraprecise trustworthy narrative autobiographical assured naturalistic faultless complete decisive obvious errorless thoroughgoing inarguable appreciable patent measurable infallible first-person downright consummate observable quantifiable unimpeachable outright righteous on the beam word-perfect unmistaken amen on the ball dead on as true as I'm sitting here as true as I'm standing here severe florid true story provable biographical down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent case reputable discernible bare unfaked utter creditable fit bull's-eye just so gospel stark learned in accordance with the facts what really happened what actually happened total striking intelligible narrow chronicled scholarly detectable perceivable unmitigated satisfactory in accordance with reality straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy based on facts guaranteed archival flawless admissible unalloyed arrant graphic unconditional last deciding worldly apparent ordinary written usual verbal critical empirical everyday respected supported circumstantiated undisputed unrefuted watertight immaculate inerrant solemn recorded well defined well documented well-grounded error-free no ifs ands or buts stone cold nailed-on peremptory in every respect reference convinced confident OK earthly honest-to-God straight official photographic vivid not figurative acceptable O.K. conscientious mundane temporal fleshly unfaltering painstaking right as rain on the right track for sure on track on the right lines impeccable free of error right stuff along the right lines stone okay cooking with gas equitable according to Hoyle representational naturalist photo-realistic three-dimensional sublunary historic commemorated historial antique classical important from the horse's mouth transparent unassailable settled nice satisfied unwavering doubtless persuaded cinematic filmic speaking original unarguable irrefragable unchallengeable undebatable emphatic terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn non-spiritual earthbound resolute sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly compelling unanswerable undisputable uncontroversial nonspiritual lay beyond doubt self-evident beyond question well grounded well-proven not in doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond dispute open and shut true-blue undeceptive self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating unquestioning secular visible in truth rank affirmative cold free from doubt phenomenal forceful cocksure forcible high-principled on the line on the up and up like it is sincere forthright open plain-spoken plain-speaking


Existing only in the imagination
imaginary unreal fanciful mythical fictitious chimerical imagined fantastic visionary fabulous fictional invented mythic illusory fantastical ideal pretend chimeric phantasmal phantom fantasied phantasmic legendary imaginal notional whimsical hypothetical dreamlike theoretical fabricated hallucinatory fancied imaginative unsubstantial assumed quixotic delusive mythological ethereal dreamy abstract suppositious shadowy fantasy nonexistent deceptive illusive concocted storybook supposititious apocryphal figmental supposed spectral imagal apparitional made-up make-believe non-existent dreamed-up trumped up fool's paradise all in one's head figment of imagination product of someone's imagination false fictive untrue misleading fake sham romantic fairy-tale fallacious delusory spurious fabled mistaken immaterial deceitful phantasmagoric pretended utopian ostensible specious impractical seeming apparent traditional allegorical vague intangible folkloric erroneous unfounded storied insubstantial pseudo made up bogus phantasmagorical idealistic artificial speculative idealized phoney extravagant mock phony fraudulent simulated unsubstantiated invalid idealised created unsound counterfeit absurd devised airy wild conjectural unrealistic blue-sky deceiving theoretic transcendental feigned impalpable otherworldly heroic metaphysical suppositional academic wrong inaccurate surreal semblant nightmarish ideational symbolic aerial incorrect presumed deluding beguiling unearthly bizarre unworkable forged doubtful misguided starry-eyed insincere conceptual incredible dream epic synthetic mythologic out of this world illusionary impracticable symbolical putative incorporeal imitation parabolic untruthful factitious capricious unbelievable questionable dubious inexact vain transcendent weird baseless idealist poetic irrational quixotical far-fetched distorted unlikely ideological contrived starry postulated contingent misty flawed ridiculous curious fantasized conjectured bodiless spiritual fishy counterfactual psychedelic improbable dishonest inexistent lying unbodied cooked-up faux play-play formless nonmaterial Kafkaesque ersatz unworldly nonphysical ghostly trumped-up discarnate out of touch with reality fantasised Utopian ghostlike unsupported void empty unclear indistinct preposterous imponderable professed mental pedantic problematical logical analytical in the abstract formalistic intellectual philosophical on paper codified in theory tentative formularized as a premise general unproved instanced hyped up perfectionist faulty proverbial implausible alleged faked queer purported debatable equivocal unfeasible unnatural without foundation high-flown flimsy impossible imprecise null and void unproven foolish extraordinary groundless eccentric non-physical ivory-towered thought up absent truthless improper null nonvalid crackpot offbeat hopeful casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored enchanted magic magical useless ineffectual inefficacious ineffective grandiose academical coloured ambitious blue sky pipe dream pie-in-the-sky falsified presupposed off in error head-in-the-clouds all in the mind imitative dummy deluded inane acted manufactured phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian mimic man-made substitute unverified unauthenticated phantasm prepared delusional uncanonical excellent introspective musing lulling abstracted preoccupied daydreaming calming relaxing gentle astral marvelous woolgathering soothing pensive introvertive disembodied hollow created out of thin air unread mocking non-material unembodied nebulous estimated larger-than-life improvised frivolous misconceived wraithlike conceived reproduction reachy replica Barmecidal Barmecide optimistic idyllic exaggerated postulatory supernatural ungenuine allonymous dreamt up trancelike trance-like perfect unpractical untested unattainable famed disincarnate out in your head suppositive nominal unapplied dim hazy off the mark contrary to fact famous framed cooked up unachievable uncorporeal unfactual nonfactual economical with the truth Panglossian Micawberish outstanding hypothetic impressive wonderful remarkable pure important faint dreamish oneiric hypnagogic ancient naive pretentious arcadian model best ultimate supreme lofty mercurial make believe unheard of marvellous moony tall reputed out-of-reach ivory-tower so-called affected sentimental unverifiable related told customary unhistoric unhistorical handed-down flakey vaporous far out fairy tale kinky flaky floating in the clouds cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take over-optimistic airy-fairy quasi- on cloud nine wanting lacking missing unbusinesslike hypocritical plastic put-on mechanical strained forced dead gone blank ungrounded departed extinguished vacant defunct tenuous lost perished extinct rumoured pie in the sky castles in the air expressive passed on passed away indefinable unwarranted avowed creative impulsive inoperable chivalrous non-viable ostensive evident claimed believed accepted unjustified few and far between untouchable quack charlatan cheating bluffing shammed masked impostrous in name only covered concealed dissimulated imposturous indescribable subconscious psychosomatic odd nonsensical unprovoked provisory unconfirmed indeterminate casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic problematic uncertain conditional conjecturable refutable guessed indefinite presumptive suspect proposed pretending obscure fresh exotic original likely soi-disant declared asserted unserviceable impetuous dreaming insane subjective perceptual unconscious uncorroborated ephemeral ludicrous crazy inspired artistic inventive fancy quirky originative flighty ill-founded unauthorized foundationless emotional imperceptible to the touch unthinkable inconceivable strange peculiar thought understood held rumored prima facie said artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen mad unjustifiable unreasonable without basis uncalled-for nonconcrete subliminal innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute unconvincing unimaginable comical incredulous oddball illogical unreliable idle far-out head in the clouds avant-garde Promethean psychological unconceivable erratic wacky amazing uncompelling zany bad cancelled nullified nonbinding inoperative nugatory annulled gratuitous bottomless uncalled for not backed up causeless cockamamie barmy different potty daft singular extreme outré without justification without reason without cause unauthorised repealed rescinded abolished revoked off-the-wall off the wall hare-brained without explanation in the mind out of sight cock-and-bull cock-eyed canceled unacceptable nothing unsanctioned unimportant powerless unavailing negative insignificant barren


Other than what is apparent
pseudo feigned phoney affected artificial assumed bogus contrived fake false mock pretended sham spurious put-on quasi- counterfeit deceptive ersatz factitious faux forced fraudulent imitation mechanical misleading phony plastic pretend simulated strained unnatural cod insincere pirate quasi self-styled wannabe would-be wrong not genuine not kosher not legit not real as it were to all intents and purposes pseudo- seeming apparent synthetic nominal semi- near so-called ostensible supposed forged supposedly seemingly partly apparently alleged ostensive purported fakey reported faked dummy substitute manufactured laboured fictitious fabricated imitative unauthentic inauthentic snide mimic man-made hollow mannered labored stilted pretentious specious reproduction queer copied replica stiff make-believe put on bent pseud invalid dud overdone actorly meretricious framed studied facsimile supposititious self-conscious exaggerated superficial unconvincing theatrical wooden Hollywood plant brummagem fishy delusory crock delusive deceitful unreal pirated suppositious worthless won't fly soft shell falsified posed untrue professed overripe elaborate two-faced overworked campy stagy avowed dishonest improvised ham hammy nonnatural masked concealed underhand crooked cheating trumped-up adulterine quack unspontaneous counterfeited constrained pinchbeck covered ungenuine hokey imitated knock-off hoax illegal made-up phoney-baloney phony-baloney double-dealing rehearsed overblown chemical cast repro model fallacious unqualified planned apocryphal bum copy posey invented concocted made makeshift constructed duplicate glib deceiving derivative pseudonymous adopted awkward conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud experimental representative dissembling imaginary surface low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade copycat manmade engineered mealymouthed hypocritical unoriginal unsatisfactory substandard adulterated manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu staged bootlegged gingerbread rigid inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted begrudging stringent coercive forcible bluffing shammed lying impostrous in name only charlatan dissimulated imposturous trick overly planned knock off arty-farty precious not what it is cracked up to be simpering apish camp genteel highfaluting chichi airish conscious artsy stuck up gone Hollywood falsie bad nonbinding inoperative null and void not binding uncollectible nugatory void null nonvalid non-natural hyped up camouflaged unrecognizable shady duplicitous hidden covert sly incognito unscrupulous unprincipled devious guileful treacherous shifty underhanded dishonourable undercover furtive back-alley sneaky tricky crafty unethical corrupt criminal unfair dirty masquerading disguised changed veiled unrecognisable incog cloaked in disguise unlawful sharp dodgy rogue dishonorable illicit swindling sailing under false colours under cover fast unjust shonky knavish defrauding bamboozling against the law Janus-faced


Believing without question
inferred implicit complete contained firm fixed full implied total understood unsaid accurate certain constant constructive definite entire implicative inarticulate inevitable inferential latent practical steadfast tacit taken for granted undeclared unexpressed unhesitating unqualified unquestioned unreserved unshakable unspoken unuttered wholehearted wordless absolute unquestioning unconditional unfaltering undoubting unwavering rapid swift confident forthright prompt resolute unswerving utter unthinking obedient automatic perfect unadulterated outright sheer unshaken undiluted out-and-out consummate unshakeable unalloyed positive intrinsic hidden embedded unstated silent suggested unvoiced hinted assumed indirect insinuated hinted at taken as read not spelt out unmentioned deducible unacknowledged unavowed unarticulated allusive intimated left to the imagination oblique indicative inherent suppressed unrevealed veiled lurking mute unpronounced voiceless alluded to not said not put into words untold untalked-of silenced inexpressible repressed concealed nameless indescribable aphonic invoiced undisclosed undivulged agreed presumed accepted unwritten shrouded referential appreciated known pat masked underlying on to axiomatic roger wise to down pat suggestive under wraps impressionistic connotative remindful evocative adumbrated indicated occult perceptible meant signified potential connoted involved figured symbolized parallel intended foreshadowed significative symbolised tacitly assumed

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