Synonym of watery

Alternative for watery

Synonym: dripping, reeking, washy, weak,


Containing, soaked in, or covered in water
wet damp soggy moist sodden waterlogged marshy saturated squelchy boggy awash bathed bedraggled doused dowsed drenched dripping logged saturate soaked soaking soft sopping soppy soused swampy washed watered water-soaked fenny humid miry muddy oozy anaemic anemic bloodless colourless colorless dim flavourless flavorless hazy serous watered-down waterlike water-logged dank sopping wet wringing wet dripping wet wet through slushy mucky clammy heavy quaggy sloppy sticky slimy wringing-wet soaking wet muggy spongy soaked to the skin wringing droukit squishy mushy soaked through squidgy gloopy pulpy squashy streaming sultry drowned semi-liquid aqueous like a drowned rat gooey pappy doughy pasty inundated pulpous dewy slippery over-moist sludgy soft and wet moistened soupy liquid flooded paludal uliginose sloughy teary misty steeped big flushed afloat unstable dampened muddied splashed marish hosed quenched wetted irrigated showered sprinkled sprayed mossy clogged clarty claggy yielding mucous dirty scummy muculent filthy glutinous tacky teeming rainy drizzling pouring stormy showery raining snowy foggy yukky viscous succulent thin runny impregnate brimful overloaded full overwhelmed brimming packed marinated overfull replete streaming wet splashy slap ripe lush sappy not set not hard not hardened steamy fleshy luscious tender mellow airless suffocating oppressive stifling close fuggy stuffy sauced thirst-quenching juicy viscid oily syrupy boiling tropical sweaty irriguous sweltering like a sauna like a Turkish bath very damp dampish moisture-laden gelatinous wettish flabby drizzly drippy peaty moory squooshy cushy cushiony downy thick gummy paludine uliginous drunk bloated stewed boiled seethed perspiring warm chilly musty perspiry sweating bemired unaired fusty not dry hot mucid gunky subfuse greasy diaphoretic sudoric stinky clayey clay covered with sweat smothering cloudy gluey vaporous mashy pap semi-solid paste-like jelled semisolid semiliquid pastelike difficult hot and humid cloggy gloppy caked murky mucilaginous treacly


Pale or weak, as if diluted by water
pale faint feeble insipid thin wan weak wishy-washy anemic anaemic banal colorless colourless flat milk-and-water namby-pamby washed-out washed out dull lacklustre lackluster drab grey gray pallid vapid lifeless boring bloodless bland uninteresting tedious unexciting lustreless tame dim dreary ashen dry prosaic stale muted humdrum uninspiring jejune pedestrian tiresome spiritless plain sickly monotonous faded unimaginative ashy wearisome trite uninspired tired lusterless mundane vacuous innocuous inane light white pasty sallow bleached poor inadequate waxen deathlike dead limp cadaverous sombre characterless gloomy dingy sterile pointless somber stupid vacant mousy pastel mat unlustrous matte subdued ho-hum lame dusty arid unpalatable driveling drivelling nothing run-of-the-mill prosy weariful blah common or garden listless dark unstimulating neutral greyish bleak unromantic commonplace as dry as dust undistinguished uneventful illustrous black grimy washy dowdy muddy toned-down sooty dun hackneyed half-hearted hacky barren sober cold subfusc toned down soft mild nebbish beige corny fatuous tenuous slight dry as dust grayish dull as ditchwater run of the mill dull-coloured chalky unsubstantial insubstantial lurid doughy waxlike ghastly haggard sick blanched whitish livid ineffectual spectral ineffective zestless tasteless droning chalk-white peaked milky toneless flavourless drawn sapped jaundiced deathly peaky drained least Milquetoast zero nowhere flavorless etiolated ghostlike soporific empty uniform depressing ghostly anaemic-looking like death warmed up white as a sheet numbing unfeeling featureless slow wearying unchanging weary jading drudging leaden unexcited monochromatic heavy expressionless ponderous dulled unexpressive stodgy tiring stuffy flat tire old samey deadly uninflected unvaried waterish draggy unseasoned vanilla blind sapless whitebread mind-numbing lead balloon ho hum


(of a person's eyes) Full of tears
tearful moist weepy lachrymose rheumy teary weeping dewy-eyed tear-filled misty sad sobbing whimpering blubbering snivelling distressed in tears woeful sniveling blubbery lamentable pitiable bawling wet pitiful lamenting blurry blurred unfocused cloudy heartbreaking melancholy dismal pathetic drear heartrending sorry mournful depressing dreary saddening dolorous sorrowful poignant crying wailing unhappy upset emotional greeting blubbing larmoyant rueful miserable close to tears on the verge of tears disconsolate howling gloomy doleful sombre somber forlorn glum cheerless blue melancholic depressed despondent desolate joyless dejected wretched morose woebegone crestfallen bleak lugubrious downcast down funereal sullen cast down grim heartbroken comfortless downhearted down in the mouth in the dumps low grief-stricken black heartsick heavy-hearted low-spirited heartsore morbid dark afflicted saddened dispiriting down in the dumps inconsolable dispirited heavyhearted despairing brokenhearted dire distressing droopy gray grey saturnine anguished solemn troubled disheartening uninviting depressive hangdog cold godforsaken spiritless dejecting upsetting broken-hearted oppressive chill murky tenebrific sepulchral darkening plutonian tenebrous mourning lonesome dreich sunless elegiac lonely elegiacal piteous Cimmerian disheartened heart-rending painful dull grieving harrowing drab disappointed discouraged maudlin hurt bereaved demoralized drearisome grieved tristful wistful austere unwelcoming down-hearted demoralised regretful dour dim dingy bare inhospitable stark abject bland in doldrums in grief clinical draggy mopey uncomfortable impersonal wintery institutional down-and-out wintry jarring moving touching grave tear-jerking teary-eyed discouraging hopeless sorrowing aggrieved afflictive bitter dolent out of sorts fed up heartsickening displeased pained affecting worried distraught perturbed bothered bad disturbed tormented concerned dirgeful mawkish sensitive shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused daunting pessimistic with tears in one's eyes down in dumps moody sick at heart pensive down in mouth hapless cut up all torn up shook up crabby languished broken dysphoric bowed down negative languorous triste listless languid sulky ghastly inauspicious horrid disagreeable troublesome gruesome unfortunate overemotional demoralizing disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable sentimental distressful demoralising unpleasant disappointing oversentimental downbeat grumpy dragged mirthless destroyed hurting bleeding in a blue funk down and out in pain bummed out let-down not happy long-faced easily moved grievous funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome over-sentimental self-pitying in floods of tears calamitous ruthful deplorable regrettable dolorific with tears in your eyes agonised


Old, decayed
stale flat sour insipid tasteless spoilt spoiled off turned dried faded foetid fetid malodorous noisome parched reeking smelly stenchy stinking weak zestless putrid rancid rank rotten noxious tainted foul mephitic bad whiffy reeky musty foul-smelling decayed contaminated putrescent olid mouldy moldy offensive nauseating disgusting evil-smelling miasmic miasmal decomposed fusty poisonous pongy pungent festy polluted revolting funky high strong-smelling feculent niffy decomposing unpleasant stinky inedible nasty strong unwholesome unfit for human consumption sickening disagreeable unsavoury humming gamy unsavory putrefied decaying vile impure acrid filthy rotting ill-smelling carious stenchful dank rotted repulsive unpalatable infested uneatable unappetizing dirtied infected unhealthy indigestible pestilential unconsumable distasteful niffing frowzy frowsy frowsty yukky yucky unclean ripe stagnant corrupt odoriferous curdled soured mouldering bitter moldering loathsome addled graveolent gross overripe skunky wormy worm-eaten maggoty dirty flyblown not fit to eat nidorous putrefactive obnoxious baneful miasmatic baleful evil- repugnant unpleasant-tasting odorous nauseous festering spoiling harsh acid acidic odiferous tough as old boots putrified septic scummy scungy toxic deleterious germy mildewy diseased perished defiled corrupted corroding caried pustular purulent old unsanitary insalubrious unhygienic unhealthful faecal sullied beastly smelling fecal soiled bad-smelling icky unfiltered adulterated moldered grody degenerated yecchy gangrenous putrefacient mouldered fermented putrefying unfresh disease-ridden germ-ridden lousy stinking to high heaven

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