Synonym of wedding cake

Alternative for wedding cake


a rich cake with two or more tiers and covered with frosting and decorations; served at a wedding reception


Rich or highly ornamented cake, to be distributed to the guests at a wedding, or sent to friends after the wedding


Over-elaborate or complicated
rococo baroque curlicued fancy over-elaborate busy convoluted extravagant florid flowery fussy gingerbread high-flown ornate ostentatious showy wedding-cake aureate bombastic elaborate elegant grandiloquent high-sounding magniloquent oratorical orotund overblown overripe overwrought rhetorical very elaborate euphuistic flamboyant highfalutin inflated ornamented overdone pleonastic purple tumid turgid arty fustian high-wrought hyperventilated Ossianic overelaborate highly decorated embellished decorated overdecorated decorative rich adorned flashy flash ornamental detailed bedecked exaggerated lavish gingerbreaded gingerbready bedizened gaudy sumptuous bizarre grotesque gilt pretentious overstated impressive grandiose garish intricate gee-whizz plush posh sophisticated garnished luxurious with all the extras with bells and whistles skillful with all the options skilful beautiful complex complicated resplendent jewelled superficial fine metaphorical opulent dazzling tawdry gilded luscious glossy bright jeweled flaunting magnificent glamorous sparkling meretricious splashy colored brilliant glitzy coloured wordy verbose embroidered variegated fancily decorated highly wrought laboured labored classy swanky exquisite high-class strained hifalutin magnific rhetoric figurative deluxe sonorous stylish swish refined cultivated artistic snazzy handsome fancy-pants beautifying select dignified aristocratic superior ritzy grand chic stately choice delicate redundant prolix diffuse declamatory windy euphemistic swollen cluttered contrived crowded palatial gorgeous luxury over-detailed overworked splendid glittering costly untidy over-embellished over-ornate mixed-up excessive messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly graceful tasteful fashionable attractive excessively ornate excessively ornamental elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish plushy lush potty expensive discerning polished pretty spiffy quality towering extreme devilish classic modish embellishing prime fanciful jazzy special urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy custom chichi cosmetic adorning enhancing cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming majestic nice suave noble decorous nonfunctional non-functional high-quality dainty rare comely genteel affected debonair over the top furbishing a la mode august dressy patterned well-designed festooned garnishing accessory setting off heightening decorating well-bred schmick well-dressed recherche decking esthetic stylized for show OTT

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