Synonym of weepy

Alternative for weepy



liable to weep easily


Liable or tending to weep
tearful crying sobbing weeping lachrymose teary wailing whimpering blubbering sad sniveling snivelling distressed emotional greeting unhappy upset blubbing in tears larmoyant howling maudlin mawkish miserable sensitive teary-eyed close to tears on the verge of tears with tears in one's eyes mournful sorrowful disconsolate woeful forlorn depressed despondent downcast gloomy doleful down blue grief-stricken moist melancholy down in the mouth watery dejected glum rueful bawling heartbroken downhearted sorry woebegone joyless crestfallen low heavy-hearted heartsick desolate low-spirited heartsore down in the dumps saddened anguished inconsolable morose heavyhearted dolorous lugubrious sombre dispirited despairing somber cheerless brokenhearted droopy cast down dismal disheartened blubbery lamenting troubled melancholic sullen pitiful lamentable grieving disappointed rheumy discouraged hurt bereaved demoralized grieved tristful wistful broken-hearted down-hearted demoralised afflicted hangdog in doldrums in grief in the dumps tear-filled depressing dreary pitiable wet wretched painful distressing aggrieved bitter regretful dolent misty-eyed misty displeased pained worried distraught sorrowing mourning unfocused blurry blurred pathetic heartrending saddening heartbreaking drear perturbed bothered dewy-eyed disturbed tormented concerned shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused poignant cloudy cut up all torn up shook up bad funereal piteous dirgeful pessimistic down in dumps moody out of sorts sick at heart pensive down in mouth morbid hapless crabby languished gray broken black dysphoric bowed down negative fed up languorous grey triste listless languid comfortless spiritless sulky saturnine harrowing grievous heart-rending funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome easily moved calamitous ruthful deplorable dire regrettable afflictive dolorific in floods of tears agonised with tears in your eyes disheartening dispiriting discouraging bleak upsetting tragic distressful dejecting grim disappointing mirthless down and out traumatic hopeless demoralizing unfortunate moving demoralising agonizing discomposing downbeat terrible oppressive tear-jerking agonising unpleasant dragged long-faced destroyed heart-wrenching poor depressive drab dreadful difficult excruciating shocking troublesome crushing defeatist daunting in low spirits torn up sunk in gloom in the doldrums vexatious uncomfortable cold abject helpless lost dingy horrific appalling horrifying derisible mortifying dark frightful lonesome forsaken forgotten abandoned lonely homeless hurtful touching friendless destitute uncared-for bereft disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable grave oppressed dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless alone weighed down grumpy hurting bleeding in a blue funk in pain bummed out let-down not happy


Excessively sentimental
sentimental emotional nostalgic mushy mawkish maudlin slushy sloppy schmaltzy soppy syrupy corny saccharine sugary overemotional sappy lovey-dovey romantic cloying drippy gooey tear-jerking tearful gushing over-sentimental soupy cutesy gushy touching sickly novelettish cheesy icky sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity pathetic cornball chocolate-box tender simpering twee wet treacly bathetic sloshy dewy-eyed hokey sick-making effusive three-hanky toe-curling sweet soapy softhearted dreamy impressionable overacted affected idealistic sobby demonstrative vapid passionate oversentimental jejune inane insipid lachrymose trite soft visionary moonstruck languishing rosewater silly nauseating sickening three-hankie banal sugar-coated hearts-and-flowers loving affectionate soft-hearted Mills-and-Boon teary oversweet sickly-sweet honeyed self-pitying sickly sweet tacky ingratiating candied feeble sad over-emotional melodramatic histrionic misty-eyed over-the-top too much unctuous cloyingly sweet moving stirring affecting poignant emotive powerful heart-rending heart-warming uplifting harrowing tragic impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic exciting thrilling impactful impressive heartrending expressive piteous pitiable fervent mournful deep distressing rousing pitiful intense plaintive disturbing heartfelt ardent fervid fiery upsetting inspiring miserable wretched eloquent doleful vehement profound burning saddening sincere meaningful abject agonizing spirited woeful sorrowful warming significant fierce agonising earnest affective zealous painful torrid arousing poor sensitive sorry lamentable grievous red-hot rueful compassionate deplorable dismal gut-wrenching forlorn energetic distressful strong excited cheering animated flaming encouraging inspirational telling gladdening feverish heated inspiriting heartwarming enthusiastic warm perfervid passional fanatical heartening consuming gripping provoking violent charged religious incandescent soulful evocative superheated glowing blazing stunning hot-blooded warm-blooded keen melting deeply felt wistful base worthless steamed up unfortunate vile scurvy wholehearted shabby afflicted suffering joyless commiserative distressed low comfortless cheerless inflamed melancholy to be pitied meager meagre controversial motivating bitter eager stirred feeling committed assiduous dedicated steadfast allegiant inflammatory contentious delicate wild anthemic frenzied touchy tragicomic messianic vigorous raging tumultuous uncontrollable awkward hot-button difficult problematic agitating perturbing impulsive impetuous ungovernable emotionally moving rewarding pleasing high-pressure forceful hotblooded stimulated precipitate headlong quickened high-powered disgraceful derisible small affectional arousing affect impelling emotion-charged gratifying satisfying cheerful striking breathless sententious merciful gladsome inspirative improving instigative elevating enriching disquieting inadequate beggarly despicable contemptible insignificant cheap paltry mean mortifying useless puny commiserable petty mind-blowing sympathetic responsive ruthful entrenched avid devout true acute genuine honest heightened severe serious extreme hard-core intrenched exceptional unfeigned rooted extraordinary disastrous dreadful awful catastrophic fatal appalling deep-rooted thorough bona fide deep-seated supreme excessive great inveterate grave calamitous deadly dire ruinous unforgettable anguished shocking terrible cataclysmic settled all-consuming bred-in-the-bone confirmed thoroughgoing indelible unhappy galling devastating horrendous vexatious despondent unlucky dejected regrettable gruesome spookish uncanny weird unearthly eery creepy memorable spooky eerie atmospheric inspired gloomy adverse lethal mortal grim crushing desolate vivid fateful ill-fated deathly destructive hapless ill-starred ongoing obsessive persistent repeated recurrent lasting nagging lingering recurring ablaze frantic urgent furious not to be forgotten never to be forgotten full-hearted worked up starry-eyed on fire fired up from the heart white-hot


A sentimental film or book

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