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(usually of children) someone who behaves in a manner that the speaker believes is correct


Obeying the laws of society
law-abiding obedient compliant honest correct good honorable honourable orderly peaceable peaceful righteous dutiful ethical high-minded lawful moral principled proper right-minded solid virtuous worthy amenable biddable civilised civilized clean-living conformable decent docile duteous manageable submissive tractable upright upstanding deferential disciplined just respectable respectful straight above board well-behaved regardful nonviolent noble polite ruly courteous reputable acquiescent pliant devoted decorous reverential attentive morally correct loyal faithful well trained well disciplined well mannered well-mannered willing peacekeeping complying respected venerable cordial harmonious amicable friendly amiable strife-free fair esteemed glorious distinguished restrained controlled trusty notable great reliable eminent trustworthy well-trained prestigious quiet non-violent civil thoughtful considerate high-principled stand-up meek yielding subservient unresisting observant malleable ingratiating governable accommodating under control obeisant passive mannerly obsequious bootlicking tame calm tranquil pliable servile resigned honoring complaisant sheeplike venerating honouring controllable docious obliging hearsome unquestioning seemly conscientious at peace well brought up cooperative tolerant mindful well-brought-up wrapped around finger in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches dedicated responsible punctilious at one's beck and call reverent deferent filial pure rectitudinous dignified equitable obligatory binding professional saintlike exemplary admirable saintly godly meritorious lofty laudable incorruptible incumbent on innocent uncorrupted untainted angelic favoring balanced elevated right right-thinking self-righteous incorrupt sinless whiter than white squeaky clean unimpeachable sound scrupulous unbribable pure as the driven snow incorrupted clean praiseworthy lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible guiltless charitable estimable irreproachable blameless anti-corruption sanctimonious favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly straightforward proud


Of, being, pertaining to, or resembling a gentleman or gentlemen
gentlemanly chivalrous mannerly obliging refined civil courteous cultivated gallant polite honourable suave attentive courtly genteel respectful accommodating civilised civilized considerate cultured gentlemanlike gracious noble polished thoughtful urbane well-bred well-mannered correct gentle honorable reputable well bred well mannered ladylike well-behaved decorous affable decent cordial kind well brought up sophisticated friendly good-mannered deferential charming tactful diplomatic discreet pleasant elegant complaisant debonair well brought-up well-spoken well spoken charitable hospitable benevolent genial formal proper well-brought-up enlightened educated aristocratic advanced couth respectable tolerant accomplished patrician well-born highborn blue-blooded soft-spoken good mannered developed humane taught upper-crust trained conciliatory politic punctilious mild amenable sympathetic good-natured neighborly obsequious concerned neighbourly condescending poised amiable sociable bland solicitous smooth dignified stylish great lordly highbred cool self-possessed svelte posh stately wellborn glib slick upper-class unctuous high knightly lofty distinguished grand royal titled elite upmarket fine high-minded worldly worldly-wise well born silver-spoon upper crust silk-stocking high-born tasteful magnanimous classy majestic graceful handsome smooth-tongued pleasing sublime ingratiating spiffy swanky silver-tongued oily amicable superior media-savvy princely queenly kingly huntin', shootin', fishin' of gentle birth top drawer protective smooth-talking cosmopolitan haughty snobbish agreeable wellmannered ceremonious soft impeccable fulsome distingué proud balanced metropolitan privileged aloof august prim flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing studied conventional exalted blue aristocratical Brahmin born with a silver spoon in one's mouth ennobled top-drawer regal kindly persuasive smarmy together warm-hearted beneficent indulgent benign kind-hearted facile collected composed unruffled silky possessed coolheaded equable sedate dashing confident self-assured self-composed understanding easy giving good-hearted congenial approachable big-hearted loving tender forthcoming bonhomous trim dapper smart spruce fly attractive swish snappy sharp top-rank high-up top-level sovereign sovran high-ranking baronial top-ranking courageous brave trig well groomed well dressed well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly chivalric bold valiant intrepid heroic valorous on fleek daring loyal elevated greathearted just big fair natural true virtuous constant precise manly great-hearted spirited quixotic noble-minded discerning accurate evolved pinpoint airy dainty spot-on close late exquisite higher progressive improved sensitive forward mathematical rigorous discriminating fastidious restrained plush high-brow snazzy aesthetic ritzy esthetic experienced


Polite, calm, and sensible in behaviour
decorous proper seemly correct decent becoming befitting fit fitting polite appropriate suitable respectable genteel sedate dignified mannerly refined tactful tasteful civilised civilized courtly demure formal modest polished staid gentlemanly ladylike nice reserved comely couth in good taste well-behaved well bred well mannered ceremonial conforming conventional de rigueur done elegant good meet moral prim restrained right seasonable well-mannered au fait comme il faut cultured courteous cultivated sophisticated civil gracious well-bred graceful chivalrous noble distinguished respectful gallant developed classy aristocratic gentle impeccable urbane stylish accomplished affected punctilious posh distingué prissy condescending hollow ostentatious fashionable prudish patronizing pretentious snooty confined priggish stuffy la-di-da patronising snobbish straitlaced precious artificial pompous intolerant discreet apt accepted acceptable orthodox standard approved traditional apposite customary usual OK presentable honourable honorable worthy virtuous compatible suited done thing congruous applicable prudent felicitous pretty protocol in order ceremonious diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy kosher consistent consonant congenial pleasing timely okay careful the done thing pukka right stuff honest upright reputable admirable established trustworthy respected due clean-living in line by the numbers by the book straight strait-laced puritanical fitted neat smart estimable spruce above board venerable tidy accurate exact regular official moderate august ordinary redoubted redoubtable creditable sublime of good repute well-thought-of mediocre legitimate precise happy welcome fair qualified desired de règle sensible just highly regarded in keeping


ordered arranged consistent controlled efficient orderly organised organized regimented regular rigid self-controlled steady strict structured well-arranged well-ordered disciplined systematised systematized tidy well thought-out all together businesslike in good shape in order law-abiding methodical neat peaceable precise shipshape systematic well-behaved well-organized meticulous planned methodic coordinated well ordered methodized exact regulated careful logical standardized well organized coherent fixed standardised together formal spick-and-span well-regulated effective supervised scrupulous systematical governed well-kept measured painstaking well regulated well thought out trim deliberate routine unified delimited practical clean classified restricted formulated severe closely controlled well planned on a tight rein in apple-pie order skillful directed skilful managed settled strictly controlled uniform uncluttered punctilious correct spruce thorough prim kempt trig immaculate straightened out crisp tidied straight groomed snug smug bandbox antiseptic slick tricksy standard chipper well-groomed sorted out well kept analytical thoroughgoing fastidious in good order neat and tidy spick and span picked up by the book by the numbers complete shipshape and Bristol fashion to rights out-and-out joined-up as neat as a new pin well-maintained restrained reduced nonrandom harsh monitored spotless superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered Bristol fashion as fresh as paint in tip-top condition sensible in sync no-nonsense guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious correlated cataloged tabulated conscientious well run regimental framed alike rangé scientific set-up conventional negotiated contrived enforced grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared workaday matter-of-fact organic unchanging even unvarying unvaried competent monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull in shape neat as button neat as pin heedful conscionable punctual fussy finicky demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking sleek cleanly presentable well-turned-out well arranged apple-pie order neat as a pin

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