Synonym of wet

Alternative for wet

wets, wetted, wetting, wetter, wettest

Antonym: dry,


Covered or saturated with water or another liquid
soaked drenched dripping saturated damp moist soggy moistened sopping waterlogged soaking sodden watery bedraggled dampened bathed doused saturate soppy soused squelchy washed watered awash boggy dank dowsed logged marshy miry swampy aqueous clammy dewy slimy slippery teary water-soaked dripping wet sopping wet water-logged wet through wringing-wet wringing wet soft spongy oozy quaggy slushy sticky muddy sloppy fenny mucky heavy humid mushy squashy squidgy squishy gooey soaking wet gloopy pulpy soaked to the skin perspiring sweating wringing droukit perspiry drippy stinky covered with sweat soaked through sweaty muggy streaming drowned pappy doughy pulpous semi-liquid paludal sudoriferous like a drowned rat mossy pasty covered steeped inundated sultry glowing over-moist soft and wet sludgy marish uliginose hot liquid greasy flooded gunky gummy viscid yielding fleshy sparkling flushed big afloat unstable muddied splashed bemired squooshy flabby hosed wetted irrigated sprayed quenched showered sprinkled paludine colourless waterlike dim anemic bloodless flavourless serous watered-down flavorless colorless hazy anaemic beaded clogged claggy clarty sloughy subfuse thick moory peaty uliginous teeming drizzling stormy showery rainy misty pouring raining snowy foggy thin soupy runny succulent immersed impregnate full overwhelmed packed marinated overfull replete brimful overloaded brimming gelatinous cushy cushiony downy splashy slap streaming wet diaphoretic sudoric ripe lush sappy plunged dunked coated viscous glutinous mellow luscious tender mucous slithery mucilaginous mucoid oily sauced thirst-quenching juicy syrupy dipped slippy lubricous yukky slick scummy muculent


Showing no strength of character
soft weak effete feeble silly foolish spineless ineffectual timorous weedy wimpish wimpy ineffective inept timid boneless characterless cowardly drippy frail invertebrate nerveless pathetic sissified sissy spiritless weakened weakling chicken daft irresolute nerdy wussy limp-wristed weak-kneed wishy-washy milk-and-water namby-pamby yellow-bellied fearful lily-livered craven pusillanimous gutless yellow faint-hearted candy-assed pigeon-hearted chicken-hearted poor-spirited quaking trembling chicken-livered cowering recreant scared nervous shrinking unheroic afraid impotent jittery poltroon apprehensive dastardly enervated chickenhearted milk-livered indecisive panicky frightened insipid abject weak-willed submissive debilitated wavering vacillating languid inadequate vapid intimidated tremulous shaky jumpy unnerved half-hearted feart unassertive easily frightened useless diffident jejune daunted fallible meek caitiff slight cowed lacking courage shy retiring hesitant tentative anxious pigeonhearted fainthearted sapped unsubstantial delicate enfeebled dismayed wasted faint asthenic tender easily led softened prostrate infirm down-and-out prostrated innocuous inefficient incompetent milksoppish petrified unmanly coward soppy insufficient easily scared nervy mean-spirited simpering colourless mousy niddering epicene spooked insignificant lame poltroonish funky coy swishy snowflake mousey cringey skittish gentle browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured colorless deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking low unprincipled unethical tricky fickle passive afraid of one's own shadow faltering dithering tame having cold feet vulnerable errant defenceless susceptible malleable impressionable bland limp powerless undetermined indeterminate imperfect erring flawed resistless corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling yielding unreliable unsure undependable flavourless mediocre watered-down listless sapless flavorless dull easily tempted defenseless squeamish startled terrified white-livered sookie base cowhearted backward worthless paper tiger no guts running scared having the willies compliant scary weak-minded biddable persuasible persuadable feeble-minded self-effacing reserved quiet modest unassuming demure bashful humble reticent fearsome trepidatious shuddering doubtful forceless afraid of one's shadow pithless without a will of your own without guts changeable dishonourable dishonorable cringing ignoble unresisting obedient acquiescent tractable unprotesting deferential alarmed like a lamb to the slaughter tense uneasy exhausted drained spent worried wired disquieted affrighted horrified horror-struck aghast terrorized hysteric hysterical shocked decrepit afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick quivery in a blue funk sheepish goose-bumpy disturbed in a dither perturbed solicitous phobic have cold feet scared to death in a funk aflutter terrorised agitated discomposed worn out vitiated washed-out declining played out


Excessively sentimental or emotional
sentimental schmaltzy corny mushy sappy cloying maudlin mawkish novelettish soppy spooney spoony drippy gooey saccharine sloppy slushy soupy sugary fruity sugarcoated lovey-dovey chocolate-box sticky syrupy sickly cheesy twee cutesy icky romantic treacly weepy cornball over-sentimental sick-making tear-jerking overemotional hokey toe-curling gushing gushy sloshy nauseating bathetic touching sickening pathetic three-hanky nostalgic tender jejune tearful oversweet inane simpering sweet dewy-eyed soapy honeyed emotional sobby softhearted dreamy impressionable overacted affected idealistic effusive demonstrative vapid passionate hearts-and-flowers insipid Mills-and-Boon sickly-sweet three-hankie trite banal soft visionary moonstruck languishing rosewater sugar-coated silly cute oversentimental tacky lachrymose loving affectionate fatuous sickly sweet hacky soft-hearted bromidic kitsch cornpone kitschy melodramatic schlocky choking campy over-emotional dime-store self-pitying ingratiating corn-fed candied warmed-over teary feeble disgusting OTT excessive over the top unctuous cloyingly sweet pretty picturesque romanticised attractive romanticized pretty-pretty soft-focus moving poignant affecting emotive heart-rending stirring tragic disturbing sad heart-warming evocative heartbreaking unreserved impressive unrestrained plaintive impactful heartrending precious sensitive exciting thrilling fulsome affective melting enthusiastic impassioned wistful poetic harrowing misty-eyed piteous pitiful upsetting extravagant ebullient rhapsodic expansive hagiographical lyrical adulatory lavish exuberant oleaginous hagiographic saddening over-effusive oily pitiable goo-goo over-enthusiastic expressive hyped up histrionic laid on with a trowel gentle over-the-top too much quaint bijou melancholy depressing dainty namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane powerful overdone sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull uplifting dramatic soul-stirring haunting touchy miserable mournful wretched intense overenthusiastic visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions


(of paint, ink, plaster, or a similar substance) Not yet having dried or hardened


Being under the influence of alcohol
loaded drunk inebriated inebriate drunken plastered intoxicated hammered high wasted smashed tipsy blitzed bombed sozzled blotto canned sloshed sottish pickled stewed soused blasted tight tanked squiffy tiddly ripped besotted juiced stiff squiffed crocked slang fried blind cockeyed lit impaired oiled gassed stoned stinking boozy potted looped befuddled buzzed wrecked merry fuddled trashed zonked woozy crapulous steaming tippling legless crapulent bladdered soaked maudlin paralytic incapable bevvied toping ratted mullered lashed reeling trolleyed slaughtered wired fou guttered stinko cut bibulous steamed foxed screwed sotted full shickered ebriate shot sauced inked lekker munted monged pixilated ebrious ebriose crock swacked zoned pie-eyed under the influence lit up drunk as a skunk under the table dead drunk gin-soaked blind drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk three sheets to the wind worse for drink tanked up worse for wear well oiled out of it rat-arsed wiped out drunk as a lord cock-eyed half cut well away liquored up two sheets to the wind in the bag Brahms and Liszt having had a skinful grogged up strung out half seas over monged out tired and emotional having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick in one's cups under the weather flying three sheets in the wind totaled boozed up bashed groggy half-seas over seeing double feeling no pain flushed muddled laced glazed steamboats mashed lush sodden off your face out to it high as a kite kaylied boozed-up langered dronkverdriet broken ossified stukkend in tanked-up blatted elephants polluted sat happy babalas well-oiled intemperate red-nosed one over the eight gin-sodden in your cups bacchic Adrian Quist spaced tripping jacked irrigated unsteady faced drinking dazed beery gone schnockered the worse for drink slightly drunk under the influence of intoxicating liquor hard-drinking half in the bag dead to the world half-crocked out of one's head feeling good hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box blazed obliterated demolished snockered boozing stupefied baked drugged doped cooked boozed unsober sloppy elevated mellow addled tied one on out off one's head geeked blown-up spaced out zonked-out out of one's gourd half-cut spaced-out burned-out on a trip hopped-up off one's face narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away dead-drunk turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind


Miserably inadequate
pathetic sorry pitiful feeble miserable poor inadequate woeful contemptible deplorable despicable lamentable meager meagre useless worthless wretched pants petty crummy insufficient measly negligible paltry pitiable sad trashy insubstantial poxy rubbishy unsatisfactory wanky disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable shameful inferior lousy dreadful awful terrible atrocious rotten appalling bad dire substandard abysmal hopeless execrable rubbish mediocre dismal duff frightful second-rate shoddy diabolical deficient lame unacceptable abominable horrible cheap a load of pants laughable third-rate low-grade junky nasty wanting chronic imperfect very bad disagreeable dissatisfactory shabby defective not up to snuff ineffectual below par ineffective ropy shocking low-rent subpar suboptimal God-awful faulty inept incompetent schlocky horrendous bargain-basement odious second-class egregious low-quality grotty disastrous two-bit offensive bum schlock base pits coarse cruddy vile not up to scratch abject disappointing weak loathsome under par direful gross punk common leaving much to be desired sub-par below standard revolting abhorrent sucky not much cop unsound repulsive mean gimcrack regrettable cut-rate no good hideous distasteful horrid disgusting crude flawed subnormal low godawful inefficient below average unfortunate average junk calamitous beastly repugnant incapable ordinary amateurish trumpery distressing bush-league dirty stinking detestable grim unexceptional pedestrian dodgy lacking reprehensible unfit wack dime-a-dozen grievous the pits good-for-nothing sordid el cheapo not up to par middling lemon poorer downmarket indifferent sleazy scurvy repellent sickening grubby scummy ratty scabby impotent obnoxious heinous ghastly cheapjack intolerable cheesy unspeakable wrong bush off crumby tawdry hack not up to much déclassé inefficacious not good enough a dead loss scandalous unpleasant unsuccessful inexpert repellant sneaking objectionable unworthy nauseating outrageous unsuitable displeasing unproficient heartbreaking undesirable horrifying counterproductive hellacious sour unbearable tragic damnable ignoble insufferable villainous low-end poor-quality bungling powerless futile careless gruesome foul ignominious ugly nauseous unfitted rancid unqualified fruitless unskilful hateful valueless feckless profitless discreditable disreputable disquieting bodger monstrous disturbing inapt garbage indefensible less-than-stellar beyond the pale low-down unable to do something for toffee beyond contempt piteous thin negligent evil noisome fulsome noxious obscene pointless unsightly flimsy desperate unhappy catastrophic unavailing unable hamstrung inexpedient unproductive outcast disconcerting amiss senseless degrading impermissible inadmissible inappropriate unskilled degenerate vain unusable ill lacking ability grave nugatory afflictive uncomfortable meaningless impaired inutile very poor ham-fisted unskillful cack-handed mournful opprobrious insupportable bootless yucky distressful troublesome downer bummer empty snide currish iniquitous unprofitable wicked excruciating unsavory ridiculous derisory inproficient awkward ineligible inexperienced disqualified unequipped tragical stupid unwelcome tatty piddling heartrending upsetting uncool no-good silly unappealing uninviting affecting icky barren broken unsavoury tinhorn to no avail grody scurrilous stinky irremediable for the birds harmful from hunger not equal to no great shakes poor quality heart-rending tenth-rate god-awful not up to it low-minded forlorn unconvincing stark crying tame blithering dilapidated slovenly inexcusable implausible tinny tricky well below par unforgivable unequal reduced limited cursed flaming inglorious preposterous puny shallow glaring low quality little unpardonable unconscionable foolish sinful piss-poor despisable disdainable shlocky godforsaken seedy shlock infernal accursed confounded cataclysmic cowardly immoral poorly tacky not cutting it flat sparing restricted inappreciable inconsiderable footling not much chop hateworthy unjustifiable rough hellish rebarbative disgustful loathly underwhelming dime-store twopenny-halfpenny nefarious unlucky flagrant beggarly swinish crass run down jerry-built weak sauce off-color absurd ludicrous rueful half-pie criminal raunchy diddly blah bad news fallacious grungy not good erroneous not the best strictly for the birds of a sort down at heel flagitious foolish-looking under-strength anticlimactic unseemly unsatisfying unfulfilling weighty taxing melancholy exceptionable improper bathetic uninteresting failing unprincipled unimpressive dubious unreasonable questionable unscrupulous impractical disillusioning losing naive frail butterfingers vulnerable dependent unsuited condemnable out cheapo from hell inacceptable reject tinpot Mickey Mouse unequal to the task blameworthy overwhelming dolorous filthy not all it's cracked up to be falling short not up to something not know one's arse from one's elbow out of one's depth not up to not equal to something not on second rate not cricket of poor quality won't do over the fence not quite the done thing half-baked not up to standard of low quality out of order cheapie slimy caitiff infamous scungy unworkable unable to do something to save one's life purposeless beneath contempt low-life below contempt dirty rotten troubling horrific worrisome irksome discomforting unserviceable nonfunctional severe unsettling forbidding agonizing traumatic stressful perturbing unpalatable daunting torturous stillborn nonpractical otiose inoperative unpurposed impracticable unfunctional humourless harrowing sombre unnerving annoying humorless difficult discomposing sober doleful bitter agitating irritating mortifying harsh solemn somber dissatisfying gloomy lurid sedate hairy tormenting worrying grisly troublous unendurable frightening fraught vexatious macabre nightmarish depressing expendable of no use scrap unuseful inoperable Sisyphean dysfunctional not useful to no purpose in vain abortive yukky cruel saddening afflicting hurtful galling hostile concerning agonising anguished sorrowful painful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing nerve-racking off-putting nail-biting heart-breaking gut-wrenching extremely bad nerve-wracking trifling unprofessional blundering damaged floundering no use incapacitated cowboy inconsequential trivial hollow clumsy skill-less null banal unimportant insignificant chaffy nickel-and-dime unhandy raw helpless untrained unapt amateur uninitiated maladroit unadapted unfructuous of no benefit bogus nothing sterile waste abandoned unessential undependable unreliable leaving a lot to be desired two a penny less capable a dime a dozen not worth a hill of beans not have it out to lunch not cut out for


Fresh and innocent
dewy innocent naive simple unsophisticated green ingenuous unworldly unsuspicious unsuspecting unwary naif unknowing uncritical simpleminded primitive damp moist dewy-eyed wide-eyed aw-shucks dew-covered heavy with dew inexperienced raw childlike immature ignorant unschooled callow credulous wet behind the ears fresh born yesterday natural impressionable gullible unfledged artless unaffected trusting undeveloped untutored uninitiated rookie untrained unseasoned unstudied new unacquainted unfamiliar youthful young naïf as green as grass guileless unpretentious untaught tenderfoot easy tender folksy unartificial clean uninformed jejune plain nescient like a babe in the woods amateur unskilled idealistic unsceptical unpractised undeceitful corn-fed country uncool accepting infant juvenile adolescent vulnerable naïve unqualified over-trusting unguarded unquestioning trustful babe in woods susceptible exploitable gullable childish vernal verdant unripe easily deceived easily taken in green as grass lacking experience savage uncivilized uncultivated barbaric barbarian unrefined amateurish untested untried unpracticed just starting out unversed unconversant unaccustomed unproven inexpert uncivilised fierce unlearned uncultured untamed animal brutish undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped austere atavistic nonliterate wild barbarous modest down-to-earth unpolished unassuming gauche parochial provincial rustic cornball bush-league corny homey unadulterated kid pure genuine without airs authentic fond insensible unwise confiding silly virginal uncorrupted virgin cute quaint shallow unjaded uneducated countrified Panglossian starry-eyed simple-minded oblivious unaware unmindful unwitting unenlightened incognizant benighted clueless unconscious uninstructed open unformed unripened illiterate unread unlettered thick moronic rude puerile spontaneous witless unknowledgeable easily led sophomoric undisciplined dense stupid unpretending in the dark birdbrained unintellectual heedless inept mindless obtuse imbecilic dupable deceivable cretinous dumb analphabetic wet behind ears foolish crude believing unintelligent misinformed over-trustful childly prentice humble homely unused apprenticed real true spring chicken unfamiliar with slow uncomplicated honest-to-goodness fleeceable unskeptical blind to biting honest frank dim dopey dark babyish frivolous unscholarly unimposing unostentatious uninitiate sincere dozy unpresumptuous backward blind airheaded unweaned unbaked sophomore jellybean not aware easy-going laid-back self-effacing slow on the uptake not dry behind ears idiotic brainless feeble-minded unrehearsed developing junior fledgling budding uninhibited indiscriminating fresh-faced unstudious incompetent girlish boyish ordinary impractical dull tenderfooted newly arrived lamblike overtrusting kidstuff wholesome half-witted ill-informed vacuous slow-witted thickheaded thick-witted quiet straightforward lowly imprudent unskillful softheaded unsmart nonprofessional unprofessional candid simplistic jackleg soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike unwarned uncontrived undesigning unspoiled unobtrusive readily swallowing whole easy mark readily taken in readily falling for swallowing undoubting cracker-barrel inelaborate unambitious down uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic unembellished taken in off guard up front down home on the up and up brash reckless superstitious inattentive deaf insensitive unobservant unperceptive unresponsive prone to superstition caught napping unconcerned out of it inconversant not all there mooning spacey out to lunch not cognizant not in the loop doped in a daze daydreaming forgetful negligent careless deaf to out cold superficial daft uncomprehending dotish divvy chowderheaded dof hebete glaikit empty-headed pig-ignorant thick as two short planks not the full shilling as thick as two short planks a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic dead from the neck up


Crying or inclined to cry
tearful crying sobbing weeping weepy lachrymose teary whimpering blubbering wailing distressed emotional sad snivelling unhappy upset blubbing greeting in tears larmoyant bawling blubbery close to tears disconsolate howling lamentable lamenting miserable moist pitiable pitiful rueful sniveling watery woeful on the verge of tears heartbreaking heartrending melancholy sorry mournful depressing dismal dreary saddening pathetic drear dolorous tear-filled poignant sorrowful gloomy doleful sombre somber forlorn glum cheerless blue melancholic depressed despondent desolate joyless dejected wretched morose woebegone crestfallen bleak lugubrious downcast down funereal sullen cast down grim heartbroken comfortless downhearted down in the mouth in the dumps low grief-stricken black heartsick heavy-hearted low-spirited heartsore morbid dark afflicted saddened dispiriting down in the dumps inconsolable dispirited heavyhearted despairing cloudy brokenhearted dire distressing droopy gray grey saturnine anguished solemn troubled disheartening uninviting depressive misty hangdog cold godforsaken spiritless dejecting upsetting broken-hearted oppressive chill murky tenebrific sepulchral darkening plutonian tenebrous mourning lonesome dreich sunless elegiac lonely elegiacal piteous Cimmerian disheartened heart-rending painful dull grieving harrowing drab disappointed dewy-eyed discouraged maudlin hurt bereaved demoralized drearisome grieved tristful rheumy wistful austere unwelcoming down-hearted demoralised regretful dour dim dingy bare inhospitable stark abject bland in doldrums in grief clinical draggy mopey uncomfortable impersonal wintery institutional down-and-out wintry jarring moving touching grave tear-jerking teary-eyed discouraging hopeless sorrowing aggrieved afflictive bitter dolent out of sorts fed up heartsickening displeased pained affecting worried distraught perturbed bothered bad disturbed tormented concerned dirgeful mawkish sensitive unfocused blurry blurred shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused daunting pessimistic with tears in one's eyes down in dumps moody sick at heart pensive down in mouth hapless cut up all torn up shook up crabby languished broken dysphoric bowed down negative languorous triste listless languid sulky ghastly inauspicious horrid disagreeable troublesome gruesome unfortunate overemotional demoralizing disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable sentimental distressful demoralising unpleasant disappointing oversentimental downbeat grumpy dragged mirthless destroyed hurting bleeding in a blue funk down and out in pain bummed out let-down not happy long-faced grievous funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome over-sentimental self-pitying calamitous ruthful deplorable regrettable dolorific agonised easily moved in floods of tears with tears in your eyes


Rainy weather
rain drizzle damp rainfall storm deluge downpour raindrops rains shower torrent dew downfall precipitation rainstorm showers thunderstorm cloudburst pour spray showery weather damp weather rainy season rainy weather wet weather cat-and-dog weather driving rain monsoon precip squall drencher flood mizzle rainwater Scotch mist torrential rain torrent of rain dampness cloudbust inundation moisture pouring rain heavy shower sprinkle fall pouring mist sheets condensation sleet liquid sunshine sun shower heavy dew fall of rain tempest cyclone hurricane gale tornado typhoon blizzard snowstorm superstorm windstorm hailstorm blast whirlwind williwaw buran gust blow twister electrical storm raining cats and dogs ice storm dust devil dust storm tropical storm wind flurry scud puff rush tropical cyclone weather event windblast breeze hail snowfall eddy whiteout swirl willy-willy burst wetness snow draught whirl draft strong breeze turbulence snowsquall cyclonic storm funnel billow bluster wind-shift line squall line hailstones washout heavy rain waft zephyr splatter line storm hail shower light fall strong wind buster flaw burster puff of wind frozen rain stormy weather extreme weather severe weather inclement weather poor weather hazardous weather outbreak chinook mistral high wind line squall violent storm howling wind trouble gush white-out gust of wind whirlpool bad weather snow storm snow blast heavy snow snow squall maelstrom gyre countercurrent Charybdis gulf counterflow swirling vortex waterspout quagmire morass tourbillion spiral tidal wave


To be, or cause to be, wet or waterlogged
dampen drench moisten soak damp douse splash humidify saturate souse spray sop sprinkle water waterlog bathe deluge dowse irrigate bedraggle drown flood hose rinse sodden steep wash drouk imbue ret fertigate hose down water-soak wet down make wet dip in immerse submerge shower dip slosh dunk plunge spatter inundate duck slop submerse splatter bedew lave moisturize moisturise squirt sluice impregnate swamp besprinkle bespatter macerate cleanse dash sink plash dabble lower flush cover baptise baptize dew sparge humect humify clean seethe wet through swash bath strew overwhelm pitch get wet hydrate paddle scatter suffuse imbrue slabber lap infuse daub spritz engulf wash out mark speckle scrub soap smear stain sponge launder tub immerge water down marinate splodge blotch gulf swill scour disinfect swab swill down pour sluice down overflow shampoo whelm rinse out bewater remoisturize permeate quench drool wet thoroughly make damp pickle snuff squench trail guddle atomize diffuse teem seep merge asperse brine marinade preserve plunge into water stream gush bring water to make fertile throw wade wallow lather transfuse penetrate douche percolate rehydrate moistify lick mist sog steam do the laundry do the dishes dry-clean debouch imbathe rain on scrub down wipe immerse yourself lip splat starch soil dirty wash off purify out wash lightly shine speck bubble float flush away flush out mottle take a shower wash up clean up take a bath freshen up brush up fresh up fleck sponge down wash down get water on bedabble bestrew splotch throw liquid spangle discharge disperse stipple splutter spot broadcast dot polka-dot smudge dribble sputter emit pervade fill charge inform filter enter snow clean out seep through diffuse through percolate through filter through stand drain overwater overrun sloosh syringe clear glut eject beflood pour down on sloosh down descend go under subside sound pour over infiltrate overload spread interpenetrate perfuse riddle pass through besiege beset spread throughout spread through overburden bury capsize consume overpower pass diffuse throughout go through pierce invade ingrain stab be disseminated through percolate into flow through soak through run through stalk leak extend throughout interfuse infect overcrowd snow under crowd weigh down wash over seep in seep into flow into work into filter in bog down swallow up

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