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'hwɑpə(r) /'wɒp-


a gross untruth; a blatant liesomething especially big or impressive of its kind


A gross or blatant lie
fabrication falsehood lie untruth fib fable falsity story deception invention prevarication fairy tale falsification fiction half-truth exaggeration fake news made-up story myth rumor rumour trumped-up story yarn barefaced lie fairy story mendacity piece of fiction pretense pretence pretext ruse sham stratagem tale taradiddle tarradiddle trickery white lie wile alternative fact little white lie porky red herring cock and bull story departure from the truth flight of fancy pork pie porky pie tall story tall tale terminological inexactitude big lie figment of the imagination remarkable story misrepresentation canard bulldust deceit cock-and-bull story line concoction figment crock hogwash distortion untruthfulness fantasy jazz dishonesty perjury untruism fish story misinformation inaccuracy fancy disinformation fraud gossip dissimulation propaganda misstatement fake falseness romance forgery phantasy shaggy-dog story fraudulence smoke detraction clothesline angler's tale pishogue whisper plumper equivocation spinach evasiveness nancy story false statement bunk excuse half truth inveracity guile subterfuge claptrap fibbery cover-up feigning fakery hyperbole opus artifact jive work artefact evasion backbiting one for the birds rigmarole spiel economy with the truth false report scandal chestnut defamation conspiracy theory song and dance truthlessness baloney fallaciousness hypocrisy rant misjudgement misjudgment hollowness fallacy double-dealing duplicity erroneousness treachery fictitiousness unreality inexactness deceptiveness unveracity cheating perfidy deceitfulness improvisation fibs illusion lies legend novel nonsense incorrectness spuriousness uncandidness insincerity disingenuousness speciousness purple prose storytelling imagination creativity narration urban myth hooey work of fiction short stories made up story potboiler unrealism narrative best seller nonfiction urban legend literature creative writing anecdote figment of imagination works of fiction short story book work of imagination drama cliff-hanger kidology make-believe delusion dream lying vision hoax hallucination mendaciousness daydream artifice chimera charade whimsy pipe dream chimaera simulation masquerade contrivance faking fantasm conceit phantasm mirage pose act reverie imitation front play-acting posturing castle in the air posing counterfeit lack of veracity disguise daydreaming playacting fibbing nonentity phony ideation dissembling put-on phoney creation of the brain spoof thought perfidiousness bubble imaginativeness acting fool's paradise posture self-deception show facade shamming misconception guise telling stories creation semblance error cover façade copy airs display appearance veneer apparition wish romancing whim stall con imagining trick desire caprice visualization visualisation vagary inventiveness swindle imposture envisioning castle in Spain pie in the sky imaginative faculty wildest dream phantom of the mind creature of the imagination misinterpretation misunderstanding double-crossing two-facedness unreliability codology originality persuasion misbelief prepared speech speculation pretending superstition escape spin sophistry calumny affectation dreaming creative thought attitudinizing cant false notion mistaken belief chicanery apologue attitude bluff performance obfuscation misreport stance production underhandedness white lies simulacrum putting on an act fictitious story folk ballad dissemblance veil stunt shuffling routine cloak ostentation gag mask schtick spectre snare pretentiousness pageant pretension role-playing game account dodge cop-out ostensible reason chaser ploy hamming feint dissimilation little white lies false rumour false information forswearing report phantom bogy monstrosity monster will-o'-the-wisp false display sweet talk soft soap a put-up job false front a put-on shuck and jive saga false colours novelette bending of the truth false trail novella ignis fatuus virtual reality specter rainbow fata morgana reproduction sketch parable way around history bum steer misleading information counterfeiting image adventure conception lore folklore oathbreach mythos mock-up dummy nightmare prose pirating coining reminiscence false pretense dumb act lookalike likeness song lying under oath wilful falsehood giving false testimony bearing false witness power of invention wishful thinking conceiving hope fond hope head trip air castle cloud cuckoo land product of someone's imagination mind trip fanciful notion flight of imagination utopia inclination folk story folk tale sea story traveller's tale pinchbeck rip-off dupe knock-off pirate preference attraction partiality fondness urge liking relish predilection taste want impulse like mind's eye mental image imaginative power false swearing false oath pseudo four-flusher sleight junque gold brick flimflam replica imposition scam craving bent yearning hankering thirst longing pining love penchant need ache appetite hunger shine impersonation bearing false testimony forswearing oneself oath breaking false testimony giving false evidence violation of an oath envisagement quirk predisposition eccentricity idea itch kink picture humour thing yen whimsey humor peculiarity fraudulent imitation making false statements fraudulent copying sweet tooth druthers love affair eyes for


The biggest serving of something


A large thing


Something that is particularly outstanding, unusual, or exceptional
humdinger beauty beaut knockout standout dream corker honey ripper doozy ripsnorter dandy hummer snorter peach crackajack crackerjack lollapalooza doozie lulu sweetheart daisy pip nifty dilly pippin sockdolager sockdologer something ace champion champ hit pistol winner jim-dandy hot stuff something else cat's meow the bee's knees smash hit cracker stunner wow smasher sensation looker vision goddess dish eyeful lovely enchantress picture cutie fox cutey babe belle cookie queen cooky good-looker beauty queen dolly bird pearl dazzler Venus dreamboat gem bombshell joy to behold bit of all right killer exception innovation surprise stonker nice one cat's whiskers the business cat's pyjamas cat's pajamas the bomb the fox's socks dog's bollocks delight spectacle joy charmer sight show beautiful sight bobby-dazzler eye-catcher pearler wonder marvel ravisher seductress mantrap dolly treasure sight for sore eyes pleasure phenomenon vision of loveliness thrill pleasure to behold delectation ecstasy enchanter ornament Apollo Adonis glamour puss head turner femme fatale heart-throb good-looking person good looker English rose beautiful woman ten glamour-puss doll showstopper hottie smash big success siren angel pin-up cover girl bathing beauty dollface tomato cupcake centerfold centrefold cutie-pie glamour girl raving beauty good-looking woman hot dish hot number sex kitten dream girl sex bunny broad bunny chick sexpot attractive woman triumph bit of alright bimbo jaw-dropper debutante coquette bit of crumpet model perfect picture Miss America Miss Universe feast for the eyes glamor girl sex pot blockbuster star portent astonishment curiosity wonderment miracle prodigy genius whiz one for the books the eighth wonder of the world


A very large marine mammal with a streamlined hairless body, a horizontal tail fin, and a blowhole on top of the head for breathing


A large quantity of something
amount pile bundle load quantity slew tonne ton volume chunk deal heap hunk mess raft spate stack boatload mountain ream score slat store wad flock gob jillion mint pack passel peck scads aplenty bags mucho oodles bunch mass bulk lot abundance profusion multiplicity degree wealth measure portion share fistful jumble extent plethora pot stock batch stockpile myriad plentitude plenty lashings basketful reams truckload distribution plenitude barrel potful cluster bank scad sum clump yard dozen sight plateful bucket carload much bushel hoard agglomeration assemblage collection ocean deposit mound aggregation lump haul concentration hill amassment shipload superabundance loads gobs lashins sheaf hundred good deal lots great deal masses heaps all kinds of quite a bit piles tons tonnes shedload swag stacks quantities scores oceans million a lot cornucopia trillion millions multitude host fullness number thousand mountains large quantity large amount many gathering accumulation cargo congeries harvest thousands copiousness hundreds billions gazillions total bounty opulence sea assortment great amount a great deal flood large number numerous exuberance ample riot lavishness excess rick bountifulness affluence wodge luxuriance armful feast whole conglomeration a large amount shock plenteousness zillions sufficiency a good deal a pile bazillions nimiety ampleness overflow prosperity fruitfulness a shedload more … than one can shake a stick at great quantity floods busload truckful jumb backlog surplus glut logjam group several superfluity supply bag box bing accrual rickle army abundant substantial plentiful innumerable an amount a number copious countless considerable horde swarm surfeit crate carton pallet throng droves loadsa oversupply extravagance crowd legion a good few a good number considerable amounts plentifulness set array variety corpus plurality entirety combination totality pots miles wads prodigality deluge mine fund avalanche torrent capacity bounteousness enough luxury amplitude profuseness sum total a considerable number drift aggregate shedloads quite a number prosperousness outpouring great number full house a deal a fair amount a mountain a swag a great many a large number a great quantity a profusion a wealth an abundance infinity richness riches fortune whole lot


Wide-ranging or extensive
large-scale broad extensive sweeping wide-ranging far-reaching global wholesale comprehensive exhaustive expansive mass wide wide-reaching nationwide universal vast across-the-board all-encompassing ample awash big brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full colossal commodious considerable copious crowded detailed enormous fat full gigantic good great healthy heavy-duty heavyweight hefty huge hulking humongous husky immense important intercontinental international jumbo large leading major mammoth massive mondo monster oversize packed ponderous prodigious roomy significant sizable spacious strapping stuffed substantial thundering tremendous voluminous walloping whopping worldwide super colossal a whale of a complete inclusive all-inclusive all-embracing thorough widespread grand sizeable general deep all-round blanket total immeasurable overall indiscriminate substantive profuse boundless astronomical tidy unlimited abundant catholic titanic monstrous all-around astronomic lavish plentiful superabundant plenteous solid oversized monumental whacking extended rangy outright handsome far-flung encyclopedic interdisciplinary multidisciplinary compendious across the board cross-disciplinary broad-brush encyclopaedic sufficient elephantine long expanded herculean noticeable marked king-size king-sized bumper gargantuan exorbitant giant mega king size Brobdingnagian pervasive heavy bountiful outsize generous appreciable prevalent Himalayan goodly umbrella scopic scopious serious overwhelming common generic coast-to-coast company-wide unconditional absolute panoramic cyclopedic in-depth transnational straight-out broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive all-in omnibus unmitigated prominent macro enlarged widened stiff everywhere sturdy outspread spread weighty comfortable far-ranging whopping great reasonable steep stout populous fair mesomorphic biggish largish robust boxcar outsized much respectable worth taking into account not to be sneezed at tolerable decent pretty inordinate overflowing numerous teeming opulent galore mountainous pronounced whacking great consequential extraordinary measureless booming excessive mighty rampant rife immoderate unwieldy extravagant all-out unbounded entire cumbersome epic high whole cosmic pervading broad-based non-selective stupendous advantageous profound humungous super leviathan gigantesque prosperous lucrative profitable supersize popular pandemic epidemic thoroughgoing overarching towering lengthy cyclopean generously proportioned pharaonic cosmical multinational oceanic protracted heroic supersized heroical galactic vasty planetary super-duper Herculean ginormous staggering unrestricted comprising unexclusive wall to wall foreign powerful transcontinental bulk quantitative in quantity in bulk in the mass gross thumping thumping great very large very big almighty princely imposing cumbrous beefy stellar overgrown liberal giant-sized awkward grandiose infinite extra-large behemothic giant-size extremely large kingly full-size dirty great tall bounteous notable chunky unhandy fleshy statuesque unmanageable corpulent l laden loaded enceinte burdensome gravid expectant built lead-footed meaningful magnificent limitless terrific hulky mastodonic incalculable man-size of considerable size man-sized blimp very great prolific extremely big endless bonny Gargantuan mahoosive illimitable super-colossal extreme multitudinous barn door megalithic brobdingnagian good-size good-sized whale of a goodish brawny competitive material excellent maxi OS cracking extra large steady heavy-laden eternal decent-sized rip-roaring filling unsparing hearty legit sky-high billowing fairly large spectacular whaling not inconsiderable sensible worthwhile baggy Homeric meaty thick measurable behemoth interminable awesome formidable phenomenal titan through the ceiling mundo Bunyanesque swelled massy fair-size great big socking great economy-size life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized lofty family-sized family-size countless larger-than-life jumbo-sized Cyclopean spacey loose-fitting cavernous unfettered spread-out stretched-out never-ending rich square many multifarious swelling legion sundry several convoluted simple covering various ungainly unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy

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