Synonym of wisecracking

Alternative for wisecracking


witty remark


make a comment, usually ironic


The state or condition of being unusual and bizarre in a funny, comical way
zaniness asininity silliness absurdity eccentricity foolishness frivolity inanity absurdness craziness facetiousness fatuity flippancy folly goofiness humor humour inaneness incongruency ludicrosity madness nonsensicalness outlandishness preposterousness senselessness strangeness tomfoolery triviality wit witlessness wittiness brainlessness buffoonery childishness comedy fatuousness foolery frivolousness hijinks hilarity idiocy jocularity lightheartedness lunacy mindlessness nonsense nuttiness oddness playfulness puerility shenanigans stupidity wackiness amusement bizarreness clownery comicality daftness drollery flightiness gaiety humorousness illogicality illogicalness imbecility incongruity incongruousness insanity irrationality jocoseness jocosity ludicrousness merriment mirth nonsensicality oafishness ridiculousness risibility simplicity unconventionality witticism balminess comicalness drollness farcicality farcicalness fun funniness gormlessness hilariousness jesting jokiness levity mirthfulness slapstick unreasonableness uproariousness waggishness whimsicality badinage banter cloddishness clowning clownishness dippiness doltishness dottiness foppery horseplay joyfulness monkeying monkeyshines moronism moronity raillery skylarking unwisdom whimsy wildness light-heartedness high jinks horsing around monkey business farce richness joking comic witticisms chaffing send-up funny side funnies high camp merry-go-round travesty field day pleasantry picnic camp high time fun and games comic drama grins entertainment laughs ball hoopla play on comical aspect interlude gag show takeoff schtick high spirits happiness gag jest joke lightness sense of humor amusingness wisecrack kidding glee cheerfulness laughter waggery jollity cheeriness festivity buoyancy joviality laughableness satire conviviality repartee mischief mischievousness vivacity liveliness exuberance blitheness sportiveness gleefulness jocundity cheer exhilaration merriness keenness sharpness cleverness irony comic side sparkle spoof light-mindedness jokes roughhousing jests black humor roughhouse the funny side sense of fun carefreeness outrageousness puns gags quips giddiness wisecracks boisterousness fooling around playing around character vein spirits propensity temper notion mind makeup bee bias individualism personality complexion individuality fancy conceit vagary tone caprice bent disposition whim strain quirk nature anecdote amusing tale fickleness skittishness irreverence light-headedness frothiness witty remarks cracks funny remarks one-liners gayness gayety delight doubles entendres jollification hysterics jauntiness joyousness sport good cheer trifling volatility ridiculosity frame of mind bons mots bodily fluid gambolling wantonness vim energy pleasure roguishness vividness enthusiasm friskiness vigor riot blast kick rapture solace treat vitality sunniness ebullience good time perkiness knavery brightness zest play felicity enjoyment distraction gamboling gambol romping satisfaction jolliness thrill festiveness excitement diversion blithesomeness vibrancy rejoicing joy living it up revelry gladness vigour rascality funny story


Light-hearted joking
chaff banter repartee badinage raillery jesting teasing crosstalk joking joshing persiflage quips ragging ripostes sallies wisecracks wordplay backchat drollery give-and-take jocularity kidding witticism witticisms kidology ribbing bons mots witty conversation witty remarks pleasantry wit mockery chaffing bantering wittiness swordplay ridicule fun frivolity asteism borak fool josh quipping jeering derision cut and thrust bants play exchange dissing chitchat gossip patter sally riposte small talk playful jab humor reply rejoinder irony humour answer response sarcasm satire quip bon mot pleasant conversation jests gags jokes puns pleasantries one-liners crack funnies ribs giggles waggery japes yucks nifties joshes yuks laughs boffs boffos boffolas epigrams plays on words double entendres comebacks paronomasias equivoques gibes aphorisms remarks retorts pranks rejoinders spoofs jibes burlesque larks barbs jeers Atticisms insults quirks jokings levity rib-ticklers waggishness digs capers returns clownings antics frolics hoaxes tricks farce zingers quibbles clenches put-ons parodies amphibologies clinches calembours nicks innuendoes pivots whim conundrums carriwitchets double meanings mots merriment squibs whimsicality funniness facetiousness practical jokes asides slurs affronts insinuation taunts sneers slights jives clowns canards game jollies blagues shaggy-dog stories whimsy chestnut buffooneries killers tomfoolery knee-slappers ha-has anecdotes in-jokes absurdity old chestnuts thigh-slappers ridiculousness nonsense equivocalness shaggy dog stories wiles ruses chaffings replies banterings crosstalks answers patters responses gems jeux d'esprit apophthegms counters retaliation comedy stunts escapades monkeyshines shenanigans mischief yarn offences offenses counterattacks cracks funny remarks comicality doubles entendres amusingness bodily fluid pasticcios takeoffs sendups take-offs send-ups caricatures pastiches travesties skits imitation pasquinades lampoons ambiguity conceit


Present participle for to make jokes, especially with sarcastic, flippant, or sardonic comments
joking quipping jesting bantering chaffing fooling funning gagging japing jiving jollying joshing kidding yucking yukking jibing gibing retorting telling jokes cracking wise teasing mocking ragging punning ribbing razzing sallying making fun of winding up needling ridiculing spoofing jeering deriding poking fun at messing around tricking roasting hoaxing slanging rallying taunting twitting messing about satirizing satirising fooling around fooling about setting up cracking jokes making sport of pulling somebody's leg cracking remarking scoffing sneering riding larking shucking having on girding flouting playing a prank acting faking shamming pretending feigning hoodwinking deceiving beguiling deluding duping playing a practical joke putting on making a monkey out of clowning messing taking the mickey cozening bamboozling gulling conning reveling revelling having a joke with making mischief larking around larking about counterfeiting flimflamming bothering misleading taking in clowning about playing tricks clowning around kidding around playing the clown making merry poking fun horsing around playing the fool putting on an act yanking somebody's chain pulling someone's chain parodying pranking mimicking poking mullock at caricaturing pulling someone's leg sending up flipping amusing making a monkey of quizzing taking the mickey out of lampooning goofing on jeering at slinging off at laughing hazing ragging on scoffing at entertaining jibing at laughing at smoking guying making jokes about diverting mucking around having someone on winding someone up mucking someone about flouting at putting down scorning taking the piss out of scouting panning baiting annoying goading harassing chiacking pillorying heckling picking on travestying giving a hard time skewering humiliating pooh-poohing cartooning sneering at making a joke fleering shooting down holding up to ridicule pulling one's leg making a fool of pestering badgering nudging disturbing dogging burlesquing hectoring leading on tormenting knocking playing with words insulting rotting sledging contemning slamming dissing deflating unmasking exposing heaping scorn on poking borak at making a laughing-stock calling names running down showing up railing at treating with contempt making a game of criticizing frazzling censuring taking off disparaging disdaining squibbing pasquinading raspberrying denigrating detracting slighting dismissing criticising vilifying louting detracting from pouring scorn on staying pulling your leg boning ridging doing a number on dumping on abusing hissing catcalling booing interrupting barracking shouting disapproval shouting at shouting down hooting jabbing hooting at blowing raspberries sniping catcalling at booing at digging hissing at whistling at shouting disapproval at blowing raspberries at making a crack making someone a laughing stock laughing out of court exposing to ridicule holding up to shame plaguing worrying hassling harrying provoking irritating bedeviling aggravating bedevilling vexing importuning gnawing deviling devilling beleaguering tantalizing snapping sounding tantalising flirting with swipeing at leading somebody on


Not intended to be taken seriously
jokey funny amusing humorous jesting playful droll facetious mischievous teasing nonserious prankish waggish comical flip flippant good-humored good-humoured joshing lighthearted witty jocular whimsical joking satirical tongue-in-cheek smart jocose impish roguish silly clever irreverent wry comic laughable blithe not serious pulling one's leg putting one on merry puckish arch sportive chucklesome frolicsome unserious bantering pleasant capering gay sprightly tongue in cheek light-hearted high-spirited in fun in jest cheeky cocky sassy glib casual inappropriate smart-alecky saucy inane wise sardonic smart-aleck impertinent pert offhand sarcastic ridiculous fresh impudent cutesy dismissive rude frivolous disrespectful precious smarty-pants breezy cute mincingly clever lippy ironic farcical dry fun entertaining hilarious mirthful jolly diverting risible ludicrous sidesplitting uproarious rib-tickling side-splitting humoristic comedic riotous hysteric wacky hysterical jovial jocund cheerful absurd killing priceless screaming gleeful lively antic slapstick blithesome zany sunny campy camp festive gelastic joyous happy cheery laughing crazy bright goofy slaphappy preposterous enjoyable sparkling rich carefree joyful glad delightful rollicking boffo daffy buoyant upbeat vivacious derisory a scream nutty light for a laugh fun-loving eccentric for grins scintillating riot ludic quick-witted spirited stupid pleasing bubbly foolish jaunty quizzical as a joke to tease chaffing engaging beguiling derisible odd flakey flaky convivial optimistic animated hysterically funny chirpy untroubled killingly funny derisive a hoot a laugh chipper loony dizzy gagged up off-the-wall perky larking happy-go-lucky too funny for words scream har-har without a care in the world unusual mocking bizarre fantastic lightweight childish ribald joculous original pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish rascally devilish knavish wicked elvish grotesque pathetic cockamamy cockamamie clownish screamingly funny ingenious ribbing rallying fooling funning razzing kidding stimulating flirtatious ludicrous. laughable piquant epigrammatic kittenish clowning snappy gamesome recreative interesting quirky quaint brilliant hearty nonsensical asinine oddball a barrel of laughs fanciful trivial trifling good-natured novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening crack-up laffer recreational fun-filled sharp-witted agreeable gut-busting enchanting sharp quick penetrating keen piercing intelligent flighty genial rejoicing jerky fool dippy fool-headed batty gump screwy goofus unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive a card a caution cut up in good spirits fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse zippy saturnalian unconstrained winsome rip-roaring zingy boon boisterous content zappy ecstatic mad pleased jumping rocking grooving exultant wild smiling grinning ebullient exuberant airy jubilant positive smiley peppy sparky peart gladsome jollying festal perk bouncy Pickwickian unworried of good cheer full of the joys of spring full of life bright and breezy as merry as a grig as lively as a grig bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of vim and vigour lots of laughs effervescent lightsome insouciant unconcerned debonair relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood daft devil-may-care laid-back laugh-a-minute off the wall

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