Synonym of wiseguy


A very intelligent and usually studious, erudite person
brainiac brain genius intellect thinker whiz wiz wizard pedant intellectual scholar egghead Einstein highbrow academic prodigy boffin mastermind expert rocket scientist brainbox geek sage maven polymath bright spark clever clogs bluestocking intellectualist bookworm whizz longhair nerd master bookish person maestro brains double-dome walking encyclopedia wonk mind alpha geek virtuoso authority adept philosopher hotshot doubledome artist academician pundit fundi whiz kid know-it-all ace savant guru star proficient crackerjack crackajack mavin meister hand shark dab cognoscente connoisseur fiend buff sharp pro marvel intelligentsia professional dab hand swot grind Brahmin ninja doctor learned person statto trainspotter anorak past master man of letters woman of letters gifted child intelligent person master-hand brain bucket cranium poindexter Steinmetz specialist pandit spod researcher scientist inventor technician bookman Poindexter braintruster theorist wunderkind demon avant-garde propeller head professor pointy-head whizz-kid theoretician ideologist something to write home about whizz kid something else old hand hot shot something to shout about up-and-comer cerebrum Nestor Solomon psyche head mahatma clever person wise man casuist sophist student literato don illuminato wonder gifted person brilliant person mental giant idiot savant doyen champion aficionado grandmaster veteran phenomenon master hand skilled person artiste enthusiast oracle winner sensation old pro judge consultant superstar practitioner fanatic devotee addict freak doyenne fancier arbiter celebrity talent obsessive one of the cognoscenti fan adviser lover nut girl wonder child prodigy boy wonder idol hero miracle junkie maniac afficionado mentor leader junky sucker hound exponent critic habitue portent spectacle grand master bug fool flash caution splendor natural zealot magician curiosity icon jock kingpin stunner splendour big name aficionada high priest rarity figure top hand top dog big shot big cheese top brass big wig personality leading light trooper beast cordon bleu director conductor victor comer talented child phenom quiz kid insider legend source top player counsellor graduate resource person powerhouse old master spellbinder champ dillettante performer paragon real pro counsel advisor warhorse vet old-timer stager key player headliner lead MVP eye-opener wonderful thing amazing thing aesthete dilettante ideal prima donna whiz-bang longtimer appreciator miracle worker consigliere counselor guide horse's mouth great no slouch hot stuff esthete old guard experienced person old school old stager old soldier bravura player heroine wonder-worker miracle-worker one for the books specialist in expert judge of arbiter of taste authority on expert judge luminary freelancer dignitary bible person experienced in something public figure czar boss kingfish textbook law brass governor aristocrat Bible exec executive VIP ivory dome power elite follower mogul heavyweight elite standout city hall front office most valuable player notable face name worthy adherent expert witness personage admirer big kahuna official big noise big gun person of influence light guiding light top cat celeb bigwig groupie habitué rooter activity slave monster grotesque monstrosity mutation abnormality girl-genius child genius boy-genius enormity wonder child rare bird one in a million


A member of a mob or gang
mobster goon gangbanger gangsta gangster hood hoodlum mafioso thug criminal crook heavy hooligan mug punk roughneck rowdy ruffian tough toughie toughy bully godfather hitman hitwoman outlaw racketeer yob yobbo gorilla gunman gunwoman hit man hit woman member of the family plug-ugly bruiser rough delinquent brute ned hoodie chav hoon roughie troublemaker lout vandal bully boy bovver boy lager lout villain larrikin keelie rioter boot boy yahoo wise guy tsotsi Mafioso assassin tearaway murderer bandit terrorist casual rascal lawbreaker gang member desperado scozza cougan bogan myrmidon hatchet man tough guy yakuza killer scoundrel rogue robber Yardie miscreant member of the Mafia hired gun member of a criminal gang brawler mugger goodfella made man strong-arm assailant attacker bravo terror hellion tough person hard man hired killer cut-throat professional killer brigand dealer pusher persecutor intimidator oppressor hit person browbeater tormentor antagonizer coercer gunslinger sniper bulldozer tormenter bullyboy tyrant gunfighter scourge hector subjugator wretch yardie harrier liquidator gun scamp insolent pest aggressor annoyer henchman attack dog shootist armed robber hold-up man domineering person wrong 'un contract man torpedo stick-up man trigger man triggerman button man armed man savage beast boor radge barbarian oaf monster reprobate knave rapscallion varlet yobo philistine trespasser clod vulgarian clodhopper swine scalawag hound baddy evildoer mischief-maker devil wrongdoer fiend offender culprit sadist lubber bumpkin ogre sinner convict bear Neanderthal lummox lump churl caitiff charva pig degenerate nazi scallywag meanie no-good baddie scapegrace meany malefactor vagabond transgressor felon scum evil-doer oik blackguard louse cad cannibal rat fink heel misfeasor malfeasant rounder black hat black sheep bad egg gaolbird outcast jailbird tearabout fighter pesterer daunter tease harasser torturer teaser defacer yokel scally destroyer ruiner pirate ravager thief despoiler pillager plunderer wrecker looter animal skelm ignoramus drunkard loafer lowlife pickpocket bootlegger sneak troglodyte demon illiterate bigot heathen ghoul gawk lowbrow wild woman wild man graffiti artist lug hun crude palooka dolt hulk juvenile delinquent savage person ocker young criminal youthful offender JD punk kid first offender clumsy idiot crim con hellhound prisoner dork schmuck jerk creep weasel cretin buffoon joker sleaze hick scumbag slimeball clown dastard varmint sleazeball slime scuzzball vermin skunk weirdo sleazebag stinkard slob rake scuzzbag buzzard dirtbag chuff clodpole slimebag peasant crud loudmouth dog snake toad slimebucket skank stinker ape rotter pervert trickster boob redneck fraudster worm bosthoon bleeder dirtball reptile charlatan rube spalpeen cur primitive crumb scrote liar dingo dip deviant mother bounder butthole sleeveen hayseed pill wastrel cheat swindler stinkpot mofo blighter son of a gun sly person good-for-nothing dastardly person so-and-so nasty piece of work bad lot snake in the grass rat fink unprincipled person reprehensible person


Disdainful or condescending in nature
superior arrogant condescending disdainful haughty patronising patronizing pompous pretentious smug conceited snobbish aloof cocky contemptuous domineering lofty overbearing standoffish airy bossy cavalier commanding egotistical high-and-mighty huffish huffy insolent narcissistic presumptuous proud self-important self-satisfied snooty stuck-up supercilious uppity aristocratic bumptious high and mighty highfalutin high-hat hoity-toity imperious lordly masterful presuming sniffy toffee-nosed toploftical toplofty uppish overweening important hifalutin high-handed peremptory chesty egotistic stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting vain snotty vainglorious puffed up prideful scornful boastful snobby egoistic egoistical affected opinionated overconfident self-centred self-centered bigheaded egocentric swaggering self-opinionated bragging biggity selfish swellheaded biggety complacent audacious self-righteous self-conceited la-di-da ostentatious elitist autocratic fancy-pants swollen-headed snippy inflated assured self-serving self-congratulatory pushy magisterial brash dismissive immodest cocksure bloated stuck up full of oneself goody-goody pontifical holier-than-thou dictatorial persnickety sneering mocking self-admiring big-headed bold know-it-all grandiose boasting egomaniacal hubristic blustering consequential self-absorbed impudent cool assuming self-regarding posh self-loving above oneself full of yourself forward brazen sanctimonious pietistic pious cheeky swollen too big for your boots stuffy stuck on oneself contumelious self-interested self-obsessed priggish confident self-seeking self-contented tyrannical solipsistic despotic swanky self-confident self-oriented self-involved self-preoccupied self-infatuated self-concerned potty indifferent ritzy scoffing brassy self-assured inner-directed self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-adulatory self-glorifying hypocritical orgulous pleased with oneself inconsiderate unctuous well pleased self-approving exclusive introverted individualistic authoritarian withering Pharisaic wisenheimer on an ego trip wrapped up in oneself preachy gracious proud of oneself remote officious impertinent smarty showy full of contempt rude sassy cold-shoulder portentous jumped up puffy puffed-up on your high horse flaunting wise guy smart-alecky pi putting on airs high-minded moralizing personal derisive slighting mealy-mouthed oppressive Tartuffian disparaging canting jeering Pharisaical distant reserved heavy-handed insulting high religiose scathing abhorrent detached disrespectful nervy refined thoughtless strutting on high horse self-aggrandizing moralising sententious belittling smart saucy loudmouth stiff offish uncivil tony artificial malapert sarcastic high-flown dogmatic fresh pert flatulent pushful too good to be true la-de-da inward-looking highfaluting highhanded snot-nosed sure too big for one's breeches subjective obsessive intimate intrinsic too big for one's boots pleased with yourself isolated self-respecting blusterous stooping elitist silliness giddy dizzy flighty arbitrary la-dee-da complaisant pontificating vaunting selective denigrating offhand poncey windy cliquish ambitious obnoxious loud undemocratic moralistic bullish honourable honorable squeaky-clean highbrow discriminatory willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive casual curt on a high horse on one's high horse churchy grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated unconcerned insouciant uninterested too big for one's britches nose in the air offensively self-assertive flip wise unabashed pietistical judgmental simon-pure hotshot boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing unceremonious discourteous grandstanding ironhanded dominant inborn ingrained inherent idiosyncratic pharisaical insincere familiar free overbold dominating self-indulgent independent self-sufficient having a swelled head wrapped up with oneself rash overfamiliar impolite abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious throwing one's weight about unco guid false deceiving Pecksniffian censorious bigoted impetuous overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty foolhardy coercive bullying uncaring unthinking take-it-or-leave-it pococurante presumptive swollen with pride tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic looking after number one improper inappropriate shameless careless lording it iron-handed devastating majestic regal imposing august judicial stately dignified rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating pharisaic preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent humiliating high falutin pleased genteel mannered contrived chichi precious schmaltzy campy content flushed to keep up appearances noble derisory stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream turning up your nose at looking down your nose at lah-di-dah defiant snubbing blighting hurtful high falutin' upper-class demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory sardonic detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative full of airs and graces gone Hollywood over-refined crushing cynical hypercritical cold abusive despicable malicious opprobrious unsociable unfriendly withdrawn frosty antisocial unapproachable unforthcoming unclubbable reticent asocial unbending standoff dry egomaniac solitary peacockish windbag reclusive brag boast conceity ham phony gall phoney misanthropic uncompanionable eremitic buttoned-up cold-eyed in love with oneself think too highly of oneself full of hot air big talking blowing one's own trumpet have an excessively high opinion of oneself think a lot of oneself harsh severe draconian assertive strict absolute autarchic forceful totalitarian monocratic illiberal firm tsarist czarist cruel insistent brutal obtrusive iron-fisted doctrinaire pushing ruthless offensive controlling unjust intrusive unyielding aggressive summary stern tough merciless hard strident prying interfering meddling meddlesome loudmouthed overwhelming busy subjugating powerful protrusive nosey intruding snoopy nosy inhuman Neronian one-party absolutist unmannerly thrusting rigorous tactless emphatic unlimited compelling decisive uncontrolled exacting mean brazen-faced hardhanded undiplomatic insubordinate ill-mannered arch bold-faced brassbound rough lippy mannerless out-of-line disciplinarian all-powerful puffed self-willed masterly overpowering impressive unaccountable unconstitutional single-party stifling ordering bidding dystopian self-opinioned over-assertive fascistic dogmatical driving czarlike compulsatory obligatory mandatory required compulsory driven unreasonable sure of oneself clamorous crack-the-whip dictative crowing unrestrained braggart blowhard go-ahead high-pressure enterprising fierce in-your-face go-getting militant strong-willed strong unassailable swanking big-mouthed throwing one's weight around brisk downright throwing weight around sharp-elbowed positive big self-applauding bombastic exultant in charge not backward in coming forward no ifs ands or buts no joke flat-out straight out intolerant temerarious daredevil reckless madcap in driver's seat crack the whip insensitive autarchical sure of yourself uncompromising obstinate undeniable decided definite fixed certain stringent finished absolutistic riding for a fall heedless overoptimistic hot stuff noisy blaring flinty ramrod austere bustling grating jarring on ego trip inept bungling lacking civility bad mannered piercing raucous overzealous breezy off-base overstrict sadistic OTT excessive cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill heading for a fall crass overbusy gaudy ear-splitting vulgar flashy discordant blatant churlish disagreeable put down importunate inquisitive pragmatic blunt jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish heavy graceless over the top unpleasant high-pitched metallic flirtatious arrant bureaucratic fussy intermeddling burdensome pitiless murderous trying onerous excruciating unfair relentless grievous bitter punitive rugged inexorable grim blowing one's own horn unchivalrous uncharitable boorish uncouth unmannered crude unrefined unladylike bad-mannered disgracious ill-bred disheartening gloomy discouraging weighty sombre dispiriting worrying troublesome stressful backbreaking hefty dismal depressive troubling superincumbent bleak distressing exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache ungenteel mouthy loutish ungallant surly sullen smart alecky oafish indecorous indelicate gruff ungentlemanly unhandsome crabbed underbred inaffable sharp ignorant yokelish short bounderish uncalled-for coarse rough going

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