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having or expressing desire for somethingdesiring or striving for recognition or advancement


Eager, prepared or willing to do or have something
game eager amenable prepared willing desirous disposed keen ready hungry pining pumped yearning agog avid enthused enthusiastic excited hot intent interested longing thirsty up voracious wholehearted aching ardent craving earnest fervent fervid hankering inclined itching juiced passionate psyched raring set solicitous wild crazy dying fain zealous minded favourably inclined gung ho in the mood mad keen of a mind pysched up raring to go ready and willing hepped up hopped-up as keen as mustard hot to trot waiting with bated breath champing at the bit keen as mustard rarin' to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on for up for desiring greedy anxious covetous impatient antsy athirst ambitious appetent wishing thirsting heated longing for restless acquisitive dying to vehement self-starting restive hopeful geeked stoked grasping aspiring envious hungering languishing bursting wistful hoping breathless warmblooded intent on ripe set on gagging on tenterhooks bent on on the edge of one's seat hankering after on pins and needles desirous of resentful jealous jaundiced green-eyed grudging malicious begrudging spiteful wanting hoping for keen on invidious bitter green eager for anxious for ambitious for yearning for emulous umbrageous watchful distrustful green with envy coveting suspicious ready for willing for great avid for nuts hopeful for aspiring towards prehensile amorous itchy stimulated lustful keen for thirsty for greedy for ravening for turned on dying for itching for chomping at the bit wishing for aspiring to craving for hungry for glad determined exuberant exhilarated vivacious ebullient lively animated spirited committed devoted dedicated titillated energetic motivated fanatical hearty high-spirited keyed up sprightly thrilled pleased animate warm fiery obsessed driven dynamic zestful aflame afire active diligent assiduous in a hurry full of beans edgy chafing straining desperate feverish straining at the leash vigorous hung up habitual happy unreluctant engaged diehard impetuous restored refreshed revitalized rabid revitalised fascinated passional rhapsodic nutty wacky perfervid forceful tantalized industrious concerned unqualified intense conscientious gaga turnt gone on tantalised red-hot bugged zesty chafing at the bit psyched up full of enthusiasm inspired stirred inspirited galvanized roused energized encouraged moved aroused uplifted influenced activated energised self-driven stirred up galvanised decided planning resolved intending liking contemplating convinced purposing aiming at settled on leaning toward thinking of of a mind to


Unsound, not backed by facts
unsubstantial tenuous illogical unsound controvertible erroneous fallacious frivolous groundless implausible inconceivable incredible unconvincing unsupported baseless false superficial unbelievable unreasonable weak feeble flimsy inane unbacked ungrounded assailable contemptible unpersuasive weakly ill-founded full of holes lacking substance poor inadequate trivial unsatisfactory transparent trifling insufficient pathetic paltry shallow puerile inept lame improbable unlikely questionable thin doubtful far-fetched dubious fanciful unthinkable unrealistic fantastic hard to swallow unapt ineffectual suspect difficult to believe preposterous unimaginable debatable ridiculous half-baked absurd not likely fishy hard to believe cock-and-bull scarcely credible tame ineffective flat fantastical incredulous uncompelling uncertain unconceivable iffy forced laboured labored beyond belief full of it hard to take beyond the bounds of possibility unsuccessful unexpected fruitless futile profitless useless phony insubstantial unnatural contrived phoney threadbare elaborate bizarre exaggerated incoherent hokey overdone vapid untenable unimagined reachy tall puzzling obscure impossible problematic unplausible farfetched hollow puny slim impracticable hundred-to-one rare mind-boggling meager sketchy meagre far out too much won't wash weak-kneed slim and none not expected outside chance unheard of faulty faltering inefficient unpleasing unsuitable flabby for the birds won't hold water cock and bull specious strained remote ponderous unimpressive strange doubtable dubitable equivocal speculative unsettled undecided unconfirmed unsure not convincing long shot fat chance on thin ice touch-and-go

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