Synonym of with the patience of Job


Having the ability to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering
patient forbearing stoical accommodating calm resigned tolerant composed understanding long-suffering stoic uncomplaining considerate indulgent unflappable cool enduring even-tempered forgiving imperturbable quiet serene unexcitable easygoing easy-going kind lenient mild persevering persistent philosophical accepting equanimous gentle inexcitable longanimous mild-tempered passive restrained self-possessed submissive tranquil unruffled untiring easy fortitudinous good-natured impassive philosophic self-controlled self-restrained phlegmatic stolid meek acquiescent charitable deferential fatalistic indifferent unemotional docile compliant selfless dispassionate merciful clement complaisant humane unresisting magnanimous subdued yielding sympathetic non-resistant unassertive unresistant tolerating nonresistant willing tractable obedient pliant agreeable amenable quiescent receptive pliable compassionate soft-hearted pitying gracious collected moderate pardoning placable sparing sober detached placid rational equable logical unperturbed unprotesting realistic thoughtful soft-shell humanitarian willing to forgive nonplussed practical sedate nonviolent malleable lifeless non-violent lamblike enlightened wise profound temperate deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical living with being big non-aggressive supine resistless reconciled cool, calm and collected going easy on going easy with disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony laid-back flaccid idle biddable adapted well-disposed genial manageable renouncing tame nonresisting cordial satisfied peaceable relinquishing subservient adjusted accommodated ready hands off going through motions walking through it cooperative helpful friendly obliging broad-minded open-minded polite unselfish hospitable catholic unprejudiced amiable adaptable courteous generous lax permissive soft liberal unbigoted fair civil accommodative kindly eager to please neighbourly unbiased handy neighborly pleasant decent kind-hearted eager to help latitudinarian easy-oasy sophisticated benevolent wide progressive big advanced broad excusing condoning kindhearted radical user friendly on tap on deck willing to help free and easy easy on easy with

Antonym of with the patience of Job

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