Synonym of without fault


Not damaged or marked in any way
unblemished perfect flawless impeccable faultless spotless pure unsullied untarnished clean ideal immaculate lily-white stainless undefiled blameless uncontaminated unpolluted unspoilt untouched absolute exemplary guiltless incorrupt indefectible innocent irreproachable letter-perfect picture-book picture-perfect seamless sinless unimpeachable without blemish model unflawed unspotted unstained whiter than white above reproach beyond reproach chaste clear decent intact modest sound undamaged unhurt unimpaired uninjured unmarked unmarred whole pure as the driven snow squeaky clean virtuous copybook crimeless good inculpable righteous correct squeaky-clean consummate classic above suspicion beyond criticism excellent in the clear not to blame accurate error-free unerring scrupulous upright cleanhanded just so uninvolved superlative untainted supreme unspoiled uncorrupted textbook guilt-free irreprehensible archetypal honourable quintessential not guilty holy prototypical honorable classical as pure as the driven snow unbroken mint pristine superb masterly white tip-top infallible entire without sin uncensurable as sound as a bell as good as new free from guilt free from blame free innocent as a lamb exact precise optimal ultimate meticulous faithful lawful acquitted legal unfailing complete idyllic fitting honest foolproof best licit law-abiding errorless bang on spot on unguilty exquisite representative inviolate saintly have-it-all best possible moral unoffending right on on the mark on target on the nail on the button clean-handed sackless not responsible fine admirable laudable commendable meritorious estimable praiseworthy exceptional outstanding imitable paradigmatic archetypical sterling definitive punctilious applaudable bueno very good batting a thousand not too shabby neato worthy not bad virgin virginal fresh unaffected wholesome unharmed unsoiled angelic spick-and-span unscathed natural unmutilated fair spic-and-span unchanged safe preserved uncorrupt unadulterated impeccant antiseptic as new without a scratch free of neat undisturbed undebased legitimate angelical reputable vestal sanitary refined shining demure crisp snowy finished prime splendid sparkling nice G-rated unused simple maidenly taintless shipshape celibate unprocessed purified unscarred in perfect condition unmoved spanking sterile ethical unaltered solid sterilized unsevered uninfluenced refreshing unmixed unscratched upstanding new uninterrupted maiden unstirred brand-new original unwed unblamable self-denying self-restrained abstinent unmarried artless sterilised first-class like new together peerless beyond compare comprehensive untroubled elegant ten aces unequaled sublime unassailable straight brand new out-of-this-world salubrious glowing continent plain utopian proper defectless uncut intemerate prudish marvelous great in one piece unmodified undiluted unalloyed unruffled polished washed cleansed smooth bright sturdy speckless pious stable unexceptionable unagitated undented gleaming marvellous continuous noble harmless firm laundered healthy unequalled full regular undivided dirtless unsmudged squeaky total organic tidy healthful steady unremitting peak earthy cleared unimpressed undiminished ship-shape spanking-new spic and span orderly delicate secure decorous in good order invigorating in mint condition untried well-kept quiet neat as a pin neat as a button primal envigorating restorative integral plenary restrained austere maximal monogamous inexperienced impotent controlled subdued in good condition free of sin mint condition full-blown full-fledged optimum safe and sound full-scale untouchable spot-free burnished unquestionable unblackened highly respectable angel-like shiny ongoing unwounded ceaseless secured well-preserved native unwemmed chase nunlike unchallengeable trustworthy paradisiacal matchless accomplished expert crowning skilled experienced skilful skillful culminating paradisiac A-OK excelling adept uncultivated unassuming unshaken disinfected span-new unopened without guilt reliable dependable thorough irreprovable as good as before scrubbed cleaned distilled constant unceasing unworn reproachless impregnant young just out unstudied recent latest endless respectable snow white impervious immune A1 polite prepared beyond question beyond suspicion indigenous right A-okay note-perfect fleckless apple-pie indifferent firsthand not influenced not liable to not subject to all right true sanitized uninfected unified in good taste dry-eyed unconcerned scatheless unviolated word-perfect raw crude wilding agrestal guileless unseasoned in tiptop condition untrodden brand spanking new brand-spanking new spanking new sensational brilliant magnificent extraordinary fantastic fabulous phenomenal sponged laved spick and span showered sanitised clean as a new pin dirt-free pasteurised aseptic pasteurized ordered logical harmonious coherent uniform consistent absolved exculpated peaceful at peace calm serene tranquil exonerated unblighted unprofaned transcendental essential idealized typical idealised as clean as a whistle health-giving bulletproof airtight good for you sweeping exhaustive germ-free gross wild unabridged better than expected grand compleat bad crack rad agreeable bully super-eminent acceptable ace congenial select favorable super-excellent positive stupendous capital up to snuff satisfying super welcome wonderful deluxe first-rate satisfactory gratifying superior gnarly valuable boss precious recherche choice pleasing sweet luscious lily white wide-eyed apple-pie order indiscrete imperforate pure as driven snow wet behind ears babe in woods anti-corruption not rotten not sour all-in-one one-piece void nescient bereft devoid out of danger hygienic trim unfermented empty unaware ignorant cleanly vanilla graceful all in one piece unfilled with favourable platonic without lacking lacking in radiant blooming untouched by unfamiliar with flushed ruddy pink rosy blushing youthful unacquainted with virile youthful-looking rosy-cheeked healthy-looking florid hardy dewy


In a manner or way that could not be better
perfectly flawlessly impeccably exquisitely faultlessly superbly wonderfully admirably immaculately ideally excellently marvelously marvellously sublimely superlatively incomparably inimitably magnificently supremely consummately correctly fantastically pat terrifically fitly to perfection without flaw to a T to a fare-thee-well like a dream to a turn to a nicety to the nines purely cleanly completely seamlessly optimally absolutely splendidly remarkably fine famously swimmingly masterfully divinely sensationally nobly extremely well notably skillfully distinctively ingeniously well greatly finely grandly fabulously awesomely stellarly superiorly primely choicely coolly sterlingly beautifully heavenlily meanly lovelily neatly fantabulously unsurpassedly capitally toppingly dandily groovily peachily radically niftily hotly outstandingly slickly classically keenly corkingly immensely supernally righteously brilliantly bonnily exceptionally gloriously bravely superly impressively smashingly tremendously gorgeously goodly amazingly wickedly spectacularly extraordinarily imposingly distinguishedly strikingly dazzlingly majestically peerlessly resplendently delightfully phenomenally heroically stunningly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously incredibly elegantly statelily skilfully magically splendiferously eminently proudly matchlessly breathtakingly augustly stupendously sumptuously luxuriously expertly grandiosely spiffingly monumentally exemplarily mind-blowingly illustriously exaltedly regally loftily massively opulently worthily prodigiously rippingly royally lavishly formidably enjoyably rarely pre-eminently attractively adeptly imperially preeminently dreamily palatially epically soundly baronially valuably magnifically nicely pleasingly radiantly bodaciously crucially adroitly delicately dignifiedly sovereignly unreally exclusively gallantly wondrously charmingly proficiently deftly highly practisedly defly transcendently masterly notedly dexterously alluringly cleverly experiencedly plushly richly commendably talentedly spankingly specially pleasurably leadingly poshly ably dextrously astonishingly renownedly competently badly meritoriously pleasantly fascinatingly preciously polishedly celebratedly ritzily classily colossally ravishingly enchantingly handsomely appealingly memorably applaudably bewitchingly estimably astoundingly agreeably pricelessly captivatingly extravagantly professedly compleatly expensively dominantly uniquely statuesquely swankily invaluably giftedly satisfyingly prettily lankly desirably artfully cutely venerably fairly fancily blissfully thrillingly excitingly beauteously honourably honorably unbelievably commandingly laudably staggeringly noteworthily unblemishedly pompously paradisiacally refinedly inspiredly capably delectably praiseworthily takingly fetchingly winningly entrancingly professionally brightly elaborately bigly intensely enviably prominently daintily favorably chicly extremely gracefully joyously rapturously outrageously singularly largely seductively stirringly importantly comelily quintessentially tastily congenially foxily exhilaratingly pulchritudinously astronomically engagingly rewardingly mind-bogglingly solemnly solidly favourably considerably powerfully toweringly positively lushly smartly shiningly enthrallingly luxuriantly cheerily firstly spotlessly idyllically efficiently acceptably profoundly delightsomely stainlessly welcomely aptly dramatically plushily indefectibly inspiringly mightily irreproachably refreshingly swishly angelically dearly intoxicatingly irresistibly beguilingly miraculously portentously influentially magnetically handily enticingly showily glamorously photogenically ostentatiously vastly scrumptiously splashily paradisaically jaw-droppingly deliciously cosmically queenlily celestially selectedly excessively symmetrically movingly exaggeratedly utopianly triumphantly immortally likably effulgently prestigiously unbrokenly wholy satisfactorily unimpairedly glitteringly amiably majorly entertainingly reputably tastefully gigantically enormously unforgettably authoritatively ornately aesthetically stylishly affectingly qualifiedly sharply utmostly monstrously giantly gargantuanly titanically flashily crazily untaintedly knowledgeably entirely profitably surprisingly sunnily temptingly euphorically comfortingly comfortably presentably virtuosically snazzily hypnotically foremostly centrally overwhelmingly happily ecstatically creditably ridiculously mountainously likelily jollily momentously promisingly flamboyantly dollishly blessedly amusingly esthetically unbeatably sweetly wildly unsurpassably portlily aristocratically untouchably rousingly eloquently ambitiously blamelessly darlingly telegenically dulcetly bangingly theatrically effusively haughtily fatly upliftingly fashionably likeably savvily tantalisingly adorably tantalizingly pricily prepossessingly seemlily effectively ominously deeply spiritually reliably very well definitively legitly scintillatingly vividly ultimately quickly picturesquely agilely conspicuously unimpeachably insanely frabjously maximumly pronouncedly especially intelligently hallowedly convivially balmily weirdly bizarrely outlandishly intellectually awfully nattily conveniently sprucely cordially popularly preferentially signally silkenly jovially extensively pretentiously heart-stoppingly principally properly juicily rockingly foolproofly sophisticatedly staidly felicitously cheerfully heartwarmingly eventfully magisterially strongly eclectically unprecedentedly creatively profusely prodigally lusciously eximiously predominantly practically effectually sure-handedly unorthodoxly uncommonly unusually favouredly glitzily resoundingly sonorously absorbingly touchingly daringly boldly astrally immodestly sexily acutely ginormously severely thumpingly chiefly colorfully deservingly respectably formally imaginatively unutterably high-mindedly spellbindingly exuberantly abundantly abstractly transcendentally holily inspirationally sacredly markedly superhumanly saintlily yummily ambrosially exactingly madly strangely absurdly colourfully baroquely gaudily particularly blindingly egotistically unfathomably impenetrably bombastically complexly purplely winsomely curvaceously sheenly personably debonairly dapperly voluptuously sensually innovatively spiffily ceremoniously significantly pristinely consequentially intriguingly originally enterprisingly inventively accurately unerringly propitiously auspiciously invitingly headily mesmerically resourcefully hunkily affably mildly clearly vitally forcibly facilely entrancedly enchantedly opportunely dishily cunningly zingily gladly soothingly hospitably glossily hugely hulkingly substantially primarily advantageously sizably hopefully voluminously sizeably oceanically whoppingly optimistically fiendishly charismatically passably gratefully savorily genially indispensably inestimably bulkily planetarily pharaonically huskily heftily tidily providentially hearteningly encouragingly rosily galactically savourily upbeatly roseately amply fortunately goldenly

Antonym of without fault

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