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Of or connected with the appearance or behaviour of a well-mannered woman
ladylike cultured elegant refined courtly genteel polite proper respectable sophisticated decorous modest well-bred correct cultivated polished civil civilised civilized courteous seemly urbane dignified gracious posh well bred well-mannered well mannered gentlemanly mannerly stylish decent gallant chivalrous well-behaved couth prim aristocratic befitting formal tasteful suave graceful conventional de rigueur fine stately becoming gentle debonair fit fitting suitable honourable honorable snobbish well-born classy majestic handsome sedate demure considerate accomplished right nice punctilious well behaved prudish priggish prissy done conforming comely moral meet restrained comme il faut haughty appropriate proud well-brought-up tactful staid privileged aloof noble reserved ceremonious respectful in good taste patrician highborn blue-blooded good ceremonial seasonable au fait obliging affable taught upper-crust trained highbred august lofty flattering high-bred preux adulatory imposing studied complimentary charming affected distingué well brought-up hollow fashionable patronizing snooty patronising straitlaced precious pompous discreet condescending ostentatious pretentious confined stuffy la-di-da artificial intolerant well brought up precise discerning accurate advanced evolved improved pinpoint sensitive airy dainty spot-on close forward mathematical developed high late exquisite rigorous higher progressive fastidious discriminating sublime aesthetic spiffy swanky plush high-brow snazzy ritzy high-minded esthetic experienced distinguished superior virtuous orthodox straight puritanical in line strait-laced by the numbers by the book grand smooth luxurious opulent sumptuous diplomatic poised self-possessed dashing cool svelte magnificent splendid swish fancy worldly worldly-wise beautiful chic choice ornate ornamented high-class overdone glib attractive smart lovely slick bland impeccable pleasant appealing cosmopolitan impressive media-savvy striking with good taste balanced metropolitan palatial deluxe gorgeous luxury glittering costly apt apposite standard smooth-tongued accepted elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety lavish rich toffee-nosed glamorous plushy grandiose lush fancy-pants potty glitzy expensive approved pukka traditional presentable smooth-talking prudent agreeable silver-tongued palatian elaborate Lucullan soft fulsome genial soft-spoken sociable oily unctuous politic cordial ingratiating pleasing restorative tactical confident self-assured trim dapper spruce fly snappy sharp trig well groomed well dressed on fleek well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly face-saving artistic classic modish delicate select rare a la mode well-designed schmick well-dressed recherche stylized

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