Synonym of worst case


The worst possible outcome or an extremely bad situation
worst-case scenario catastrophe disaster calamity crisis dilemma fiasco tight corner adversity cataclysm emergency mess plight predicament tragedy conundrum imbroglio mire quagmire quandary setback trouble extremity meltdown worst outcome sad state spot of bother sticky situation tight situation tight spot tricky situation worst that could happen car crash critical situation dire straits double trouble hot water train wreck worst possible outcome hell on earth worst comes to worst sorry condition no-win situation hell crash bind problem fix impasse jam mishap upheaval chaos issue entanglement muddle distress debacle pickle hardship awkward situation problematic situation shambles big trouble horror tribulation disorder scourge deep water apocalypse unfortunate situation blow turmoil reversal of fortune disarray strait difficulty failure exigency complication devastation drama perplexity havoc difficult situation hole hard times depression collapse botched situation bad news trauma pass shock misfortune monstrosity tinderbox scrape hassle affliction situation stress rabbit hole desolation reverse embarrassment vicious circle reversal holocaust bomb woe trial shipwreck misadventure hot potato ruin hang-up blight pressure confusion disorderliness urgency messiness heavy blow bust whammy pinch stroke of ill luck stew puzzle juncture clutch zero hour corner circumstance crunch spot vicissitude head box flash point turning point crossroads condition accident swamp conjuncture Dunkirk crossroad rattrap misery boiling point breaking point state crunch time sticky wicket asperity catch-22 mischance contingency rigor kettle of fish desperate straits position stage occasion jackpot rigour deadlock drag scene need upset pretty kettle of fish fine kettle of fish danger pain burden panic stations moment tension bale mishanter waterloo point cross how-do-you-do lot curtains status buffet disturbance wretchedness bother interval phase necessity the worst stroke of bad luck want state of affairs exigence ruination urgent situation point in time squeeze sorrow wreck contretemps crux standing posture spectacle commotion fuss ill excitement adventure straits outlook prospect affair a jam a scrape a hole a fix incident hardness knock nakba surroundings station ticklish situation bad luck scenario place conflict tangle catch holy mess unholy mess rank to-do setting sphere times lifestyle difficult choice status quo l trouble spot Dutch climacteric indigence destitution hot spot extreme suffering time convulsion demand discomfiture constraint requirement loss evil downfall soup act of God acuteness demandingness mix-up visitation devastating blow flooding tight squeeze equation needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness grief jumble emergency situation potential crisis uphill battle large order rough go duress downturn struggle station in life situational problem period state of things business row melodrama jolt jar uncertainty indecision dependency dependence comess thrill fracas sensation oppression frustration glitch catastrophy reverse of fortune blue ruin poser farce instant choice involvement bad situation facer abyss infliction exertion painfulness knot hazard down double bind compulsion push climax unforeseen circumstances barricade discouragement sweat labor labour diffict situation moment in time uphill suffering tear-jerker harassment pretty double whammy cross to bear knock-back heartache heartbreak a stew a spot dead end a pickle torture torment a bad situation bottleneck a plight a mess a sorry condition bewilderment mystification a predicament a difficult situation travails dolour histrionics peril theatrics dramatics a tight corner a bind downer bummer poison hurting jinx skids theatre theatricals tough luck ill-luck pain in the rear harsh conditions tough situation bad break ill-fortune pain in the backside hard knocks evil eye can of worms trials and tribulations pain in the neck pain in the bum kiss of death ill luck ill fortune choke point theater perilous experiences song and dance dangerous experiences exciting experiences circumstances


Furthest from a center
utmost farthest extreme farthermost furthermost outermost furthest ultimate final last remotest uttermost outmost aftermost endmost very terminal absolute all-out chief complete entire exhaustive farthest away furthest away plenary preeminent sheer thorough thoroughgoing too-too total ultra unconditional undiminished unlimited unmitigated unqualified unreserved whole last straw too much out of bounds utter pure downright categorical outright out-and-out supreme unadulterated consummate flat-out maximum profound categoric stark arrant full unequivocal max paramount top nth far-off faraway dead outer outlying matchless rank unalloyed lattermost most mere far unrestricted unrestrained definite hindmost unbounded rearmost fair plumb simple deadly dreadful flat clean end blank blooming positive peerless straight-out cotton-picking outside closing quintessential unabridged undeniable nethermost greatest terminating steadfast unfailing unrelieved bottommost direct solid bodacious conspicuous perfect brute flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished inimitable transcendent plain deep-dyed patent undisguised palpable stone regular main only undivided infernal blessed confounded remote outward fringe beyond distant peripheral sovereign superlative predominant strict unbound infinite wholesale boundless unsurpassed tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful omnipotent unconstrained unquestionable peremptory rear egregious trailing behind ulterior hinder posterior hind tail back rearward finishing hindermost without limit no holds barred all out straight out caudal after aft hellacious veritable nearest the rear bringing up the rear furthest behind at the back furthest back at the back of the queue at the end thundering right severe deep proper outrageous brutal overwhelming harsh great tremendous flagrant intense gross acute almighty grievous uber preposterous radical real crashing prize wholehearted dyed-in-the-wool limitless without reservations through and through all-encompassing unfettered all-fired blasted unmixed unmodified full-on without qualification undisputed comprehensive unbroken overarching uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping in-depth full-blown full-scale emphatic express explicit genuine firm unstinting resounding forthright unambiguous definitive clear conclusive sure decisive overt uncompromising indubitable assured open unmistakable certain apodictic specific no strings no strings attached no fine print one hundred per cent undiluted actual determinate wide clear-cut full-bore right-down in every respect no catch no ifs ands or buts unquestioning point-blank no kicker most distant most remote most far

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