Synonym of wrenching

Alternative for wrenching

wrenches, wrenched, wrenching

Synonym: hurt, injure, jerk, pull, sprain, strain, twist, wrest, wring, yank,


Unbearably or excruciatingly painful or torturous
excruciating agonising agonizing harrowing tormenting racking torturous torturing raging distressing acute intense searing extreme tearing painful disturbing severe violent grievous piercing dreadful punishing unbearable sharp fierce insufferable tormentous anguishing vexing heartbreaking bitter gut-wrenching heart-rending struggling suffering vehement tortuous awful terrible savage worrying unendurable exquisite harsh burning galling killing grueling afflicting consuming pounding gruelling very bad throbbing very painful trying plaguing troubling bothersome harrying hellish cruel hurtful heartrending oppressive intolerable repressive unrelenting grim penetrating biting brutal grave blistering cutting stinging vicious caustic unsparing strong frightening alarming terrifying traumatic chilling nerve-racking soaring stressful dangerous stabbing thumping splitting extremely painful rending shooting infuriating chastening cringe-making irritating torturesome toe-curling tedious embarrassing stultifying upsetting difficult sad distressful tragic hard troublesome unpleasant heavy poignant pitiful wretched miserable disquieting woeful irksome hellacious frightful dire saddening uncomfortable moving unfortunate piteous vexatious regrettable discomforting sorrowful tough pitiable daunting pathetic perturbing lamentable wearisome ghastly affecting unsettling shocking crushing burdensome bad onerous exacting ferocious unhappy forbidding nasty taxing doleful rigorous dismal discomposing annoying tiresome tear-jerking serious plaintive deplorable almighty strenuous disagreeable tragical depressing appalling fearful rough testing displeasing deep profound unwelcome calamitous powerful impossible touching challenging awkward arduous hairy unpleasing mournful demanding wearing uncongenial disconcerting keen laborious ponderous horrendous formidable agitating furious explosive bruising intensive backbreaking wearying unpalatable unlucky distasteful exhausting uphill thorny fatiguing gloomy toilsome herculean back-breaking nagging heavy-duty anguished rugged unnerving effortful disappointing poor vigorous worrisome great horrible sorry rotten excessive horrifying stirring mighty dispiriting harassing ambitious horrific insupportable devastating troublous overwhelming afflictive merciless fearsome concentrated unforgiving mortifying murderous stiff unacceptable tiring cheerless debilitating tall killer draining bleak sombre somber moiling sweaty toilful jarring grinding solemn injurious sapping horrid Herculean objectionable revolting energy-consuming enough to try the patience of a saint harmful vile not to be borne foul gruesome abominable lousy provoking aggravating execrable painstaking loathsome desolate immoderate boring sore weighty disheartening colossal overpowering pesky mortal unsavory macabre offensive stringent icky yukky yucky mean niggling unlovely titanic repellent repugnant sour melancholy disastrous damaging unsavoury inconvenient frustrating unamusing unsupportable discouraging melancholic abhorrent operose cumbersome heart-wrenching shattering upstream intimidating unyielding dismaying unremitting too much gargantuan knackering wounding off-putting a bit much maddening exasperating atrocious peracute smarting enormous scarring teasing grisly fraught nightmarish repulsive disgusting plaguy pestiferous bedevilling discommoding peeving pestilent emotional knifelike haunting concerning rueful monstrous gross imperious joyless impressive crippling ruthless detestable infernal chafing carking nettling rebarbative abrasive antagonizing rankling nettlesome cussed riling pesty pestilential plaguey confounded antagonising forlorn inordinate odious catastrophic nauseating heightened hostile ruinous prohibitive obnoxious sickening unappealing impactful demoralizing demoralising dejecting disconsolate grody depressive enraging grating punchable undesirable tender forceful wicked shrill funereal heart-breaking relentless sober destructive hopeless glum comfortless major intemperate passionate unkind tricky exigent bedeviling lachrymose lugubrious unmanageable desperate dreary morose immense staggering gigantic unsurpassable inadmissible heavy-handed enough repellant potent backbreaker labored really hard problematic very hard depleting forcible enough to drive you up the wall sticky slavish laboured difficile beyond endurance past bearing too much to bear last straw tough going scabrous Augean austere ominous enough to try the patience of Job critical pain-filled blinding Spartan desolating cringey mind-blowing raw shrewd pitiless oppressed impoverished stark hateful thoroughgoing hefty crashing invidious transcending unsufferable poverty-stricken significant rancid dour tearful drab drilling paralyzing paralysing dogged gnawing scary prickly anxious-making mirthless dispirited dolorous dolesome slow afflicted grieving melting sentimental expressive nostalgic fatal apprehensive enervating drear cold depressed hardhanded inhuman agonized deadly extremely upsetting dicey hazardous easier said than done high-impact drudgy high-pressure worksome uphill battle hard-won no picnic marathon problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone remorseless exerting to be pitied tortured racked agonised feeble paltry abject cataclysmic unreasonable very great derisible dingy plangent pensive dark inclement straitened inhospitable spartan stern inexorable mephitical irritable unpropitious bewildering sullen troubled perplexing sinister revulsive inauspicious foreboding parlous distressed unfavorable unfavourable persnickety useless petty meagre puny commiserable meager pressing dejected despondent extraordinary exceptional supreme lethal adverse drastic high exorbitant wild hard-hearted despairing deathly hapless fateful protracted close full intensified unqualified marked unfair undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated pick-and-shovel time-consuming mother of all strained vivid pungent ill-fated steep ill-starred resounding ungovernable uncontrollable fiery rampaging rabid uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained unsustainable storming unchecked unfettered uncurbed inflamed unbridled emphatic hot urgent energetic peppery convulsive flaming enraged blustery paroxysmal turbulent volcanic frenzied coercive stormy dynamic outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous emotive gale force out of control full of force no-win beyond bearing uplifting telling affective heartwarming sudden confronting soul-stirring finely tuned heart-warming emotionally moving arousing affect humourless crummy humorless unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid sedate abysmal diabolical uncool grotty godawful uninviting ugly nauseous beastly nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear


(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring crippling damaging hurting bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting scathing traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring ruining traumatising vandalising defiling compromising flawing endamaging destroying crabbing lousing up messing up despoiling crossing up twisting making a mess of distorting fouling up disfeaturing devastating smashing desecrating undermining demolishing trashing ravaging dilapidating tainting sullying sabotaging weakening annihilating razing shattering gutting prejudicing smirching totalling nicking dismantling totaling corrupting besmirching sapping causing detriment to handling roughly dumping on corroding shocking mucking up doing mischief to blighting poisoning pillaging bloodying polluting wasting sacking plundering debasing staining desolating ransacking spoliating scuppering looting contaminating depredating battering raiding perverting subverting scarring scotching laying waste wreaking havoc on undoing torpedoing disabling fouling rifling robbing putting the kibosh on marauding reaving queering infecting deteriorating dirtying thwarting dashing profaning raping depraving decimating soiling warping stripping diminishing adulterating screwing up devouring hindering impeding incapacitating disrupting touching ravishing enfeebling nixing blasting blowing debauching befouling doing in playing havoc with reducing blowing a hole in upsetting lessening frustrating devaluing foiling sinking wearing away debilitating pulverizing creaming banjaxing prostituting dishing stymieing blotting consuming nuking demoralizing cruelling putting paid to scratching tearing down degrading pulverising bringing to naught demoralising afflicting contorting rusting darkening violating burning levelling leveling extinguishing dishonouring botching vaporizing cutting wracking overwhelming euchring eroding dishonoring pulling down throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of vaporising putting a damper on disintegrating threatening discolouring hamstringing quashing cheapening gnawing lacerating eating away cankering blunting enervating foraging discoloring putting an end to scourging rotting decaying invalidating stealing from alloying bastardizing brutalizing marking shaking up brutalising putting out of action doing for taking out wiping out bringing down putting the lid on bastardising rubbing out crumbling demeaning blackening abasing depressing laming jeopardizing hacking abrading hampering disgracing torturing worsening quelling eating dissolving charring fleecing destabilizing uglifying weathering mauling paralysing bending defeating interfering with misshaping prostrating nibbling fretting impoverishing ruinating paralyzing disqualifying denting wearing down outraging unfitting making a hash of breaking up shooting down watering down littering smashing up attenuating roughing up laying waste to wasting away putting a stop to bringing to an end leaving in ruins running through jeopardising spiking destabilising bringing to ruin biting tearing apart biting at exhausting leaving desolate scattering deflating misusing strewing burgling buckling butchering squinching shaming affecting screwing cluttering disarranging disordering misapplying malforming obstructing ending misemploying cramping overcoming harrying smearing gnarling preventing holding up emasculating depreciating stewing stifling overcooking squashing wronging overturning obliterating fading deranging dismembering stopping radioactivating pirating diluting immobilizing shaking tearing throwing into disorder overrunning denuding reiving putting at risk knotting coloring subduing flattening skewing seducing restricting scuttling inactivating making impure bleaching bodging bestializing busting scorching havocking decomposing cutting up tweaking dinging knocking down spreading to wincing overthrowing spreading among chipping away at handicapping knocking out hacking up gnawing away doctoring colouring burning through hocking taking apart driving a nail into the coffin of overdoing muzzling knocking off burning into taking advantage of razing to the ground playing merry hell with raining on someone's parade dropping litter laying in ruins appropriating immobilising biting into hogtying hogtieing distressing doing damage to stabbing scouring gnawing away at wearing making unattractive throwing monkey wrench in pinioning making useless wreaking havoc sticking up slashing animalizing kiboshing rendering incapable making ugly detracting unbracing detracting from eating away at unstrengthening using up plaguing shivering devitalizing indisposing bringing about the downfall of oxidizing depopulating clobbering tagging torpefying spray painting withering inconveniencing messing whittling busting up bowing branding blaspheming mullering wiping off map stamping out muddying speckling blotching disfashioning rendering powerless making unfit making powerless putting out of commission throwing a monkey wrench into doing harm to castrating gimping truncating massacring hog-tying disserving marauding over disturbing disorganizing dampening nipping in the bud cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to rubble depleting reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon endangering making misshapen bending out of shape distorting the shape of fragmenting perishing tarring slowing retarding delaying unsettling convulsing assaulting committing sacrilege mongrelizing dragging down imperilling imperiling liquefying dissipating worn through melting smothering restraining curbing inhibiting turning upside down slowing down rending treating sacrilegiously insulting souring oxidating beating scoring dispossessing scraping pinching costing causing the loss of resulting in damage to leading to the end of resulting in harm to causing the sacrifice of throwing into confusion causing turmoil in causing confusion in throwing into disarray forcing knackering toxifying making filthy infesting blaspheming against committing sacrilege against treating with disrespect making lose face rustling depriving humbling humiliating grieving tormenting piquing aggrieving paining stinging waxing drawing blood doing burglarizing expurgating bowdlerizing censoring streaking flaking oxidising troubling freebooting cutting to pieces amputating bowdlerising tearing limb from limb hashing up impacting striking toppling discrediting steaming mugging stiffing becoming rusty influencing perturbing confiscating trespassing embezzling invading arrogating neutralizing squelching moving enthusing diseasing overbaking bedding chopping crumpling mortifying bankrupting eradicating harshing misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying deflowering sexually assaulting lowering chastening reducing in value reducing in quality decreasing prevailing occurring canceling out cancelling out ageing aging limiting rendering ineffective spotting garbling mishandling exploiting burning to a cinder turning over burning to a frazzle burning to a crisp breaking into dehumanizing desensitizing indecently assaulting having your way with sexually abusing forcing yourself on halting impinging carving slaying separating slicing chopping up hashing flaying mashing cutting about slitting seasoning whittling away disempowering cutting down disparaging running down bemeaning derogating panning taking down dehumanising desensitising slamming cutting down to size taking down a peg casting down lowering the status of belittling putting down decrying bringing shame to misconstruing diverting manipulating skinning working against crazing outmaneuvering outfoxing crimping abolishing ballsing up outmanoeuvring having abating outsmarting overreaching neutralising unbuilding offsetting making waves jamming impacting on prevailing over impinging upon making dirty tingeing tinging casting a gloom upon digging out softening knocking the bottom out of tunnelling sandbagging challenging dragging through the mud queering the pitch of tunneling hollowing out overshadowing casting gloom over bringing a note of sadness to poking full of holes digging mining clipping one's wings knocking over relieving lofting foraying liberating kipping lifting prowling requisitioning preying ripping off grabbing moonlight requisitioning striking at striking down misrelating cooking fudging misstating deflecting slanting deactivating freezing disenabling felling ill-using conditioning having an effect on exerting influence on taking hold of attacking having an impact on crashing dynamiting clamping washing out bestrewing nullifying devaluating taking bombing exploding smiting preventing from moving making inoperative rendering inactive tying bringing to a standstill preventing from working rendering inoperative actioning bringing to a halt disarming arresting mellowing banging up splitting maltreating tampering with causing injury cracking knocking glitching up disappointing salting changing altering faking veering doctoring up mistreating brainwashing steering watering disarraying mussing blowing to bits blowing up blowing to pieces blowing sky-high breaking down losing strength grimacing showering chipping scraping away exterminating spreading grinding down eating into simulating age in trampling cluttering up making a shambles of making untidy


Present participle for to take or remove something suddenly or with force
ripping tearing wresting pulling tugging forcing yanking grabbing plucking seizing snatching peeling prising prying wringing rending taking by force removing by force extracting uprooting prizing rooting out tearing out corkscrewing dragging twisting drawing levering heaving removing dislodging raising forcing out jerking drawing out hauling tweaking lugging evulsing extricating working loose working free taking out wrenching out pulling out plucking out prizing out jimmying jemmying extorting twitching clutching winkling coaxing dragging out picking weeding unearthing withdrawing culling gathering prying out physically removing uplifting disengaging uprearing upraising catching hold of elevating lifting hoisting towing straining choking contorting compressing pinching turning throttling pushing shaking down snapping trailing haling trawling conveying streeling raking winding in pulling off digging out picking off taking off wringing out fishing out picking out ripping out taking weeding out whisking deracinating eradicating digging up whipping whipping out reaping extirpating hauling out wheedling out grubbing out pulling out by the roots grubbing up tearing up by the roots ripping up pulling up tearing up fishing retrieving confiscating displacing nipping squeezing pulling up by the roots pulling sharply teasing catching collecting grasping pulling at snatching at clutching at tugging at taking hold of catching at isolating unsheathing siphoning releasing freeing catheterizing avulsing rooting mining garnering securing syphoning bringing out sundering out picking up eking out


Present participle for to cause or feel pain by applying pressure


Present participle for to pull or elongate a stretchable object

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