Synonym of wry

Alternative for wry

wryer, wryest, wrier, wriest

Synonym: askew, contorted, crooked, distorted,


Using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humour
ironic mocking sarcastic dry sardonic contorted droll crooked deformed derisive distorted double-edged satirical scoffing scornful sneering twisted uneven warped askew aslant awry humorous mordacious pawky sarky skewwhiff witty cynical caustic biting ironical contemptuous sharp scathing mordant cutting stinging satiric trenchant bitter acerbic acrid derisory arrogant tongue-in-cheek acid snarky barbed pessimistic smart-mouthed scalding corrosive offensive taunting jeering unbelieving acidulous disrespectful irascible wise scorching mean sceptical pungent suspicious misanthropic keen carping acerb misanthropical salty skeptical nasty evil malicious disdainful disparaging harsh smart-aleck smart-alecky cynic sly subtle deadpan laconic tart acidic distrustful waggish deprecating apathetic sour disbelieving doubtful disillusioned doubting incredulous negative sharp-tongued low-key matter-of-fact quietly humorous poker-faced straight-faced disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard bleak black mistrustful hard-boiled nonbelieving detracting ridiculing backhanded burlesque clever implausible jibing atypical incisive ridiculous defiant uncomplimentary curious spicy contradictory exaggerated critical backbiting alert chaffing poignant quick-witted vitriolic acrimonious severe venomous virulent astringent spiteful piercing hurtful vicious cruel pointed searing withering devastating unkind wounding catty penetrating waspish contumelious hostile snide brusque razor-edged savage poisonous rude abrasive scurrilous insulting austere polemic fierce rancorous belittling rapier-like needling saucy hateful twitting captious ornery irreverent derogatory weisenheiming abusive unfriendly blistering cussed acute snarling stern vindictive slighting malign unsparing opprobrious insolent denigratory slashing heartless callous polemical ferocious condescending brutal truculent grim teasing malignant stringent pernicious rough maleficent burning malefic telling churlish squint-eyed dismissive lampooning farcical snappy splenetic crisp pithy malevolent forceful ill-natured supercilious evil-intentioned peppery snippy disapproving demeaning degrading derogative abhorrent depreciative detractive haughty decrying pejorative depreciatory deprecatory denigrative snotty sniffy cheeky snooty full of contempt terse drilling clear-cut contemptible yelling controversial wicked quizzical raucous impertinent contentious corroding strict exacting ill-tempered bad-tempered uncivil argumentative disputatious rigid rigorous curt antagonistic overwhelming overpowering aggressive snappish testy acetose unpleasant short unblunted vengeful bilious baleful merciless sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate ungracious acetic tonic provocative salt exciting stimulating racy violent vitriolous unrelenting edged parodying paradoxical spoof bantering spoofing pitiless envenomed sadistic highly effective strong vigorous crabbed ruthless wanton cold cold-blooded extremely critical cavalier emphatic Hudibrastic Rabelaisian dripping with malice driving forthright clear pillorying powerful effective blunt explicit distinct vain imperious proud edgy potent unequivocal absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous ambiguous oblique indirect high hat hard-nosed on your high horse audacious high and mighty temperamental uppity on high horse cold-shoulder dog it bold snobbish cool upstage razor-sharp crushing equivocal out-of-line flip cocky fresh snidey crusty gally smart sassy nervy vituperatory scurrile scurril invective censorious defamatory two-edged scolding obloquious castigating upbraiding slanderous reproachful calumniating reviling maligning libellous vilifying traducing ranting denunciatory calumniatory libelous antisocial unsociable for the birds vituperative superior sneaky underhanded overbearing hypercritical egotistic unneighbourly inhumane inhospitable uncongenial reclusive despicable reserved selfish hating egoistic solitary standoffish grouchy egotistical narrow-minded eremitic with tongue in cheek


(of a person's face or features) Twisted into an expression of disgust, disappointment, or annoyance


Causing laughter and amusement
humorous funny comic comical hilarious witty amusing entertaining droll facetious farcical jocular chucklesome whimsical ludicrous riotous uproarious waggish comedic diverting humoristic hysterical laughable playful jocose killing merry priceless risible zany absurd antic hysteric sidesplitting wacky clever jokey ridiculous smart camp campy joshing ribald pleasant light-hearted rib-tickling side-splitting tongue in cheek tongue-in-cheek too funny for words sportive eccentric clownish mirthful odd rollicking preposterous quirky quaint oddball screaming off-the-wall engaging sparkling quizzical laffer gelastic crack-up riot gagged up for grins jesting joking teasing puckish impish roguish mischievous arch lighthearted frolicsome unserious bantering wisecracking capering satirical gay silly sprightly not serious high-spirited pulling one's leg putting one on in fun in jest jolly slapstick flippant good-humored hysterically funny good-humoured a scream fun jovial cheerful frivolous killingly funny a hoot gleeful blithe crazy lively jocund goofy rich enjoyable very funny delightful scream blithesome pleasing flip screamingly funny beguiling foolish ironic bizarre extremely amusing sunny festive a laugh scintillating interesting pleasurable stupid happy nutty quick-witted agreeable laughing light joyous boffo daffy slaphappy fantastic unusual derisory flaky inane flakey glib fanciful piquant original prankish cheery recreative derisible ludic charming madcap captivating appealing cheering sharp-witted daft compelling absorbing fascinating intriguing riveting enchanting outrageous peculiar sharp quick queer gut-busting fun-filled derisive dry weird har-har dippy mocking off the wall relaxing screwy strange loony jerky fool stimulating unconventional snappy outlandish flighty spirited for a laugh a barrel of laughs dotty nonsensical kinky asinine nonserious lightweight comedical grotesque cockamamie pathetic cockamamy fun-loving childish custard-pie irreverent novel gratifying gladdening ludicrous. laughable too much ingenious outrageously funny epigrammatic unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive hearty escapist fantasy distracting noisy joyful knee-slapper trivial trifling brilliant convivial exhilarating rip-roaring convulsive recreational animated exhilarated cut up very amusing raucous laugh-a-minute chipper joculous pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish ribbing chaffing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning penetrating piercing intelligent bright keen batty goofus fool-headed gump dizzy highly amusing a laugh a minute clowning bubbly gamesome kittenish jaunty curious a card a caution fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse unreasonable nimble-witted flirtatious freakish unlikely incongruous irritating singular highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful smart-aleck racy smart-alecky cutting quick on the uptake annoying capricious offbeat idiosyncratic a joke a bit much good-natured fantastical crotchety freaky chimerical OTT a bit thick over the top as a joke to tease dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative arbitrary kooky mad insane avant-garde off-centre crackpot cuckoo nuts cracked wacko inept cranky screwball looney brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic senseless featherheaded fatuous cockeyed half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie bubbleheaded sappy balmy dilly off the air in left field dumb way out out there hare-brained congenial nice moving stirring enthralling provocative exciting enticing poignant striking impressive inspiring engrossing gas restorative rousing entrancing thrilling affecting be a ball


Having one or more bends or angles
twisted crooked contorted bending crazy curled curling curved curving curvy devious lopsided serpentine sinuous tortuous twisting winding windy twined wrenched awry bent braided coiled complicated convoluted gnarled intricate involved knotty knurly tangled tortile wound meandering twisty indirect snaky anfractuous circuitous zigzag snaking wavy bowed irregular flexuous roundabout rambling warped distorted coiling looped spiral arched undulating meandrous deviating zigzagging hooked curvilinear turning looping spiralling crimped spiraling kinky kinked misshapen rounded turned mazy crinkled curly bendy serpentiform wandering deformed askew knotted labyrinthine rugged jagged bumpy rough skewed frizzy out of shape sweeping humped uneven helical angled arced spiraled twisting and turning loopy aslant corkscrew involute arciform round knobbly rolled frizzed oblique ringletted ringletty crippled spiralled knurled gnarly knobby nodular inclined errant sinuate ogee ambiguous erratic full of twists and turns writhing curvilineal folded recurved entwined furled snakelike voluted slinky strained permed fuzzy leathery bowing arching twining veering warping vermiculate lithe wiggly tacking squiggly gyrating wriggly catawampus topsy-turvy incurving angular screwy agee deviative vagrant flowing waved jointed articulated weather-beaten wrinkled arthritic excursive crimpy crinkly crisp wiry crinkling waving oscillating transverse fluctuating waggling serrated sloping diagonal remote detouring digressory misleading obscure confusing removed confounding straying out-of-the-way digressing diverting thrawn weathered wizened stooped frizzled sprained disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched asymmetric asymmetrical slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp matted matty unsymmetrical doubled over ironic mocking sarcastic slanting slanted tilted tipping slantwise sardonic dry swirling atilt circling crescent lumpy pitched droll listing cock-a-hoop vaulted nodose nodulous arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform tortured scoffing scornful derisive satirical sneering double-edged curviform swirly circular embowed curvaceous arrondi enbowed elliptical biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex humorous pawky sarky witty skewwhiff mordacious cynical


Having a flippant demeanor that is not appreciated under the circumstances
cute facetious flippant flip cheeky mischievous playful smart casual clever cocky funny glib inane inappropriate sassy saucy smart-alecky witty fresh humorous impertinent jocular jokey offhand pert ridiculous sarcastic sardonic silly smart-aleck wise wisecracking cutesy dismissive disrespectful droll frivolous impish impudent irreverent jesting jocose joking lighthearted precious roguish rude satirical smarty-pants tongue-in-cheek waggish whimsical blithe breezy lippy mincingly clever insolent brassy bold brazen forward superficial carefree presumptuous audacious familiar nervy brash pushy malapert cool amusing shallow irresponsible insouciant thoughtless overfamiliar comical flighty puckish light-hearted smart-arsed mouthy shameless ironic foolish indecorous punning dry farcical ludicrous smart-assed chirpy daring bright dapper keen dashing bold as brass out of line pointed ingenious apt agile highbrowed highbrow incisive sharp quick adept nimble ready bantering smooth nifty quick-witted unblushing barefaced boldfaced blatant assumptive procacious overconfident unabashed off-base bumptious immodest overbold arrant contumelious assuming presuming cocksure brazen-faced arch brassbound bold-faced discourteous arrogant unmannerly brass-necked ill-mannered impolite insulting insubordinate bad-mannered defiant mannerless uncivil crude inconsiderate ungracious disdainful offensive ill-bred overweening confident free peremptory abusive overbearing uppity self-assured smug self-assertive contemptuous snippy loud unashamed unembarrassed unhandsome unmannered uncalled-for presumptive in-your-face vulgar shocking outrageous flashy dictatorial haughty lofty supercilious disgracious gritty pompous conceited imperious cavalier lordly snippety bantam forceful chesty huffish huffy pretentious hifalutin superior toploftical masterful important highfalutin toplofty sniffy meddlesome intrusive uppish obtrusive as bold as brass self-asserting high-handed high-hat stiff-necked high-and-mighty egotistic coming on strong boldface obvious heavy naughty ballsy crass fearless brave plucky scurril invective vitriolic vituperative vituperatory truculent scurrile scurrilous opprobrious feisty unreserved unshrinking temeritous spirited boorish rough churlish combative volatile weisenheiming unrefined loutish scornful derisive humiliating indelicate ungentlemanly undisguised flagrant unladylike ungallant not backwards in coming forwards uncouth personal tactless unsubtle undiplomatic tawdry meretricious spunky hotshot indecent gutsy bald-faced strident harsh noisy blaring aggressive derogatory bullish affected forthright uninhibited meddling prying inquisitive incongruous unsuitable interfering nosy grating jarring ignorant patronizing snobbish overassertive direct self-important domineering overfriendly thrusting raucous piercing irritable moody underbred sullen oafish boastful blustering opinionated officious off base smart alecky lacking civility bad mannered remote elitist snobby swanky snotty ostentatious pushful persnickety snooty hubristic condescending tony aloof thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill hoity-toity patronising high-flown high and mighty toffee-nosed throwing one's weight about stuck-up putting on airs out-of-line imperative magisterial discordant gaudy ear-splitting bare-faced jazzy tinny loud-mouthed showy garish over-assertive put down hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious egotistical rash impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate bigheaded self-satisfied self-confident improper too big for your boots


Deceitful or crafty
tricky crafty cunning scheming devious sly artful wily foxy guileful slick slippery subtle deceitful deceptive dodgy dishonest shifty beguiling cagey cagy cute designing disingenuous duplicitous fly Machiavellian shrewd snide carny shonky slim astute clever deep delusive delusory greasy insidious intelligent keen misleading shady sharp smooth streetwise treacherous witted underhand sneaky crooked double-dealing unscrupulous underhanded calculating two-faced untrustworthy fraudulent conniving Janus-faced dishonourable false unprincipled dishonorable cheating bent canny corrupt unethical furtive dubious two-timing perfidious sneaking lying stealthy ingenious insincere rogue untruthful disreputable smart mendacious dissembling roguish indirect evasive fast dirty unfair unreliable manipulative deceiving double-crossing surreptitious clandestine secret intriguing knavish hollow-hearted immoral pawky skilful skillful plotting vulpine sharp-witted criminal savvy hypocritical secretive swindling knowing amoral elusive questionable traitorous covert oblique conspiratorial resourceful illegal unlawful fishy defrauding fly-by-night unfaithful faithless false-hearted adroit undependable double-faced contriving arch nefarious snidey counterfeit iffy unjust disloyal venal bluffing truthless rascally villainous dirty-dealing malfeasant under the table dexterous dextrous acute hidden collusive impish suspicious backstairs undercover not to be trusted hugger-mugger mischievous tricksy hole-and-corner corruptible astucious hush-hush murky grafting buyable untrue Punic street-smart street smart dissimulating phoney scandalous fake phony wrong fibbing dicey conspiring fugitive masterly adept alert unsportsmanlike unsporting proficient politic perceptive not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable discerning wise sagacious mean inventive imaginative low underground deft puckish fiendish below the belt captious illusory suspect trick unconscionable private discriminating sham playful devilish observant wicked cloaked stealth privy sneak heads-up unsafe waggish slinking inconstant corrupted cutthroat skulking bribable dangerous evil back-alley cloak-and-dagger feigned backhanded black heady low-down sinister rotten lawless spurious irresponsible quick-witted behind-the-scenes seedy scampish teasing leprechaunish prankish elvish fickle pretended sketchy mock iniquitous frolicsome unctuous equivocating sub-rosa recreant pixieish ludic pixie pixy inglorious suborned crazy like a fox sportive prevaricating misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying as sharp as a tack of dubious character under wraps espiègle potentially illegal back-stabbing committing perjury colluding caballing leery experienced unpredictable shrewdness stinky nifty shrouded veiled mean-spirited quick heedful forsworn crazy like fox bootleg slimy cynical errant obliquitous erring gimmicky ruthless irregular ambidextrous concealed bogus illicit unhonest opportunist deviant under the counter opportunistic playing politics put on playing games perilous ensnaring wormlike snaky uncandid not candid not frank expedient faking one out not straightforward unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain mutable variable untrusty backbiting hoodwinking lubricious unfrank unveracious not trustworthy pseudo bamboozling falsified forged against the law imitation malicious fink trustless left- handed neat whip-smart not entirely truthful terminologically inexact perjurious perjured plausible rascal off bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous jive mealymouthed artificial double mealy treasonable sideways sidelong under-the-table on the QT on the quiet treasonous subversive seditious sly like a fox backstabbing doubtful rebellious renegade like a snake in the grass economical with the truth cloak and dagger disguised creepy behind someone's back circumspect hole and corner cautious masked Pecksniffian lip apostate mutinous leading breakaway unprofessional double dealing phony-baloney phoney-baloney left-handed unloyal betraying shameful discreditable snake in the grass loaded felonious scoundrelly profiteering mercenary bad dissolute ignoble reprobate base sinful shameless cheeky cowardly foul extortionate open yellow judicious sensible gone to the dogs fast and loose on the take naughty prudent licentious mercentary praetorian sordid conscienceless stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate degenerate wanton dastardly perspicacious difficult to track down difficult to find always on the move difficult to catch coquettish insightful fallacious sage rakish raffish sapient brainy hardheaded argute profound suss accurate probing farsighted shark calculated inside clear-sighted clear-eyed hard-boiled far-sighted on the ball long-headed far-seeing media-savvy wised up in the know on the inside on top of up on penetrating rational percipient thoughtful bright practical sound brilliant reasonable intuitive enlightened pragmatic knowledgeable piercing careful sensitive logical incisive commonsensical genius realistic sane informed levelheaded discreet aware down-to-earth sober learned erudite quick on the uptake well-advised nimble commonsense razor-sharp sophisticated intellectual matter-of-fact ready worldly-wise provident businesslike level-headed nimble-witted good tactical critical quick off the mark analytical considerate foresighted hard penetrative reasoned scholarly unsentimental rapier-like able worldly vigilant exceptional understanding well advised cool mature fine common-sense supersmart ultrasmart seasoned apt advisable cultivated wary reflective hyperintelligent hardened gifted unidealistic no-nonsense cultured analytic well-founded tactful objective desirable delicate strategic pragmatical gnostic clear grounded hard-headed educated justified well judged agile well-reasoned philosophical tough searching trenchant solid quick-thinking responsible earthy utilitarian commonsensible witty just unromantic capable unfantastic full of insight real sharp as a tack hard-nosed sharp-sighted frugal contemplative considered well-grounded reliable downy responsive refined watchful cerebral well thought out balanced having been around thinking diplomatic well-informed safe visionary whiz urbane precocious firm cogent well-thought-out coherent active valid well reasoned unprovincial showing great knowledge with great knowledge forearmed razor-edged knife-like not born yesterday quick on the trigger quick on the draw tasteful thrifty economical selective prescient open-eyed with both feet on the ground tough-minded intent sharpened cool-headed genuine handy keen-witted judgmatical judgmatic chary guarded seemly expert hard-bitten sentient dependable creative gingerly enterprising cosmopolitan razor-like ratiocinative truthful insighted parsimonious forethoughtful sophic skilled artistic unwasteful true finely honed lucid clear-thinking conversant competent joined-up penny-pinching philosophic deductive exact proven cheap polite precise prompt polished awake conscious thorough prosaic together wide awake attentive well-judged not missing a trick nobody's fool cluey gracious courteous well grounded all there thinking twice playing safe knowing how many beans make five tuned in with all one's wits about one hedging one's bets knows what's what with one's feet on the ground ear to the ground exquisite self-aware einstein premeditating real-life factual healthy hip razor sharp inquisitive clairvoyant well-balanced appropriate concise controlling satisfying dinkum succinct punchy crisp pithy advantageous recommended beneficial profitable sussed adult satisfactory exacting detailed complex decent estimable enquiring questioning inquiring receptive lively alive original hep gainful worthwhile lifelike naturalistic natural no fool acuminous with it fitting appreciative innovative wise to robust unemotional exploitative resolute intractable swift PDQ brisk having fancy footwork to the point effective effectual well balanced efficacious qualified vigorous mercurial curt wired seasonable judicial well a good idea true-life straight deliberate treating with kid gloves conciliatory grown-up bland suave having smarts genial well-read well read well educated inspired cognizant deliberated smart as a whip talented serious abstruse recondite gentle smart as a tack sparing with both one's feet on the ground innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean elaborate innovatory equipped esoteric weighty arcane respectful sympathetic pioneering miserly economic hermetic hermetical clued-up tuned-in particular well-prepared hostile salty ornery hang tough stand pat locked in tough nut deviceful well informed cogitative acroamatic occult orphic abstemious scrimping economizing forehanded with-it softly-softly kid-glove serious-minded consequent practised fastidious nasty fair stingy masterful nimble-fingered saving prepared tight full of common sense thinking outside the box despicable discriminative efficient accomplished trustworthy selfish materialistic grasping blasé economising professional crack impressive contemptible au courant discriminatory discriminational differential worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous vile ace nippy wizard practiced virtuoso workmanlike bravura in right mind callous self-centered self-centred disenchanted uptown power-loving mondain justifiable veridical faultless collected unquestionable certain veracious synthetic credible infallible trustable reasoning penny-wise finely judged habile ignominious aesthetic nice having all one's marbles steady-going ungentlemanly beggarly squalid rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless sure corroborated colorable meticulous sincere impeccable inerrant validated verified fleet well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise been around choosy picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky scurvy shabby detestable paltry unpleasant worthless certified defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive stringent empiric execrable illegitimate abject inequitable wretched sleazy grubby unsportsmanly having know-how with good taste recognized faithful kosher sanctioned significant orthodox legit canonical reputable recognised sorry lame lousy deplorable scummy currish scungy having good hands reserved measured reticent apprehensive scabby ratty mindful tentative conservative hesitant low-minded suspecting scrupulous restrained precautious legal tried-and-true not cricket off-color ill-gotten out of order against the rules on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the lookout on your guard belt-and-braces with reservations watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes with eyes peeled taking it slow on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled

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