Synonym of yo yo


Move up and down
alternate fluctuate oscillate see-saw sway swing vary veer waver hover teeter vacillate wobble blow hot and cold go from one extreme to the other shilly-shally change hesitate falter dither shift be undecided be indecisive dilly-dally seesaw hum and haw haver be irresolute think twice alter pussyfoot around equivocate halt balance stagger scruple hang back stall sit on the fence hem and haw go up and down rise and fall wabble pause get cold feet waffle swither shillyshally delay ebb and flow change mind be unable to make up your mind rock totter tremble tergiversate undulate reel hedge be uncertain mutate be unable to decide chop and change be unsteady run hot and cold come and go keep changing your mind teeter-totter be doubtful temporize tumble prevaricate flip-flop be unsure bobble lurch roll quaver fence-straddle dillydally whiffle boggle straddle temporise move backward and forward pivot move to and fro move back and forth switch turn digress displace transform snap differ vibrate flutter wave be unstable beat around the bush go back and forth rotate interchange intersperse take turns substitute be staggered be interspersed relieve follow act in sequence occur in turn occur in rotation work in sequence follow one another act reciprocally move between fill in for follow in turn take it in turns flicker dally quiver palter trim shudder deliberate whiffle waffle procrastinate dawdle demur linger tarry shake doubt be ambivalent morph hold back lag trifle be in two minds deviate hang about hang around waste time hang fire drag your feet drag your heels baulk wait be hesitant evolve idle pulsate be reluctant balk move shy straggle wag loiter faff about drift palpitate slip diverge metamorphose ripple be unwilling second-guessing yourself drag poke have doubts convert transmogrify progress hold off goof off modulate play a waiting game stop pussyfoot stir jib defer flap heave twirl shiver quake loll recoil from shrink from flinch from swell surge flow diddle creep crawl while away time shy away hang back from vacillate about waggle wigwag lollygag have misgivings about have scruples about think twice about faff around have reservations about lallygag tremor mope putter shy away from put off have qualms about take one's time use delaying tactics mess about mark time play for time kill time be dilatory take your time lag behind put off doing something let the grass grow under one's feet wobble about doubt yourself have misgivings be on the fence will and will not potter discontinue cease dodge trill warble hold on mess around move slowly be on the horns of a dilemma slouch thrill shrink back swerve change direction um and ah flourish sit around be tardy be long fool around sit tight twitter brandish wield refuse adjourn postpone retard prolong protract hesitate to scruple about goldbrick cool stumble express misgivings express reservations express reluctance adopt Fabian tactics raise dangle billow be chary of be coy about be cagey about be shy about be reluctant about stay flinch quail note flounder judder hang ponder mammer debate weigh shrink back stay back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward wiggle move backwards and forwards kick the can down the road postpone action defer action let something slide suspend action take a raincheck convulse jiggle be tentative flit waft swirl flail thresh jerk jolt wait and see be cagey sweep whirl twist flick thrash be divided blow ruffle agitate jar pull back think about feel uncertain wonder about fly stream pulse sit on fence bucket jounce joggle better turn around deteriorate reverse diminish think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical harbour suspicions about express reservations about harbour reservations about fluctuate on have doubts about feel uneasy about have hesitations about express suspicions about entertain doubts about have suspicions about worsen divert loaf swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth chill footle bum drone lazy laze lounge curl baulk at stick at be loath stonewall swish demur about stickle question demur from stick fret balk at worry gag amble plod coil motion filibuster boggle at waver about disrelish mind doing something have qualms hack around kick around veg out kick back horse around potter around hang on be slow fall behind buy time stay put potter round potter about not keep pace wait around drag one's feet over drag one's heels over fritter hang out


Someone who lacks general intelligence or common sense
idiot fool imbecile dolt dullard simpleton doofus dork moron oaf dunce jackass lump dimwit dummy yahoo dope dumbbell dumbhead lamebrain meathead nincompoop clot nitwit numbskull goon ignoramus bonehead dodo noddy knucklehead nimrod donkey fathead goof loon nit birdbrain dipstick git ninny numskull schlub turkey airhead blockhead clunk cretin dingbat mug mutt pinhead simp booby bubblehead chowderhead chucklehead clodpole clodpoll goose ninnyhammer prat stupe stupid charlie cuckoo deadhead dummkopf dunderhead featherhead loggerhead lunkhead mome natural noodle saphead shlub thickhead woodenhead berk charley cuddie cuddy gander golem hammerhead hardhead lunatic ratbag schnook stock cluck dip mooncalf nut nutcase ding-dong dum-dum half-wit know-nothing dim bulb ding-a-ling twit clod halfwit jerk dumb cluck dumbo boob nerd chump pillock bozo putz sap numpty wally twerp schmuck pea-brain divvy lummox dumb-bell wooden-head coot lamer goofball bogan wazzock schlemiel plonker knobhead nyaff drongo muttonhead galah pudding-head goofus muppet galoot palooka sumph gowk tomfool dill spud poop schlepper alec nong gobdaw buffoon klutz dingleberry nerk boofhead balloon poon mompara wiener spoony weeny gink squarehead zombie wing nut meatball goat dweeb thicko eejit dorba plank gonzo prick geek twonk clown stupid person lightweight silly illiterate silly billy lout softhead weenie dumb ox mampara stooge clodhopper duffer lame-brain kook scatterbrain Neanderthal bore brute lubber gawk hulk lug foolish person tosser dildo loser loony screwball innocent sucker simple goop rascal butthead boor clodpate bungler harebrain yobbo ape yob witling pain in the backside blunderer pain in the rear tit milksop pain in the neck lowbrow pain in the bum churl chav bear dumdum oik pea brain gorilla ox muggins victim tosspot bird-brain schlep yokel bimbo numptie prig cloth-head baboon retardate drip goof ball weakling beefhead bust jughead born fool juggins Simple Simon retard addlepate mental defective dotard slow learner bumpkin hick stumblebum hobbledehoy beast barbarian clumsy idiot bosthoon scozza bruiser skate cougan featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz easy mark fair game nutter eccentric fruitcake maniac crank crackpot head case crazy oddball wacko madman weirdo madwoman crackbrain headbanger nutjob schizo oddity character crack quiz sicko bug sickie nutso zany psychopath flake meshuggener whacko psycho radge original codger weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis rube peasant hayseed vulgarian hoon swine hillbilly rustic savage cad provincial chuff philistine bucolic hound thug creep countryman ruffian scum joker sleaze scumbag slimeball slime vermin skunk sleazebag stinkard slob varmint sleazeball scuzzball louse cornball chawbacon bogman culchie buzzard rat dog fink dirtbag crud snake toad rowdy reptile stinker rotter heel bleeder country bumpkin crumb pill cur bounder blighter so-and-so hooligan rat fink ocker roughneck hind monster country cousin bully boy dupe hoodlum ned countrywoman laughingstock tough incompetent village idiot bushy carl monkey sadist scoundrel rapscallion rogue kern country dweller miscreant reprobate wretch ogre knave scalawag heathen varlet villain pig primitive degenerate son of the soil daughter of the soil mucker cannibal lager lout son of a gun patsy pigeon tool gull pushover schmo knothead plebeian swain Philistine butterfingers dub looby bourgeois materialist dirt farmer or know-nothing or hick homesteader or lout country jake hoodie pleb anti-intellectual wimp vandal butt wuss Goth devil unsophisticated person troglodyte fiend goober freak figure of fun soft touch countryman/woman dag weed wild man wild woman animal dull person honyock hun crude booner bevan boot boy nazi scallywag meanie caitiff heavy evildoer no-good baddie baddy scapegrace demon meany scamp savage person labourer laborer farmer country-dweller cropper crofter sharecropper peon planter farmworker villager ghoul bully farm hand hired hand paysan campesino paisano fellah kulak ryot muzhik contadino contadina weasel bushie joskin dastard vagabond rake slimebag loudmouth scuzzbag brawler slimebucket backwoods person country person pervert blackguard redneck fraudster charlatan skank toughie trickster rough worm dirtball rounder butthole wastrel cheat stinkpot mofo spalpeen scrote liar dingo deviant mother sleeveen swindler dastardly person snake in the grass unprincipled person bad egg hard man sly person good-for-nothing nasty piece of work bad lot reprehensible person


Quick or likely to change consistently
volatile unpredictable variable capricious changeable fickle temperamental unstable erratic inconstant impulsive quicksilver flighty vacillating excitable fluctuating irrepressible mercurial wavering changing ephemeral fluid inconsistent mutable protean shifting transitory unsteady whimsical changeful flickery irregular kaleidoscopic moody skittish uncertain unsettled varying wayward active elastic fitful flaky flakey frivolous giddy labile movable bipolar fleeting impermanent mobile momentary peaky transient undependable unreliable ever-changing up-and-down up and down up in the air blowing hot and cold short-lived full of ups and downs random arbitrary jerky desultory uneven everchanging chameleonic oscillating unfixed floating iffy patchy unequable spasmodic variational waffling swaying shifty slippery fluctuant intermittent unequal chameleon-like sporadic irresolute turbulent haphazard vagarious disconnected occasional scattershot episodic discontinuous spotty episodical alterable unsystematic freakish nonuniform unmethodical moving aperiodic rambling casual flexible hit-or-miss choppy flickering spastic catchy indecisive indiscriminate versatile fluky fragmentary wild incoherent broken jumbled eccentric designless illogical shaky chancy indefinite dubious undirected incalculable bitty wandering dynamic roving restless adaptable alternating deviating not fixed inexplicable vacillant tempestuous inexact polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless faithless unbalanced varied not constant progressive checkered chequered irrational quirky adaptive untrustworthy disjointed meandering directionless ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful uncommitted undecided disturbed altering contradictory ungovernable faddish dicey nomadic disrupted fragmented scrappy developing growing free chance vicissitudinous adjustable ever-shifting crotchety sketchy confused paradoxical transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible hesitating of two minds ever-moving explosive knife-edge incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory interrupted broken up incomplete discordant incongruous irreconcilable subject to change likely to change discrepant always changing periodic unconnected piecemeal warring lubricious dissonant incongruent constantly changing irresoluteoscillating unsure not settled at odds chaotic disorderly on-again-off-again herky-jerky on and off off and on in conflict at variance hit and miss disorganized indeterminate out of step shaking trembling wobbling quivering scrambled uncontrolled non-linear frenzied disordered promiscuous entropic mixed up fractal scattered stochastic messy muddled aleatory disorganised all over the map all over the place infrequent aimless unpunctual unconsidered purposeless on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic

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