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(of persons) lacking in refinement or grace


Impolite or bad-mannered
rude impolite discourteous impertinent insolent impudent unmannerly crass disrespectful presumptuous curt churlish disagreeable abusive brusque blunt uncivil ungracious graceless brash unpleasant audacious tactless offensive insulting derogatory disparaging cheeky arrogant unchivalrous boorish uncharitable undiplomatic cocky crude offhand uncouth unmannered bad-mannered disgracious ill-bred mannerless uncomplimentary unladylike unrefined brazen flip gruff ill-mannered inconsiderate indecorous indelicate lippy loutish mouthy oafish rough smart alecky smart-alecky sullen surly thoughtless ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly abrupt coarse contumelious disdainful fresh ignorant inaffable insubordinate malapert out-of-line overbearing sharp short uncalled-for underbred crabbed intrusive peremptory unhandsome bounderish unceremonious vulgar crusty insensitive terse snippy bold unkind snappy forward bluff tart uncultured unpolished harsh sassy snappish unmindful rustic saucy pert downright irreverent nervy brief brassy short-spoken shameless no-nonsense gross crisp brusk brazen-faced unsympathetic heedless plain-spoken careless off brisk arch wise cocksure brassbound contemptuous bold-faced bearish uncivilized self-centered caustic raw cruel direct uncultivated frank uncivilised ungrateful outspoken cavalier unfeeling self-centred loud uneducated uncaring unappreciative impatient to the point unfriendly aweless brass-necked unthankful monosyllabic cloddish laconic inappreciative clownish ungraceful snippety bad-tempered clodhopping ill-tempered barbaric misbehaved thankless unconsiderate derisive scornful rough-hewn offish ill-humoured ill-humored sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous flippant pithy classless clipped gauche procacious abrasive smart common indiscreet unthanking straightforward ornery cantankerous forthright bold as brass wooden barefaced barbarous uncomfortable inelegant uneasy candid lumpen stiff grumpy tasteless matter-of-fact brutal unequivocal stilted rustical clumsy badly behaved raunchy morose breviloquent upfront honest ill-natured hasty boisterous grouchy summary unsubtle selfish irritable straight from the shoulder dismissive defiant low-bred unthinking concise truculent smart-arsed short-tempered succinct impetuous dusty iconoclastic inurbane cool loud-mouthed antisocial tetchy nasty unthoughtful lowbred severe asocial pointed base simple smart-assed callous thuggish unadorned untactful swinish out of line unworldly improper unvarnished unembellished unsophisticated irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy off-base yobbish philistine hurtful hick bare stark slobbish barbarian lumpish undisguised lubberly explicit not afraid to call a spade a spade outlandish corrupt unqualified bald awkward trenchant speaking as one finds charmless socially unsure lacking in social graces socially inept socially awkward calling a spade a spade objectionable uncourteous testy moody decisive bad hostile ill-behaved unperceptive overfamiliar businesslike blundering aloof inhospitable unfortunate irascible lacking civility bad mannered unappreciated imperious protrusive regardless injudicious petulant imperative breezy magisterial dictatorial ill disregardful hurried sudden mannish undignified manlike tomboyish unfeminine perfunctory unwomanly hoydenish mean-spirited roughneck tacky cheap naughty ballsy assumptive mischievous presumptive shocking outrageous bumptious unfilial profanatory earthy bungling immodest in-your-face assuming distant uncoordinated apathetic put down gawky stolid overbold temeritous bantam dour touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable unneighborly ugly mean boldfaced unblushing blatant unabashed arrant rowdy doltish bullying wild rollicking roisterous intolerant standoffish impolitic hoonish dense unconcerned open hearty crotchety crabby taciturn out of sorts sharp-tongued personal unfair heartless reckless incautious sour cross good-natured genial approachable self-assertive self-confident vivacious naive guileless ingenuous robust friendly prying inquisitive incongruous interfering meddling meddlesome unsuitable nosy uncalled for hillbilly maladroit blustering cheery sincere plain off base unsavoury angry saturnine stupid foolish dull backwoods ungainly brutish straight plebby countrified ocker unpoised Neanderthal provincial unsavory austere outright unveiled cutting point-blank truthful biting unambiguous naked unornamented plain vanilla realistic undecorated hard-hitting hard tough unexaggerated patchy threadbare worn uncompromising compact grating stern pulling no punches true to life vitriolic bitter warts and all epigrammatic annoying irritating acerbic straight-talking not mincing one's words straight-shooting speaking one's mind not beating about the bush condensed incisive wounding galling elliptical pitiless acerb comfortless neat sententious aphoristic apothegmatic telegraphic economical capsule compendious thumbnail elliptic aggressive hateful rubbing the wrong way spiky argumentative hard to take gnomic close short and sweet cryptic taut compendiary clear-cut exact lean precise cut to the bone in a nutshell boiled down

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