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a murderer (especially one who kills a prominent political figure) who kills by a treacherous surprise attack and often is hired to do the deeda cry of approval as from an audience at the end of great performance


applaud with shouts of `bravo' or `brava'


Used to congratulate someone


A shout of encouragement, praise, or joy
cheer applause ovation acclamation acclaim plaudits cheering approval approbation laudation clapping raves hurrah shouting hurray cry shout whoop alleluia clamor clamour hosanna shriek roar holler huzza encouragement huzzah honor honour praise distinction prestige adulation admiration kudos encomium eulogy credit panegyric glory commendation homage congratulations esteem salutes extolment tribute flattery obeisance recognition recommendation thanks paean exaltation appreciation rave puff celebration boost worship hymn plaudit compliment accolade citation sycophancy glorification veneration devotion regard good word big hand pat on the back respect reverence eulogium adoration testimonial laurels accolades compliments bouquets acknowledgment acknowledgement favour favor props salutation laud high regard cheers tributes a pat on the back sun deference estimation idolization dithyramb fame bays consideration repute magnification deification bouquet good opinion awe liking love renown blessing reputation brownie points gratitude lionization congratulation support worshipping popularity lionisation account thanksgiving praising high opinion illustriousness notability eminence pumping up apotheosis salute worshiping idolatry attention glorifying revering venerating endorsement pat on the head merit dignity name magnifying elevation hand sanction cachet welcome fealty a round of applause mention genuflection hero-worship affection rave review honoring honouring stroking round of applause honourable mention pride felicitations celebrity assent encomiums exalting acceptance lauding idolizing a hand lionizing note aggrandizement beatification benediction supplication eulogizing greatness importance nobility speech of praise eulogising a big hand immortalization privilege canonization great respect kudo opinion prostration salvo paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement testament lionising idolising blandishment stroke points fondness standing ovation high standing valuing prizing hat tip PR court mark of respect good name hero worship cherishing good image big up pats on the back special mention honorable mention strong praise good reputation positive reception validation monument grace raving mandate paying homage standing prestigiousness status bravos handclapping a slap on the back anthem psalm prize award réclame thankfulness prayer appreciativeness courtesy sentiment enthusiasm gift felicitation worshipfulness respectfulness submission prominence preeminence hand-clapping puffing up pean song ode strokes service loyalty allegiance fidelity care sympathy honours decorations awards notice admiring commendations greetings respects regards shot in the arm jubilation value blarney cajolery faithfulness duty troth offering present loud homage eulogies blandishments fawning ratification treasuring enjoyment vengeance wrath repayment standing O song of praise shout of praise surprise wonder flattering remark bootlicking eulogiums kneeling memorial éclat blessings salutations hail pleasure delight okay imprimatur OK extravagant flattery audation hurrahs stamping rooting good press byline heading honors decoration warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last astonishment amazement servile flattery fulsome praise strap line expression of gratitude expression of appreciation best wishes good wishes bells concurrence consent permission go-ahead a standing ovation wonderment feather in cap blue ribbon gold star adoring marveling marvelling extolling prayers latria dulia stardom the nod luster plug immortality lustre suggestion reference -olatry clean bill of health pre-eminence advocacy tip praying to judgment urging judgement instruction favourable mention letter of support words of approval favorable mention words of approbation character reference two cents' worth deifying uplifting hero-worshipping


A rough and violent person
tough bully ruffian hooligan rowdy thug brute hoodlum rough roughneck gangster heavy bruiser hood yob yobbo gorilla toughie desperado punk toughy gangbanger goon criminal gangsta hoon mobster mug tsotsi villain yahoo bully boy hard man plug-ugly tough guy boot boy chav lout ned hoodie roughie lager lout bovver boy larrikin vandal keelie delinquent troublemaker tearaway bogan scozza rascal gunman cougan lawbreaker rioter bandit myrmidon hitman terrorist casual brawler outlaw mugger radge crook robber assassin murderer cut-throat heavyweight bullyboy bodyguard hector bouncer persecutor oppressor browbeater tormentor antagonizer coercer bulldozer tormenter scoundrel rogue boor intimidator harrier insolent pest annoyer yobo miscreant mafioso muscleman racketeer killer charva wise guy Yardie gang member member of the family hired gun tearabout terror hellion fighter wretch pesterer harasser torturer daunter tease teaser yardie strong-arm assailant attacker scamp barbarian beast philistine savage hitwoman godfather tough person gunwoman wiseguy wrong 'un yokel vulgarian oaf hired killer professional killer hit woman hit man marauder clod renegade raider lubber gawk tyrant pirate convict face baddie skelm cutthroat swashbuckler scourge subjugator bumpkin bear lug brigand Mafioso clodhopper palooka churl Neanderthal dolt hulk lummox lump yakuza dealer pusher aggressor henchman ocker attack dog clumsy idiot domineering person hit person hatchet man member of a criminal gang member of the Mafia felon thief baddy con jailbird offender highwayman malefactor footpad black hat gaolbird sinner wrongdoer transgressor reprobate plunderer fugitive knave crim infractor freebooter malfeasant pillager scofflaw culprit swindler mosstrooper fraudster reaver armed robber shark cheater trespasser cheat misfeasor shyster evildoer perpetrator evil-doer juvenile delinquent gunslinger ravager cateran snaphance dacoit devil hound burglar shoplifter housebreaker lag scallywag rapscallion caitiff varlet conman fraud trickster rapist nazi meanie monster fiend scalawag scapegrace meany charlatan outcast yardbird hustler lifer yegg psychopath tief perp no-good young offender lighty cracksman grifter sociopath violater peculator holdupper violator trusty chiseller defalcator transport confidence trickster filcher pilferer purloiner con artist blackmailer old lag tea leaf bad guy evil person drifter bad egg ex-con wanted criminal black marketeer public enemy number one malevolent universal foe hijacker looter rustler forager highwayperson gunperson pariah public enemy ladrone bandolero exile rider tobyman holdup person wrong number absconder runaway land pirate thief errant road agent knight of the road sniper young criminal youthful offender JD punk kid first offender gunfighter liquidator gun hold-up man shootist stick-up man contract man torpedo trigger man triggerman scammer bioterrorist rorter hoaxer cyberterrorist exploiter suspect embezzler scamster phoney bilker defrauder narcoterrorist ecoterrorist finagler agroterrorist quack hellhound prisoner button man armed man deadbeat derelict immoralist muscle phony pretender con man bad actor guilty party guilty person slippery eel fallen angel rogue trader bunco artist smooth operator flimflam man confidence artist person responsible confidence man degenerate lowlife supervillain dastard heel scumbag vagabond mischiefmaker rat antagonist blackguard louse dog profligate snake stinker incorrigible rotter swine bounder libertine monkey sneak cad maggot liar urchin creep antihero nointer rake mischief nasty imp mischief-maker good-for-nothing nasty person bad character bad news black sheep mean person cruel person bad lot unprincipled person enfant terrible ne'er-do-well snake in the grass limb of Satan

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