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Synonym: hobo camp,


(figuratively) A disorganized assortment of things
assortment jumble mishmash miscellany hodgepodge hotchpotch medley pastiche patchwork potpourri variety collage farrago hash montage motley ragbag agglomeration clutter menagerie miscellanea muddle smorgasbord stew agglomerate botch gumbo jambalaya litter rummage salad scramble tumble welter gallimaufry olio ragout salmagundi shuffle mixed bag grab bag alphabet soup crazy quilt omnium-gatherum patchwork quilt olla podrida mixture mélange collection confusion mess mix melange combination selection conglomeration pot-pourri motley collection omnium gatherum blend diversity odds and ends mash-up combo array assemblage mingle-mangle oddments mass scissors-and-paste job chaos pasticcio shambles random collection random selection brew goulash tangle composition choice group mashup macédoine mingling maze heap disorder garbage hotch-potch series disarray disarrangement convolution range congeries mosaic derangement soup accumulation sundries Whitman's sampler ataxia assembly huddle scatter plaid tartan check load pack spectrum aggregate hotchpot tableau multiplicity line-up conglomerate diversification rainbow melting pot disorganization composite bunch kind sort grab barrel grab box dog's dinner dog's breakfast colluvies hodge-podge untidiness turmoil disorganisation mishmosh compound compilation set untidy heap confused heap all shapes and sizes all sorts pick `n' mix wide range wilderness intermixture anthology snarl discrepancy disparateness fluctuation variability incongruity variance mesh pig's breakfast cross section confused mass tissue concatenation grouping melee cumulation aggregation bundle skein labyrinth cat's cradle mix-up disorderliness amalgam alloy synthesis state fusion dishevelment amalgamation havoc concoction union heck chance-medley muss misorder free-for-all disorderedness hell messiness meld admixture cross conflation cocktail emulsion snake pit mare's nest merger cluster package conjunction marriage topsy-turviness interfusion commixture pig's coalition hybrid flurry web rush scribble commingling gathering amassment merging grovel toss roll overturn rubbish disharmony disunity upset indiscipline hoard trove accretion homogenization omnishambles discomposure unruliness homogenisation intermingling balance anarchy everything but the kitchen sink state of confusion state of untidiness unholy mess holy mess combine lump pile association whole total dough confection hybridization adulteration incorporation mash batter crossing infiltration transfusion saturation assimilation sum quantity clump build-up body amount concentration heterogeneous mixture summation full bulk totality skandha sum total all whole shooting match whole schmear whole enchilada whole ball of wax the works irregularity clamour discombobulation a mess entropy bedlam a shambles clamor a muddle an omnishambles a dog's dinner a dog's breakfast rat's nest


Forest with heavy rainfall


An overflowing quantity
exuberance lushness luxuriance richness abundance profusion copiousness superabundance denseness exaggeration fulsomeness lavishness plenitude proliferation rankness riotousness superfluity thickness vigor vigour effusiveness excessiveness plentifulness prodigality prolificness rampancy affluence plenty teemingness overflow plethora glut cornucopia bounty surplus surfeit nimiety oversupply redundancy excess overabundance extravagance spate fat overmuch overkill overload wealth amplitude bountifulness plenteousness mass redundance inundation heap fullness multitude loads host opulence lot quantity riot stack pile gobs mountain ton lots slew stacks plentitude masses bags piles heaps quantities oodles scores multiplicity yard boatload raft sight shipload bucket lashings much deal truckload sea sheaf bundle barrel store bushel dozen myriad volume carload basketful bunch reams mountains chunk mess wad fistful millions shedload tons swag potful scads plateful pack hundred pot passel ampleness tonnes tonne good deal flood overage bellyful plus surplusage overplus embarrassment wastefulness deluge waste overflowing overdose too much recrement balance supererogation leftover too much of a good thing refuse the limit spare overrun overweight by-product enough lashins peck horn of plenty oversufficiency outpouring prosperousness prosperity enough and to spare more than enough deductible great quantity large amount freshet spillway exorbitance surplusage. superabundance avalanche superfluous leavings extravagantness superfluousness extravagancy rest residue remainder profuseness load oceans feast ocean infinity fruitfulness fortune riches great deal collection bulk all kinds of quite a bit stock stockpile million a lot trillion jillion mound hoard amassment number batch thousand aggregation luxury assemblage cluster agglomeration many whole bank clump accumulation sum concentration large number fund large quantity lump horde bounteousness deposit crowd throng swarm army mine sufficiency total jumble supply array legion hill conglomeration haul scad backlog drove fertility variety amount mob reserve cargo ream score gathering gob thousands hundreds assortment congeries billions great amount plurality reservoir largeness cache verdure leafiness grassiness flock congregation magnitude torrent assembly capacity gazillions stash group harvest vastness totality greenness majority zillions greatness cumulation ample amount a great deal mint inventory a good deal treasure a pile too many great number nest egg immensity more … than one can shake a stick at comfort completeness shock generosity entirety numerous aggregate ample pool treasury bigness measure full house extent well sizableness size herd huge amount vast amount rabble satiety well-being push sum total pots wads rick a large amount wodge scrum cram rout press crush bike armful bazillions fount saturation trove repletion fountain satiation a deal a wealth garner treasure-trove a profusion a shedload an abundance choice treasure house treasure trove degree floods jumb busload truckful expanse share portion munificence liberality logjam corpus combination huddle several world enormous amount distribution inexhaustibility hunk drift loadsa droves plentiful a number copious considerable abundant substantial innumerable an amount countless contingent caboodle manifoldness bag box miles a considerable number a good few a good number considerable amounts bing accrual rickle crate carton pallet gang body whole lot fall-back infinite number unlimited number quite a number shedloads set indulgence overburden hideaway quota count tally leisure repertoire repertory provision a fair amount a great quantity burden overwork proportion diversity range a great many a large number lode phalanx team cloud galaxy very great number a mountain a swag overindulgence most heft scale wellbeing privilege concourse numerousness wide variety preponderance sheet overconsumption appreciable amount generous amount copious amount substantial amount sizeable amount decent amount power jam infinitude turnout pluralism lead advantage privileged circumstances large group overwhelming number overfullness satisfaction greater part nearly all large size wellspring up to here argosy length enormity strength force prodigiousness bulkiness hugeness heftiness intensity potency voluminousness grandness substantiality source curvaceousness voluptuousness roundness vast number bonanza repository might wholeness vein storehouse plumpness bed ditch spring field coalmine trench pithead coalface high degree rich source mother lode gold mine absoluteness buxomness roundedness shapeliness entireness perfectness swelling dozens truckloads pecks chunks stores platefuls barrels basketfuls fistfuls bundles rafts buckets yards carloads boatloads packs bushels slews broadness chestiness extensiveness adequateness distension tumescence dilation comprehensiveness womanliness enlargement bustiness curviness sheaves a bunch a heap a mass a plenitude a passel a plentitude a mess a potful a multiplicity a quantity a spate a volume a shipload chubbiness completion congestion scope breadth fill plenum pudginess wideness


An neighboring area, region or space
neighbourhood neighborhood vicinity environs purlieus vicinage backyard matter tune adjacency area block closeness confines contiguity ghetto hood locale locality nearness parish part precinct propinquity proximity region slum street suburb surroundings territory tract turf ward zone zoo stomping ground neck of the woods district section quarter belt community habitat surrounding area division province sector land expanse country patch field parts place corridor demesne stretch world sphere neck domain realm dominion county arena borough scene state range scope shire clearing constituency bailiwick walk inner city neck of woods terrain location spot sweep extent colony enclave estate position site kingdom department spread nation manor barony space point orbit span locus compass setting fief venue ground jurisdiction breadth nabe empire property plot reach radius station environment whereabouts canton situation holding protectorate amplitude band principality commune extension emplacement township where purview side pocket dependency post bounds width discipline surrounds latitude line duchy circle element parcel firmament business clime area of land specialty fiefdom home dimensions game possession front speciality tract of land city expansion strip corner limits stamping ground homeland boundaries length circuit ambit bearings sphere of influence borders spectrum administrative division distance lands precincts commonwealth seat dukedom continent limit stomping grounds remit capacity lot margin portion plain municipality island town geography swathe acreage settlement segment administrative district waste sheet mandate mainland administrative unit main coverage placement soil satellite state republic local area address possie centre dominions homestead development branch milieu subject wing center haunt satellite size proportions grounds joint subdivision orientation dimension sovereign state electoral district gamut immensity scale landmass wideness occupation magnitude fix universe landform geographical location soke leet reserve destination march haven tillage terra firma administrative area outskirts plat reservation weather emirate electorate pack layer suburbs way federal state partition allotment geographical area preserve scenery landscape reference temperature measure piece swath motherland fatherland concern palatinate suburbia pitch exclave enclosure square sovereignty sovranty monarchy hole cluster cross section beat home park periphery hangout topography stead authority vastness mass climate riding register extensity X specific location capaciousness elbowroom spaciousness area of knowledge sea blanket carpet function fringes rank nation state depth political unit track village stratum class status medium abode natural home hamlet horizon room wilderness remoteness stage layout voting area home turf home ground surrounding district direction fullness complex source small area purlieu around ballpark barrio quartier large space uninterrupted space area of interest walk of life area of study mise en scene outpost outlook proportion extensiveness confine degree competence comprehensiveness bridge specialization activity topic longitude footing tributary bracket field of reference run terms of reference old town skid row isolated area vocation specialism theme metropolis pretty near calling metier forte métier accretion accumulation aggregate this neck of the woods avocation thing interest work study job pigeon racket specialisation pale piece of land housing estate business park area of activity concretion body capital line of work sphere of interest sphere of activity sphere of study megalopolis metropolitan area rural community small village boondocks small town dorp subcontinent


Regions, districts and small settlements outside large urban areas
bush backcountry backwoods hinterland outback wilderness wilds backblocks backland backlands backveld backwater booay frontier hinterlands outlands platteland up-country boondocks boonies remote areas boscage bramble briar brush chaparral creeper forest plant savanna scrub scrubland shrubs vine woodland tall timbers Woop Woop the wild beyond the black stump back of beyond sticks back country wasteland middle of nowhere country desert outdoors the back of beyond countryside woods badlands provinces nowhere rain forest nature rough country the middle of nowhere wastes open barrens out-of-doors tropical forest farmland wild open air a backwater hicksville interior rural area great outdoors green belt a rural area agricultural land rural areas a rural district the sticks wide open spaces primeval forest heathland farm unexplored unknown outskirts borderland the wilds isolation timberland emptiness the backwoods remote rural centre heartland retirement bush country terra incognita waste bundu Podunk solitude rural districts uninhabited region badland uncultivated region no-man's land inhospitable region isolated place jerkwater town secluded spot remote place sleepy town one-horse town undisturbed area unspoilt area unspoiled area upcountry grazeland farms grazing woodlands forests pastures center bushland rainforest cow country wide open space up country morass wood zoo undergrowth tropical rainforest boondock back o' beyond godforsaken place the boonies Timbuktu one-blink town wide place in the road one-gas-station town whistlestop one stoplight town bump in the road tank town hick town jumping-off place farming land green area rural district province middle America non-metropolitan areas middle England non-metropolitan counties rest of the country


A large area of barren, typically uninhabited land
waste desert wasteland expanse breadth wilds length spread wilderness barren desolation distance extent field heath reach stretch barrenness emptiness expansion plain solitude vastness void badlands bog brush brushland bush fen marsh marshland moor quagmire swamp tundra wild dust bowl no-man's-land sheet area sweep space barren land range span radius extension scope moonscape barrens tract region belt badland blanket width orbit amplitude compass malpais covering bounds limits line purview Sahara flats parameters confines horizons gap interval separation swathe spacing way lead depth remove interspace sea sphere carpet territory bit size horizon sand dunes barren region lava bed arid region immensity margin domain latitude good ways country mile far piece section remoteness room large space uninterrupted space bridge wing wastes out-of-doors outdoors open nature bundu uninhabited region boondocks sticks backwoods outback forest hinterland open air boonies inhospitable region uncultivated region rough country no-man's land back country primeval forest measure dimensions dimension realm limit ambit capacity scale acreage volume spectrum magnitude gamut proportions diameter mileage spaciousness measurement amount ken swing wideness height thickness elbowroom proportion play leeway diapason journey coverage arm's length rate remit capaciousness space of time measurements footprint full extent longitude square footage bore ordering placing arranging positioning winning margin distance lengthwise linearity ranginess extent lengthwise longness linear measure continuance calibre spreading out spacing out traveling distance broadness beam slack headroom clearance place start edge province module caliber gauge legroom elbow room berth window accommodation flying start breathing space time interval breathing room wiggle room zone gage weight perspective ratio linear perspective circle neighbourhood vicinity register neighborhood pale quantity earshot extensity panorama mass bulk value run of tonnage footage determination analysis valuation density metage frequency degree time pitch judgement calibration judgment survey altitude


Pertaining to bodily reactions characterised by flushed or dry skin
hectic frenzied feverish frantic heated excited frenetic chaotic wild animated fevered flurrying furious turbulent boisterous flustering riotous tumultuous agitated brisk bustling buzzing hyperactive lively manic overactive overwrought restless rumbustious burning confused crowded disordered exciting fervid hassle madhouse nutsy rip-roaring unsettled vibrant woolly wooly zoolike keyed up very active very busy fast and furious in a lather hell broke loose like Piccadilly Circus mad violent intense fierce rabid hysterical delirious maniacal swivel-eyed ferocious hyper fraught distraught raging crazy insane corybantic uncontrolled angry panic-stricken berserk worked up in a tizzy wired unscrewed weirded out wigged out passionate crazed fanatical desperate beside oneself raving out of control zonkers unglued unzipped deranged weird freaked out shook up at wits' end spazzed out in a stew hot under the collar hot and bothered flipped out impassioned vehement enthusiastic fiery stormy overexcited tempestuous zealous ardent fervent perfervid energetic passional panic-struck obsessive panicky confusing convulsive distracted like one possessed demented madding febrile fanciful overcharged aroused demonic unbalanced fired up phrenetic furibund lost it nuts bitter spirited distressed full-hearted explosive unhinged nervous distrait uptight hysteric unrestrained emotional berko knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot bang-bang volcanic hammer and tongs cataclysmic rough cyclonic roller-coaster volatile torrid impatient anxious worried het up last-minute wound up charged ireful wrathful irate avid indignant acrimonious flaming demonstrative disturbed busy blazing in a state in a tizz in a flap having kittens incandescent warm religious beside yourself in a flat spin at your wits' end in a cold sweat at the end of your tether superheated in turmoil glowing eager earnest high-strung full of upheavals keen wholehearted full of ups and downs strong consuming urgent vigorous profound powerful forceful extreme uncontrollable acute deep-seated red-hot all-consuming hot-blooded warm-blooded obsessed possessed unruly aggressive intemperate savage pumped maddened dedicated gung-ho psyched voracious impetuous headstrong juiced amped in a frenzy uninhibited devoted nutty immoderate overcome over-enthusiastic unbridled brutal consumed vicious irrational bigoted militant bloodthirsty biased unreasonable harsh fanatic flipped maniac out of one's mind hotheaded potent fuming carried away full-blooded knock-down not knowing what to do with oneself drag-out abandoned inflamed ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering unchecked gay heightened unconstrained uncurbed unrepressed blind white-hot neurotic unrestrainable upset incoherent rattled at one's wits' end bothered worked-up out of one's wit overwhelmed gone babbling blustery struck overawed affected stunned incredulous irrepressible driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant spasmodic in a fit seething roaring foul howling gusting gusty squally windy bullying nasty ungovernable dirty filthy murderous overpowered cruel ruthless blustering rampageous concentrated excessive intensified callous threatening terrorizing pugnacious hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate committed sincere devout pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless destructive barbaric heartless homicidal inhuman single-minded purposeful pushy zestful hearty devastated assertive out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull destroyed zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe antsy fireball afire self-starting demoniac terrorising radge forcible fixated infatuated intolerant uncompromising extremist hot-tempered hot-headed cut-throat raring ready compulsive overzealous diehard sprightly disorderly coming on strong prejudiced one-sided partisan illiberal dotty potty visionary hooked effervescent infuriated narrow-minded high vivacious game wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo stirred up high as a kite overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent ill credulous impulsive willful erratic monomaniacal partial obstinate bugged contumacious domineering incorrigible addicted opinionated stubborn high-spirited stirred steamed up on fire wigged-out nuts for turned on high on

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