Synonym of held back


Past tense for to impede the work or progress of
blocked hampered hindered impeded stifled encumbered fettered frustrated hamstrung hamstringed inhibited obstructed restrained stymied thwarted cramped curbed handcuffed hobbled prevented retarded trammelled trammeled checked handicapped manacled shackled stopped balked baulked bridled clogged embarrassed borked hog-tied held up tied up interfered with prevented from making progress put off short-circuited suppressed repressed restricted controlled constrained contained smothered set back kept back limited arrested reined in kept in check foiled slowed down delayed choked back fought back halted withheld held in shut out put an end to swallowed put a brake on bottled up stalled barred strangled slowed interrupted subdued kept under control held concealed kept the lid on curtailed muffled regulated put a stop to deterred forestalled stayed staved off stove off warded off hung up held off cut back cumbered shut down crippled confined averted nipped in the bud kept hid moderated governed gagged baffled withholden put the brakes on cut off reduced submerged kept a lid on opposed stonewalled stood in the way of fended off pocketed derailed prohibited decreased cooled kept a tight rein on silenced put back crimped bound slowed up put the kibosh on shut off detained put a lid on corked up buttoned up choked tamed disrupted held down counteracted resisted headed off interfered quashed mastered shut in postponed stilled caught corked put an stop to put paid to suspended pulled in cut short intercepted cut down let up cramped one's style put on ice put down quenched quelled circumvented countered hidden braked reined tempered squelched repelled kept secret measured deferred lessened killed gulped back bitten back bit back avoided debarred paused leashed sank sunk sunken repulsed shelved gotten in the way got in the way scuppered reined back pulled up kept off kept at bay toned down deadened ended kept in overpowered defeated covered up thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of discouraged cut interdicted deflected precluded diminished tied muzzled discontinued stemmed straitened dampened ruled entangled obviated spoiled spoilt screened put at a disadvantage circumscribed defended against simmered down put the stopper on upset hemmed in turned aside kept lid on fetched up bogged down remitted threw a monkey wrench in the works of put on the back burner brought to an end put a damper on forfended fought off thrown a monkey wrench in the works of put over put to flight put away put in cold storage put a limit on composed squashed shortened retained cornered extinguished got in the way of gotten in the way of overcome collected forbid damped down boxed up enclosed brake tethered veiled terminated harbored quieted disadvantaged evaded inconvenienced stamped out burdened ruined prorogued warded held in check setted limits on imposed limits on entrammelled entrammeled kept within bounds delimited pigeonholed pre-empted weighed down stemmed the flow of fixed brought to a standstill brought up sabotaged rebuffed closed off choked off held over hushed up crabbed brought to screeching halt sat on chained kept down diverted guarded contracted beat off kept under wraps harboured knocked off boxed in decelerated crushed froze frozen garrotted docked entrapped beat slackened suffocated quit truncated calmed abbreviated abridged capped bit bitted shushed mired quelched dissuaded stunted scotched elided syncopated escaped loitered circumnavigated nullified reserved ceased dropped finished disguised masked stumped sandbagged overturned retrenched cloaked fazed rebutted dissembled neutralized refused faltered hesitated put out steered clear of sidestepped skirted shrunk parried put on brakes qualified bottlenecked oppressed kept in line let damped fought staunched contravened ditched saved incommoded neutralised backed off buried dragged one's feet drew up drawn up put straitjacket on put on hold dammed intermitted put off the evil day cooled down encircled mothballed held in abeyance put out of the way cut down on hit the brakes put the lid on mellowed put a crimp in put out of commission come to an end beat back kept waiting saddled with put half nelson on discommoded tied down bounded kept at arm's length laid on the table sent packing clamped down on put a leash on come to a standstill thrusted back clipped someone's wings adjourned turned away ruled out slashed put a cork in constricted put a spoke in someone's wheel dead-ended kept dark put a ceiling on chilled put on back burner put in abeyance brought to a stop anticipated tabled forced back disadvised shielded poured cold water on respited turned back fenced put in nutshell cast aside pinned down put in an unfavourable position let down flaps turned off put off the evil hour kept under your hat put a restriction on brushed off secreted called it a day scared surrounded defended cut out cracked down on kept quiet about made late continued placed at a disadvantage throttled stood off put up a fight talked out of put a lead on overcame forbidden forbade retardated taken down took down broke off broken off given a hard time gave a hard time beaten off separated destroyed left out trapped collared kept feeling inside oneself brought to naught cooped up muted settled monitored adjusted secured impaired bypassed tranquilized rallied recovered inspected soothed lulled fastened ensnared enmeshed netted captured snookered quitted gulped recessed snagged enjoined outlawed tabooed puzzled abated lagged concluded dissuaded from closed harnessed downed loafed flagged bogged dawdled sidelined poked snuffed mystified confounded debilitated elapsed reefed embogged procrastinated heaped shrouded showered overloaded lapsed nonplussed canned camouflaged gaoled imprisoned guided jailed directed impounded hogtied determined passed dissolved expired shrank shrunken outwitted wrecked juked crashed unsettled pared down lopped chopped trimmed refrained kept a rein on disturbed affected helped braced sidetracked flummoxed scrubbed mitigated died checkmated declined rejected protracted kept control of done for did for licked tied one's hands influenced tampered softened belayed belaid suspended proceedings lost speed protected rattled hold out on pegged charged caused to stay took a rain check on second-guessed soft-pedalled balanced loused up rolled back salted away come down on acted in advance of defended yourself kept to oneself stopped oneself stood up for shielded against delimitated staggered deducted wound down screwed up kept unknown drove back rationed cracked down kept on a string penned in failed to disclose not told treated harshly clipped pulled back petered out driven away lost steam held on to economized tucked away seen off duelled prepared for kettled soft-pedaled prelimited jammed up dithered beaten back papered over swept under the rug modified cropped jammed hitched up gained control over fouled up demarked played for time replied fended retaliated told against swept something under the rug kept quiet disfavoured kicked kept away hurdled slackened pace disconcerted defined carried over tightened up bitten one's lip beat somebody to it beat someone to the punch adumbrated limped brought under control threw a spanner in the works came to a standstill ringed quietened down ducked come to a close broken up corralled thrown cold water on internalized made difficult held at bay drove off girt traversed fenced in beat someone to it boiled down drove away stumbled bothered scrupled drew a veil over driven back disciplined deprecated called a halt forced away blotted out clammed up relieved chased away commandeered bottled cushioned minified dodged left off spiked inclosed picked off kept tight rein on blacked out treated unfairly shilly-shallied thrown a spanner in the works modulated kept in the dark come to a stop riposted swept under the carpet drowned protected against kept yourself provided against waited come to a halt brought to standstill slimmed down laid off complicated closed down railed in kept within limits whiffled threw cold water on internalised hung fire wronged desisted packed up monkeyed with stood up against kept under one's hat desisted from hedged in conflicted disputed dismissed defended oneself against pulled the plug on cooled off warned narrowed kept cover nixed beat someone to the draw stood over conquered glossed over safeguarded against brought to a halt belied obscured confused vacillated slapped down wound up confronted wiggle-waggled turned down mewed up wavered immobilized disfavored troubled dummied up discountenanced held captive winked out came to an end stood not moved marked down disowned lowered sent up demarcated treated unfavourably swept something under the carpet penned up kept hold of packed in broke up drawn a veil over called a halt to got in before abstained knocked down inflicted a handicap on snuffed out taken a rain check on prorogated heave-hoed skirted round refused to give gained mastery over kept from happening stemmed the flow frightened indisposed interned censored dueled dragged feet marked off rescheduled compassed immobilised hung back caused to wait closed in teetered headed off at pass preempted saw off bit one's lip encompassed specified wabbled had on a tight leash forced off eased kept mum about locked up prolonged sheltered covered staved guarded against downsized kept inside bulwarked come to rest held out held off on stove wobbled girded stopped yourself discomfited economised re-collected gotten out of got out of beaten broke broken took wind out of taken wind out of forbore forborne came down on anchored it thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spoke in the wheel of gave disadvantage given disadvantage took out taken out did later done later shaken shook got under control gotten under control threw monkey wrench in thrown monkey wrench in acted like a wet blanket gone went rang rung hidden from view not given away hid from view held out on given the run around thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into gave the run around thrown back overthrown overthrew threw back gotten to meat got back at gotten back at got to meat did a disservice to gave a disadvantage to given a disadvantage to done a disservice to came to rest gave over drew to a close came to a close drew to a stand came to a stop blown the whistle on given over blew the whistle on came to a halt drawn to a close lay off drawn to a stand given cold shoulder to gave cold shoulder to beaten someone to it stole a march on beaten somebody to it gotten ahead of beaten someone to the draw got ahead of stolen a march on beaten someone to the punch taken five taken a break taken a breather took five took a recess took a rain check took a break taken a recess took a breather taken a rain check


Past tense for to refrain from saying or doing something
refrained desisted abstained forwent forgone forbore forborne kept resisted restrained withheld withholden abjured eschewed forswore forsworn checked forsook forsaken inhibited quit quitted discontinued stopped oneself gave up given up steered clear avoided stopped ceased kicked shunned left off curbed jacked in renounced dropped abandoned dispensed with belayed belaid halted declined relinquished refrained from had done with passed cut out resisted the temptation to laid off fought shy of steered clear of not done evaded packed in sat out passed up kept from broke off broken off suspended ended concluded refused finished rejected yielded resigned paused surceased done without did without left alone given over gave over not touched interrupted arrested fasted constrained lay off fence-sat starved knocked off packed up swore off sworn off had nothing to do with gave a wide berth to given a wide berth to sat on one's hands declined to withheld from omitted restrained oneself taken the cure called a halt to bridled stayed neutral not taken sides took the cure called a stop to restrained yourself escaped sacrificed yold yolden gone without went without storven forewent foregone gone easy abstained from went easy gave the go by given the go by avoided doing gone on the wagon taken the pledge went on the wagon took the pledge let up cut off desisted from terminated put a stop to cut short put an end to wound up shut off closed elapsed axed expired dead-ended called it a day winked out brought to an end called it quits lapsed determined died shut down laid off of canceled cancelled broke up broken up canned brought to a halt pulled the plug on broke broken brake scrubbed completed set aside packed it in wrapped up closed out brought to a close put the kibosh on quit cold cut it out rescinded repealed revoked aborted scrapped come to an end culminated killed finished off brought to a stop got off gone went recalled called waived skipped cried off forbore from forborne from forlet left called off restrained from stayed away from come to a close cut held off reined in shied from pulled out of dissolved abolished wound down escaped from skipped out on intermitted rounded out rounded off scratched adjourned ultimated run out stayed closed down died down kicked over eliminated kept off postponed put a period to rested quit cold turkey put the lid on put to bed kicked the habit came to an end withdrawn withdrew gotten off gotten out of got out of come to a stop nullified abrogated passed on failed brought precluded shirked drawn to a close drew to a close consummated nipped in the bud bypassed come to a halt come to a standstill jacked it in backed off from sidestepped averted dodged checked out from dropped out of crowned cinched remitted denied yourself faded away stopped dead petered out come to rest skirted surceased from kiboshed called it quits on brought to a standstill came to a close pulled up nipped something in the bud backed out of stemmed turned back immobilized died away collapsed cooled it reached a standstill ended up fizzled out died out stopped in one's tracks ran its course laid aside phased out deactivated immobilised ran out resigned from stood stopped oneself from given a rest restrained oneself from brought to an untimely end succeeded backed off gave a rest disunited prorogued prorogated knock it off downed tools intervened brought to a conclusion separated stopped midstream achieved shelved extinguished held delayed called a halt brought down curtain deferred annulled headed off prevented oneself from knocked something on the head held up parted ditched dissevered hung it up recessed spelled disconnected wrapped stopped trying stopped work prevented yourself from stopped doing interposed left out disjoined topped off withcalled ceased to indulge in came to a stop shaken shook shrank from broken the habit of shrunk from broke the habit of came to a standstill came to a halt came to rest drew to a halt drawn to a halt knocking it off threw in the towel threw in the sponge thrown in the towel thrown in the sponge gotten done got done drawn to close drew to close gotten rid of gave something the chop blown off did away with given something the chop bagged it got rid of blew off done away with lain by lay by gotten on the wagon sewed up got on the wagon sewn up gone cold turkey went cold turkey


Past tense for to avoid proceeding through reluctance
hung back hesitated dithered vacillated wavered demurred teetered wabbled faltered halted scrupled staggered wobbled hovered lagged lingered paused procrastinated straggled shilly-shallied hung fire held off shrank back shrunk back shrunken back shied away stayed back dragged your feet dragged your heels stayed in the background stalled dawdled dallied delayed temporized waited dillydallied temporised put off doing something dilly-dallied hummed and hawed played for time fluctuated havered loitered swithered oscillated equivocated tarried hedged whiled away time idled alternated tergiversated stonewalled seesawed pussyfooted ambled dragged plodded diddled stumbled deferred deliberated pulled back mammered hemmed and hawed moped lollygagged crawled pottered about creeped horsed around baulked dragged one's feet pondered pottered round doubted debated weighed bought time filibustered stopped goofed off thought about marked time took your time floundered puttered waited around hanged boggled killed time tottered stayed put thought twice poked hung lagged behind used delaying tactics hung about hung on played a waiting game balked hung around sat on fence pottered around crept lallygagged taken your time wasted time fallen behind fell behind took one's time taken one's time put off drug trailed stayed get no place fast fooled around slouched let slide tooled warmed a chair retarded trifled trudged frittered away sauntered sat around got no place fast bided remained inched slowed slowed up dropped goldbricked boondoggled loafed lost strength dragged behind bummed around protracted waned limped whiled away trailed behind rested jellied sat on one's butt lounged meandered postponed action held the phone adjourned slackened decreased goofed around drifted stopped over deferred action dropped behind ebbed brought up the rear diddle-daddled lost time pottered hung out tailed fooled with moved slowly toddled suspended action hobbled inched along shuffled failed prolonged shlepped along lolled fooled about frittered time away diminished played games with flagged postponed hung round cooled lodged kicked the can down the road trifled with scrounged around bode bidden took a raincheck taken a raincheck fallen back fallen off fell back fell off

Antonym of held back

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