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Synonym: alike, like, same,

Antonym: dissimilar,


(intransitive) Denoting a resemblance between two persons or objects
alike comparable identical consistent matched matching close equal equivalent indistinguishable like uniform almost identical commensurate congruent congruous cut from the same cloth exchangeable homogeneous homogenous interchangeable much the same near on par same synonymous the same conformable duplicate exact impossible to tell apart like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod of a piece one and the same parallel proportionate relatable related selfsame substitutable tantamount twinlike undifferenced undifferentiated undiverse unvaried much of a muchness resemblant corresponding analogous correspondent cognate ditto akin twin coequal even consonant resembling double compatible connate such suchlike kindred homologous correlative same difference look-alike paired approximate unvarying complementary agnate identic Xerox carbon copy clone carbon-copy harmonized coupled convertible conforming reciprocal regular mated unchanging harmonised harmonious monotonous Tweedledum and Tweedledee of a kind all of a piece dead ringer like Tweedledum and Tweedledee very same relative in the same manner proportional commutable standardised standardized reminiscent analogical amounting tallying likewise invariable very fungible transposable agreeing carbon allied concordant symmetrical swappable smooth substitute exactly the same verging on on a par spitting image invariant of the same kind to the same degree mount identified autologous homologized switchable treadmill coordinating toning blending complementing harmonizing boring repetitive coincident synonymic apposite dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned connected with allied with cognated incident selflike harmonising the dead spit a dead ringer approximative coordinated in agreement approaching commensurable even-steven companion jibing according same as copy synonymous with commensurate with equalized even-stevens coordinate equaling equalling bordering on as good a match equalised coterminous workalike mutual converse reciprocative changeable interconvertible congeneric congenerous allying kin relating coextensive break even much the same as undistinguishable balanced on a plane on level pegging evenly matched approximating of a piece with stack up with symphonious not unlike congenial connatural all alike solid not a million miles away from evened samey equated all the same all one dual twofold concurrent associated facsimile duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled geminate joint copied second duplicating accompanying bifold undeviating steady constant unwavering unfluctuating equable static fixed stable sustained incorrigible fateful well-proportioned rigid ordered straight inflexible habitual ossified immutable fated normal reliable plumb unbroken orderly systematic irreversible unmodifiable level true unalterable methodical monolithic well-balanced undiversified more or less the same


Consistent, compatible, or in agreement with something else or a whole
consonant consistent corresponding congruent compatible harmonious congruous correspondent parallel like comparable alike analogous concordant akin accordant coherent nonconflicting agreeing uniform agnate conformable suitable congenial sympathetic according blending coincident conformable to in agreement correspondent to correspondent with harmonious with accordant with according with compatible with concordant with congruous with consistent with in accordance with at one with in harmony with in rapport in agreement with matching agreeable concurring coordinated attuned symmetrical adapted identical conforming coinciding harmonizing concurrent harmonising of a piece on the same wavelength cooperative in tune on the same page singing the same song like-minded in accord coming from the same direction of the same mind of one mind reconcilable corroborative corroboratory tallying supportive confirmational corroborating coordinative supporting coordinating complementing confirmatory in harmony fitting in unison in concert appropriate substantiating complementary proper fit meet confirming in step unanimous in keeping correlative substantiative resembling resemblant apt same probative affirmative probatory with one voice becoming verifying vindicating in conformity seemly logical in parallel in balance equable in line conforming to corresponding to according to conforming with well-suited together well-matched friendly companionable adaptable interoperable all of a piece agreed one cotton to having good vibes hitting it off getting along with in sync with in the groove at one in sympathy in concord as one united of like mind in unity of the same opinion shoulder to shoulder


Authentic, or closely resembling an object being compared to
living authentic faithful genuine close exact lifelike like near alike natural realistic speaking naturalistic naturalist true to life photo-realistic three-dimensional accurate strict precise delicate rigorous literal fine pinpoint refined mathematical hairline verbatim conscientious word for word spot-on resembling definite true errorless faultless unerring error-free veracious just convincing right verisimilar without error veridical credible on the money on the mark on the nail bang on spot on undistorted on the button on the beam correct factual truthful proper unvarnished valid veritable honest unembellished real reliable good detailed legitimate unadulterated actual perfect legit scrupulous dead-on matter-of-fact direct true-to-life undeviating regular kosher meticulous on-target explicit bona fide concrete solid absolute dinkum authoritative clear-cut veristic sound specific graphic straightforward trustworthy unabridged certified on the nose certain hard fact-based pure on target sure-enough particular on the level sharp distinct methodical scientific right on defined flawless thorough fair plain representative impeccable word-perfect conclusive original clear believable so telling it like it is verifiable dependable undisputed definitive certifiable sure unquestionable unambiguous as it really happened complete straight unembroidered vivid echt effective righteous pukka pucka true-blue official careful minute cinematic filmic trusty punctilious well founded unmistakable photographic rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic discriminative skilful skillful punctual objective ultraprecise representational word-for-word simple unexaggerated letter-for-letter letter-perfect unelaborated letter for letter cogent documentary nonfictional historical attested downright authenticated irrefutable undeniable infallible unimpeachable unrefuted narrow to the letter appropriate standard unequivocal immaculate existent normal reasonable undoubted bonafide guileless ingenuous unmistaken amen outright rational indubitable satisfactory acceptable decisive dead on inch-perfect de facto honest-to-goodness straight from horse's mouth for real on the up and up real McCoy like it is severe vérité canonical pictorial final line-for-line bare real-life utter in accordance with the facts gospel stark out-and-out thoroughgoing visual retentive literatim total reputable kitchen-sink surgical determinate categorical individual frank candid sincere untainted still life unspoiled full true blue warts and all unmitigated consummate unqualified sheer rich intense camera-friendly photogenic picturesque acute well-defined upfront legal admissible unalloyed arrant identical apparent ordinary written usual verbal critical learned creditable forthright watertight inerrant solemn lawful scholarly open plain-spoken express line for line line by line set determined established not figurative in every respect OK live sterling rightful proven documented respected supported confirmed circumstantiated validated verified characteristic archetypal typical archetypical straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy based on facts free-spoken round O.K. unfaked artless unaffected blow-by-blow persuasive cut-and-dried well defined clearly defined black-and-white stone okay equitable plainspoken unfeigned truth-telling outspoken unreserved square average unpretentious undesigning unpretending fitting from the horse's mouth unblemished genuine article real thing twenty-four carat simon-pure your actual nailed down bull's-eye on the numbers justified telling undeceptive dinky-di on the right track for sure on track right stuff along the right lines unadorned powerful meaning what one says model ideal right as rain on the ball on the right lines free of error cooking with gas according to Hoyle circumstantial strong compelling forceful incontrovertible exemplary very logical likely unbiased unprejudiced justifiable reasoned defensible warrantable well-founded commonsensical firm levelheaded sober defendable warranted commonsense commonsensible sensible informed high-principled plausible probable potent seamless picture-book picture-perfect irreproachable copybook classic indefectible as true as I'm sitting here on the line as true as I'm standing here incontestable unassailable irresistible unanswerable vindicable without fault foolproof without blemish true-life card-carrying assuasive impressive satisfying suasive exquisite textbook unspotted whole supreme stainless intact crimeless spotless unguilty just so clean balanced colourable painstaking nice well grounded well-grounded moving influential possible carrying conviction swaying presumable believeable hopeful


A person, a thing, people or things like the one or ones already mentioned

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