Synonym of hardworking

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characterized by hard work and perseverance


(of a person) Tending to work with diligence and commitment
diligent committed conscientious dedicated driven assiduous dogged earnest industrious sedulous tireless unflagging untiring busy indefatigable intent laborious persevering persistent pertinacious tenacious zealous active bustling persisting steadfast studious unrelenting eager faithful operose rigorous hard-working eager beaver determined involved steady purposeful ball of fire with one's nose to the grindstone with one's shoulder to the wheel aspiring ambitious devoted striving resolute ardent enterprising unyielding unwavering spirited motivated full of determination self-starting goal-oriented self-driven single-minded hard-driving go-getting stubborn obstinate firm relentless intransigent obdurate insistent immovable unshakable bound staunch unswerving patient strong-willed uncompromising constant unshakeable inflexible adamant implacable strong set fixed perseverant stalwart importunate true stiff-necked rock-ribbed spunky stout meaning business sure cohesive inexorable enduring careful coherent solid tough attentive painstaking sturdy mulish possessive unforgetful meticulous in for long haul sticky bound and determined like bad penny punctilious thorough exacting particular heedful engaged employed slogging swotty plugging working plodding resolved unflinching mettlesome steely undaunted indomitable plucky intrepid gritty unbending valiant vigorous unshaken decided decisive brave unhesitating unfaltering purposive bold indurate gutsy courageous loyal unchanging stiff manful serious definite immutable strenuous unbendable deliberate four-square hell-bent on hell bent on tall in the saddle strong-minded intent on settled on one's mettle out insistent on set on dead set on do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon bulldog bent on intent upon committed to the idea of bent upon stout-hearted


Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness
enterprising original resourceful bold daring spirited imaginative ingenious adventurous audacious enthusiastic energetic inventive vigorous creative able active alert ambitious bright capable clever eager gifted intrepid keen quick-witted sharp talented venturesome adventuresome courageous dashing dynamic emboldened entrepreneurial free-swinging go-ahead gutsy hardy nerved nervy up-and-coming venturous zealous advancing aspiring busy craving diligent driving go-go gumptious hungry hustling industrious innovative itching lively lusting peppy progressive pushing ready self-starting snappy spanking stirring take-over yearning zippy hard ball spark plug coming on strong brave fearless daredevil plucky rash reckless dauntless foolhardy spunky valiant temerarious heroic unafraid valorous undaunted ballsy confident gallant game modern have-a-go unflinching enlightened go-getting positive risky forward-thinking forward-looking brash swashbuckling stalwart determined avant-garde gritty gutty resolute pushy liberal pioneering proactive advanced disruptive devil-may-care doughty rising new madcap overbold mettlesome forward heroical decisive lionhearted assured stout dangerous unshrinking lion-hearted aweless feisty headstrong hazardous aggressive heedless exciting exploratory carefree risk-taking thrill-seeking dareful smart on the go as game as Ned Kelly sturdy death-or-glory wild purposeful overconfident death-defying vital driven ungoverned uncurbed restless presumptuous seeking high-powered inspired practical perceptive forceful reforming nifty deviceful stylish impulsive strong-willed jaunty sporty dazzling debonair action-oriented forehanded visionary foreseeing prescient farseeing progressivist provident foresighted forethoughtful farsighted salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky brassy obtrusive crusty flamboyant exuberant avant modernistic breezy fire eating hot shot open-minded revolutionary radical go for broke attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant out on a limb cutting-edge up-to-date state-of-the-art swish elegant urbane dapper showy exclusive swank gay rousing striking vivacious promising manful stouthearted greathearted undauntable budding coming assuming bantam apt emerging high-reaching striving succeeding soaring climbing go-getter with potential get up and go in the making on the up and up likely to succeed trailblazing leading-edge newfangled innovatory latest contemporary trendsetting new-fashioned brand-new hot ultra-modern futuristic current high-tech red-hot groundbreaking unconventional designer ultramodern up to the minute fashionable space-age neoteric up-to-the-minute modish mod ground-breaking cutting edge present-day trendy new age fresh leading edge front-line in au courant voguish way-out in vogue hip in fashion recent ahead of its time novel a la mode updated modern-day nouvelle hi-tech latter-day highly developed experimental chic newest up to date all the rage vanguard unorthodox unfamiliar now off-centre left-field popular happening with it faddish modernised modernized leading newly discovered recently developed in-thing never-before-seen innovational topical complex sophisticated just out high-end bleeding edge present sexy popularized popularised extant today immediate nontraditional forefront offbeat bohemian eccentric 21st-century landmark breakthrough future ongoing culty far-out twenty-first century du jour ahead of the times underground lead beat head present-time SOTA hot off press à la mode twenty-first-century bang up to date different mistakenly trendy new wave unusual unique singular unprecedented uncommon untested fundamental rare surprising strange untried unknown exotic unhackneyed drastic elaborate out of the ordinary game-changing world-shattering germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed involved well-planned intricate well-built originative Promethean in style cool flash swinging snazzy natty kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in most recent


Requiring considerable time and effort
laborious arduous hard difficult tough strenuous onerous burdensome exacting fatiguing gruelling heavy uphill challenging formidable murderous stiff tiring toilsome wearing demanding exhausting punishing wearisome backbreaking back-breaking grueling herculean Herculean relentless taxing trying Augean boring effortful enervating hellacious irksome killer killing moiling persnickety pick-and-shovel rigorous rough rugged severe sweaty tall tedious testing tiresome wearying exigent knackering laboured labored lengthy operose painful protracted wicked worksome crushing draining stressful harsh oppressive sapping grinding brutal debilitating troublesome excruciating hellish grievous fierce weighty crippling unsparing toilful torturous harrowing stringent vigorous energy-consuming grim bothersome depleting ponderous daunting bruising unremitting hairy ambitious tortuous cruel no picnic colossal serious agonizing intolerable thorny unbearable shattering agonising tough going intense mighty painstaking hectic extreme galling vexatious cumbersome forbidding gargantuan awkward unpleasant uncomfortable nerve-racking tricky weary knotty sticky time-consuming unforgiving merciless mean gigantic solemn worrying enervative distressing slow staggering imperious titanic slavish upstream intimidating unyielding difficile really hard very hard grave Sisyphean inconvenient excessive austere prostrating immoderate disturbing steep drudging murder pressing busy hefty almighty energetic impossible traumatic tense bitter hardhanded inhuman searing anxious immense prohibitive problematic fraught vexing frustrating pressured backbreaker jarring distressful exasperating agitating discomforting anxiety-ridden huge unreasonable physical exorbitant prodigious unfair massive stretching strained withering searching overwhelming dour monumental worrisome unrelaxing dogged mammoth thoroughgoing spartan responsible racking chastening timewasting inefficient long punitive inexorable unrelenting major courageous forceful heroic impressive wretched a nuisance large order heavy sledding despotic domineering exerting bad hypercritical thorough precise critical careful nit-picking no piece of cake an imposition drastic very difficult embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache carking superincumbent complex abstruse stormy te complicated profound confused concentrated intensive recondite chronophagous unjust insufferable by the book ominous delicate dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon troubling unnerving high-pressure problem tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious savage scabrous uphill battle heightened embarrassing ticklish nasty diligent industrious sensitive prickly tricksy problematical dodgy spiny touchy catchy touch-and-go frantic chaotic barro active eventful frenzied frenetic lively turbulent restless flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous strict upsetting draconian heavy-handed tyrannical tight stern dire rigid bleak pitiless disagreeable ruthless authoritarian flinty bold abusive grandiose daring aggressive dictatorial repressive extravagant dangerous lofty tyrannous perilous chancy concerning iffy dark precarious uncompromising unfriendly dubious hostile suspect questionable ironhanded ramrod large-scale hard-hearted hard-nosed fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging dreadful overburdening nagging aggravating Spartan shocking pestilent controversial inflexible a stinker of a firm intransigent brassbound audacious unpermissive violent maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric cast-iron hard-line barbarous unfeeling unkind callous autocratic unrealistic inhumane intolerant heartless unsympathetic undemocratic grand elaborate intrepid suppressive insensitive unmerciful improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible implacable pretentious visionary unpitying illiberal fanciful unreal iron-fisted humourless sedate humorless staid sober sobersided poignant heartbreaking unlikely overbearing coercive anti-democratic magnificent disquieting heart-rending unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent far-fetched difficult to achieve high-handed overweening peremptory yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad hard-boiled hard-shell disheartening gloomy discouraging sombre dispiriting dismal depressive somber depressing confining icky sore remorseless mortifying great po-faced unsavoury intemperate provoking annoying inclement offensive calamitous afflictive rough going gut-wrenching


Having or indicating an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to one's work or a task
businesslike efficient professional correct methodical orderly organised organized regular routine systematic matter-of-fact practical thorough well-ordered workaday competent disciplined planned practised slick pragmatic structured accomplished careful concentrated diligent direct earnest effective enterprising expeditious industrious intent ordered painstaking practiced purposeful sedulous serious skilful skillful well ordered well-organized systematized systematised meticulous methodic precise logical neat formal coherent methodized exact well organized tidy arranged controlled well regulated well thought out fixed together well-regulated consistent well planned coordinated scrupulous deliberate systematical conventional standardized in order shipshape well thought-out regulated all together standard in good shape thoroughgoing fastidious analytical punctilious complete standardised out-and-out by the numbers joined-up by the book strict well-arranged rigid regimented steady self-controlled streamlined nonrandom sensible law-abiding well-behaved peaceable reasonable smooth-running straightened out well run established accepted procedural bureaucratic orthodox establishment customary set prescribed ready societal recognized influential official institutional recognised trim well-kept framed uniform spick-and-span rangé scientific set-up clean alike in shape in apple-pie order to rights neat as button neat as pin clear rigorous rational intelligible comprehensible sound legible accurate conscientious lucid analytic valid readable understandable exacting decipherable consequent good mathematical fussy judicious objective heedful finicky solid distinct well-maintained delimited supervised measured governed restrained integrated correlated cataloged classified tabulated settled cohesive severe deductive experimental grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated conscionable punctual demanding reasoning sorted out consolidated collective unified cerebral thinking intelligent insightful in sync cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious no-nonsense firm wise hard productive economic unchanging even unvarying unvaried economical hard-headed straight-thinking resourceful organic laborsaving timesaving monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull saving restricted closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein plain reasoned cost-effective well-planned labour-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving sharp articulate fluent graphic easy to understand unmistakable straightforward easy to read unequivocal explicit simple flowing easily deciphered smooth clear-cut easily read cogent well-grounded well-founded relevant meaningful well reasoned attentive particular identified assiduous exhaustive provident thoughtful faithful dedicated full cautious laborious circumspect intensive religious prim searching observant elaborate regardful concerned picky selfdisciplined chary pernickety persnickety loving nice discreet perfectionist strenuous in-depth going to great lengths

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